25 Coolest Undercut Haircuts Little Boys Are Getting Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Edgy Spiky Mohawk with Lines

An edgy, spikey mohawk with lines is a fun and unique haircut for kids. If your kid is okay with having a unique and cool hairstyle, let them pick hairstyle photos online. These photos will help your barber understand what you want. This style shows a skin fade that starts from the temples and goes behind the ears. The hair gets longer on top and back of the head. You can also add a design that is easy to wash and style. Use pomade to give it shine and texture.

Sleek Pompadour with Hard Part Undercut and Hair Design
Instagram @paulbarber481

#2: Sleek Pompadour with Hard Part

The sleek pompadour combined with a sharp side part offers a modern and stylish look! This haircut features a traditional side part and precise lines carved into the hair. You can also customize the side hair into a design that adds personality. If you desire a design or a hard part, avoid cutting your sides shorter than grade 1 or 2 so your desired design remains visible.

Wavy Mohawk Undercut for Thick Hair for Little Guys
Instagram @nicnmike319

#3: Wavy Mohawk Undercut for Thick Hair

This wavy mohawk undercut for thick hair is really cool. The mohawk style is a fresh twist to the common fade. It creates a unique shape with length and texture on the top and back of the head. The sides are shaved to add contrast. This hairstyle suits all hair textures. Boys with straight hair can choose matte clay for texture and volume. Those with curly hair can apply styling cream or curl paste to enhance the curls.

Mohawk Fade Undercut with Underlights for Little Boys
Instagram @sawasdirak.barber

#4: Mohawk Fade with Underlights

Help your child stand out with this stylish mohawk fade with underlights! This mullet-style haircut features a fade around the temples and peekaboo highlights. You can enjoy this haircut and color for an ideal 4 weeks, extending to 8 weeks with care. The contrast of the haircut aids in growth, and the peekaboo color style may fade without producing harsh lines.

#5: Shaved Side Longer Hair

Shaving a side on long hair adds spice to your child’s look. You can create this style, by making a square-shaped section around your temples. Then, use a 2-guard hair clipper to trim that area. You can also add an exciting design if you wish.

#6: Brushed-Up Medium Mohawk Cut

A brushed-up medium mohawk cut is a popular choice for little boys. This style features sides that have been shaved, gradually fading into 2 to 3-4 inches of hair left on top. It suits all hair types. You also have the option to add a design on either or both sides. Teach your little one to apply Johnny B’s hair gel. Start from roots and go all the way to the ends. Comb the gel into place using any styling comb.

#7: Layered Undercut with Deep Side Part

Consider a layered undercut with a deep side part to thin your long hair or create a distinctive style. This style highlights a longer men’s hairstyle. It pairs an undercut on your chosen side, cut with a number 2 guard, with face-framing layers. This style is low maintenance, needing only a trim every 3-4 months. You can maintain the undercut at home if you wish – brush a leave-in conditioner from roots to ends and let your hair air dry for best results.

#8: Disconnected V-Cut on Medium Hair

For little boys, undercuts offer a great way to try out new hairstyles. One good choice is this disconnected v-cut on medium-length hair. This style features a length of 4-5 inches left on top, tapering down to a fade at the back of the head. It resembles a mohawk for a striking contrast. This hairstyle suits all hair types. But get the best results with wavy hair and R Co.’s Salt Spray.

#9: Modern Disconnected Textured Haircut

If you’re a young man needing a new style, try this modern, disconnected, textured haircut. This trendy haircut is also low maintenance. It’s perfect for those with thick hair who want less hair. This is due to the short fade on the sides and heavy texture on top made by pointcuts. To get the best look at home, use matte clay. It will stress volume and texture and keep it in place all day.

#10: Fade Undercut for Fluffy Curly Hair

Try an undercut with fade for your child’s fluffy, curly hair. This style trims the thicker hair on the sides, controlling it. Ask your barber to give a bald fade on the sides while leaving 5-7 inches of hair on top. This creates an interesting contrast and makes up for any curl shrinkage. Also, remember to schedule your next haircut within 5 weeks of the first. This will help you maintain the hairstyle and avoid the curls becoming dry and unmanageable.

French Crop Undercut for Little Boys
Instagram @vip.hairstyle

#11: French Crop Undercut

A French crop undercut hairstyle has been a popular choice over the last few seasons due to its clean-cut and low-maintenance nature. This look includes skin faded sides. It also has a top length of 2 inches. This top is cut with texture and point cutting. It gives an airy and purposely messy look. Air-drying is possible with this style. For a long-lasting hold, use Malin and Goetz Hair Pomade. Apply it to damp hair. For the best look, blow-dry your hair forward.

Undercut with Sleek Longer Top for Younger Boys
Instagram @amyycuttinup

#12: Undercut with Sleek Longer Top

This undercut with a sleek, longer top looks stylish, doesn’t it? To get this style, your barber will divide the hair on top of your head. They will cut it to a length between 4-6 inches. Then, they will start a skin fade underneath. The extra length on top helps in styling. Apply Johnny B MODE hair gel on damp hair. Comb it back away from the face for a strong hold throughout the day. You can also style it into a top knot.

Side-Swept Undercut for Boys' Straight Hair
Instagram @peace.love.and.greathair

#13: Side-Swept Undercut for Straight Hair

For straight hair, a side-swept undercut is a cool choice. It’s a hairstyle that barbers can shape well. It’s also easy to keep up at home. Your favorite stylist will trim it but keep it longer on top. You can tie this longer section in a bun or let it flow. The sides should be shaved to cut out extra bulk and make it more stylish. Wash this hairstyle twice a week to keep both hair and scalp clean. Apply a leave-in conditioner and use a Wet Brush. This will prevent it from getting tangled.

#14: Neat Undercut and Shaved Lines

If you need ideas to help a young guy transform his look with hair, consider an undercut combined with shaving techniques! Adding a pattern adds charm to a basic undercut hairstyle. Whether you choose patterns, lines, or other hair designs, such style gives hair a fun, unique, and playful vibe.

#15: Faux Hawk Undercut with V-Cut

If you want an eye-catching haircut for school, try a faux hawk undercut styled with a v-cut shape. The faux hawk undercut fades in a drop fade style. This style is short at the top and gives a unique shape. The faux hawk undercut ends with a V-cut design at the back for a more striking geometric shape. The faux hawk undercut with a V-cut design is a popular hairstyle for sports boys, adding an attitude and flair.

#16: Mullet Undercut with Tousled Layers

If a young boy prefers long hair or a low-maintenance hairstyle, a mullet undercut with tousled layers is a good choice. The haircut features shaved sides around the temples and a longer, texturized top and back. It’s practical, stylish, and edgy. Daily, use salt spray generously and comb it from roots to ends for easy styling.

Medium-Length Copper Hair with Undercut for Boys
Instagram @annaangelhair

#17: Medium-Length Copper Hair with Undercut

If you or your child want a unique hairstyle, think about trying a medium-length copper hairstyle with an undercut. An undercut involves a shaved section of hair. This gives you a taste of short hair, without fully committing to a short haircut. A skin fade around the temples adds an edgy feel to the hairstyle. For best results, bring photos that show the undercut style you like to your appointment. Be ready to discuss how this look will work with your particular hair type, be it straight, wavy, or curly. You’ll need to refresh your undercut every 4 weeks to keep the clean, faded look.

#18: Edgy Short Hair Undercut

If you’re looking for a neat yet easy-to-maintain hairstyle for boys, try this cool short hair undercut. This haircut remains in demand because it has a skin fade feature with short sides. It is easy to handle on the top, where you can quickly apply medium-hold gel like Johnny B’s Mode. Prebook your child’s next haircut after 4-6 weeks. This maintains a tidy look and helps your child get used to regular haircuts.

Slicked Back Blonde Mohawk Undercut Style on Young Boys
Instagram @cut_and.co

#19: Slicked Back Blonde Mohawk Style

If you’re looking for a unique, eye-catching young boys’ cut, look no further – this slicked-back blonde mohawk style is the perfect blend of long and short, neat yet carefree. In the salon, make sure the sides of the mohawk are short. Also, see to it that there’s a high contrast in length between the top and the back, according to your preference. You should keep a Wet Brush and a detangler at home to manage and maintain longer hairstyles for boys, keeping them tangle-free.

#20: Textured Hairstyle with Shaved Side

Stand out from the crowd with this trendy textured hairstyle with shaved sides! This new method gives a young boy’s undercut a stylish and neat look. It also adds texture and is easy to style. In the barbershop, ask for a hard part on half of the head. Use a small length for a textured top. Make sure to bring a photo to show the barber exactly what you want. Don’t forget to take home a styling product like Hanz De Fuko’s Quicksand for at-home styling.

Comb Over with Undercut Fade on Young Boys
Instagram @gomesbarber2

#21: Comb Over with Undercut Fade

A comb-over with an undercut fade is a classic hairstyle for young boys and men alike. This haircut is popular for its edgy look and easy styling. Go to the barber every 2-4 weeks for easy upkeep. Ask for a mid fade that blends into a side-parted top no longer than 3 inches. For styling, apply Johnny B pomade or gel from roots to ends. Use your hands, then comb to tidy it up.

#22: Brushed Back with High Fade

Are you considering a brushed-back top haircut with a high fade? This brushed-back top is a fresh style suited for a gentleman. Consult your barber with pictures of the ‘side part’ hairstyle you like for the best results. Be open to their advice on what would suit your hair type best.

Side Part Undercut with Piece-y Long Hair on Kids
Instagram @haircutsboys

#23: Side Part Undercut with Piece-y Long Hair

Don’t you find this side part undercut with chunky long hair exciting? If you’re interested in the side part undercut, first check your hair length on top (it should be around 4-6 inches). Your hair needs texture for better movement. So, book a haircut with a barber to get a faded look on the sides. This fade could range from zero to two for contrast and a shaved look. Blow dry your hair for extra volume and finish by applying hair powder on your longer lengths to bring this amazing hairstyle to life!

#24: Undercut with Messy Top

Have an undercut with a messy top with shaved sides down to a 1 guard, followed by a razor-cut top to yield texture and movement. This hairstyle is perfect for those who desire low upkeep while also wanting a distinct and cutting-edge look. At home, incorporate the use of Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Powder. Just sprinkle on your hair and shake it through the roots and ends for an effortless, spiky look.

Burst Fade Undercut for Young Men
Instagram @mouradsarati1

#25: Burst Fade Undercut

A burst fade undercut is a great low-maintenance option for little boys. This haircut has a mid-drop skin fade on the sides and a buzz cut on top with an 8 guard. It trims the bulk on the sides and adds contrast. There’s just enough hair left on top to style with a gel for shine or matte clay for a textured, dry look. Emulsify the gel or matte clay in your hands and apply from the roots to the ends of your hair using your fingertips.

Undercuts are a trendy choice for little boys, offering a cool look that’s both stylish and easy to manage. Emily Leung, a seasoned stylist, shares her expert tips on choosing the perfect undercut for your child. Whether you’re dealing with thick, wavy, or fine hair, there’s an undercut style that will make your little one stand out.

Meet The Expert

Emily Leung
Emily Leung
Emily is a hairstylist with over 5 years of experience.
You can find Emily at her own studio in San Dimas, CA

Selecting the Best Undercut

Firstly, communication with your stylist is key. Specify whether you prefer a faded or disconnected undercut. For boys under three with finer hair, adjust the clipper guard size appropriately. “Straight thick hair is what I see most,” Emily notes, recommending a low fade undercut for thick, straight hair, a mid fade for wavy or thin hair, and a high fade for coarse or curly hair. Regardless of hair type, always bring a reference photo to ensure clarity and satisfaction with the haircut.

Adapting to Your Child’s Face Shape

The shape of your child’s face significantly influences the undercut style choice. Emily advises a sharp, disconnected undercut for round faces, which helps add definition. Square and heart-shaped faces suit a mid-fade undercut well, balancing the facial structure. For oblong faces, Emily suggests keeping the sides a bit longer, thus avoiding a bald fade, to maintain proportion.

Styling Tips and Product Picks

Styling an undercut depends on the hair length and the desired look. For longer hair, a “man bun” can be both trendy and practical. A swoop to the side works well too but be mindful of hair falling into the eyes. For shorter hair, Emily recommends applying gel with a wide-tooth comb for an even distribution, creating a neat comb-over with a pompadour effect. A hardline makes parting easier for styling. For product recommendations, Emily suggests pomade for thin hair and a firm hold gel for thick hair to achieve the perfect look.

Pictures of the Cutest Undercuts for Little Boys