How To Find The Perfect Updo

When it comes to hairstyles for weddings, proms, special events, and other occasions where a touch of elegance is required, updos are definitely the way to go. Updo hairstyles are great because of the number of variations which can be done as well as the look that produced by adding updos to the perfect dress and style. Because of the many variations of updos, there are many possibilities for wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles, and other special occasion hairstyles as well.

Trying different updo hairstyles on different occasions require just some minor adjustments. However, updos are not easy hairstyles to achieve, these hairstyles require some time as well as some good styling work to get just right. Nothing kills the look of an updo more than strands of hair sticking out in all directions or a hairstyle that comes undone at the worst time. Updos are great not only by providing a beautiful hairstyle but like other hairstyles, bring out facial features much more. With so much variety, there are plenty of hairstyles perfect with your dress, your shoes, and your look.

Different kinds of updo hairstyles?

Updo hairstyles have so many variations, whether your hair is long or short. Shorter hair lengths have less variety when it comes to special occasion hairstyles, but there are some cute and sexy ones. Women with short hairstyles can use extensions to create updos. The key to achieving great hairstyles with short hair is to curl or wave as much of the hair as possible and pin backwards towards the center. This creates a bundle towards the back that looks very cute. For medium and long hair lengths, the number of hairstyles increases tenfold. With techniques like swirls, loops, and the popular French twist, the selection of updo hairstyles is probably the hardest part. Variations of hairstyles include full updos, where all of the hair is bundled up, leaving the facial area open or the half updo where part of the hair is left to cover the face or hang from the sides. Each of these updo hairstyles can be worn differently by using the techniques mentioned above as well as curls and waves.

Choices in Hairstyles

Because there are many different choices for updos, there are some choices that must be made. The first is the updo style. There are hairstyles that are really bundled high on the head and there are some that are just bundled like a chignon. The location of the hair can make a huge difference for other wedding accessories. The next consideration is how to do the front of the hairstyle. Should there be a sweep, a pleat, a comb back, or half loose style with some falling tresses? Another choice is deciding to go with the full updo or a half updo where some of the locks are allowed to flow down. These are just a few considerations and the images below can help visualize some advantages and disadvantages of certain hairstyles.

perfect updos bun perfect updos wedding

Updo Hairstyles

There is a choice between a tight bun that is secured just above or around the nape of the neck or a higher updo that stands higher atop the head. Each provides some different looks. As shown here, the tight bun makes a good simple option that can be complimented with some beautiful hair accessories. The updo displayed, shows a more detailed, flashier hairstyle great for weddings and similar occasions. Both are good hairstyles and should be considered before selecting an option.

perfect updos textured sweep perfect updos soft sweep

Front Hair of Updo

The upper portion is the main part of the hairstyle but how the front of the hair is done almost makes a big difference. There are many ways to style the front and the examples here show a softer, more angled sweep and a textured sweep. The textured sweep has less of an angle and goes well with the tiara where the soft sweep already creates a great look without one. These are just two of the many ways to do the front hair of updos and there are many variations.

perfect half updos perfect half updos 2

Half Updo

There is also a choice of going with the half updo which is a great selection for women with longer hairstyles. Here the hair is bundled towards the tops and some locks are allowed to flow with waves. The half updo can create some great hairstyles when including some shorter tresses that fall softly down around the face. The two pictures here show some good variation on some hairstyles.

perfect heigl updos

The celebrity updo belongs to bombshell beauty, Katherine Heigl who sported this gorgeous, retro look at the 2006 Emmy Awards. This hairstyle is so magnificent. The front is wavy to perfection and the back is bunned in a tight bun with some hair jewelry to top off the look.

Creating the Best Updo Hairstyle

After selecting the hairstyle to go with your event, the harder step is actually shaping your hair. Because it requires a lot of detail, you probably will need some help for more intricate updos. Simpler ones require some useful tools and can probably be done at home. A professional hair stylist can probably help you achieve the best looking hairstyles you are looking for. Because they are more experienced and have a better view from different angles, they can make sure all hair strands are in proper place. If you do not feel like going to a professional, there are many guides on updos ranging from websites with detailed instructions as well as books and magazine with similar information. Updo help kits with ties and binds for creating unique updos are available as well. Creating beautiful updos also requires beautiful hair. Hair that is brittle with split ends will not form good hairstyles. Thus proper hair care is essential to not only updos but all hairstyles as well.

Updo Hairstyling Tips

  • Extremely important to keep hairstyles in place and secure so it will not lose its form during the event.
  • Make preparations for creating your hairstyles – proper arrangements with a stylist, emergency kits, etc.
  • Trying an updo for a day just at home is great for testing the look and hold.
  • Use hair extension.
  • Don’t get to wild with the hairstyles, unless that is your aim because it takes away from the elegance and takes attention away from other features.