17 Kids Mohawk Ideas for Cool Little Dudes & Young Ladies in 2021

kids mohawk

A kids’ mohawk is a hairstyle for children where both sides of the head are shorter, leaving a strip of longer hair at the center. It’s one fun way to make them feel awesome and confident in an instant!

The style originated in the ’80s, but its peaked again as a popular style for kids. A mischievous and sweet look, the mohawk doesn’t have the same hard and rebellious edge as when adults wear it.

Virginia-based pro barber Benny Machado creates these ultra-cool hairstyles for young boys. His go-to rule is to understand the hair type and to check how the hair lays wet or dry without product. His designs are great mohawk hairstyles that look cute on boys of all ages.

His most recommended hair product is Wahl 1919 Fiber Paste. “It’s right at the happy medium level of hold, it’s not shiny, and it has a great scent,” he shares. Also, consider if you are willing to spend time in the morning to style your boy’s mane. Hawk hairstyles are high-maintenance.

It’s a classic look that works best on straight hair textures. Machado also advises “to ask the barber how to style it and for hair product recommendations. Every hair artist has their own styling techniques and product preference.”

So before his next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the most popular kids’ mohawk haircuts and hairstyles.

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Short and Spiky Mohawk Style for Toddler

Short and Spiky Mohawk Style for Toddler
Instagram @theclipperjunkies

Who would’ve thought that something adorable and edgy can be merged? A short and spiky mohawk style will give your toddler’s brown hair that one-of-a-kind look.

Low-Maintenance Short Mohawk

Low-Maintenance Short Mohawk
Instagram @ericatjennings

A low-maintenance short mohawk is a practical cut for boys. This cut is not only kid-friendly with little to no styling needed, but this cut also means fewer trips to the barbershop.

Big Style Mohawk

big style Mohawk
Instagram @marcoss_barber

When wanting an ideal big style for cool kids, consider this taper mohawk fade. It helps black, thick hair look fuller. Recreate the mohawk cut using hairspray or toner to achieve volume and texture.

Natural Mohawk Look

Natural Mohawk Look
Instagram @indira_cutz

A natural mohawk haircut will allow your boy to have clean areas around the ears. Giving him this chop will make him love a short hair length plus his natural texture even more.

Kinky Mohawk

Kinky Mohawk
Instagram @ramiro_tha_barber

When your African-American boy decides to grow his hair a bit longer, let him do so. Support him by giving him one of the dapper-looking little boy haircuts such as this kinky mohawk. He’ll have these clean sides that can emphasize his dark-rooted blonde curly hair.

Boys’ Faux Hawk Style

Boys' Faux Hawk Style
Instagram @gurise3marias

A boys’ faux hawk style is sure to grab everyone’s attention. Boost its sharp finish by adding a crazy shaved line to one side. This little boy’s mohawk hair would also look great when styling with a grey wax for added sleekness and color.

Choppy Mohawk

Choppy Mohawk
Instagram @mangorva

Merge a choppy mohawk with a spiky style for a dashing finish. Ideal for your kid’s dark blonde hair, the neat sides and longer strands on the top work together like magic.

New and Modern Colorful Mohawk

New and Modern Colorful Mohawk
Instagram @shae_stylist

With enough confidence, he can absolutely rock a mohawk chop. Turn it into a colorful style, which allows your son to wear red hair on top with his natural brown base on the sides.

Little Boys’ Mohawk with Undercut for Long Hair

Little Boys' Mohawk with Undercut for Long Hair
Instagram @buffaloco.co

Opt for a classic cut for long hair with a twist! This long mohawk with an undercut is so versatile that your dearest kid will have access to any style he likes. Try textured soft spikes on top to enhance his natural fine, blonde hair.

Cool Mohawk Fade with Design

Cool Mohawk Fade with Design
Instagram @_miguel_thebarber

Let your baby boy enjoy his haircut, and get him a cool mohawk fade with design, especially if he’s comfortable wearing his dark and kinky hair.

Cute Mohawk Style for Black Boys

Cute Mohawk Style for Black Boys
Instagram @landreauxsbarberlounge

Ask your barber for a mohawk that happens to be a cute style for black boys, showing off his natural textured hair. Neat sides are what brings out a touch of dapperness to his look. This mohawk for black hair features a neat line-up, too, for a sharper-looking finish.

Fun Braided Mohawk

Fun Braided Mohawk
Instagram @novemberlov3

This is a fun braided mohawk that younger ladies should give a shot! This hairstyle is sure to draw attention. It offers an edgy appearance similar to the shaved sides without chopping off any length.

Cool Crochet Mohawk

Cool Crochet Mohawk
Instagram @thebraiderinme

What a cool crochet mohawk! This hairstyle is guaranteed to be loved by kids who have fire and edginess in them. It gives the kinks a stylish and neat finish. The passion twists are what adds a much feminine vibe to the style.

Top Styling Mohawk

This top styling boy’s mohawk fade is sure to give your little buddy the nifty flair he deserves. Though it’s looking edgy, his brown hair will balance it out and offer softness to the entire style.

Hairstylist Rich Blake of Newquay, UK describes this as a “school’s out, ’80s punk” hairstyle.

“Mohawk cuts are perfect for school holiday punk fun. Blow-dry into shape with the Joico styling range,” Blake suggests.

Mohawk with Shaved Sides for Cool Kids

Your gentleman might be cute, but can he handle such an edgy mohawk with shaved sides? Shaved sides with longer strands at the top grant him a timeless look.

According to stylist Liz Tran of Colorado, “Kids’ haircuts like mohawks are always fun. Wake up and go when you want or spend extra time with a blow dryer and gel for the ultimate mohawk hairstyle.”

Adorable Curly Mohawk Hairstyle

Adorable Curly Mohawk Hairstyle
Instagram @iamjerma1ne

Consider an adorable curly mohawk look for your little guy. The neat taper fade on both sides and the fullness of his black hair create contrast. Enhance his natural texture by applying a sea salt foam on his hair.

Kids’ Burst Fade Mohawk

Kids' Burst Fade Mohawk
Instagram @clippersandshearsmobile

Kids’ burst fade mohawk makes for a good haircut for boys. This cut is easy to maintain. Make sure to mention to your barber not to go too high on the burst fade. It is best with a medium to low burst fade.