A Cute Bob Haircut That’s Perfect For For Little Girls!

Fabulous hair isn’t just for adults. Give your little girl some sweet style with this awesome bob haircut.

This classic bob is adorable on this little girl. Sweet fine hair falls right at the chin creating a cute doll-like face shape. The length is layered on the tips of the hair just slightly so that it rolls under. This makes the haircut much easier to style and will oftentimes fall into place on its own when cut correctly. This particular bob is taken up a notch by adding tiny side bangs that are to die for. The bangs are parted far to the right and kept short so they frame her face without getting in her eyes. These are great alternative bangs for kids instead of blunt straight across bangs that are sometimes overdone. Bangs can be clipped to the side as they grow out with a cute barrette or keep them back with a headband. This super cute headband shown in the picture is a great example of how to accessorize your daughter’s bob hairstyle.

a cute bob haircut for little girls

How to Style:

A great hairstyle always starts with a great haircut so find a stylist who understands how to work with children. Patience and practice with kids are key things to look for when searching for the right person to perform the haircut. Looking for the right salon and environment for you and your child are important, too. Bring in a picture to the stylist you have researched and chosen and style your bob with the following steps.

  1. Out of the shower apply a lightweight detangler for a gentler and easier comb out. Use a wide toothed comb, too for less pulling and less tears.
  2. Part hair to the side and brush the bangs forward with a finer toothed comb.
  3. Blow dry hair with a small round brush. Really roll the ends under and towards the face.
  4. If you choose to let the hair air dry you may use a curing iron for the ends to roll them under if necessary.

Recommended Products:

Some of my favorite conditioning sprays that are great for detangling are 1. Healthy Sexy Hair’s Tri Wheat Soy Leave-In Conditioner. This spray smells amazing and is super light. Its fine mist conditions hair and leaves it feeling silky soft and can untie any knot. 2. Thermal Protection Detangling Spray by Privé. This creamy leave-in spray also helps protect strands from heat.  3. Suave’s Detangling Spray for Kids. Comes in kid friendly packaging and an “Awesome Apple” scent. What kid would argue with that?

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This fantastic bob would look great on round, heart, or square shaped faces. The deep parted side-bangs make it appeal to oval shaped faces as well. Young girls usually have less hair and thinner texture so a short bob is great at making their hair appear more full although thicker haired girls are great candidates for this style, too. This particular photo shows sleek and straight hair but curly and wavy bobs are my absolute favorite on little girls!

Tips: Short hair doesn’t have to be the same old style every day. Add in some micro braids for interest or use cute barrettes for color. Pulling the hair half up is a cute style, too. Bobs are absolutely adorable when they are flipped out – just use a curling iron to flip ends out and away from the face for a totally heart melting look!

Consider this adorable bob haircut for little girls the next time you take your daughter into the salon. It’s a fresh take on a classic style that you and little girl will absolutely love.