24 New Ways Women are Getting Long Layered, Wavy Hair in 2023

Long layered wavy hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Long layered wavy hair has textured layers cut in varying lengths to create volume and body. This long style is perfect for women wanting to contour their faces.

Andrea Bowman is a skilled stylist from San Diego, CA. She finds this look low-maintenance for thick-haired gals with a natural wave pattern.

“The long layered cut works with the natural layout of the hair. It allows extra time for women to do other things while getting ready for the day,” she states.

Meanwhile, layers could risk losing fullness on the perimeter if you have thin hair. A blunter cut would be a better choice, then.

Bowman’s ultimate tip for ladies when styling is to use a curling iron or tong to enhance the texture. She states, “Curling the hair adds dimension, and you’ll see more of the movement in the wavy cut.”

Remember that layers may not be ideal if you pull your hair up most of the time. Discuss this with your stylist, and they’ll tell you other possible options.

Gathered here are the photos of trendy long layered wavy hair ideas you must try! Check them out and start planning your next salon appointment.

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Eye-Catching Blonde Long Textured Layers
Instagram @hirohair

#1: Eye-Catching Blonde Textured Layers

An eye-catching blonde hairdo with textured layers is such a cool and sexy way to wear your hair. Put the parting in the middle, take big sections and curl away from your face using a large barrel curling tong. Don’t forget to put some heat protectant before going in with the hot tool, my go-to one is Keratine Termique by Kerastase.

#2: Brunette Long Layers

Try brunette long layers for a textured and weight-reducing cut. Perfect for naturally wavy hair or for women that want to heat style. You can achieve this look by asking for a lot of layers and texturizing.

Seamless Layers for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#3: Seamless Layers for Long Wavy Hair

If you might be tempted to add some shape to your long hair. If so, try adding some long layering and heavy face-framing. You can also give the illusion of shape by getting a subtle balayage. The cut will remove the weight and add movement. The color will add depth and the lighter pieces will show off your layers.

#4: Curtain Fringe with Long Layered Waves

For light and airy hair, try a curtain fringe paired with long layered waves. When hair is too long it can just hang and weigh you down. Long textured layers instantly give a pick-me-up for volume and body. Curtain bangs complement long hair to break up the length in the front for the perfect face frame.

Long Internal Layers and Waves for Long Hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#5: Long Internal Layers

Try long internal layers if you’re looking to give wavy hair a little more bounce. Internal layers help take weight out of the hair to keep it from getting heavy and dragging the face down.

Long Blonde Beach Waves with Layers
Instagram @romeufelipe

#6: Long Blonde Beach Waves

Try long beachy waves when you want a lived-in and low-maintenance hairstyle. While blondes do need some color maintenance in terms of toning, the need for upkeep appointments will mainly depend on the tone of blonde you want and the hair products you use. To extend the time between hair appointments, try using a purple shampoo or conditioner to tone out unwanted brassy undertones that naturally come through in lightened hair.

Blowout with Waves on Long and Layered Coarse Hair
Instagram @joahhmendes

#7: Blowout with Waves on Coarse Hair

A blowout with waves on coarse hair can be a shoulder-breaking and sweaty experience, but so beautiful when finished. Why do all that work and wash it the next day? Try products like a blow-out extender, or dry shampoo to limit the times you have to wash. Also if you’re going to use oil or smoothing cream try using the smallest amount necessary to keep your hair clean. A long hairstyle curled away from the face is very beautiful and current, and a Dyson Air Wrap might also help make your blowout easier.

Waist-Length Wavy Hair with. Layers
Instagram @minktouch

#8: Waist-Length Wavy Hair

Waist-length wavy hair is dreamy and can be achieved even if you have thin hair. Extensions can be added for volume, thickness, and length. Keep in mind extensions are amazing, but can be time-consuming and expensive, but worth the investment. If you have a round shape face adding soft waves to your shape is the perfect compliment to layered wavy hair.

#9: Long Pastel Hair with Wavy Layers

Long pastel hair with wavy layers might be just the change you need. Ask your stylist for a sliding haircut, skimming downward on the angle in the front. A sliding technique will give you a piece-y style that looks great curled away from the face. The long wavy layers can be slide cut as well as skimming from short at the crown to longer lengths at the bottom. If you have highlights, there are wonderful color wash shampoos that can add a tinge of cool colors.

Soft Waves for Long, Thick Hair with Layers
Instagram @matias_brite

#10: Soft Waves for Long, Thick Hair

Consider soft waves for long, thick hair if you’re searching for a sexy style and don’t mind putting some work into your hair. If you want beautiful hair you need to take care of it using products that protect, repair, and strengthen. Try the Olaplex line, which does it all and keeps your hair gorgeous. Ask your stylist for long layers for thick wavy hair to create bounce and movement. To achieve a perfect finish be prepared to blow your hair out smooth and then add some curls with an iron, which takes a bit of time on long thick hair, but is definitely worth it.

Long Wavy Blonde Hair with Layers
Instagram @joahhmendes

#11: Long Wavy Blonde Hair

Long wavy blonde hair will make you feel beautiful. A long cut should have a bit of layering at the bottom to give you volume and softness. If you’re considering getting some blonde keep it modern with a balayage, which will grow out wonderfully with less maintenance than other coloring techniques. If your hair just won’t grow fast enough, consider hair extensions to speed up the process.

Mid-Back Copper Hair for Women Over 50 with Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @tesseghair

#12: Mid-Back Copper Hair for Women Over 50

Women over 50 might want to try mid-back copper hair. There is nothing more beautiful than a great copper, and mid-length is perfect to keep you feeling youthful. You’ll want to add some blended elevation for movement and to keep your shape looking trendy. Finish this cut with a large curling iron and some shine spray for a messy and tousled feel.

Voluminous Waves with Angled Layers for Long Hair
Instagram @rob.levi

#13: Voluminous Waves with Angled Layers

Consider voluminous waves with angled layers as your new shape. Thicker hair is sure to get the volume with this layered style, but a plumping volumizer can be added for extra body. Have your stylist cut an angle around the face and curl it backward for the best results. You should know, that a hairdo with voluminous curls will take some time to achieve so be ready to put the styling time in with your iron.

Long Layered Haircut with Natural Waves
Instagram @yukistylist

#14: Long Layered Haircut with Natural Waves

If you’re lucky enough to have natural waves, try a long layered haircut. Adding layers will give you a shaggy and messier style that is effortless to maintain. Make sure your stylist does not cut your layered hairstyle too short in order to maintain length at the bottom. Add some texture cream and let dry for a funky flatter style. For more volume blow dry with a diffuser.

#15: Wavy Hair with Subtle Layers

Adding subtle layers to a wavy haircut makes your cut more interesting than one-length hair. A slight face frame enables the hair to flow nicely away from the face and is a trending shape. Subtle layers also make it easier to create a wavy style by lightening up the hair. Try using a 1-inch curling iron for soft loose curls.

#16: Beach Waves on Long Layered Hair

Beach waves on long layered hair are an irresistible style. Ask your stylist for a small amount of layers for texture. Every woman will want to rock this style, and if you have some pretty waves naturally, just add some salt spray and air dry. Straight-haired ladies try curling each section sprayed with a light hair spray and leave the ends out for a beachy and wavy hairstyle.

Low-Maintenance Layered Long Hair with Waves
Instagram @hair.chels

#17: Low-Maintenance Layered Long Hair

Low-maintenance layered long hair could work fabulously for you, especially if you like a messy finish. Make sure your long cut has some layers in it to make it shaggy, and add some salt spray, and you can let it air dry for a boho style. It cannot get easier than that. If you would like your style wavier try curling it with a 3/4 inch barrel iron and run your fingers through.

Long Hair with Short Layers and Messy Waves
Instagram @hairbykysa

#18: Long Hair with Short Layers and Messy Waves

Change it up by considering some short layers in your long hair, and adding some messy waves. Adding some short layers on long wavy hair increases volume and enhances your shape. Make sure the layers are only short in the crown area to maintain length at the bottom. Blow-dry with a volumizing mist, and try using a large round brush vertically to create waves. You might be able to avoid a curling iron using this technique and save some time.

Long Choppy Layered Hair with Loose Waves
Instagram @hair.chels

#19: Long Choppy Hair with Loose Waves

If you’re tired of long straight hair, consider long choppy hair with loose waves. Adding long layers to your cut creates volume and movement. To achieve a choppy layered long wavy hair style, try leaving the ends out when curling. Apply a light hairspray to each section before curling and comb thru after with a large comb. This will give you a really cool finish.

Long Waves and Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @yukistylist

#20: Long Waves and Face-Framing Layers

Try some face-framing layers and long waves and get a sexy shape. To achieve long wavy hair with face-framing layers, ask your stylist to add layers shorter in the crown and leave length at the bottom. This will assure that the hair looks thick on the ends. For best results try starting the face frame about chin-length and angling down to the longest length. If your hair is frizzy add Redken’s Outshine before the blowout, and the heat of a curling iron can help as well.

Long-Length Waves with Curtain Bangs for Wavy Hair
Instagram @nataliarok

#21: Long-Length Waves with Curtain Bangs

Long-length waves with curtain bangs are definitely trending. Ask your stylist to cut your curtain bang about eye length, angling longer at the corners. Adding soft layers to your long haircut is also a great choice to create dimension and interest in your shape. Try blowing your curtain bang away from your face with a round brush to compliment the cut. To achieve loose waves a large curling iron or even large velcro rollers can be used.

#22: Shaggy Hair with Textured Bangs

Try long shaggy hair with textured bangs and dare to be different. A short bang is a great choice for long or oval facial features and is a bold move. Adding a bang to your hair can change your appearance dramatically, without giving up your length. Ask your stylist to point cut your fringe for texture. Long layered wavy hair with bangs is soft with just the right amount of cool.

#23: V-Shape Layered Cut with Waves

A V-shape layered cut with waves is a nice alternative for long hair. Ask your stylist to blend the face frame farther into the back to create the cut. A v-cut for long wavy hair is an excellent choice for finer hair textures and is easier to achieve on fine hair. If you want to nail those beautiful waves try letting each curl cool before combing through with a big comb.

Long Wavy Feathered Layers on Fine Hair
Instagram @shoji.i

#24: Wavy Feathered Layers on Fine Hair

If you have fine hair try adding wavy feathered layers to your long hair and perk it up. Just a small amount of layering can make a huge difference on thin hair and give it life. Ask your stylist to hold the hair straight up to maintain weight at the bottom. A feather cut hairstyle for long wavy hair should be trimmed about every 8 weeks to keep it looking fresh.

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