38 Cutest Short Hairstyles For Little Girls in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The cutest short hairstyles for girls feature ea6r-to-neck-length cuts that make it easy for your young lady to maintain and manage her locks daily. Keeping their strands away from their adorable faces (and at the same time making them look like little princesses!) should be your top priority to make their movements less hassle and daily activities more fun!

Work with her face shape and angles, hair type, and personality, and you’ll surely have a comfortable style for her.

It doesn’t matter if your girl has shorter hair! Weave her youthful tresses into gorgeous braids, clip them into nice pigtails or ponies, or adorn them with sweet and colorful hair accessories – you can also have fun dressing up your darling’s locks.

Choosing an easy hairstyle for your little girl shouldn’t be a stress. For your guide, below are photos of the latest go-to looks for your next inspiration!

Rounded Bob with Bangs for Little Girls
Instagram @casualhair.gc

#1: Rounded Bob with Bangs

Highlight that cute, pretty face with a straight fringe and perfectly shaped haircut for girls! This is one of the hairstyles for little girls that are super easy to pull off!

pixie bob with curls for black girls

#2 Adorable Pixie Bob with Curls for Black Girls

It features an adorable pixie bob with curls for black girls! This short hairstyle is a classic bob cut with lots of texture. It’s one of the great naturally curly girl’s haircuts when wanting to pull off short locks. Wear this adorable short hairstyle and learn to show off your African American natural hair texture—loud and proud!

Short Shaggy Cut for Thick hair

#3 Short Shaggy Cut for Thick Hair

The beautiful thing about this cut is it can be for fun, stylish girls who like to wear their hair a little undone and not so perfect! This shaggy, asymmetrical bob has an undercut because the girl has so much hair. This style can be simple with a few curls, hairspray, or texturing spray to finish it off!

#4: Short Bob with Sweeping Fringe

If you love the short crop trend, consider a short bob with a sweeping fringe. The cut keeps length around the face and nape area. This way, adapting to the shift from longer to shorter hair becomes easier.

#5: Perfect Cut for Straight Hair

short stacked bob hair style is the perfect cut for straight hair. The cut will not only make daily styling easier, but it will also make brushing less troublesome for your little one. If your little one chooses this hairstyle, remember to buy a few headbands or mini claw clips. You can use these to keep hair away from her face when she’s at school or playing.

Cute Slob Cut with Fringe for Little Girls with Short Hair
Instagram @haircut.fatima

#6: Cute Slob Cut with Fringe

The cute slob cut with fringe is a playful hairstyle that adds a touch of charm to your daughter’s hair. The slobs short length, combined with the stylish fringe, gives a chic appearance. This versatile haircut is easy to maintain and can be styled in various ways to suit many occasions.

#7: Cutest French Bob Cut

Instead of reaching for clips and hair bands, invest in a good haircut! This short style is the cutest French bob cut option for young girls.

#8: Stylish A-Line Bob

A neck-length, a-line bob is one of the most adorable styles you can do on naturally straight hair. A straight bob cut keeps the hair off their body and face for a less hassle look. These cute short haircuts for girls/kids are easy to wear, too!

#9: Short Hairstyle

Adorable neck-to-shoulder lengths always look classic and lovely with those small, charming faces. This stylish hairstyle is a hassle-free cut that’s easy to manage and style daily.

Adorable Long Pixie for Little Girls
Instagram @hairbycharin

#10: Adorable Long Pixie

If you want easy hairstyles for girls, consider an adorable long pixie. Your daughter will be the coolest girl in school with a short and sweet pixie cut. A long pixie style is easy to style and maintain and great for fine hair. Getting frequent trims to upkeep style is a good idea.

Very Short Copper Pixie Bob for Little Girls
Instagram @mo_safi_

#11: Very Short Copper Pixie Bob

A very short copper pixie bob works well if you have a petite face shape. Ask your stylist for extra texturizing because little girl haircuts also need an edgier, piece-y look.

#12: Short Haircut for Naturally Curly Hair

Teach your little lady that she can embrace her natural God-given beauty in so many stunning ways! One of the best haircuts is this amazing shoulder-length bob haircut that lets her wear her curls freely and manage them easily—whether an African-American or just one with curly hair. Adding curls to short hairstyles for girls will give them a playful touch.

Perfectly Cut Short Bob with Bangs for Little Girls
Instagram @mo_safi_

#13: Perfectly Cut Short Bob with Bangs

Consider this cute short bob with bangs with a slight angle for your little girl. It’s a classic and stylish girl haircut. This short hair for girls is easy to manage, whether your daughter’s hair texture is straight or curly. Consider keeping the ends blunt if their hair is finer. If they have thicker hair, consider adding more layers.

#14: Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

Keeping a low-maintenance pixie cut is best accomplished by starting a little shorter. Starting shorter allows for a couple of extra weeks between haircut appointments. Pixie haircuts for girls have a wide variety of shapes. A low-maintenance shape would be shorter toward the bottom and slightly longer on the top. Focusing on just the front is a great way for younger ladies to learn how to use products and manage their specific hair texture.

#15: Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Trying a layered bob with side bangs is a smart choice for little girls who are all about fashion but still need to get through the day without their hair falling in their faces. When youngsters learn how to brush their blonde hair, wash it and style it for them at first. Side bangs keep a bob even more manageable, like having less for smaller kids to style.

#16: Inverted Bob

This angled cut gives your girl a new sense of style! Pros include less weight at the back and more length and cuteness at the front. A bob haircut for girls is always a popular choice—pair girls’ short haircuts with bangs or texture for unique styling.

#17: Chin-Length Bob with Center Part

This conventional yet classy shorter-length cut parted in the middle gives your kid a fresh and neat appearance. These haircuts like this are ideal for round and oval faces.

#18: Edgy Stacked Bob

Keep it above the nape for a breezy yet elegant feeling. This one-length cut looks gorgeous on girls with short hair and a cute middle part! As they give the appearance of fullness, short girl haircuts like this are ideal for thin, fine locks.

#19: Graduated Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This angled round cut on this natural dirty blonde defines structure! It’s a refreshing and easy-to-manage look that little girls would surely enjoy! This girl’s short hair style that has a rounded shape looks fantastic on tiny, oval faces.

#20: Asymmetrical Bob

It’s a subtle asymmetrical bob that easily takes the hair off your little girl’s face. Short girl hair only requires a simple side part to add a touch of style.

#21: Adorable Angled Bob

This angled bob on short hair proves you can have sophistication and cuteness in one cool hairstyle! This short girl haircut is ideal for straight hair, as it takes the weight away yet leaves some for a chic look.

#22: Short with a Deep Side Part

It’s a classic adorable short bob for a precious small face! This cute short style makes it easy for young ones to manage their hair and get it off their faces.

Fine Short Hair for Little Girls
Instagram @hairbycallie.k

#23: Fine Short Hair

This short haircut is a layered bob with face-framing and a brow-length fringe. The cutest part of this short hairstyle is how I slightly stacked the back to give it a nice round shape. Also, this haircut needs little to no daily styling to look nice.

#24: Short Boyish / Tomboy Cut

This look is a youthful flowy long pixie with structure and texture. It can move with you in any direction and still look young. It’s very wash-and-go. It would be best for little girls with naturally straight/wavy hair.

#25: Short Pixie Cut

This is a short pixie cut. The cutest thing about this style of cut is that it complements her contrast of color and the softness of her cut. The elements work well together. Pixie cuts make fantastic short hairstyles for active girls.

#26: Short Bob with Bangs

This bob cut for girls is a basic one-length bob with shorter bangs. The layers in this haircut give it lots of movement, so her hair will be just as bouncy as on the playground. Bobs and bangs make cute face-framing short hairstyles for girls.

Cute Pixie Bob
Instagram @mintsalonlodi

#27: Cute Pixie Bob

The first thing that comes to mind about this cut is sassy! This little girl has confidence and sass, and this haircut reflects that outwardly for her.

Trendy Undercut with Design
Instagram @cosi_stevie

#28: Trendy Undercut with Design

It’s a sidecut or ladies’ undercut style. I love this look for every girl because it’s a super empowering transformation no matter how long the rest of your hair is. Adding a design to the undercut is a fun way to express your unique style and interests. This trend is very hot right now, whether on the side of the head or the back. It’s great for kids and women of any age and profession. These styles can also be easily hidden for the workplace by simply changing the parting of the hair.

Sassy Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut for Little Girls
Instagram @_.rahulll13____

#29: Sassy Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

An asymmetrical pixie cut is one of the best short haircuts for little girls. The cutest thing about this cut is you have options with style. This is one of the simple and easy short hairstyles for girls to style. Use KMS Playable Texture to style. It gives her hair the right about of volume without feeling too much product in her hair. With this cut, you must be committed to keeping up with the clipped side of the head.

#30: Super Cute Bob Cut with No Bangs

Consider a super cute bob cut without bangs if your long locks need a refresh. Cut the length between the chin and collarbone for a fresh take on a classic style. Blunt ends make thin hair look fuller. For thick-haired gals, remember to ask your stylist to add long layers. Also, remove weight through your ends for a sleek finish.

#31: Precious Layered Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

A layered short bob with wispy bangs is an adorable hairstyle for a young girl. The bangs and layers will provide texture and create a more tousled look. Any young girl would love this hairstyle!

Cute Blonde Bob with Subtle Highlights for Little Girls
Instagram @girasolesalon

#32: Cute Blonde Bob with Subtle Highlights

A cute blonde bob with subtle highlights is a wonderful hairstyle for straight hair. One of the greatest ways to make your bob more playful and fun is to put some vivid colors on a few streaks. I suggest you start with paler pastel colors on a girl’s hair cut because it’s easier to remove if you don’t like them.

Sweet Choppy Bob with Middle-Part Bangs for Girls
Instagram @yaanyoyo

#33: Sweet Choppy Bob with Middle-Part Bangs

Go for a timeless style like this sweet choppy bob. It’s manageable with wavy to curly textures for a low-maintenance routine. If you want to explore fringe options, pair this style with middle or side-part bangs. Both are great ways to evolve your style.

#34: Short Top Knot Style for a Toddler

Try a short top knot style for a toddler using a small hair tie, some product, and a brush. Secure with bobby pins, and spritz with dry shampoo for added texture. Get an accessory to accent the style, as well.

Very Short Hairstyle for Girls with Fashion
Instagram @mirandalunna

#35: Very Short Hairstyle for Girls with Fashion

A simple yet stylish haircut for girls with short hair. Cute hairstyles and haircuts for girls like this one look great on naturally straight hair as well as textured ones. The side-swept fringe also makes it even better; maintain its length and keep it above the eyes.

#36: Dashing Neck-Length Haircut for Thin Hair

This dashing blonde bob cut can be worn year-round and is most likely the best choice for young girls with shorter hair. This short hair style for girl children is easy to maintain and manage.

pixie with a fade for girls with thick hair
Instagram @lovely_chach

#37: Cool Pixie with a Fade for Thick Hair

This cool pixie with a fade cut will make girls appear edgy and confident. Straight-to-loose wavy hair textures work best with this styling featuring a buzz cut on one side. Short hair for young girls can be simple and sweet. It’s much more ideal if their short hair requires minimal styling.

#38: Trendy Short A-Line Bob Haircut

A short a-line bob haircut is a superb choice to enhance a girl’s straight hair. A-lines are one of the kids’ short haircuts for girls that can make younger girls look older. Level it up with asymmetry to create an interesting appearance.