27 Coolest Long Haircuts for Boys of 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Messy Long Hair with Fringe

Longer hair on young boys brings a lot of character to the style and overall look. This messy long hair with a fringe had been cut with lots of texture. There are many ways to achieve this. My preferred technique is to layer the cut and point-cut the ends. This creates more shape. I also like to finish off with texture scissors for more flow.

Dirty Blonde Mullet for Boys with Longer Hair
Instagram @bk_barber_

#2: Dirty Blonde Mullet

Some classics never die. For instance, the mullet has made a comeback in recent years. The current mullet fashion trend is a modern take on the classic style, maintaining a short top and a long back. The top part of the mullet now has more texture due to careful cutting. Lining the fringe really supports the strong hairline to finish off the style. Using styling powder gives the hair a natural finish and a strong hold.

#3: Coolest Back-to-School Haircut

This style proves that back-to-school cuts don’t need to be boring. A layered texture is included in this trendy back-to-school haircut. It gives long hair a youthful and playful look. This style strikes an ideal balance between volume and movement, so it’s a great option for boys with long hair.

#4: Chin-Length Layered Curly Cut

It’s common for parents to fall in love with a longer style in young boys before they can tell you what they really want! This chin-length layered curly cut falls nicely around the face. When I do cuts like this, I always take the face shape into consideration. Hair falling on a certain part of the face can highlight particular areas.

#5: Blonde Baby Mullet

The blonde baby mullet is an adorable and trendy hairstyle for young children. This haircut features a longer length at the back and shorter sides. It creates a playful and stylish look. The addition of blonde hair color adds brightness and adds to the overall charm of the hairstyle. This makes it a fun choice for little ones.

Collarbone-Length Hair with Deep Side Part for Youngsters
Instagram @pnw_neen

#6: Collarbone-Length Hair with Deep Side Part

So many different styles can be created with longer hair. This particular collarbone-length hair with a deep side part has a very sleek finish. The parting makes it fall around the face, and a small amount of shape has been cut into the side bangs to make it flow into the length on the ends. For added texture, styling powder can be used.

Side-Swept Long Haircut with Layers for Young Kids
Instagram @luca.marcos_fernandez

#7: Side-Swept Long Haircut with Layers

This side-swept long haircut with layers has been cut to fall naturally on the shoulders. A few layers have been cut into the side bangs to give the cut a little more flow and texture. Small changes to the style can have the most amount of impact. It’s something to consider when looking at longer styles.

Long Brown Mullet Fade for Children
Instagram @hair.bysarah89

#8: Long Brown Mullet Fade

Mullets are a classic loved by many and can be expressed in many different ways. This long brown mullet fade has been taken short around the ears keeping the classic length at the back. The top has been kept shorter. This draws more attention to the signature style to make it stand out.

#9: Shoulder-Length Wavy Hairstyle

Surfer Dude cuts are popular among parents of young boys, cut right, and are very effective. Consideration needs to be had on the shape of the face as the hair falling can highlight certain areas. This has been cut to fall naturally at the side of the face. This complements a rounder face to elongate the perception of the face.

#10: Natural Tousled Long Haircut

Long hair doesn’t need as many trips to the barbers as short back and sides. It also benefits if the child isn’t happy sitting in a chair for a service. Longer hair can be trimmed on the ends but shaping it around the face can make the style pop. I like to shape it from just under the cheekbone and curve it to the base of the hairline. This leaves a naturally tousled long haircut.

Long Blonde Mullet with Shaved Sides and Hair Tattoos for Young Boys
Instagram @marc_bentwood

#11: Long Mullet with Shaved Sides and Hair Tattoos

Go for this long mullet with shaved sides and hair tattoos. It’s a bold and edgy hairstyle combining classic mullet and modern elements. I recommend seeking a barber specializing in hair tattoos etched into the remaining hair.

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#12: Effortless Long Locks

Check out these effortless long locks for kids. It’s a natural hairstyle that celebrates the beauty of long hair without much fuss. I suggest this style for children wanting to embrace their flowing tresses. It offers a low-maintenance and stylish look for everyday play and special occasions.

#13: Neck-Length Textured Cut with Middle Part

Growing hair out can be a long process. When you get to your end goal, the shape of the cut comes into consideration. A neck-length textured cut with a middle part falls nicely around the face. It leaves it easy to handle and not much styling. I would recommend a leave-in conditioner to help keep it soft and easy to manage.

#14: Mullet with Messy Bangs

A mullet with textured bangs will help you sport a unique and cool aesthetic. I recommend an air dry or adding a few sprays on damp hair of Number 4 Hair Care Sugar Texturizing Spray for added volume and a relaxed, piecey texture.

#15: Multi-Layered Thick Hair

Multi-layered thick hair is a versatile hairstyle that adds movement to your locks. This haircut involves cutting the hair into various layers of different lengths. This allows for natural volume and reduces the heaviness of thick hair. The multi-layered style enhances the texture and body of your hair. It also offers endless styling possibilities. This makes it a fantastic choice for boys with thick hair looking to achieve a stylish look.

Boys' Long-Length Cut with Half Ponytail Hairstyle
Instagram @dittedupont_

#16: Half Ponytail Hairstyle

The half ponytail hairstyle is a versatile, trendy look that balances an updo and loose hair. This style has a playful tone by gathering the top half of the hair and securing it in a ponytail while leaving the rest flowing.

#17: Long Mohawk with Pompadour

The long mohawk with a pompadour is a bold and daring hairstyle. This style has shaved cropped sides with a longer strip of hair in the center. Then it’s styled into a voluminous pompadour. The result is a striking and edgy look that exudes confidence and individuality.

Long-Length Curls and Layers for Kids
Instagram @iamzechariah_

#18: Long-Length Curls and Layers

Long-length curls for black boys create a charming look with natural texture and volume. The curls add bounce and movement to the hair, while the layers add definition. This versatile hairstyle can be styled in various ways. This allows boys to express their unique style while embracing their natural curls.

Natural Long Corkscrew Curls for Little Kids
Instagram @henryslocks

#19: Natural Corkscrew Curls

Natural corkscrew curls are a beautiful and unique hair texture. They’re characterized by tight, spiral-shaped coils. These curls often have a natural bounce and a voluminous appearance. Corkscrew curls can be stunning on their own or styled in various ways. They offer versatility and showcase the kid’s natural hair texture.

Long Layered Mullet with Bangs and Shaved Sides for Young Boys
Instagram @mckinleymagic

#20: Layered Mullet with Bangs and Shaved Sides

The layered mullet with bangs and shaved sides is a daring hairstyle. The mix of layered lengths in the back creates a dynamic and textured mullet effect. Bangs add a touch of softness to the front.

Long Wispy Layered Cut with Off Center Part for Little Guys
Instagram @erika.the.barber

#21: Wispy Layered Cut with Off Center Part

The wispy layered cut with an off-center part is a modern hairstyle that adds movement to the hair. The wispy layers create a soft and effortless look. The off-center part adds asymmetry and visual interest. This haircut is a great choice for boys who want an easy-to-maintain cut. It offers versatility and a touch of edginess to any hair length or texture.

#22: Soft Wavy Blonde Mullet

The soft wavy blonde mullet for kids is a playful hairstyle that adds personality to their look. With its soft waves and blonde color, this mullet style offers a fun and youthful twist. It’s a great option for kids experimenting with their hair.

#23: Faded Long Hair with Blunt Bangs

Faded long hair with blunt bangs is an edgy hairstyle for boys. It combines contrasting elements for a bold look. The faded sides create a sleek and tapered effect. Longer hair on top adds length and versatility. Blunt bangs add a sharp and distinct frame to the face. It results in a stylish hairstyle.

Long Choppy Wolf Cut with Layers on Little Boys
Instagram @nathanpage92

#24: Choppy Wolf Cut

The wolf cut for boys is a cool hairstyle that has gained popularity for its rugged appearance. This haircut features choppy layers and a tousled look, making it a simple way to add volume. The choppy wolf cut offers a rebellious option for boys who want to express themselves. Plus, they can embrace a trendy, rock-inspired hairstyle.

Voluminous Long Curly Afro for Young Boys
Instagram @joshua.kingston_1710

#25: Long Curly Afro

The long curly afro is a hairstyle that celebrates natural curls if you want new hair ideas. This voluminous and textured look showcases the beauty and versatility of curly hair. The long length adds drama and flair to the afro. This creates a cute style that embraces and celebrates natural hair texture.

Side-Parted Long Straight Hair for Blonde Boys
Instagram @life.of.lohrin

#26: Side-Parted Long Straight Hair

The side-parted long straight hair for boys is a classic hairstyle that exudes charm. The side part adds structure and a polished touch to the long, straight locks. This versatile hairstyle is suitable for various occasions. It can be styled with a sleek finish or a more relaxed, tousled look. It’s popular for boys who want a low-maintenance and stylish hairstyle.

#27: Man Bun with Undercut

The man bun with an undercut is a trendy hairstyle that combines two distinct elements. The undercut creates a sharp contrast by shaving or trimming the sides and back of the head. The man bun gathers the longer hair on the top into a neat and stylish bun. This mix of a sleek undercut with a versatile man bun offers a modern and fashionable look for boys.

If your boy longs for locks that flow in the wind, you’re in the right place. Let’s get some expert advice from Kelly Patterson for picking out styles and keeping your youngster’s long hair looking good!

Meet The Expert

Kelly Patterson
Kelly Patterson
Kelly is a barber with 14 years of experience.
You can find her at Barber Lane in Larkspur, CA

Choosing the Right Style

The first thing Kelly mentions is the role of a Barber in the process. Young boys may not have a clear idea about what they want their hair to look like. That’s where Barbers come in. Barbers can “read” your boy’s mind. All they need are pictures of what your little one likes.

Barbers see things you might not see. Superman’s thick hair might not work if your little one has fine/thin hair. This is where thickness, growth patterns, and texture come into play. Your little guy might want long hair that covers his ears or hair that dips down to his shoulders. He might like to see his locks flip around his hat or taper at the bottom. Consider these detail while talking to your Barber.

Matching Face Shapes and Hairstyles

Ever noticed how some people can rock any hairstyle? That’s probably because they have an oval face shape. Ideally, a boy with a square, round or triangular head will need a style that suits his proportions. This will lead to a balance between all facial features.

For example, a triangular face will look best with a hairstyle that brings fullness to the front of the face. On the other hand, a boy with a round face will need a style that adds fullness to the corners to provide structure.

Want to highlight your boy’s best feature? A long hairstyle can bring it out. Talk to your Barber. They will help you pick the best style for your boy!

Styling Tips, Tricks, and Products

Lastly, remember that each boy’s lifestyle is different. Each hairstyle requires effort. But don’t let that scare you! Kelly suggests some products to keep hair in good shape even with a busy life.

R & Co brand has some of Kelly’s favorite products for boys with long hair. Cool Wind Perfect Air Dry Cream tames frizz without the need to blow dry. If your boy has curly or wavy hair, Turntable Curl Defining Cream gives hold to his curls.

Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner in your boy’s gym bag will keep his hair clean and conditioned. And if your boy wants quick styling, Death Valley dry shampoo is the best. It soaks up oil and gives volume to his locks, making it perfect for boys who are always on the go.

Photos of the Most Awesome Long Hairstyles for Boys