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Featured Stylist: Rick Wellman

LatestHair: As a renowned colorist, what are the hottest color trends you see making a debut as we transition from spring into summer? 


The most popular hair color trends as we transition from spring to summer are invisible-like highlights resulting in gentler and more natural looking shades of dimension. We are moving away from aggressive lightening, extreme ombré and funky pastels as none of those wear well in the pool or summer sun. Clients and celebs alike are asking for these invisible-like highlights that blend into their natural tones and grow out with ease.

LatestHair: We all know that warmer weather can wreak havoc on our tresses, especially the color. What are a few of your top tips for protecting and maintaining our summer hair hues?


As hair color trends are fun, beware to not become a slave to short lived trends, especially during summer months when rays can wreak havoc on hair color. Keep in mind, pre-lightened hair with direct dyes of purple and pink can even run in the pool and leave you with unwanted funky pigments.

LatestHair: What are your go-to color protecting and color enhancing products of the moment and why?


My favorite color saving tool this season is the hair color extender kit. This convenient little travel tool allows you to take your custom professional color formula (mixed by your hair colorist) with you on vacation and touch up your roots. (Similar to Clairol’s Root Touch-Up kit). For my summer swedish looking blondes, I am loving the new Schwarzkopf BlondeMe shampoo in ‘Ice Cool’ to keep unwanted brassy tones away as it won’t build up or leave you with old lady blue hair.

LatestHair: Your favorite hair color/style/total package right now. Who’s wearing it? 


Eva Longoria is wearing my favorite shade of dimensional juicy brown right now, while Sienna Miller is what I call the most flattering, sexy and sophisticated summer blonde. Both are displaying healthy hair color this summer while also having fun with creative braids and glossy beach waves. Prenatal vitamins do wonders for hair’s health and shine! This is another secret aiding Sienna’a gorgeous blonde.

LatestHair: For all the stylists out there, what tips can you lend for improving their practice and bringing only the best color techniques and trends to their clients?


My advice to professional colorists are to always recognize the current trends, but don’t become a slave to the trends or your clients may end up with an unflattering look just to make a statement. Ammonia-free hair color such as Schwarzkopf Essensity with added organic ingredients is also safe for pregnant women, very conditioning and less prone to soaking up damaging chlorine. I highly recommend updating your highlighting techniques by using Biolights cotton pads as an aluminum alternative for a more blended dimensional effect.

About Rick Wellman

Master Colorist Rick Wellman is widely recognized as one of the most talented and innovative colorists in the world.  His experience spans more than 20 years, during which time he has become a key figure in the world of hair coloring. In July of 2007 Rick teamed up with stylist Patrick Melville to open the Patrick Melville Salon at Rockefeller Center where he now welcomes his loyal clientele including celebrities: Brooke Shields, Mariska Hargitay, Lindsay Lohan, former Miss Universe and Clairol Spokesmodel, Dayanara Torres and supermodel Petra Nemcova.

Connect with Rick: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

Patrick Melville Salon

Much like the name Patrick itself, the salon blends the names, talent and styles of two visionaries in the beauty world, Rick Wellman and Patrick Melville. Renowned in the worlds of styling and color, Patrick Melville and Rick Wellman have re-imagined the concept of the salon. Their philosophy on healthy, beautiful hair both transcends and sets the trends – defining modern classics, while creating fashion-forward styles. Visit