30 Hottest Blunt Cut for Long Hair Ideas to Copy Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Pale Blonde Blunt Cut

If you have blonde hair that’s long and pale, consider sporting a blunt cut. Since longer hair may thin out at the ends, a blunt cut could help it appear as thick as possible. This cut suits many ages and face shapes. However, it needs regular salon visits for maintenance.

blunt cut long hair with low layers

#2 Low Layers

Long hair with a blunt cut that has low soft waves is a simple yet timeless look. The blunt cut gives a nice contrast to the texture, giving both waves and cut an uplifting effect.

blunt cut long hair with diagonal lines

#3 Diagonal Lines

Opt for a full heavy baby-light (micro highlights) to achieve the best blend and grow out. Be meticulous about blending because it produces a very natural highlighted look without the harsh lines that some highlights leave.

Incorporate a primer and leave-in conditioner for moisture by Amika. Style the hair with your favorite Hot-tools 1-inch curling iron. Curl your hair starting mid to ends, and leave some of the ends out to give it that nice beachy wave effect. Finish the style with the Amika texture spray.

If you’re considering going as blonde, get into the salon every 6 to 8 weeks for a touchup. To keep your hair nice and bright blonde in between salon visits, get some the purple shampoo by Amika.

blunt cut long hair with weave

#4 With Weave

Flaunt your long blunt cut hairstyle with a weave that suits no matter what skin color you have. The thing about this medium-length cut is you’ll enjoy having straight or wavy hair. Whatever plans you have tonight, your frontal lace wig will save you.

blunt cut long hair that's slightly angled

#5 Slightly Angled

A longer blunt cut with the right cut and style of hair is a sure win! Take this wavy hair that is slightly angled for a spin, and you can see the wondrous effect it has on your caramel locks.

blunt cut long hair with mid-point layers

#6 Mid-Point Layers

Long hair such as these are a bit weightier than short hair, and may, therefore, lose volume. Mid-point layers on this blunt cut long hair provide the much-needed volume and body for your hair to be alive again.

blunt cut long hair with tapered ends

#7 Tapered Ends

Your stylist’s approach to cutting should be to maintain a strong perimeter while removing as much weight as possible. Visualize various texturizing techniques, such as point cutting and slicing, to create a seamless blend of interior layers. This will create a nice piece effect, no matter how she styles it at home. If done right, a blunt effect can flatter anyone, whether you have thin, medium, or thick hair. This haircut is universally flattering on all women because it sits between the chin and the chest. It’s not just like every long haircut because the piece perimeter gives it some edge. It’s super low maintenance and easy to style!

blunt cut for long wavy hair

#8 For Wavy Hair

This is a trendy hairstyle that is so in right now! The blunt haircut and the platinum blonde balayage and cut are so flattering and cute! The best thing about this is the pops of platinum, giving it dimension and the natural roots. It’s not touched with any color, giving seamless, low-maintenance grow-out! Everyone could use a little balayage! It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that grows out beautifully with no harsh lines of demarcation!

blunt cut long hair with layered curls

#9 Layered Curls

Before cutting these curls, visualize a layered and voluminous shape. Using a curl by curl, dry-cutting technique, ask your stylist to enhance your curl pattern by cutting on the “C” of each curl and shorten up more pieces towards the top of the crown and around your face to create a more rounded look. The key to styling curls is applying all products to soaking wet hair to replace any water with the product, which will seal in moisture and prevent the hair shaft from opening up to look for moisture in the air, which can create frizz.

layers for long blunt cut hair

#10 All-Around Layers

You’d think of this cut as massively wild and messy but come to the ends, and you’ll see a very organized tapered blunt cut style. The bangs shape the face to be exposed, giving you a refreshing look.

blunt cut for long thin hair

#11 For Thin Hair

A long-length blunt cut works for thin hair, producing a fashion-forward look with a smooth texture. Lack of volume is an aesthetic that this style utilizes, going for the straight hair, straight ends, no stray hair look that contemporary women love

Chest-Length Blunt Cut with a Center Part
Instagram @studio_mostton

#12: Chest-Length Blunt Cut with a Center Part

A center-parted blunt cut reaching to chest length is suitable for women possessing fine hair who wish to maintain longer hair lengths. This cut’s even edges contribute to a fuller and healthier appearance for thin hair when kept long.

blunt cut long hair with side bangs

#13 With Side Bangs

So fine and sleek! This gorgeous long-length blunt cut isn’t only about precision. It’s ready to make a statement with side bangs and a cool dimensional bronde. It is also a low-maintenance style.

Long Lived-In Blunt Cut with a Soft Undercut
Instagram @anhcotran

#14: Lived-In Blunt Cut with a Soft Undercut

A lived-in blunt cut with a soft undercut is perfect for the busy woman on the go! One of the easiest ways to style this look is to add a few waves to give your hair some texture. In my professional opinion, if you’re looking for a fun and easy look then this would be perfect.

Long Sand Balayage Blunt Cut
Instagram @romeufelipe

#15: Long Sand Balayage Blunt Cut

If you prefer a long blunt haircut, try enhancing it with a sand colored balayage. A blunt haircut is a great choice for anyone looking to create a thick or full look at the hair’s ends. Tell your stylist to apply the balayage mainly at your hairline’s edge and your head’s top. With the balayage in these areas, your face will appear brighter. Your hair will seem lighter in a ponytail or updo and look blonder when let down. Choose a bold balayage for larger ribbons or a subtle one, for a more natural look, based on your style.

Long and Blunt Light Auburn Hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#16: Long and Blunt Light Auburn Hair

If you wish to enhance your long, blunt hair, select a light auburn hair color. Discuss with your stylist to find a copper or red shade that complements your skin tone. You can maintain this color at home with a color-enhancing conditioning treatment. The auburn hair color is an excellent refresh for the fall!

#17: Effortless Long and Blunt Cut

If you want a full-length cut with blunt ends, look no further. To maintain a blunt look, all of the ends need to be cut straight across. No point cutting, thinning, or razor work here. This technique maintains a full appearance throughout the style. Use a curling iron to create effortlessly wavy patterns.

Long Middle-Parted Hair with Blunt Ends
Instagram @romeufelipe

#18: Long Middle-Parted Hair with Blunt Ends

The hairstyle is a long, middle-parted cut with blunt ends. If you have an oval face shape and long hair, try this middle part with blunt ends for a stunning look. Ask your stylist for a haircut with blunt ends to ensure maximum thickness, especially if your hair is on the finer side. Adding some face-framing balayage will not only brighten your face, but also add texture to your hair’s cuticle.

Long Blunt Ombre Hair for ladies in their 20s with extra long hair
Instagram @bymakashair

#19: Long Blunt Ombre

A long blunt ombre is a great way to transition from a solid bleach-out blonde. Keeping your ends blunt with sharp lines can also create a visual fullness. Ask about a subtle root smudge to make the grow softer and easier.

Long Blunt Blonde Balayage with a Center Part for Women with long blonde hair
Instagram @gulevich.vladimir

#20: Long Blunt Blonde Balayage with a Center Part

I love a long blunt blonde balayage with a center part! This style is perfect for a semi-casual look and is easy to maintain with regular trims. The balayage technique gives a very soft and natural look that is easy to style and looks great with any outfit. To keep it looking its best, ask your stylist for a light trim every 6-8 weeks so you can preserve the length of your hair.

Champagne Blonde Long Hair with Blunt Ends
Instagram @hairbymickk

#21: Champagne Blonde Long Hair with Blunt Ends

Try champagne blonde long hair with blunt ends of you want a gorgeous and sharp-looking style. Dyeing your hair can make your hair feel dry, so your best bet is to treat your hair regularly. Ask your stylist for some hair products to take care of your mane!

#22: Long Blonde Balayage Hair with Textured Ends

Blonding services are the most popular types in a salon setting. My best advice for the guest that is wanting to go lighter, is to start with a blonde balayage. On long hair this looks great with textured ends for a modern style. Your best bet, for the health of the hair, is to get advice on a tailored routine of products for your needs.

#23: Blonde Straight Hair with a Middle Part

Blonde straight hair paired with a middle part is hot for the season. This blonde is a global application and glaze, instead of highlights. It’s one of the best ways to achieve the most blonde. When considering all-over blonde, make sure you can be at the salon every 4-6 weeks for touch-ups. Anything longer can result in banding and additional cost. Don’t forget to get regular trims at least every other appointment to keep your ends healthy.

Iconic Blonde Long Subtle Waves with Blunt Tips
Instagram @kianna.hair

#24: Iconic Blonde Subtle Waves

The iconic blonde subtle waves is a staple with many women! My top picks for achieving subtle waves is using a curling iron or a wand. Make sure you keep your ends straight for that beach look.

#25: Vanilla Blonde with an Off-Center Part

Have the cool girl look with a vanilla blonde color with an off-center part. Long vanilla blonde hair will make your locks look instantly glamorous. I recommend switching your part every once in a while so your hair will not become thin on your part line over time. For example, when you switch your part you will give your hair a break and recover from stress and styling damage for fuller-looking locks.

Gorgeous Long Blunt Blonde Waves
Instagram @mustinnn

#26: Gorgeous Long Blunt Blonde Waves

Go for a low-maintenance cut with gorgeous long blunt blonde waves. Perfect for women with medium to thick hair with any hair texture. If you have really thick hair, it may need to be thinned out for the cut to sit correctly. Invisible layers can be added for more movement while still keeping the ends blunt.

#27: With Bangs

If your long blunt cut needs to be exciting, flaunt it with bangs and hair color. Stylist Brian Aguilar created this glossy, shiny, and warm brunette hair. Ask your stylist to use the Living Proof Weightless Spray for that perfect blowout.

#28: For Fine Hair

Fine hair on this gorgeous blondie can be fully enjoyed thanks to its blunt-cut haircut. Hair looks thicker, with full layers giving body and shape.

For Curly Hair
Instagram @marcosyan_boaz

#29: For Curly Hair

Yes, a girl with long curly hair and blunt cuts go well together! Get a hold of the texture and volume on this one! The highlights add another dimension of pattern and texture, which is such a lovely detail for this look.

#30: For Straight Hair

What a straightforward combination! If you want to keep everything in place, meaning no flyaway hair and no other layers, then this is the cut for you. Your silky, straight hair is exemplified on another level, thanks to the blunt cut..

A blunt cut for long hair is a women’s hairstyle that is cut anywhere from chest to waist-level at one length or with minimal layers. Sticking to one length gives you a bold and stylish vibe, which is absolute for a modern, fashion-forward woman!

Some of the stars who brought the trend to spotlight include none other than Mila Kunis, Zendaya, and Olivia Palermo, who also proved that blunt-cuts have no boundaries. It’s no surprise that veteran hairstylists like Naomi Jamieson gets lots of clients lining up for a fresh and sleek blunt cut for their lengthy locks!

If you’re looking to add thickness and dimension to your fine-haired mane, you’ve hit the jackpot. Blunt cuts are done by expert hairdressers to give the illusion of a full-bodied, thick hair, especially when styled with waves and highlights that can also frame the face.

Keeping your tresses to a single length by getting regular monthly trims might increase your hair upkeep – but for a stunning, boss-babe look like this? I highly believe that it’s worth it!

Out with those old layers and in with this new and impeccable uni-length hairstyle! Here are your trendiest blunt cuts for long hair looks of the season.