Are Beach Waves on Long Hair Outdated? 26 Photos to Help You Decide

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Golden Long Beach Waves Hairstyle
Instagram @romeufelipe

#1: Golden Long Beach Hair

Long wavy hair will always have a beachy element, especially when more soft, wavy curls are made. You can use a big two-inch curling iron to create body waves, then brush it out to soften the overall curl. Golden blonde ombre mimics the look of hair kissed by the sun all day, melting into a darker golden blonde color.

Dimensional Barbie Blonde Beach Waves with Long-Length Cut
Instagram @maddiemelts

#2: Dimensional Barbie Blonde Beach Waves

The beach wave style looks gorgeous on a dimensional Barbie blonde hair color, especially when the hair is curled. For keeping the curls lasting all day, use Kenra 25 Volume Spray. You’ll be glad you added Kenra 25 Volume Spray to your haircare routine!

No-Heat Beach Waves for Long-Haired Brunettes
Instagram @akinglmz

#3: No-Heat Beach Waves for Brunettes

If you’re a brunette and want a style that doesn’t cause damage, no-heat beach waves are a great choice. Get this style by starting with wet hair and put it into loose braids or use curlers without heat. Use a soft paste at the end for more definition and to tame any flyaways.

Textured High Ponytail with Long Beach Waves
Instagram @rjd_hair

#4: Textured Wavy High Ponytail

Long beachy waves can be worn up in a high, romantic ponytail. For a ponytail with a softer look and feminine boho vibes, first curl the hair. Use a 1/2-inch iron to make big, soft curls. You can comb through these curls and pull them into your high ponytail. The hair should be left a little loose. Don’t brush it into a sleek ponytail. Let some face-framing hair pieces show to add more texture.

Long-Length Ginger Beach Waves
Instagram @livwithlocks

#5: Long-Length Ginger Waves

The stunning ginger-red color almost resembles a natural redhead and is finished with a beachy wave style.

Blonde Balayage Soft Beach Waves for Long Hair
Instagram @_hairbypaula

#6: Blonde Balayage Soft Beach Waves

With long hair, adding movement and texture can be a gorgeous way to style it. I suggest starting with a great cut. This cut should provide texture at the ends and long layers to allow for lift and movement. A balayage will give a beachy, soft, highlighted effect. Waves will show off the beautiful colors throughout the hair. Using a 1 1/2-inch iron, you can have long, beautiful waves that last all day.

#7: Ash Ombre on Long Beachy Waves

The ashy ombré has a dark root but lightens as the hair flows down. The ashy ombré is styled in long, heavy waves.

Subtle Loose Beach Waves with Soft Layers for Longer Locks
Instagram @maddiemelts

#8: Subtle Loose Waves with Soft Layers

The hairstyle represents beach-like, long waves with roots in a darker ash tone. To further enhance the style, a balayage in beige blonde has been added, gently elevated to yield a subtle money piece. This hairstyle also features soft, layered cuts beautifully combined with long, loose waves.

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Long Center-Parted Glossy Beach Waves
Instagram @chezleo38

#9: Center-Parted Glossy Beach Waves

A middle-parted, glossy beach hairstyle with long waves provides a refined twist on the standard beachy hairstyle. Pair a sleek center part with well-defined waves to add a classic flair. This hairstyle is great for both casual outings and formal events. It blends the appeal of beach-inspired texture with a neat finish. The waves get a boost from the glossy sheen, resulting in an effortless, sun-kissed, but elegant look.

Long Beach Waves Hair Extensions
Instagram @hairbyyrissa

#10: Beach Waves Hair Extensions

The long extensions have a dimensional color, and they are toned with an ashy finish. They are styled in a pretty beachy wave.

Brunette Hair with Long Beachy Waves
Instagram @julianoasmar

#11: Brunette Hair with Long Beachy Waves

Stunning long hair with a darker root and sunkissed highlights towards the ends. Beautifully styled with some loose beachy waves.

Very Long Hair with Platinum Beach Waves

#12: Very Long Hair with Platinum Waves

Wearing platinum waves on very long hair gives a youthful look. Keep up with hair styling trends by maintaining long, voluminous locks. For long-lasting, textured curls with an amazing scent, spray on AIIR Texture Spray after you curl your hair.

Beach Wave Blowout for Longer Haircut
Instagram @regismelo__

#13: Beach Wave Blowout

A beach wave blowout will give you a beautiful mane of irresistible curls. In most cases you’ll need a curling iron or wand on top of your dried hair to achieve the voluminous finish. I suggest you use hair smoothing cream and a metal round brush as the base for your styling. After drying your hair, apply a light spray before using the iron. Start curling your hair about two inches from the scalp. Wind downwards and leave the ends uncurled for a beautiful beach-y style.

Waist-Length Beachy Waves with a Ribbon
Instagram @cshennessy

#14: Waist-Length Beachy Waves with a Ribbon

Try a waist-length beachy waves style for a cute, girly look with a pink ribbon. You can add more charm to your traditional waves by incorporating a decorative piece, such as a fun ribbon or bow! Introducing hair accessories like bows or even claw clips can add interest and excitement to your everyday look for something fun and exciting!

Side-Parted Summer Beach Blonde Waves on Long Tresses
Instagram @regismelo__

#15: Side-Parted Summer Beach Blonde

Get long, wavy hair with a bit of texture to achieve a beachy wave. You can accent the waves with highlights and tone them for a beautiful, buttery blonde hue.

#16: Dark-Rooted Beige on Beach Waves

The hair, long and highlighted, is toned with a beige color and has roots in a dark brown shade. The hair is styled and curled with a curling iron to create loose waves.

Long Mermaid Beach Waves with Thin Fringe
Instagram @oanaalinailie

#17: Mermaid Waves with Thin Fringe

Mermaid waves with a thin fringe create a modern and classic hairstyle with an edgy touch. The soft waves contribute to a natural look of the overall hairstyle. The bangs add a stylish edge, making it a good haircut for someone wanting a chic twist. You can create this hairstyle by using a small flat iron. The iron can be used for making waves similar to natural curls and for taming the light bangs. I recommend using a 1-inch flat iron for best results.

Long-Length Beachy Waves with Side Part
Instagram @laci.mane

#18: Long-Length Beachy Waves with Side Part

Get long-length beachy waves styled with a side part. Long waves will enhance your features and style. A great way to soften more square features is to add a side part around your face. The bigger combed-out waves bring a soft mermaid flow and a lived-in texture. Achieve this look with a 1-1/2 – 2 inch iron and a light mist of texture spray like Afterworld Organics texture mist.

Soft Face Frame and Long Loose Beach Waves

#19: Soft Face Frame and Loose Waves

A soft face frame style with a slight money piece color and loose waves gives an effortless hair color and style. The trend of easy, lived-in color seems to be here for the long haul. A wispy face-frame can also flatter the overall color placement, making it a gorgeous, easy haircut and color to rock!

Long Soft Beachy Waves and Blonde Highlights
Instagram @maddiemelts

#20: Long Soft Waves and Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights and soft long waves are a stunning look for anyone with long hair. You’ll love warm dimensional highlights in your hair and the brightness around your face.

Longer Beach Blonde Waves with Choppy Ends
Instagram @hairby_bay_

#21: Beach Blonde Waves with Choppy Ends

Beach blonde waves are a bright color. It mixes sandy and golden tones to make it seem like the beach. A soft texturized haircut with choppy ends suits the beach waves best. This gives it a natural, lived-in look.

#22: Soft Waves with Off-Center Part

A chic and timeless hairstyle is bright blonde soft waves with an off-center part. Golden blondes are a great choice for maintaining brightness and creating a bold color palette while achieving a soft look.

Long Tousled Beach Waves with Money Piece
Instagram @regismelo__

#23: Long Tousled Waves with Money Piece

Long flowing gold hair with a noticeable highlighted strand is a beautiful style that stands out! You can generate strong, vibrant colors by understanding which parts to highlight and the right way to do it.

Voluminous Beach Waves for Long-Length Hair

#24: Voluminous Beach Wavy Hair

Beach wave hair has a lush and carefree style. Use texturizing and volumizing products to create stylish waves. A 1-inch curling iron helps to make soft, effortless waves. Beach waves have a relaxed style that feels natural.

#25: Soft Messy Beach Waves

One can’t ever go wrong with beach waves on long hair. With thinner hair, fewer layers create fullness. To add more texture, slightly disconnected layers provide help without reducing fullness. Use a 1-1/12 inch curling iron to create beach waves. Comb with a wide-tooth comb to loosen waves. For a touchable finish, use Aiir’s light-hold hairspray.

Large Beach Waves with Balayage for Longer Hair
Instagram @regismelo__

#26: Large Beach Waves with Balayage

If you’re looking for an effortless balayage, you might want a bright, beautiful, sun-kissed color palette with large beach waves! You can pair these new highlights with a bouncy curled style to showcase the color dimensions.

Beach waves for long hair offer an effortless style, worn year-round to embody that sun-kissed look. Celebrity hair stylist, TaraLynne Riggs, dives into the topic, sharing her tips and tricks. In this rich chat, TaraLynne illuminates the beauty, charm, and grace of this trendy style. Packed with her vast expertise, this chat will have you turning heads with your stunning beach waves in no time!

Meet The Expert

TaraLynne Riggs
TaraLynne Riggs
TaraLynne is a hairstylist with over 14 years of experience.
You can find her at Beach Waves Salon in Hendersonville, TN

Getting Beach Waves for All Hair Types

“In truth, the Beach Waves look shines on all hair types!” TaraLynne says with gusto. Each hair type, whether thick, fine, curly, or straight, can sport this style. The trick, she shares, lies in tweaking the technique to your hair. “If your hair is thick and straight, get some layers to balance out.” On the thinner side? “Try light texturizing on your ends for that alluring tousled look.”

Beach Waves for All Face Shapes

“Face shape shouldn’t decide this style,” TaraLynne states. What counts more is your dive into the right tools and existing haircut. “Shoulder length or waist-length hair, this style accentuates all.” She firmly believes that Beach Waves offer a universal hairstyle, truly graceful on everyone.

Styling Tips and Products for Perfect Beach Waves

“Now this is the key question!” TaraLynne exclaims. Different ways to style Beach Waves align not only with your hair but also with your routine. TaraLynne points to the “heatless curls” trend for the trend.

“Wrap your hair tight, and you get Beach Waves in your sleep… perfect, right?” You can also French braid your hair into pigtails at night and freshen up with light ironing in the morning. And for holding it all, try Lanza’s Beach spray.

“Want more exact Beach Waves?” she asks. “Use bio-ionic long barrel curling iron.” Curl your hair in parts, nudging ‘face-framing pieces’ backward from your face. “Seal the look with Lanza’s dry texture spray, and you’re set for days!” With TaraLynne’s flair, you’ll have fun styling beach waves and revel in your newfound allure.

Photos of Perfect Beach Waves for Long Hair