30 Stylish & Low-Maintenance Long Haircuts for Ladies with Long Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Ashy Blonde Long Straight Hair

Ashy blonde long-length straight hair is a look that is coming back but never really went away. This classic style and color can be difficult to achieve if you do not have naturally blonde or light-colored hair. One of the best ways to achieve bright blondes and keep your hair healthy is obviously at the salon, but with the use of bond builders such as Olaplex you can maintain this color at home, too. Don’t forget to use stylist-recommended aftercare products, such as repair treatments and toning shampoos to keep your blonde locks looking bright and radiant.

Low-Maintenance Long, Shiny Brunette Hair with a Middle Part
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#2: Long, Shiny Brunette Hair with a Middle Part

You can’t go wrong with a classic! For anyone looking for a timeless haircut, long, shiny brunette hair with a middle part is a simple yet stunning style. If you plan to try this look, it’s crucial to maintain a fresh color. After all, the rich color is what makes this hairstyle half as eye-catching.

#3: Vintage Shag for Long Hair

A vintage shag style is perfect for long hair. For an easy, low-maintenance cut, let your natural texture shine with a shag. The classic shag elements, paired with thick bangs, create a blend of vintage and modern styles. Shag cuts aren’t going anywhere these styles work well with all hair textures and densities, and they suit any face shape. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

Low-Maintenance Center-Parted Long Light Brunette Hair
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#4: Center-Parted Long Light Brunette Hair

If you want effortless-looking hair, stick with a center part. It’s understated and timeless. If you have long hair, style it in waves. This helps prevent it from looking too curtain-like. Choose a low-maintenance color to add depth and definition without needing much upkeep. Ask your stylist to keep the look soft and as natural as possible.

Low-Maintenance Long Hush Cut with Face-Framing Bangs
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#5: Long Hush Cut with Face-Framing Bangs

A popular and easy-to-maintain choice for women is a long, layered haircut with bangs that frame the face. The cut is designed to give a light and breezy look. It offers a blend of femininity, softness, and a hint of boldness.

Easy-Maintenance Long Dark Brunette Straight Haircut
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#6: Easy Long Dark Brunette Straight Haircut

When you need an easy-to-maintain hairstyle, a mid-length to slightly longer shape is best. Add a few layers for movement. You can dry it naturally for volume or keep it smooth and straight. Be sure to get trims every 12 weeks or earlier. An all-over gloss color adds a healthy shine to your hair. However, try to match the color close to your natural hair shade. It reduces the appearance of regrowth.

Long Low-Maintenance Layered Hair with a Blowout
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#7: Layered with a Blowout

Who said low maintenance couldn’t be full of style? A layered haircut with a blowout offers a great example of how a simple style can highlight personal style and texture, making your hairstyle enjoyable. For proper home care, be patient. Adjusting to at-home blowouts may take time. It would be best to start with small sections on damp hair.

Low-Maintenance Long Curtain Fringe on Long Brown Hair
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#8: Long Curtain Fringe on Long Brown Hair

The perfect enhancement for those wanting to rejuvenate their current style is the low-maintenance, long, brown curtain fringe. The fringe effortlessly enhances the overall hairstyle creating a natural and soft appearance. This cut, ideal for those desiring a subtle change to add a feminine touch, can frame the face beautifully. The hair’s length allows for versatility in styling, whether you favor it straight, curled, or styled into casual beach waves. To achieve this style, begin with clean, dry hair. Use a heat-protecting spray before using a curling iron or straightener to create waves or to make hair straight.

Low-Maintenance Long Internal Layers and Texture
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#9: Long Internal Layers and Texture

For those who prefer home haircuts, attempting long internal layers could add some texture. Such a long, low-maintenance chop prevents your hair from getting too bulky while growing and looks great at any stage.

Low-Maintenance Jet Black Lived-In Long Waves for women with large foreheads
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#10: Jet Black Lived-In Long Waves

Jet black lived-in long waves are a soft and healthy way to show off your long locks. A helpful way to get healthy hair is by using weekly treatments in your at-home haircare routine. I recommend a hair mask like Kevin Murphy’s Young Again Masque. You don’t have to worry about frequent salon visits. However, visiting the salon every 10-12 weeks is important for a slight trim. Trims help to keep your ends cleaned up and split ends trimmed.

#11: Long Middle-Parted Blonde Balayage Hair

A long, blonde balayage hairstyle is a great choice for ladies with long hair. Especially if you’re looking for an effortless yet stylish look. With the right care, this style can be low-maintenance, lasting 8 weeks or longer. When you want to achieve this look, describe the desired color to your hairstylist if you have one in mind. If not, inspo pics are very helpful!

#12: Sleek Straight Hair with a Side Part

Finally have the length you’ve been waiting for but you decide it’s time for something new? Sleek straight hair has limited options, which may seem like a drawback. But, it’s been going around that the side part is coming back. If you decide to give it a try, it’s an easy way to transition into something fresh without committing to the look.

Long Layered Blonde Low-Maintenance Hairstyle
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#13: Long Layered Blonde Hairstyle

A long layered hairstyle could be the perfect look for you. Although blonde can be high maintenance, this cut usually lasts a long time. Make sure to dry your hair completely when styling or your curl won’t hold well.

Easy hairstyle for Waist-Length Hair
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#14: Gorgeous Waist-Length Hair

Don’t we all want gorgeous, waist-length hair? Uber long locks are all the rage right now. If the goal is to wear low-maintenance haircuts for long wavy hair, make sure you’re utilizing the proper hair care regiment. Always go low to no sulfates, look for a balance of moisture and protein in your products, use a heat protectant, and avoid heat styling when you can.

Easy Haircut for Long Curly Hair
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#15: Curly Hair

Curly hair requires special care and cutting techniques in order to enhance your natural curl pattern. If you have a curly hair texture and desire low-maintenance long hairstyles, stay away from heat and find the right balance of moisturizing and protein products to help your hair stay healthy as it grows.

Since curly hair shrinks more than straight hair as it dries, it’s best to cut the hair curly if that’s how you plan to wear it. Then your stylist can shape the perimeter of your cut and the layers to release weight where needed and flow the curl families together.

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#16: Undemanding Blunt Cut for Fine Hair

There are two simple ways to flatter fine hair: go bright and go blunt. This bright blonde tone on low-maintenance haircuts for long fine hair makes locks look thicker due to the way light reflects off each individual strand. The brighter the hair, the brighter light will reflect, causing the illusion of fullness. Additionally, utilizing a layering technique for a blunt cut will make your ends look denser and less wispy.

Simple Long Hair with Curtain Bangs
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#17: Simple Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

It’s simple to stay on trend with long hair and curtain bangs. This classic style is a match for any face shape and it’s super easy to maintain with straighter hair types. Even the bangs grow out easily! This cut is a must for any woman looking for a longer, timeless style for their thin hair.

#18: Low-Key Cut for Very Long Hair

When low maintenance is the goal, it’s generally best to opt for very long hair. Longer lengths allow for more time between trims and allow for more style options. Wear it down, pull it back, curl it, tease it, straighten it – you can do it all with these low-maintenance haircuts for long thick hair! Or you can use your natural waves to create an effortless, voluminous style.

#19: Long Shag for Women Over 40

Women over 40 sometimes find that their mane isn’t what it used to be. Sometimes hair gets wiry and thicker, sometimes hair thins and begins to shed. Either way, a low-upkeep, long shag is a cure-all for any hair ailment.

This cut has the ability to thin out hair when it’s too thick and coarse, as well as texturize and volumize thinner, finer tresses. The added choppy bangs are sure to flatter a chubby face shape, too.

Easy Long Shaggy Hair
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#20: Trouble-Free Long Shaggy Hair

A great way to preserve your low-maintenance style while keeping it long is to add shaggy layers and a fringe to your haircut. This type of chop will boost your hair’s natural texture and complement an oval-face shape. You’ll notice more volume, body, and movement with minimal effort.

#21: Long Layers for Women Over 50

Long layers make for a low-maintenance haircut, which many women over 50 are looking for. With such low-maintenance long layered haircuts, you only need to maintain the shape every few months. So, you can spend more time doing the things you love instead of sitting in a salon chair.

Low-maintenance long textured haircut
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#22: Easy-Care Long Textured Cut

A long textured cut, styled with beachy waves, is an amazing compliment to a low-maintenance lifestyle. The ends are shattered instead of blunt so the haircut remains looking “lived in.” Since it has a mid-back length, it allows you to go longer between appointments.

#23: Manageable Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers provide an excellent addition to anyone wanting to change up their longer hair style without doing anything drastic. The face-framing layers can even be touched up between full haircut appointments to keep you feeling fresh and shapely.

Easy long haircut for women with round faces
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#24: Flattering for a Round Face Shape

Long, layered locks are the most flattering choice for a round face shape. The center part, face framing, and “money pieces” contribute to this perfect combination. This cut and color technique draw attention away from a round face shape by pointing out and highlighting the eyes and highest points of the cheekbones.

#25: Long Straight Hair with Layers

There are many options when it comes to low-maintenance hairstyles for long straight hair. For straighter locks, some good options are to have no layers, only face-framing layers, or a subtle combination of long layers with face-framing layers. Minimizing differences in lengths within the haircut will create the lowest amount of maintenance.

Low-maintenance haircut for Long Thick Hair
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#26: Layering and Bangs for Thick Hair

Low-maintenance haircuts for thick hair tend to look their best with lots of layers. Long locks need multiple layers causing breaks and adding interest to the style. Bangs or short face-framing pieces are a great addition to thicker hair, highlighting different facial features.

#27: Easy Texture for Women Over 60

Keeping a simple shape is the key to the best low-maintenance long haircuts. Not adding too many layers or too much texture will be the most flattering on women over 60. A smooth style will complement those with sleek-straight hair. The subtle layers around the face can conceal a sharp jawline.

Low-maintenance haircut for long wavy hair
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#28: Care-free Wavy Hair

Thick wavy hair is a great way to achieve an effortless yet glamorous style. A few easy ways to get wavy hair are with a 2-inch curling iron, hot rollers, or even a favorite “no-heat method” such as braids or a towel halo could work perfectly. Less is more when creating this style. If you have highlights, waves are also a great option to enhance the hair’s dimension.

#29: Simple Blunt Cut for Women Over 70

Long, blunt haircuts are often the best choice for women over 70, especially with these icy white lengths! This ultra-long look shines a light on the beautiful hues of aging hair while keeping maintenance low. A long haircut with blunt bangs like this one typically requires a trim every 6-8 weeks.

The Low-Maintenance Long Ponytail
Instagram @hair.so.boho

#30: The Low-Maintenance Long Ponytail

A long pony tail is another great low-maintenance style option. It’s easy enough to do at home, but nice enough to wear to an event! The best way to take this style from “every day” to “special occasion” is a simple combination: start with a few soft curls then wrap and tuck a piece of hair around your pony tail elastic. This will give your ponytail a fully finished look and cover all the details.

Low-maintenance long haircuts are easy to style and versatile to any look you’re going for. The lengths vary from mid-back to the waist and beyond.

La Belle & La Tête salon’s co-owner Caroline Gauthier from Quebec says this type of look is “for every lady who wants to keep a stylish haircut without blow-drying each morning.”

There’s one common fallacy about lengthy haircuts that Gauthier would like to address.

It’s not true that these easy long hairstyles and cuts are only for women who don’t take care of themselves or don’t follow trends. According to Gauthier, this trend is “to show off your natural-looking hair!”

When having a consultation with a pro, feel free to bring a photo inspiration. Show them what look you want or don’t want to achieve. Your stylist must also know how much time you want to take for the morning routine.

Long layered hair still requires trims despite being easy to manage and style. Gauthier suggests revisiting the salon every 3-4 months for a refresh to optimize the cut.

“Without coming back to the salon, you can’t keep a low-maintenance style. You’ll need to fix your locks every morning with tools, consuming extra time,” she explains.

Can’t think of a new style to try on? Check out these images of the hottest and most popular low-maintenance long haircuts!