If You Have Thin Hair, Try This Layer Cut for Instant Volume

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: White Bob with Layers and Thin Texture

A white bob hairstyle with layers enhances thin texture. Coloring your hair blonde can add body and texture to fine hair. If you go for a cute short bob, you will achieve fullness around the perimeter. The layers are where you gain volume at the crown. Additionally, a longer fringe keeps the sides looking fuller, which is beneficial since thin hair can often appear sparse at the temples.

Platinum Blonde Long Layered Thin Hair with Dark Roots
Instagram @angie.jstyles

#2: Platinum Blonde Layered Hair with Dark Roots

Ask for platinum blonde layered hair with dark roots. Achieving fuller and more lively hair is possible even if you have thin hair. First, coloring your hair swells the cuticle. This increases hair density and gives a natural lift. Next, layering compliments fine hair by providing it with movement and texture. Lastly, add curls using a curling iron or round brush to increase your hair’s volume.

Peach Medium Bouncy Layered Blowout with Curtain Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @ryennesnow

#3: Bouncy Blowout with Curtain Bangs

Thin hair goes well with a feminine, bouncy blowout and curtain bangs. Cutting hair in layers is generally an ideal way to add volume and bounce to flat and skinny hair.

#4: Sleek Layered Hair with Blonde Balayage

Sleek layered hair with a blonde balayage is a modern layer-cutting style for thin hair. Not only will the cut make your lengths look fuller, but the color will, too!

Shoulder-Grazing Wavy Layered Cut with Bardot Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @carochristmas.hair

#5: Wavy Layered Cut with Bardot Bangs

wavy layered cut, enhanced with Bardot bangs, is truly designed for thin hair. This style of layered cut creates an illusion of fuller hair for those with thin, fine strands.

#6: Platinum Medium Shag with Bangs

The banged shag cut emphasizes street cool. It’s perfect for thin hair as a layer cut, adding movement. Aim for a textured, lived-in look nothing too polished here. Try to wear it naturally or by adding very brushed-out waves. For those wanting to make a statement, consider an exciting color. Platinum style is bold and not for the faint-hearted, but totally worth the effort.

Razored Layers on Mid-Length Golden Thin Hair
Instagram @lesliexhair

#7: Razored Layers on Mid-Length Golden Hair

One can get a razored layered cut on mid-length golden hair. When you hear razor and thin hair, don’t be scared. This may be surprising, but a razor can actually add beautiful texture and shape to your hair without over-thinning. The soft layers around your face can especially be styled to frame it beautifully.

#8: Wavy Tousled Style with Deep Side Part

To create thicker-looking hair, start by styling your hair with a deep side part. This technique creates the height needed for the other side, enhancing volume. After this, dry your hair using a volume spray product to ensure hold. Once your hair is dry, use a tong to wrap the hair around it. After your hair is cool, shake it out for natural texture. The final step is to add a texture dry spray for resilience and separation. Following these steps, along with using these products, will give your hair a fuller appearance.

#9: Straight Hush Cut for Dark Brown Hair

If you want a unique hairstyle without losing your length, a hush cut is ideal. It’s much like the traditional layering method for thin hair. However, the side sections are cut shorter and blunter, ensuring they don’t blend in. Pair this style with a fringe for an edgy feel. I recommend bringing photos to your appointment. This helps your stylist understand exactly what you desire.

Short Layered Bob with Thin Bangs
Instagram @kruuse_co_hair

#10: Short Layered Bob with Thin Bangs

shorter, layered bob suits finer hair types. This cut creates fullness. The longer layers, on the other hand, add volume. If you want a soft, feathery look, thin bangs can be added. I recommend using a lightweight product on wet hair to achieve fullness. Usually, a spray is the best choice, as creams can often be too heavy.

Light Brown Thin Hair with Long Bangs and Layers
Instagram @tiff_cap

#11: Light Brown Hair with Long Bangs and Layers

Ask for light brown hair, long bangs, and layered hair. Adding movement and body to thin hair requires extra styling. Depending on your hair type, leaving the periphery of the hair one length might help to maintain maximum fullness within the hair. Adding face-framing elements and long bangs can be the key to enhancing movement and texture. Your stylist will tailor your hairstyle according to your bone structure and hair type.

#12: Layered Hime Cut with Bottleneck Bangs

Explain to your stylist that you want a layered hime cut with bottleneck bangs, similar to a modified mullet. Your new cut should include short, blunt pieces in the front and long, disconnected sections in the back. For more fun, add a curtain fringe. This is an excellent layer cut for fine hair as it gives the look of thicker locks with sharp edges. This haircut is versatile. It can look short when tied up or long when left down.

#13: Side-Swept Medium Layered Cut

Check out this side-swept medium-layered cut. This cut is great for thin hair. It’s kept short to medium in length with minimal layers to maintain end density. The face-framing and subtle layers give the illusion of volume to the overall look. Medium-length cuts are popular since they’re versatile. They’re easier to wear back than a bob and go well with many hair textures.

Layered Center-Parted Butterfly Cut for Mid-Long Thin Hair
Instagram @bbeautybrattt

#14: Center-Parted Butterfly Cut

Using a face frame instead of layering adds dimension to your hair. It also ensures that your hair maintains density without excessive layering around the crown. Layered hairstyles for thin hair are versatile. You can wear these styles straight to highlight healthy layers or add curls with a medium-sized barrel for extra volume. If you want effortless volume, use a volume powder such as Hairstory Hair Powder. Apply the product at the roots and evenly distribute it by brushing your hair.

Chest-Length Copper Blonde Thin Hair with Light Layers
Instagram @lisahanni

#15: Copper Blonde Hair with Light Layers

A copper blonde hair color is a fantastic choice. Pair it with a lightly layered cut for thin hair. Avoid short layers. Choose long layers or a face frame to keep your hair thick at the ends. Adding a bang of your choice, however, will enhance your face’s appeal and volume.

#16: Medium Choppy Layers and Side Part

Choose a medium chop style with a side part. A medium-layer haircut for thin hair can add volume. For this, focus on the layers from the chin to the shoulder. This style works well on thin hair. It also suits diamond, heart, and oval face shapes.

Long Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights and Layers for Thin Hair
Instagram @album_oga

#17: Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights and Layers

Imagine chocolate brown hair that has highlights and layers. There is no doubt that thin tresses can be styled with layers. You can instruct your hairstylist to give you a disconnected haircut. This allows many crown layers to remain separate from the perimeter length, thus maintaining the weight around the perimeter.

Mid-Length Layered Cut with Blonde Underlights on Finer Hair
Instagram @hairwithmaria

#18: Mid-Length Layered Cut with Blonde Underlights

A classic mid-length layered cut shapes the face perfectly. Pair this with a trendy hair color like an under-light block for a cool, effortless look. You need to choose a bold color to define your hair layers and prevent them from blending together.

#19: Face-Framing Choppy Layered Cut

Try a choppy layered cut to frame the face and achieve a thin texture. The finer the hair, the more beautifully it can create a wispy face-framing effect that blends well with the rest of the hair length. This style is a standout feature, and it works well for individuals with narrow jawlines.

Straight Long Thin Hair with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @hair.by.gabby.g

#20: Straight Long Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Consider a hairstyle featuring straight, long hair with face-framing layers. Try a long-layer haircut for fine hair. The main focus should be adding face-framing layers and maintaining minimal layers around the rest of the hair. Styling fine hair with layers can be challenging, as you want to avoid making your hair look thinner. However, this won’t be an issue if your stylist is skilled in working with fine hair.

Shoulder-Length Thin Hair with Swoopy Layers
Instagram @hikahika19

#21: Shoulder-Length Hair with Swoopy Layers

Layers that sweep in shoulder-length hair can enhance the volume of fine hair. A layered mid-length haircut is also suitable for straight hair types, especially thin hair.

Straight Medium Layers with Wispy Bangs for Thin Hair Older Ladies
Instagram @dollface0584

#22: Straight Medium Layers with Wispy Bangs

Improve your style with straight, medium layers and wispy bangs. An angle starting at the chin will enhance your face shape and provide beautiful framing. For thin hair, using minimal layers in a cut is the best approach. You should not remove too much weight from the hair to maintain its thick appearance. Wispy bangs can effectively mask a thin hairline.

Long-Length Brunette Feathered Layered Haircut for Fine Hair
Instagram @hair_bycami

#23: Brunette Feathered Haircut

A brunette feathered haircut is a chic and classic option for those who prefer to wear long hair. To prevent long hair from looking limp or uninteresting, hair layering for thin hair helps to add volume and shape to your style without risking too much density being removed from the ends. Ask your stylist to point cut to add a feathered appearance to your ends for a more natural, lived-in feel.

#24: Collarbone-Length Layers with Long Bangs

Think about a sophisticated style that includes collarbone-length layers and long bangs. If you’re searching for a layered haircut suitable for thin hair, look no further. This beautiful haircut of medium length features long layers and chin-starting side angles. The long draping bangs will enhance your appearance and suit this haircut style well. This style will make you look stylish without removing volume from the sides and back where it is needed.

Mid-Long Textured Layer Cut with Messy Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @oshima_kaito

#25: Textured Layer Cut with Messy Bangs

The messy bangs and textured layers are a stylish means to enhance thin hair. The choppy cut gives volume and feel to hair that once looked dull and thin.

Layered Medium Thin Hair with Chunky Highlights and Bangs
Instagram @totanakagawa

#26: Medium Thin Hair with Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights can help medium, thin hair appear thicker. Placing light and dark colors in your hair will create a 3D look and make it look fuller. A layer cut specifically for thin hair helps manage finer strands. You’ll want minimal layering to keep the relaxed shape intact and to maintain a strong bottom line. A cut angled around the face will prevent it from looking sparse and define the hairstyle well.

Have you lost hair volume as you’ve aged? Or do you have thin, lifeless hair? Shanice Cintron, a top hair stylist, gives some advice on layered cuts for thin hair. As an expert, Shanice shares tips and must-have products that can help give your hair life.

Meet The Expert

Shanice Cintron
Shanice Cintron
Shanice is a hairstylist & educator with over 10 years of experience.
You can find Shanice at Lovers Mane in Los Angeles, CA.

Shape Your Hair to Your Face

Shanice starts by pointing out the key ways to style thin hair. She says, “Be sure to layer your thin hair but remember not to take away its fullness.” She suggests having your layers a bit disconnected, making sure to only cut the hair above your head’s back. As she shares, “cut your shortest layer short to give height to your hair.”

She also adds on for curly hair. She advises, “Try using different length layers to make your hair look thicker.”

Balance Your Cut with Your Face Shape

Your cut should always balance with your face shape. Shanice explains, “Round faces look best with long bits around the jawline which helps to draw the eyes down.”

“If you have a long face, try shorter pieces that frame your face.”

Styling for Volume and Lifestyle

Ready to style that layered cut? Shanice suggests using volume-focused products. “Stay away from oil-based products. They tend to weigh the hair down.” She adds, “Evo’s ‘root canal’ root lifting powder is one to try.”

If you’re a busy bee, she recommends getting more from your wash. “Try evo’s gluttony volumising shampoo and bride of gluttony volumising conditioner. They build volume with each wash.”

This busy bee tip is sure to catch your eye. She says, “Using Velcro rollers after heating the hair gives it body.” Or, if you like to air dry, “Use duckbill clips at your roots while it dries.”

Shanice’s expertise is clear. She becomes your guide to layer cuts, face shapes, and styling tips. Her shared insights will help you find the best cut and style for you.

Pictures of the Best Layer Cuts for Thin Hair