27 Stunning Long Curly Bob Haircuts: Meet the “Curly Lob”

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long curly bob is a women’s bob haircut for naturally curly hair that’s cut somewhere between the neck and collarbone. If you love showing off your mane’s authentic texture, this flattering haircut will make you embrace your curl more!

Tip: Be sure your hairstylist cuts your curly hair dry. According to Lorraine Massey, it’s important to cut curly hair in it’s natural state and not wet. Every curl is different in spring, texture and density. Dry cutting helps keep your natural shape and avoid cutting your hair too short.

“Have fun with it! It grows back so don’t be afraid to add some shorter layers,” Ohio-based curl stylist Cheyenne Hairston says this as her number one piece of advice for someone considering a long curly bob. Before going to your hairdresser, also ask yourself, “Will my curls fall into this shape?” as Cheyenne tells us that, “not all curl types and textures will work best for this shape.”

When it comes to maintainance, Cheyenne said “There will be more maintenance with a cut like this so consider that before committing. You’ll probably have to get haircuts every 3-4 months instead of 4-6 months.” After all – with great curly hair day comes great responsibilities!

Keep scrolling to see these popular long curly bob haircuts and hairstyles!

Curly Lob with Bangs and Highlights
Instagram @novaperruquers

#1: Curly Lob with Bangs and Highlights

Join the texture revolution in a curly lob with bangs and highlights. Natural texture is becoming so popular. The best part? Everyone’s hair form is unique. Whether your hair is wavy, curly, or corkscrew, a ‘lob’ haircut with bangs will suit you well.

Stacked bob haircut highlighting natural curly texture with balayage" to include important context and directly tie it to the article's content

#2 Stacked Bob

This stylish stacked bob showcases a stunning blend of balayage for curly hair, offering a playful yet polished look. The layers are masterfully cut to enhance the natural volume and movement of the curls, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a manageable yet chic hairstyle. This haircut, highlighting the dynamic texture of curls with light and dark tones, is perfect for adding visual depth and showcasing the beautiful variance in curl patterns. It’s an ideal style for someone looking to maintain a fresh, voluminous look with easy daily styling.

Graduated Bob

#3 Graduated Bob

Show off your natural curls with this dynamic graduated bob, perfect for those who want to add volume and movement to their look. The layers are strategically cut to enhance the natural curl pattern, creating a soft, voluminous silhouette that frames the face beautifully. This style is particularly flattering for medium to thick curly hair, emphasizing the depth and richness of your curls with subtle highlights. Ideal for maintaining a fresh and lively look with minimal daily styling.

naturally curly lob

#4 Naturally Curly Lob

Show off the vibrant essence of your curls with this naturally curly lob that’s perfect for medium-density hair. The layers are expertly cut to enhance the natural curl pattern, adding lift at the roots and movement throughout. This style is highlighted with subtle color enhancements that bring out the richness of each curl. Ideal for those wanting a manageable yet chic look, this cut requires regular hydration and occasional trims to keep the curls lively and defined.

long curly bob with bangs

#5 Curly Bob with Bangs

Embrace your natural curls with this chic long curly bob with bangs, perfect for adding a youthful and playful touch to your look. This cut beautifully marries convenience with style, featuring layers that enhance the natural curl pattern for a voluminous finish. The fringe softly frames the face, making it a great choice for those looking to highlight their facial features. Ideal for medium to thick curly textures, this hairstyle is low-maintenance but may require regular shaping to maintain its fresh and lively appeal.

Medium-length layered curly bob with balayage highlights

#6 Layered Bob

This delightful layered bob embraces long curls styled in a layered manner that accentuates natural curl patterns. The balayage highlights add depth and dimension, making it an attractive choice for those looking to enhance their natural volume. It’s perfect for medium to thick hair types, enhancing face shape without overwhelming features. While stunning, this style may require regular maintenance to keep the curls defined and the color vibrant. Ideal for a curly-haired individual looking for a fashionable yet manageable hairstyle that plays up their natural texture.

Long curly inverted bob haircut
Instagram @alinefiosearte

#7: Inverted Bob

This is a curly cut, and the curls have been styled for long-lasting definition. My favorite thing about it is that these are her natural curls, so I was able to show her what her own hair could do with the use of the right products and techniques.

Pretty Loose Curls on a Long Bob cut for women with naturally curly hair
Instagram @bruna.alvesa

#8: Pretty Loose Curls

Women with naturally curly hair can easily achieve loose curls on a long bob cut. The key is in the method of styling. To reduce hair shrinkage, opt to air-dry or use a hover diffuser for faster results. Discuss with your stylist how you can maintain hair length while also creating layers for more flow. To achieve the look, start with wet hair and apply a curl cream followed by a gel for hold. Use a microfiber towel to remove excess moisture lightly, then use a diffuser to dry the hair completely. When dry, gently fluff at the roots with a pick for added volume.

#9: Stunning Curly Lob Makeover

Getting a stunning curly lob will make you attractive. You will benefit from a shorter hairstyle in so many ways. No more dry ends, you have the ease of less hair to manage and a more fashionable haircut. Adding layers to your hairstyle makes your curls vibrant, and it becomes simpler when you use a curl enhancer.

#10: Mullet-Inspired Curly Lob

You’ll love the trendy style of a mullet-inspired curly lob. Ask for layers all around your head to encourage your natural movement. Remember, all hair textures are different. So work with whatever body you can achieve from your strands. To utilize your wave, invest in a curl-amplifying product and scrunch dry with a blow dryer on a low setting. If your hair has a lot of curl you may be able to let it dry naturally.

Shaggy Curly Lob with Bangs for women with shoulder-length hair
Instagram @rachelsnedaker

#11: Shaggy Curly Lob with Bangs

A shaggy curly lob with bangs will give your hair a new life. Boost your natural curls with shaggy layers. They will give your cut a more modern and rounded appearance. If you have curly hair and are tired of it, this is the trending shape. The layering surrounding your face and in the cut will compliment your features. And the layers do this so much better than hanging one-length locks.

#12: Natural Curls on a Lob

If you have naturally curly hair, you should try this haircut. One of the best features of a lob haircut is the length. It’s not too short, not too long. It’s perfect because you can still wear your hair up if you want, but it’s not so long that it weighs down your curls. When getting a lob, ask your stylist to cut layers. This will help to achieve volume and keep your curls bouncy.

Curly Angled Long Bob
Instagram @studiocaracois

#13: Angled Bob

Don’t settle for just the normal copperish brunette look. Give that lob the volume it deserves by curling them into nice tight curls. Trust me, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

#14: Healthy Naturally Curly with Bangs

Nothing can be more flattering than a healthy long bob with bangs. A bob is one of the best haircuts for naturally curly hair. Bobs have the perfect length for your curls to behave and spiral to perfection. Adding a bang will frame your face perfectly and make you look gorgeous. With the medium length, you can still wear your hair up on bad hair days and be out the door.

#15: Adorable Blonde Curly Lob

Embrace your natural wave with an adorable blonde curly lob. One of the best things you can do for your hair is to give it a healthy cut. Natural curls are perfect for a lob cut. You’ll want to maintain some length on the layers to create a weighted shape that is not rounded. The layers should hit about ear length. Give yourself the self-care of some highlights and you’ll feel fabulous.

Curly Lob with Highlights
Instagram @aoki_hair

#16: Curly Lob with Highlights

A curly lob can be different shapes to suit all face shapes. If you have a longer face shape, a round, voluminous lob will suit you best. To add subtle dimension, giving the illusion of even more volume, and adding subtle babylights will pull your look together.

#17: Lob with Kinks

Ladies with a longer, more square face shape will pull off a rounded lob haircut best. Kinky, curly hair lays beautiful with this cut and is best achieved when cut dry. Slight fringe connects and frames the face beautifully.

Gorgeous Kinky Long Bob
Instagram @leonorgreylusa

#18: Gorgeous Kinky Long Bob

Wear your hair naturally with a gorgeous kinky long bob. Your hair will appear voluminous and effortless with a long bob cut. In order to get volume at your crown, cutting soft layers will be your best bet. Invest in professional curly products like leave-in conditioners. A defining curl gel will also help keep frizz at bay for easier styling.

#19: Beautiful Curly Lob with Curly Bangs

You should try a beautiful curly lob with curly bangs. You’ll be inspirational to others with a shoulder-length style. When you wear your hair in a shorter cut, you look more professional and stylish. Embracing your natural curls is also easier, and healthier for your hair with less heat damage from drying it straight.

curly asymmetrical long bob with bangs
Instagram @sane.hair

#20: Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

With defined curls, this asymmetrical bob with bangs can set you apart from other ladies. The streaks of green hue on your long layered dark tresses will give your look a touch of quirkiness. Design a patterned undercut to create a little surprise.

#21: Layered Lob for Thick Hair

If your hair is feeling bulky, consider a layered lob for thick hair. Layering dense hair removes weight and brings life back to weighed down curls. The mid-length keeps the style versatile and easy. Diffuse with a curl or texturizing cream to promote wave and volume.

curly asymmetrical long bob
Instagram @hairyalexhorne

#22: Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical cut does the trick of boosting the volume and body of the hair even more. This side-part action makes you look younger and accentuates your curlies to the next level.

Long curly a line bob haircut
Instagram @telli.beauty.lounge

#23: A Line Bob

A more defined cut, this one gives symmetry like no other cut. Factor in the curls that softens the curly a-line bob, and you’ve got a striking feminine look.

Long curly concave bob
Instagram @alinepinacachos

#24: Concave Bob

What would make your curlies bounce even more? Arrange them in a concave bob shorter at the back and longer at the front! The voluptuous look is made friendlier by wisps of bangs to frame your face.

#25: Face-Framing A-Line Curly Lob

It’s called an A-line classic curly lob with lots of layers and angles around the face. This look is very easy to maintain, elegant, and very modern. For 2A hair type, I suggest using a leave-in conditioner and medium hold gel (Ultra Defining Gel from Deva Curl).

#26: Long Curly Bob

This long curly bob cut is natural and effortless. It’s a true natural texture, and it’s healthy! Use Anthony Garubo curl define #4 to achieve these curls. Ask your stylist for the Deva Cut to truly bring the curls back to life by getting rid of dead weight and over-processed ends. It really allowed the curls to bounce back.

#27: Layered Bob with Bangs

I love this hairstyle because of the height and volume, and bangs. This is a much edgier, quirkier style and can be worn by women of all ages. This style will never date and reminds me of another version of Meg Ryan’s hair in the 1980s. To achieve maximum results for this look, the layers must be fairly short and long enough to create width and height. Curl definition is a must. It’s flirty and fun, yet it still has some length that could be pinned up with hair jewels – great for a sassy evening look. In short, it’s a versatile, feminine, low-maintenance style for women of all ages.