29 Stunning Feathered Haircuts for Long Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Long Feathered Cut with Voluminous Layers

Try this long feathered cut with layers if you want added volume. The light layers remove unwanted weight to give you a natural weightless volume.

Mid-Long Feathery Layers with Mocha Brown Highlights
Instagram @styledbyeve

#2: Feathery Layers with Mocha Brown Highlights

Thinking about making a small change to your hairstyle? If you have uncolored and long layered hair, you might want to try feathery layers with mocha brown highlights for a simple change. You can ask your hairdresser to cut your hair into shorter layers that frame your face and add a low-contrast, partial highlight to enhance your everyday look.

Long-Length Blowout Layered Feathered Hair with Short Bangs
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#3: Blowout Layered Hair with Short Bangs

Looking to add a complete flair to your layered haircut? Try this blowout layered hair with short bangs. Ask your stylist for a hairstyle similar to the butterfly cut with short bangs. To style at home, first, apply a heat protectant and blow out using a blow dry brush, or blow dry and curl using a medium-sized iron.

Low-Maintenance Long Haircut with Feathered Wispy Layers
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#4: Low-Maintenance Long Haircut with Wispy Layers

A simple but stunning haircut with thin layers never goes out of style. Keep your hair’s length. Ask your stylist to cut only what is needed. Add layers to shape your style. You can wear this style straight, curly, up, or down. It will always look great.

Mid-Length Sleek Feathery Cut with Shorter Front Layers
Instagram @the.jj.edit

#5: Sleek Feathery Cut with Shorter Front Layers

Are you unsure of how to style your growing fringe? You can opt for a sleek, feathery cut featuring short front layers. Pairing your current fringe with layers around your face makes the growth appear purposeful rather than clumsy.

Long-Length Summer Blonde Feathery Hair with Dark Roots
Instagram @ashleyb.hair

#6: Summer Blonde Feathery Hair with Dark Roots

Try this summer blonde with feathery layers and dark roots. The dark root will give you depth and the illusion of thickness.

90s-Inspired Feathery Layers with Curtain Fringe for Long Dark Hair
Instagram @ashleyb.hair

#7: 90s-Inspired Feathery Layers with Curtain Fringe

Go for this 90s-inspired feathers layered cut with curtain bangs! This look will offer tons of versatility and texture!

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#8: Flicked-Out Layers and Face Frame

Go for this look with flicked-out layers and face frame texture if you want a more flowy cut. This glamorous look can be worn with just about any face shape. Just ask your stylist to feather your bangs a little.

#9: Layered Blonde Hair with Off-Center Part

Try an off-center part with layers on your blonde hair. The off-center part and layers will make your hair look fuller and bouncier.

Feathered Long Layers for Women with Thin Hair
Instagram @salon_wyld

#10: Feathered Long Layers on Thin Hair

Consider these feathery long layers if you have thin hair. These seamless layers add natural volume.

Feathered Long Blonde Butterfly Hair with Soft Shaggy Layers and Curtain Bangs
Instagram @hairbyshailee

#11: Long Blonde Butterfly Hair with Soft Shaggy Layers and Curtain Bangs

Here’s a long blonde butterfly haircut with soft shaggy layers and curtain bangs. It’s the perfect cut for those with a rounder forehead fringe area. Balance your face shape with curtain bangs that swoop down and back with a length right under your lower eyelid. Blend down into facial framing layers to complete a butterfly-layered effect. For finer straight hair textures, ask your stylist to add crown layers for shaggy hair.

Very Long Hair with Feathered Butterfly Layers and Middle Part Style
Instagram @alxsrna

#12: Very Long Hair with Butterfly Layers

You’ve got to try butterfly layers if you have very long hair. These light layers with give you bounce and texture.

Long Feathery Brunette Hair with Thin Layers
Instagram @williamcarrero.nyc

#13: Feathery Layered Brunette Hair

Try this feathery layered brunette hair for your next style. The light layers help add natural volume, while the dark color adds depth.

#14: Creamy Blonde Hair with Long Butterfly Cut

Ask for creamy blonde hair with a long butterfly cut. Show off your blonde hair color with a gorgeous feathered butterfly cut. This cut amplifies your features with facial framing pieces blended into feathered layers. Your stylist will focus on your facial features to create a frame that suits you. The layers throughout the rest of your hair can be longer or shorter if you want more crown volume. A two in curling iron to show off those face-framing bits or a big round brush will do the trick.

Ultra Long Feathered Hair with Long Black Layers
Instagram @hairbyelena

#15: Feathered Hair with Long Black Layers

Try adding feathered layers to your long black hair. These fluttery layers will help give your dark hair the illusion of dimension.

Long-Length Middle Part Feathered Hairstyle with Wispy Layers
Instagram @hairbyshailee

#16: Middle Part Hairstyle with Wispy Layers

Ask about a wispy layered hairstyle with a middle part. If you want lightness and movement in the hair, wispy feathered layers will be your best friend. A great cut for those with thick yet fine hair textures. If you have an oval, round, or diamond face shape, try a middle part for a beautiful elongating balance.

Long Hair with Flipped-Out Feathery Ends
Instagram @poppyemstudios

#17: Long Hair with Flipped-Out Ends

Try flipped-out ends if you have long hair. The subtle layers will add tons of movement!

Waist-Length Straight Feathery Layers and Subtle Money Piece
Instagram @parisraval.hair

#18: Waist-Length Straight Feathery Layers

Opt for this waist-length hair with feathery layers if your hair is straight and long. This look is simple and elegant, while the layers add texture to the ends.

Chest-Length Hair with Lightly Feathered Ends for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @ashleyb.hair

#19: Chest-Length Hair with Lightly Feathered Ends

Go for this chest-length hair with lightly feathered ends if you like a soft layered look. The look would work with thick or fine hair. Using a texture cream will help accentuate the texture.

Long Choppy Feathery Layers with Soft Texture
Instagram @styled.by.suneeta

#20: Long Choppy Layers with Texture

Ask for choppy layers with texture if you have super long hair. This look will be easy to style, and the layers should fall into place with little effort.

Middle-Parted Long Haircut with Front Feathered Layers
Instagram @parisraval.hair

#21: Long Haircut with Front Feathered Layers

Try this long haircut with front feathered layers if you want a sleek cut. The soft and subtle face frame layers add lots of movement to this look.

Short and Long Flipped-Up Feathered Layers on Dark Hair
Instagram @hairbyrenique

#22: Short and Long Flipped-Up Layers

Try a short and long flipped-layer cut if you like lots of texture. This look is classic and sultry.

Very Long Middle-Parted Dark Hair with Soft Feathered Layers
Instagram @alxsma

#23: Very Long Middle-Parted Hair with Soft Layers

Ask for this middle-parted look with soft layers if you have long hair. The layers give this long hair flattering softness and volume.

Center Part Long Feathered Cut with Long Curtain Bangs
Instagram @beautybykhou

#24: Feathered Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

Opt for this feathered cut with long curtain bangs if you lack movement in your current haircut. The layers give this look volume while adding dimension!

#25: Side-Parted Long Layers

Try adding long layers if you like a side part. This look is popular because it adds volume and gives a gorgeous vibe!

Long Feathery Layers with Middle Part on Dark Fine Hair
Instagram @beauty_bykatej

#26: Long Feathery Layers on Fine Hair

Try long feathery layers if you have soft fine hair! The shorter layers around your face will show your jawline and make your long hair look more bouncy.

Dark-Rooted Golden Brown Long Hair with Feathered Piece-y Layers
Instagram @franny.fades

#27: Golden Brown Hair with Piece-y Layers

Try this stunning look with golden brown color and piece-y layers. Styling this cut should be pretty easy and low maintenance. This look’s versatility is chic, with the ability to look more tousled if you prefer.

Face-Framing Bangs and Long-Length Feathery Layered Cut
Instagram @_locksoflauren

#28: Face-Framing Bangs and Layered Cut

Try face-framing bangs and a layered cut if you want a new feminine look that’s modern and versatile. The bangs frame the face and add softness.

Long Layer Cut with Feathered Ends for Dimensional Blonde Hair
Instagram @bellamiasalon_

#29: Long Layer Cut with Feathered Ends

Try long layers and feather ends if you want a new cut for your long hair. The shape of this cut is very versatile. A texture spray will help the feathered layers stand out and give overall dimension.

Feathered haircuts have been a popular choice for many women, offering a versatile and stylish look. To delve deeper into getting this type of cut on long hair, I interviewed Megan Elizabeth, a renowned hairstylist with extensive expertise in haircuts for long hair. Her insights and recommendations will help you make informed decisions about feathered haircuts based on your hair texture, thickness, face shape, and lifestyle.

Meet The Expert

Megan Elizabeth
Megan Elizabeth
Megan is an independent hairstylist with over 10 years of experience.
You can find her at The Glamour Lounge in Clifton Park, NY

Hair Texture and Thickness Considerations

When it comes to feathered haircuts for long hair, it’s essential to consider your hair’s texture and thickness. Megan advises, “If you have curly hair, it’s best to avoid feathering it back, especially if your hair is coarse or dry.” Feathered layers can be quite short on unstraightened coily hair, so it’s crucial to take daily maintenance and lifestyle into account. To achieve the best results, Megan emphasizes the importance of a thorough consultation with your hairstylist.

Face Shapes and Feathered Haircuts

Feathered haircuts can complement any face shape when the shortest layer is appropriately placed. Whether you have a round face, square face, long face, oval face, heart-shaped face, or any other face shape, this versatile haircut can accentuate your features and boost your confidence. Megan explains, “The greatest thing about this haircut is that it works on any face shape as long as the shortest layer is properly placed. It’s a great way to highlight your attributes and make you feel confident.”

Styling Tips and Recommended Products

Megan suggests a simple technique: “Curl the top front pieces of your hair back at a 45-degree angle using a large curling iron or a round brush.” This will add volume and give your hair a polished appearance. For added ease and convenience, many clients prefer one-step stylers to achieve volume and style their hair effortlessly.

When it comes to recommended products, Megan highly recommends the power powder by Maria Nila. This product is excellent for adding volume and texture to your feathered haircut. It helps you achieve the desired look and maintain it throughout the day, regardless of your lifestyle type. Whether you’re a working professional, busy mom, active individual, or retired, the power powder can be a valuable addition to your styling routine.

Pictures of The Best Feathered Haircuts for Long Hair