25 Magical Hairstyle Ideas for Your Next Gala Event

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Romantic updo with loose tendrils for a sophisticated gala night hairstyle.

#1 Perfect Gala Night Hairdo

An intricate updo with loose tendrils offers a romantically sophisticated option for gala nights. This hairdo, with its volume and texture, works best for those with thicker hair. The playful strands can soften the look for angular face shapes. While it radiates elegance, the complexity might require professional styling.

Long, wavy hairstyle with a deep side part for glamorous gala events.

#2 Long Hair Glamour for Gala Events

Luxurious waves flow down from a deep side part, adding a touch of glamour perfect for gala events. Best on thick hair, this style adds volume and movement, with the side sweep catering to diamond or square faces by softening angles. Ensure strong hold products are used to maintain the wave’s definition all night.

Sleek Low Bun Gala Style with a Braid
Instagram @adnomoreira

#3: Sleek Low Bun with a Braid

A sleek low bun with a braid is a beautiful hairstyle. It also includes intricate detailing and fits any formal event. This beautiful hairstyle combines sleek precision with an element of creativity. You must use the right products to get a glossy and sleek effect for the sleek low bun hairstyle. I recommend a strong-hold hairspray and a high-gloss shine spray. My favorites are Got 2 Be Glued hairspray and Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Shine spray.

Soft tousled waves with highlights for a relaxed yet elegant gala hairstyle.

#4 Tousled Waves for Relaxed Gala Elegance

This style exudes relaxed elegance with its tousled waves and soft highlights. It’s ideal for a gala event where you want to look chic without seeming overdone. Suitable for fine to medium hair, it frames the face beautifully. The waves add movement, although they may require a light hairspray to keep their form.

#5: Soft Romantic Twist Updo with a Face Frame

Captured here is a soft, romantic updo that’s been artfully twisted to sit at the crown, creating an air of classic elegance. The subtle face-framing tendrils soften the look, inviting a sense of whimsy and grace — ideal for weddings or any special occasion where romance is the key note.

Crown and side braid for a romantic gala hairstyle.

#6 Romantic Braids for Hair Elegance

The soft braid wrapped around the crown evolves into a loose side braid, offering a romantic and elegant feel for gala events. This style works best with long, thick hair and suits all face shapes. It’s low maintenance, yet humidity could unravel the braids, so use hold products accordingly.

Polished low bun with a floral hair accessory for gala elegance.

#7 Gala Ready Bun with Chic Accessories

This sleek, low bun, accentuated by a chic floral accessory, offers a polished look perfect for any gala. It’s an excellent style for showcasing highlighted hair and is versatile across all face shapes. While accessories add a refined touch, ensure they’re secure to avoid mishaps during the event.

Elegant Hollywood waves for a vintage-inspired timeless gala hairstyle.

#8 Vintage Waves for Timeless Gala Style

This hairstyle revives the classic Hollywood wave with a modern twist, giving it a timeless flair. It’s ideal for medium to thick hair and can be a dramatic touch for all face shapes. The defined waves need hairspray to hold, but beware, too much can lessen its natural bounce.

#9: Beige Blonde Formal Chignon

To create a beige-blonde formal chignon, you need the right products. This elegant style is perfect for any formal event. For this look, you’ll need a gentle hold hairspray and a shine spray. Put the hair in a ponytail before creating the chignon. Twist the hair softly around the ponytail for rich styles and bends.

Gala-Inspired Braided Half Updo with Soft Waves for Longer Hair
Instagram @adnomoreira

#10: Braided Half Updo with Soft Waves

A braided half updo with a soft wave is a lovely formal hairstyle for any gala event. It features two types of braids – a traditional French braid and a fishtail. To make the braid look fuller, use a product like volume powder. Then, gently tease the braid for a casual yet full effect.

Sleek and straight low ponytail for a sophisticated gala look.

#11 Sleek Low Ponytail for Gala Sophistication

The sleek, low ponytail is a testament to minimalist elegance, ideal for gala sophistication. This style works best for straight, manageable hair and complements oval face shapes. The simplicity is its strength, though it requires smoothing products to maintain the sleek look all evening.

Side-swept flowing curls adding radiance to gala night glamour.

#12 Flowing Curls for Gala Night Radiance

Captivating side-swept curls offer a soft yet radiant look for gala nights. This style, with its voluminous curls, works well on thick hair and suits round faces by elongating the silhouette. The look is deeply feminine, though the curls will need a good setting spray to hold in place.

Boho-chic style with cornrow braids and a textured bun for a gala hairstyle.

#13 Boho Chic Gala Hairstyle with Braids

This hairstyle showcases a boho-chic vibe with intricate cornrow braids leading to a textured bun. It’s a creative look best suited for hair with a good density and works with all face shapes, giving a laid-back yet stylish gala appearance. While durable, intricate braiding can be time-consuming.

Half-Up Gala Hairstyle with Soft Wavy Ends
Instagram @adnomoreira

#14: Half-Up with Soft Wavy Ends

If you’re looking for some hairstyling inspo for your next event, try a half-up hairstyle with soft, glam, wavy ends. This stunning hairstyle consists of long, effortless waves and an intricate half-up hairstyle with a twist. To achieve this style, you’ll section the hair into two, twist the side, and secure at the top of the crown. To create a pony with volume, twist the ponytail inside out and secure it with bobby pins.

Avant-garde bubble ponytail for a high-impact gala hairstyle.

#15 Perfect Bubble Ponytail

An avant-garde ponytail with voluminous bubbles is a statement-making style for a gala. This eye-catching design suits strong hair types and adds height to round and heart-shaped faces. It’s a striking look that will require time to craft and extra pins to secure each section firmly.

Glossy waves with a side part for a glamorous gala hairstyle.

#16 Glamour Hairstyle for Gala Evenings

Smooth, glossy waves with a side part create a look of pure glamour for gala evenings. This style adds volume to thin hair and the soft waves are stunning on triangular face shapes, bringing attention to the eyes and cheeks. While it oozes appeal, it does require anti-frizz products to keep it sleek all night.

Avant-garde sculptural braided updo inspired by the Met Gala for a bold statement look.

#17 Met Gala Inspired Avant-Garde Hairstyle

This Met Gala-inspired updo is the epitome of avant-garde. The sculptural braid gives a dramatic and artistic statement, perfect for making a bold entrance. Ideal for hair with volume, it complements elongated face shapes. While it’s a showstopper, the complexity implies it’s not a quick style to achieve or easy to maintain.

Smooth half ponytail with voluminous waves for a sleek gala hairstyle.

#18 Sleek and Sophisticated Gala Night Hairstyle

This style’s smooth half ponytail transitions into voluminous waves, offering a sleek yet playful look for gala nights. The smooth crown contrasts with the textured lengths, an ideal combination for those with straight to wavy hair types. It’s a look that demands attention, though be cautious of potential volume loss as the night progresses.

Sleek high ponytail with soft waves, perfect for a red carpet gala hairstyle.

#19 Red Carpet Ready Hairstyle

This sleek high ponytail, flowing into soft waves, brings a glamorous and polished look ideal for red carpet events. It’s a fantastic way to display lustrous, long hair, and works exceptionally well for those with oval faces. The style is remarkably striking but consider its need for strong-hold products to maintain sleekness.

Sleek and Unique Overlapping Chignon with Long Bangs for Gala Night
Instagram @adnomoreira

#20: Unique Overlapping Chignon with Long Bangs

This hairstyle exudes sophistication with its unique overlapping chignon, crafted to create an elegant silhouette at the nape. The long, sweeping bangs add a touch of modern flair, beautifully framing the face, while the lustrous cinnamon hue enhances the intricate design. The added pearl cluster accessory gives a nod to timeless grace, perfect for any formal occasion.

Gigi Hadid inspired long wavy hairstyle for an enchanting gala look.

#21 Gigi Hadid Inspired Hairstyle

Capturing Gigi Hadid’s essence, this light-catching, wavy style brings a sense of runway glamour to gala nights. The gentle waves, flowing freely, are particularly flattering for those with layered cuts and work well with any face shape. Keep in mind, while stunning, it may require touch-ups to preserve the wave’s integrity.

Woman with a modern short bob and side-swept fringe for gala event elegance.

#22 Short Hair Elegance for a Gala Event

A chic bob with asymmetrical flair, paired with a side-swept fringe, is an excellent choice for gala elegance with a modern twist. This style showcases clean lines and structure, which can give fine hair an appearance of thickness. Suited for square and oval faces, it offers low maintenance but limited versatility for styling changes.

Elegant half-up, half-down hairstyle with waves for a chic gala evening

#23 Chic Half Up Style for Gala Evenings

The half-up style in this photo shows cascading waves, ideal for medium to long hair, providing a graceful uplift suitable for oval and round faces. The pinned-back portion offers a classic look while ensuring your locks stay in place throughout the evening. Be mindful, this style may require maintenance to keep its form.

Shoulder-length hairstyle with subtle curls, perfect for an elegant gala appearance.

#24 Shoulder-Length Elegance for Gala Nights

A shoulder-length cut, subtly curled at the ends, adds effortless elegance for a gala night. The waves enhance the volume, making it suitable for fine to medium hair densities. While this style is versatile, it complements heart-shaped faces by balancing the jawline. Its short duration of style is a benefit, but curls may drop in humid conditions.

Textured curly updo for a romantic and enchanting gala hairstyle.

#25 Curly Updo for an Enchanting Gala Appearance

Curly tendrils and a full, textured updo create a captivating look for an enchanting gala appearance. Perfect for thick, curly hair, this style frames the face and adds height. The curls provide a soft, romantic feel, though they may need some extra pins for support to stay put all evening.

Preparing for a gala isn’t just about finding the perfect dress; it’s also about nailing the right hairstyle that elevates your look to be truly unforgettable. When it comes to gala hairstyles, the trends are as dynamic and expressive as the events themselves. This year, structured updos and dramatic transformations were not just about making a statement but about embodying the theme and paying homage through hair artistry.

One standout element that’s making waves is the integration of hair accessories that are both functional and spectacular. Utilizing products that enhance texture while providing hold can transform your hairstyle into a piece of art that complements your overall ensemble. Hairpieces aren’t just add-ons; they are strategic enhancements to bring a hairstyle together, making you not only fit for the gala but a showstopper.

Ready to step into the spotlight with a hairstyle that’s as bold as it is beautiful? Let’s make your gala look one to remember.