33 Best Ways to Get The Layered Wavy Hair Trend

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Layered wavy hair provides a style with tons of volume and movement. The layers keep the wavy hair from looking flat, creating a vibe that’s full of life!

Haircut specialist Lina Waled from Canada shares some tips for a perfect layered cut.

One piece of advice is to know where you want to place the layers. Decide how short or long you want these layers to be, considering your lifestyle.

“If you work out, you might want longer layers that allow you to wear a ponytail. If you like to tuck one side back, don’t get layers or bangs that are too short,” Waled explains.

If you choose to have bangs, talk to your stylist. A fringe can change your face shape, so a thorough consultation is essential.

Keep in mind the maintenance, especially if you opt for shorter layers and bangs. Waled points out that “the maintenance will be much more frequent if you want to keep the shorter length.”

Do your homework and bring your stylist some photos of the cuts and styles you like. They’ll know how to work with your natural hair texture and face shape to give your locks the best layers.

Get inspiration from these images of trendy layered wavy hair ideas. Pick your faves and save them ’til your next salon visit!

Wavy Layered Mid-Length Hair with No Bangs
Instagram @belximenes

#1: Wavy Mid-Length Hair with No Bangs

Mid-length hair with waves and without bangs is a chic and tousled look. If you want a beachy wave look, style with some waves and you’re ready. You will love this lived-in style!

Textured Layered Waves with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Textured Layered Waves with Curtain Bangs

Layered waves with curtain bangs make styling a cinch on already-textured hair. But those with naturally straight hair can rock this crop, too! If possible, buy a small flat iron or curling wand to mimic the waves in this hairstyle at home.

Light Brunette Layered Waves
Instagram @romeufelipe

#3: Light Brunette Waves

Try a bronde or light brunette hair color with waves if you want your hair to be lighter but not too light. Bronde is a word combining brunette and blonde. It’s perfect for both naturally light and dark hair. Adding bronde tones to dark hair achieves a sun-kissed look. Adding loose waves enhances the color’s dimension.

#4: Layered Loose Waves

Layered loose waves for women with mid-length hair is a classic, timeless hairstyle. The layers elevate the dimensions of the hair and create a sense of lightness. And the soft waves add texture and movement. This cut flatters most face shapes and works best for those with fine to medium hair. If you are a low-maintenance girl, simple styling options include a few spritzes of texturizing spray. Or try a light application of mousse to the ends before air drying.

#5: Chestnut Brown Layers

If you have wavy hair, give this chestnut brown haircut a try. It will be helpful to support this haircut with the correct styling products. Try to avoid overworking your hair to keep that loose, soft wave.

#6: Stunning Soft Blonde Curled Waves

Have you wanted to try out a wavy hairstyle? If you’re looking for a stunning look, I suggest getting soft blonde curled waves. To get this look, ask your stylist for layers that will give the hair more body and movement. The layers will help create natural-looking curls without visible lines or changes in length. Use a curling product before styling with an iron or rollers for extra hold and definition.

#7: Gorgeous Loose Waves

Loose waves are gorgeous and one of the easiest styles to accomplish. My advice to my clients when they want to achieve a look like this at home is to curl their hair with a 1-inch iron. Let the curls sit for about 20 minutes and then starting at the root, brush the curls out. Spray with hairspray to hold, and you’re done!

#8: Silver Waves

These silver waves are a classic and beautiful way to show off your new blonde. They are best for anyone who can commit to frequent maintenance. To maintain these icy locks, prebook a toner, a treatment every 6 weeks, and a full highlight. Book your trim every 12 weeks. This will keep your hair pigmented and refreshed while keeping your hair’s health in mind.

#9: Blonde Balayage with Front Layers

Look like you have spent your days at the beach with a blonde balayage with front layers. Sun-kissed blonde balayage with angles around the face keeps hair from just hanging and dragging you down. Front angles help soften your face for an instant lift to appear more young and fresh. Add some waves into the hair to give body and texture.

Collarbone-Length Layers and Waves
Instagram @marcosyan_boaz

#10: Collarbone-Length Layers

Try collarbone-length layers when you’re looking for volume and texture. A medium-length cut with layers looks great with loose, soft waves. Keeping angles long around the face breaks up the length for movement and softness.

#11: Big Hair with Wavy Layers

When I am feeling a style change I go straight to pinning on my board and my top picks are always big hair with layers. Then at the salon, I can work on getting as close as possible to that style. If you’re a fine-haired girl, you may want to add a halo, hair extension to achieve this look. If your hair is blessed with fullness, then a 1 1/2″ curling iron will help you achieve a tousled canvas.

Effortless Light Brown Waves and Layers
Instagram @yukistylist

#12: Effortless Light Brown Waves

Effortless light brown waves are the perfect combo for an easy-going style. Waves can be created with a curling wand or iron, whichever you choose. A good rule of curling is, if you’d like it more beachy curl sections in alternating directions. If you’d like to wear it more dressy curl all in the same direction and brush out smooth. Layering will be important to support the shape of the style.

Wavy Lob with Face-Framing Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#13: Wavy Lob with Face-Framing Layers for Fine Hair

A wavy lob with face-framing layers is perfect for fine hair. This medium crop uses blunt angles and face-framing layers on wavy hair to create the illusion of fuller hair with more body. A wavy lob is a must-try  for fine-haired women!

Low-Maintenance Textured Cut with a Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#14: Low-Maintenance Textured Cut with a Middle Part

Women who desire layers for wavy hair should opt for a low-maintenance textured cut with a middle part. A wavy cut doesn’t automatically mean high maintenance, so don’t be afraid to add layered wavy hair to your look! Avoid fringe or overly structured face-framing to keep your crop as low-maintenance as possible. Keeping it long, layered, and blended will extend the time between salon visits!

#15: Short Wavy French Bob

Try a short, wavy French bob for a twist on this classic crop. Blended layering makes this cut work well on wavier hair, or for styling routines that incorporate waves. Pro Tip: To keep your crop prim, pointed, and where you want it, grab a can of spray wax. A little bit on the fingers before styling will help place and hold those perfect pieces along the jawline. (Try my personal favorite, Paul Mitchell’s Spray Wax, $18.50).

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#16: Layered with Highlights for Thick Hair

Layering with highlights look gorgeous on thick hair. Generally, haircuts for thick wavy hair are the best option for denser textures. The addition of highlights elevates this crop to the next level by accentuating its layers, allowing light to bounce off all the right places.

#17: Long Layered Bob with Voluminous Waves

A long layered bob with voluminous waves shows that bobs aren’t always sleek and straight! A wavy haircut can work at nearly any length, so why not try a wavy bob? For those trying this look at home, be sure to keep a can of Dry Texturizing spray on hand as this product will become your crop’s new best friend.

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Long Wavy Layers with Money Pieces
Instagram @bugiishair

#18: Long Layers with Money Pieces

Women who prefer long layered wavy hair should try long layers with a money piece! This bold take on sun-kissed color draws more attention to the face, highlighting all of your best features while accentuating your layers.

Textured Bangs and Beach Waves
Instagram @aerielengland

#19: Textured Bangs and Beach Waves

Transform your style with textured bangs and beach waves! It’s amazing what a wavy hairstyle and fun fringe can do for your overall look (and confidence). Pro Tip: When taking this inspiration to the salon, be sure to discuss bang length with your stylist before the big chop. Think about how they will look wet vs. dry and with different textures, this way you can be sure to walk out with the perfect face-flattering fringe.

Big Tousled Waves with Middle-Parted Bangs
Instagram @arcscissors

#20: Big Tousled Waves with Middle-Parted Bangs

Give your hair body and bounce with big tousled waves with middle-parted bangs. Face-framing bangs on wavy hair lend themselves to more voluminous styles due to the blended layering. When a stylist uses this technique, all the layers and waves work together to create the most volume and movement. If big fluffy hair is your goal, then this is the cut for you!

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#21: Long Waves with a Side Part

Women over 60 who desire a layered hairstyle should try long waves with a side part. It’s often said that women should cut their hair as they age, but in truth, it’s all up to preference! If your preference is to keep it long, then give this long layered hairstyle a shot!

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Mid-Length Heavily Layered Shag
Instagram @sandy.strands

#22: Mid-Length Heavily Layered Shag

A mid-length heavily layered shag is the best cut for medium to thick hair. Medium-length wavy hair with layers works well with denser textures due to the combination of texturizing and layering. Utilizing this weight removal technique will keep hair from feeling too heavy while still looking full and expertly styled.

Layered Pixie with Heavy Bangs
Instagram @thehairhuman

#23: Layered Pixie with Heavy Bangs

Women opting for the “big chop” should try a layered pixie with heavy bangs. Short hair makes this cut very versatile and easy to maintain. Style it up when going out, smooth it down for something sleek, or pull the fringe back on a day off, this short style has options!

Razor Cut with Shaggy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @randa.rivera

#24: Razor Cut with Shaggy Layers and Bangs

A razor cut with shaggy layers and bangs will truly transform fine, flat hair. This style with wavy layers will make you feel like a whole new woman! Women looking to try this crop should seek out a stylist who is proficient in razor cutting for the best, most flattering result!

Layered Frizzy Hair with Feathered Bangs
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#25: Layered Frizzy Hair with Feathered Bangs

Layered frizzy hair with feathered bangs is an on-trend style that works wonders for a natural texture. Those with wavy hair will feel comfortable embracing frizz, as this look makes flyaways look purposeful and perfectly imperfect.

Medium-Length Layered Cut with Soft Waves
Instagram @milbonusa

#26: Medium-Length Layered Cut with Soft Waves

Women over 40 should try a medium-length layered cut with soft waves. As women age, mid-length cuts tend to be the most flattering as they add fullness to the hair’s perimeter, as well as more movement and body throughout. Pair this crop with a soft and bouncy blowout for a total transformation.

Tousled Waves and Choppy Layers
Instagram @lokalsalon

#27: Tousled Waves and Choppy Layers

Compliment your icy blonde with tousled waves and choppy layers. Layered haircuts are a great way to bring interest to your blonde when you don’t want to alter your tone. Chopping up the texture will give a light, airy appearance to your overall look, as well as boost body and create noticeable change.

#28: Razored Shaggy Cut with a Fringe

Women over 70 will love a razored shaggy cut with a fringe. This crop has become a favorite among older women as short layers help aging hair appear younger, fuller, and more voluminous.

Messy Waves and Piece-y Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @texturedpetite

#29: Messy Waves and Piece-y Bangs for Thin Hair

Messy waves and piece-y bangs look beautiful on thin hair! Wavy hair with bangs are a great option for amplifying finer, thinner hair. For an extra boost of thickness, prep your style by applying a thickening spray when hair is wet, like Not Your Mother’s “Plump for Joy” ($6.99).

Layered Soft Shag with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @hairbykarafina

#30: Layered Soft Shag with Curtain Bangs

Treat yourself to the ultimate makeover with a layered soft shag with curtain bangs. The soft layers of this crop work with any texture, from the waviest to the straightest, but the key here is the fringe. Curtain bangs for wavy hair draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, highlighting your most beautiful features. This crop is a surefire head turner and confidence booster!

Wavy Inverted Bob
Instagram @ravensedgehair

#31: Wavy Inverted Bob

Women looking for a sliding haircut, or layered cut, should try a wavy inverted bob. This classic wavy cut is a universally flattering option that looks great at any age, and on any hair texture.

Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @curlyhairdaze

#32: Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair with Wispy Bangs

Women over 50 looking to boost their waves should try shoulder-length wavy hair with wispy bangs. Opting for shoulder-length hair will actually encourage your natural texture to bounce up more, creating wavy body and movement throughout!

Step Cut for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @studiocksalon

#33: Step Cut for Long Wavy Hair

For blended lengths and bouncy layers, ask for a step cut for long wavy hair. A step cut for wavy hair is exactly what it sounds like – a haircut where the layers act as cascading steps as they travel towards the bottom of the hair. This is accomplished by using a blended elevation technique when cutting to create a seamless waterfall of hair. A step cut is best suited for medium to thicker densities of hair.