The Layered Wavy Bob Is The Cool Haircut Right Now + 20 Ways to Get It

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A layered wavy bob ranges from short to medium length and is cut with tons of texture for added shape and movement. Stylist Joanna Slowikowska of Chicago, IL approves of the versatility of this bob cut.

Layers add volume to fine and thin locks. The chop also removes bulk from thicker hair, making it feel lighter and manageable. Slowikowska adds, “A few front layers can frame and soften your face to make you feel and look young!”

A wavy bob with layers is not a wash-and-go type of cut. It’s high-maintenance and demands daily styling. It’s also not ideal if you like to switch your look often as the layers take time to grow.

It’s paramount to consult a professional before finalizing your preferred haircut. Slowikowska explains, “Stylists can recognize your hair texture and advise you what cut works for you best. ”

Ask for a length that’s a bit longer than you’re expecting. Slowikowska points out that “waves bounce a lot and shrink when dry.”

For rounder faces, get a chop that lands below the chin. For longer faces, keep the length above the chin. You can opt for some face-framing pieces for added softness around your face.

Check out these inspiring photos that show trendy and stunning ideas on how to wear a layered wavy bob hairstyle. Time to get a fresh look!

Messy Wavy Shaggy Bob with a Deep Side Part and Layers
Instagram @david.oshell

#1: Messy Shaggy Bob with a Deep Side Part

You should try a messy shaggy bob with a deep side part if you’ve been wearing your hair sleek with a middle part. Changing your part after your hair is dry or blowing your hair in the opposite direction will give you more volume. Coupled with the layers you’ll get all the shaggy messiness your heart desires.

Wavy Brunette Balayage Layered Bob
Instagram @capellibymegs

#2: Wavy Hair

A wavy bob is easy and comfortable to wear all day, and looks best when paired with a beachy brunette balayage. Whether you have short or long hair, waves will definitely add dimension, character, and texture to your look.

#3: Wavy Blunt Bob with Subtle Layers

If you’re bored with your hair, try a wavy blunt bob with subtle layers. A new layered cut might be just what you need to shake up your hair routine. A softly layered short haircut works well with even the waviest hair, and you’ll love how quickly you can get ready for the day with just a few scrunches of a texture cream like R+Co Velvet Curtain cotton touch texture balm.

Long Wavy Graduated Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @carlos_boho

#4: Long Wavy Graduated Bob with Wispy Bangs

For a longer version of a timeless French-inspired haircut, try a long wavy graduated bob with wispy bangs. The triangular graduation pushes the hair forward, which adds a slimming effect to a round or wide face. Ask your stylist for feathery bangs with longer corners since that will beautifully highlight your cheekbones on your new long layered wavy bob hairstyle.

#5: Layered Bob with Messy Waves

If you’re looking to save time with a wash-and-go style, try a layered bob with messy waves. A chin-length layered bob cut for wavy hair is low-maintenance, youthful, and requires no hot tools to style. Naturally wavy hair just needs a bit of curl-enhancing product (such as Dream Coat Curly by Color Wow) and it’ll air-dry beautifully with minimal effort.

#6: Medium-Length Layered Bob with Straight Bangs

One idea for a layered wavy bob is a medium-length layered bob with straight bangs. A wavy layered bob with bangs accentuates the eyes and a short, choppy fringe helps many women appear years younger. Though many fear the commitment to styling bangs every day, it truly doesn’t take more than a minute to blow out the fringe area. Make sure you use a lightweight heat protectant such as Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray prior to styling to keep the hair as healthy as possible.

Soft Bob with Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @davidwbullen

#7: Soft Bob with Layers for Fine Hair

A soft bob with layers for fine hair will give the illusion of thickness and bounce. Fine hair falls flat easily, and a short layered bob for wavy hair will enhance the natural wave by releasing weight. Short hair with waves is fun and flirty but also exudes confidence. You’ll want to use a product that tames frizz but has a firm yet flexible all-day hold such as Oribe Créme for Style.

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Textured Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @domyhairdrew

#8: Textured Bob for Thin Hair

Try a textured bob for thin hair for volume and sass. When fine hair is too long, it becomes even thinner at the ends and falls flat. A short, layered bob for thin wavy hair adds movement and excitement to fine hair so it appears thicker with minimal effort. Whether your hair has a natural wave or you use a hot tool to add the curls, a layered bob offers buildable volume that every fine-haired woman will appreciate.

Neck-Length Layered Bob with Soft Waves
Instagram @hairbykasia_

#9: Neck-Length Layered Bob with Soft Waves

Rock a neck-length layered bob with soft waves for a style that will always be on-trend. If you’re looking for a layered hairstyle, wavy layered bobs that land at the top of the shoulder offer plenty of versatility. They are long enough to be pulled back into a baby ponytail but short enough to style quickly with a flat iron. Try wearing this cut straight for the first day then adding curls (and dry shampoo, of course) on days two and three to get the most wear between washes.

Middle Part Bob with Layers
Instagram @wido_studio

#10: Middle Part Bob with Layers

A middle part bob with layers continues to be a hot trend with women of any age. A wavy bob with layers is flattering on nearly every face shape, and a middle part especially compliments oval faces. The key to this bob hairstyle is textured ends that are piecey and flirty and plenty of layers throughout to add volume.

#11: Wavy Stacked Bob with Soft Layers

Go for a wavy stacked bob with soft layers if you want a haircut that doesn’t take much time to style. A bob with waves and layers just needs a quick blow dry and a few curls on the top layer to look polished yet fun. Though this wavy layered haircut can be worn straight, a wavy style keeps you looking youthful and helps fine hair from falling flat. For added volume at the root, spritz in a texture powder such as Puff.ME Volumizing powder by Design.ME.

Textured A-Line Bob Cut
Instagram @themeganjean

#12: Textured A-Line Bob Cut

A textured a-line bob cut works well for wavier hair. Using sliding haircut techniques, your stylist can strategically remove weight for an airy, soft look. To get piecey separation of your waves, use a texture spray from Oribe Texture Spray after curling.

#13: Jaw-Length Layered Wavy Bob

If you have fine hair, consider a jaw-length layered wavy bob. Using blended elevation, your stylist can keep weight where it needs to be while also adding volume at the crown with a layered haircut. For that effortless texture, scrunch the waves with a pomade to create separation and definition.

Chin-Length Wavy Hair with Bangs for Square Faces
Instagram @piatupop

#14: Chin-Length Wavy Hair with Bangs for Square Faces

If you’re ready for a big change, try chin-length wavy hair with bangs for square faces. Women with square faces should avoid haircuts with hard lines – a wavy hairstyle with layers adds the softness needed to balance out a square face. When transitioning from long hair to a layered chin-length bob, make sure you learn a few tips and tricks from your hairstylist on layering products and blow-dry techniques so you can recreate the finished look.

#15: Wavy Bobbed Hair for Round Faces

A wavy bobbed hair for round faces is like the Romeo and Juliet of hair – two things that shouldn’t go together, but somehow do. Round faces need something to add visual lengthening and height. A short bob haircut shows off the length of the neck, and a layered style adds height to the crown of the head. Enhance layered wavy bobs with a voluminous side part and defined curls.

#16: Messy Shaggy Bob for Women Over 50

Forget the perfectly set golden girl curls – try a messy shaggy bob for women over 50. The shattered layers and playful curls are youthful yet sophisticated. A layered wavy bob for women over 50 can help disguise thinning hair, something that is very common for women over fifty. Prep wet hair with a soft mousse such as Chiffon from R+Co and blow dry for added volume and hold, then curl in alternating directions for a marvelously undone finish.

Very Short Inverted Cut with Beach Waves
Instagram @_motionblur_

#17: Very Short Inverted Cut with Beach Waves

A very short inverted bob cut with beach waves helps fine wavy hair appear thicker and enhances curl patterns. Keep the front length no shorter than the jawline – otherwise, it will shorten and widen your face shape too much. Slight graduation in the hairdo builds a flattering feminine curve in the back and soft layers on top add volume.

#18: Wavy Choppy Bob

Consider a wavy choppy bob for medium to fine hair, especially if you have a natural texture or wave. A layered bob for frizzy hair can quickly be smoothed out with flat iron curls. To achieve the perfect wavy choppy hair look, prep the hair with a smoothing product that has a bit of hold, blow-dry, then use a 1” flat iron to add texture and waves.

#19: Fluffy Bob Style for Wavy, Thick Hair

When considering a layered wavy bob, try a fluffy bob style for wavy, thick hair. A layered bob for thick wavy hair adds mega volume in all the right places. Make sure you talk to your stylist about adding enough layers in the back and on top to create the shape you want. Don’t forget plenty of curl cream to define curls and add bounce.

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#20: Wavy Angled Bob with a Side Part

A wavy angled bob with a side part is perfect for women over 60. Consider going for a short bob if you want to cut down on maintenance time. When styling a wavy angled bob with layers, try using a flat iron to form soft big waves with straighter ends for a modern finish.

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