45 Flattering Haircuts with Choppy Layers

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Chances are if you are reading this, you probably have some kind of layering going on in your hair. Most all haircuts have some layering to create a specific shape or silhouette. A lot of what people first notice of a particular haircut is how it is styled. You could have a less than perfect cut, but a great hand with your wand, and make it look completely fabulous. One of the key elements to creating a choppy, textured look is the right products. Here we have some great choppy layered hairstyles and cuts that really show off their texture with the right styling!

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Gorgeously Layered Copper Mid-Length Hair with Choppy Ends and a Middle Part
Instagram @capellibymegs

#1: Gorgeously Layered Copper Mid-Length Hair

This layered copper mid-length hair with choppy ends and a middle part is gorgeous. Instead of going for the same long layers, this haircut offers something different. And all while still keeping it soft and feminine. This style is great for any to most lifestyles. It can be played up or down depending on your preference. It’s also versatile enough that you can switch between side parts or even center parts. Change things up without compromising its chic vibe.

#2: Cool Blonde Bob with Choppy Layers

graduated bob with layers gives a beautiful rounded shape with volume in the crown. You might be wondering if choppy layers will work well with fine hair, and the answer is yes. Be aware of over-layering, making finer hair too thin around the perimeter. A disconnected layer can help keep the perimeter weight.

Soft and Hidden Undercut Layers for Choppy Hair
Instagram @anhcotran

#3: Soft and Hidden Undercut Layers

When you want layered choppy hair, but have major thick and dense hair, ask about an undercut. If you want to remove some weight from the hair, this is a great option. An undercut is simply a shorter length underneath a longer length. You can go as extreme as shaving underneath. Or lift the hair straight and snip some length off just to add texture and a little weight removal. Your stylist can help you determine based on the desired result.

Reflective Blonde with Choppy Layers for women with long hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#4: Reflective Blonde with Choppy Layers

Ask for choppy textured layers if you love this style. Consider doing this reflective blonde color to add depth to the haircut. When styling, you can wear your hair in a number of ways. Create different looks by using different styling tools. When creating a voluminous look, I recommend using Kevin Murphy’s Body Builder Volumising Mousseon damp hair. Then blow dry the hair using a large round brush for extra lift. You can use a large barrel curling iron to achieve loose waves or a Dyson airwrap for a blowout look.

Choppy Hair with Internal Layers and Middle Part for mid-length hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#5: Choppy Hair with Internal Layers and Middle Part

Ask for a choppy hairstyle with internal layers and a middle part. Give your hair a lift by creating a blunt, choppy textured style. If your hair tends to be thinner, adding waves will make it look fuller and give it movement.

Bubblegum Pink Choppy Layers for women with mid-length messy hair
Instagram @john.n1115

#6: Bubblegum Pink Choppy Layers

Pink choppy layers are perfect for women looking to make a bold statement with their hair. At your next appointment, ask for a pop of vibrant color to your mid-length messy hair. It can give it a fun and playful look. The layers add volume and texture to the hair, making it less styled and more natural-looking. This look works well for women who have fine hair and want to add some depth to their locks. To maintain the brightness of the pink color, use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

Choppy Layered Shag Lob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#7: Layered Shag Lob

I would describe this look as a soft shag lob. The added softly textured layers are my favorite part because they are like invisible layers that are there for movement and body when curled, straightened, or worn naturally. They are totally foolproof and fuss-free!

I feel like this look is very versatile. Any hair texture can benefit from a cut like this. Someone that is low maintenance can spray a good texture spray on and be done. On the other hand, someone willing to invest a little bit more time can use a barrel curling iron to achieve effortless beachy waves, or a flat iron to achieve a sleek and chic look.

Choppy Layered Short Shags
Instagram @kapo_cabelos

#8: Choppy Short Shag

What a lovely choppy short shag! Choppy short shag haircuts like this one are better when styled out with lots of texture. Pairing it with bangs, if desired, is a great move. They give the entire style a more youthful touch. When going for such short hair, wear natural-looking makeup to keep it from looking boyish.

#9: Choppy with Layers

My favorite thing about this look is the color and the choppy layers! The layers gave my client’s super thick hair some movement. This look is great if you want something that you don’t want to style too precisely. And, it’s kind of the sort of cut that you don’t have to spend too much time on. The choppier the better!

Undone Layered Choppy Haircut
Instagram @yukistylist

#10: Undone Layered Choppy Haircut

An undone haircut is a perfect cut for anyone looking to get rid of some length without going too short. It truly suits just about everyone in the book. After you’ve settled on the right length for your face, don’t forget to ask your stylist for styling tips. Ask for a quick tutorial on how to throw an effortless curl into your hair.

Medium choppy layers with bangs hairstyle
Instagram @yukistylist

#11: Medium Choppy Layers with Bangs

This look is a little bit edgy and sassy, but it can also double as cute and simple because it’s almost a one-length haircut. I added a few piecey layers just at the very bottom to give it some movement.

Styling this hairstyle at home should be very easy. Because of the length, you could either air dry and try to bring out any natural wave or curl you may have, or it can be worn straight. If you wanted to use a curling iron, taking bigger sections and wrapping around an iron about 1.25 in size once will give you that effortless wave that everyone is seeking! The short bangs can be styled straight down or even slightly pushed off to one side. It’s a very versatile look!

#12: Platinum Blonde Long Choppy Layers

Platinum blonde long choppy layers are also known as a butterfly haircut. Adding lots of layers to the crown and face-framing areas creates soft volume. One of the best methods to achieve a soft bouncy blowout is to use a large round brush and setting clips. Keep in mind, if you have a thicker hair type it’s best to add soft texturing to finish your haircut.

Choppy and Long Seamless Layers
Instagram @nothingobvious

#13: Long Seamless Layers

Long seamless layers are a great way to grow out a short bob or add some extra movement to a mid-length haircut. Opt for a middle part and curtain bangs to keep the shape youthful and modern. My best advice for styling is to use an 1 1/4 curling iron for effortless waves.

Mid-Length Layered Choppy Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#14: Mid-Length Layered Cut for Thick Hair

Thick hair has its challenges but your hair will be more flexible with a layered haircut. A mid-length layered style allows for density and movement to exist in the hair. Air dry or blown dry is your preference. But avoid getting to bed with wet hair to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

Layered Face-Framing Blonde Highlights for Choppy Hair
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#15: Layered Face-Framing Blonde Highlights

One of the simplest ways to brighten up your look is with blonde highlights. For a sun-kissed look, try adding hues that will look good with your natural canvas.

Softly Layered Choppy Shag
Instagram @danielmbeauty

#16: Softly Layered Shag

Creating a lived-in style is fairly easy to maintain in and out of the salon. Tell your stylist that you want a softly layered shag. To prevent debulking too much fine hair, ask for bottleneck bangs and layers to achieve the same look.

#17: Beach Highlights on Long Choppy Layered Hair

Beach highlights are thin, fine highlights that look like you spend every day at the beach. Easy, effortless color. Adding choppy layers to long hair just enhances your beach babe vibe. For styling, curl big sections with a larger barrel iron, and brush, then scrunch with a sea salt spray.

Silver Chop with Layers
Instagram @kc_cosmetology

#18: Silver Chop with Layers

Change it up and try a silver chop with layers. You should ask your stylist for lots of layering to achieve the shaggy shape. Choose the best length around your face and back that work for you. An important point to remember when styling is to avoid volume, a flatter shape is more modern.

Blonde Balayage with Full Side Fringe and Choppy Layers
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#19: Blonde Balayage with Full Side Fringe

One of the most popular requests is the blonde balayage and it can be customized to your preference with full side fringe, for example. Don’t forget to bring some photos of inspiration like tones of blonde, color placements, or framing of the fringe around your face.

#20: Neck-Length Shaggy French Bob

A neck-length French bob is an easy-going, cool-girl style. The cut will be done with a razor or finished off with sculpting with thinning shears to create the piece-y look. Blow-dry with hands and add some volume at the crown. Finish with dry shampoo for lasting volume and texture spray to show off the shape.

Bleach Blonde Choppy Layers
Instagram @jordanhairx

#21: Bleach Blonde Choppy Layers

Have your hair appear fuller and more voluminous with bleach blonde choppy layers. Choppy layers are great for fine hair to give texture and lift at the crown. Use a round brush when styling for the ultimate body and shine.

choppy layers with movement and texture
Instagram @yukistylist

#22: Choppy Layers with Movement and Texture

Go for a short, textured haircut that is shorter in the back and slightly longer in the front with longer layers for movement and texture.

To style, apply your desired wet products to damp hair. Blow-dry with a large round brush to smooth the hair. For the waves, use a 1-inch curling iron, alternating the direction of the curls to create movement. Run your fingers through the curls to create more of a wave. Finish with texturing spray to create fullness and texture

This haircut works well with most face shapes and hair textures. The cut can easily be altered to your shape and texture.

#23: Choppy Layering on Long Hair

Long haired ladies in need of an update should ask for some choppy layering. This shaggy, super long example shows how the addition of face-framing layers can change your whole appearance. Choppy, shaggy, romantic and on-trend. This cut is a must-try for anyone with really long locks.

Mid-Length Textured Bob hairstyle
Instagram @hairbyrobbin1

#24: Mid-Length Textured Layering

Q&A with style creator, Robbin Johnson
Owner / Master Cosmetologist @ The Lex Studio in Martinez, GA

How would you describe this look?

This look is best described as a mid-length textured, layered bob that was cut with shears and a feather razor.

My favorite thing about a razor cut is the movement and volume that it creates for heavy, thick, and bulky virgin hair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would first consult about the client’s styling habits and also make sure the texture of their hair could handle a textured cut. Thick, curly hair is not the best texture for a razor cut!

I always give product advice for these looks, such as a good hairspray or spray wax to define layers. I also teach them how to blowout with a round brush to add volume.

#25: Sassy Layered and Choppy Cut

Q&A with style creator, Niki Wilkinson
Hairstylist @ The Hair Lounge Salon in Yorba Linda, CA

How would you describe this look?

This look is fun, flirty, and full of sass. It has choppy layers that are concentrated throughout the back and gradually become a bit longer toward the front. The perimeter length is all the same creating a blunt bottom length, but the movement comes from the style of the cut and the layers throughout.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This client had fine hair that had a tendency to lay flat and lifeless. This cut gave her hair texture and movement, allowing for the body and volume that she was struggling to achieve.

After a round brush blowout, I curled her with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron leaving the ends out. After curling, I used my fingers to brush through those curls and relax them into a wave. To finish her off, I sprayed her with a bit of texturizing spray and a gloss to piece out her ends.

choppy and texturized long layers
Instagram @hirohair

#26: Choppy and Texturized Long Layers

These are choppy and texturized long layers. The look has a modern shag appearance that is effortless and holds its shape. It moves and has body and bounce. This cut is perfect for someone who has a lot of hair! Its layers come from the inside out, removing weight and bulk. Once the weight was removed, the hair only needed a good texturizing spray and some waves to give it that lived-in look.

Effortless Choppy Layers Hairstyle
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#27: Effortless Choppy Layers

I absolutely love this cut, and loved cutting it! My favorite thing about it is how easy and effortless it is to style. It looks great sleek and straight, but a few days dirty gives it that stylish bedhead look! It’s not quite a pixie but not quite a bob, falling somewhere in between. It’s the perfect cut for those clients who want a pixie but are too afraid to take the leap!

This would look adorable on someone with naturally curly hair who wears it curly, but I think this look is really ideal for those with fine, very straight hair. It gives so much volume and texture and air dries perfectly. Those with very thick hair, need to know beforehand that weight removal is absolutely necessary so it doesn’t get poofy!

Textured Lob with Face-Framing Fringe hairstyle
Instagram @kyxtiastyle

#28: Textured Lob with Face-Framing Fringe

Q&A with style creator, Ericka Kyxtia Ramirez
Master Stylist / Colorist @ Mirror+Mirror Salon in Kansas City, MO

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this look as a textured, piecey lob with a face-framing fringe.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would definitely recommend this to someone with enough density for bangs and someone willing to invest the time to style a fringe every day.

Lightly Textured Bob hairstyle
Instagram @cutcolorlauren

#29: Lightly Textured Bob

Q&A with style creator, Lauren Melendez
Hairstylist @ Edo Salon in San Francisco, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a lightly textured medium length bob cut with a straight razor. The curtain fringe and face-framing wisps add movement to otherwise very straight, fine hair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This length works for finer hair that is straight or has a slight wave. Salt spray at the roots and mid-lengths adds texture and grit for a little volume, and the hair can be air dried or blow dried without a brush.

This length is great for someone who wants their fine hair to feel and appear fuller.

Trendy & Fun hairstyle
Instagram @kimkirklandhair

#30: Trendy Choppy Texture with Movement

Q&A with style creator, Kim Stanton
Independent Hairstylist @ Kim Kirkland Hair in Chemainus, BC

How would you describe this look?

I️ would describe it as trendy and fun! My favorite things about this haircut would be all the texturizing that goes into the layering and the fun styling afterwards.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Remember that messy and not so perfect is best for this look! I️ like to style with a 1-inch wand, taking big sections and leaving the ends fairly straight. I️ think it looks the best when your hair hasn’t been washed that day and has a good texturizing cream or sea spray in it.

I️ love mid-length styles because it’s still long enough for the busy woman to put up into a ponytail if she needs to!

#31: Choppy A-Line Bob

Q&A with style creator, Christine Sauers Thein
Hairstylist @ La Pomponnee in Canonsburg, PA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is an a-line bob with layers cut shorter at crown and longer toward the face. I love how this cut shows off both colors.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

On towel dried hair, apply Aveda Nourish Cream from roots to ends, then Volumizing Tonic at the root to give lift. Blow dry to at least 85% using your fingers before using a large round brush, and complete the look with 1 1/4-inch curling iron, leaving the ends out. To complete the look, run your fingers through the curls and spray all over with a light finishing spray.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I recommend this cut for someone who has medium to thick textured hair. This cut goes well will most face shapes and is also great for all lifestyles because it can be styled natural, blown out or curled.

Layered Textured Cut
Instagram @studio_mostton

#32: Layered Textured Cut

I would describe this look as a layered, textured haircut that is styled with a simple beach wave. My favorite thing about it is that it’s super simple to style like this when you have layers in your hair already! To recreate this look, I recommend using a 1-inch curling iron and some sea salt spray. You can also use hairspray and a frizz serum for smoothness.

The type of client this would be good for is someone who isn’t afraid of trying new things! It is also great for someone who is low maintenance and doesn’t have a lot of time to spend styling, but wants a little more body to their hair.

choppy layers on long hair
Instagram @riawna

#33: Long Choppy Layers

A bunch of long choppy layers benefits thick tresses more than any hair texture. The layering haircut removes bulk from the ends without losing the length. With texture, it looks sexy, and with waves, they make it voluminous.

Textured Medium Choppy Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#34: Textured Medium Choppy Hair

This choppy hairstyle is a short wispy “lob.” If you’re really into the messy look right now, ask your stylist to add the layers for the perfect touch. This cut is very fun! For a woman looking for this style, try investing in a good curling iron (I used 1&1/2″) and texture spray.

Short Choppy Layers
Instagram @cutnj

#35: Short Choppy Layers

Q&A with style creator, Lauren
Stylist @ CUT artisan. hair. design. in Flemington, NJ

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this cut as a razored bob with a more defined length line. Her color is a full head of pale ash blonde baby lights. She also has a disconnected side bang that was kept softer with the razor.

The thing I love most about this look is that it’s fairly simple but high in style which allows it to be a classic cut for more conservative clients but also a fun, edgy cut for more trendy clients. This kind of cut and color combo also grows out beautifully because of the razoring and baby light technique.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s probably not the best cut for coarse curly hair. I blew her out with a light anti frizz gel and lightly ironed her ends to showcase the weight I left in the length.

My model has naturally straighter hair. This cut would work well air dried or left wavy as well but someone with super curly hair would benefit from more layering than this provides. The color is perfect for anyone who loves the softness of balayage but wants a little more pop to their blonde. The beautiful thing about this style though is that it is timeless and ageless, appealing to all.

#36: Choppy Mid-Length Layers

Go for choppy mid-length layers to get an effortless edgy style. This cut works really well for the ladies who like a messy finish. It requires no to minimal effort in styling. Give it a subtle texture, and you’re good to go!

soft wavy choppy layers
Instagram @karlgbrown

#37: Soft Wavy Layers

Soft wavy layers on a platinum blonde shade have a fabulous and feminine payoff. These choppy layers look better with a bit of texture for added details. A combo of sea salt spray and sugar spray enhances the movement without weighing down the hair. Though the style works best on thick tresses, it can still do some magic on thin locks. Finer hair types may want to try rollers to keep the style in longer.

Q&A with style creator, Karl Brown
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Happy Birthday Salon in Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this?

These soft wavy layers combines two current trends, impactful blonde and long layering. There’s plenty of blended texture. Internal layering brings out lots of movement and allows the color to catch the light.

What’s your best advice?

This choppy haircut and color is ideal for women with thick, strong, and healthy hair. The longer layers work for pretty much all women because the front can be customized.

Haircut with long choppy layers
Instagram @yukistylist

#38: Long Choppy Layers

How To Style:

  1. Apply root volumizing product to root area of damp hair and massage in with fingers.
  2. Apply volumizing gel or foam throughout hair and comb through.
  3. Blow dry hair with a large round brush.
  4. Pass a flat iron through the ends.
  5. Finish with hairspray.

Recommended Products:

Sexy Hair’s Style Sexy Hair line has a product called Blow It Up Volumizing Gel Foam. It is a liquid spray that creates serious volume and is perfect for blowdry styling.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is great for finer and straighter hair and most all face shapes.

#39: Choppy Layered Bob

This gorgeous choppy layered bob makes a huge difference when styled with texture. It’s a classic bob haircut with layers and bangs for a trendy, fresher style. This may be among the most popular of the low-maintenance choppy layered hairstyles. It works on finer tresses, but here’s a tip—you may want to use a little less product to avoid flat hair.

layered long texture
Instagram @vdahair

#40: Long Texture

Long texture is one of the best styles to go for when you don’t want a drastic change. Diving into cutting more choppy layers can be scary, but don’t be. Longer layering is a perfect option to give tresses more body and volume. This style even adds dimension to hair with babylights and highlights. It suits the curlier and thicker hair types, yet smoothing out hair before styling is crucial.

layered choppy soft texture
Instagram @themaesalon

#41: Layered Soft Texture

Add a layered soft texture on a mid-length haircut to spice up a straight mane. Accentuate the layers by styling it with loose waves and curls. Kenra’s Platinum Dry Thickening Spray is a good product to use to finish off this hairstyle. It provides 24-hour flexible hold and heat protection. The spray also thickens the hair for added body and volume.

long choppy layers on curly hair
Instagram @tomsmithhd

#42: Long Choppy Layers on Curly Hair

These long choppy layers on curly hair are so beautiful, they look like they’re made in heaven! The chopped haircut is what ensures that the finish won’t look lifeless and bulky at the ends. Curly hair cutting is an art form. It’s best to do it when tresses are dry so that you see the shape of the canvas. Shout out to girls with curly hair, this must be your next signature style!

layered short choppy waves
Instagram @keey.styles

#43: Short Choppy Waves

Short choppy waves that are a bit messy look super chic and cute. The movement gives the short layers more emphasis. This works so well as a transitional style when trying to grow out a shorter haircut.

Q&A with style creator, Raquel Keeys
Hair Stylist @ Keeys Styles in Springfield, VA

How would you describe this?

These short choppy waves are on a slight angled bob floating right above the shoulders. For more volume and movement, shorter layers at the back and longer layers toward the face were added.

What’s your best advice?

These short choppy waves take about 15-20 mins to style. Use a light hold product like mousse when drying and a paste or pomade for finishing.

#44: Choppy Face Framing Layers

Choppy face framing layers offer a subtle ’90s vibe. It has a modern style of layering that goes well with a mid-length cut. Girls and the rest of the hair world can go crazy over this trend’s versatility and stylishness.

#45: Choppy Pixie

This choppy pixie is a short haircut that brings out any woman’s confidence. It indicates boldness and matches a strong personality. This is also a style of layering that makes a good starting point to growing out shorter haircuts. When styling, use a cream-based product to give the dicey layers a more textured and piece-y effect.

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