Interview With Hairstylist Kristan Serafino

A noted talent among styling professionals, Kristan Serafino has built a reputation for balancing artistry with supreme precision. She lives by her mantra of  “True Beauty isn’t about perfection. A frequent collaborator of fashion photographers, Kristan’s work has graced the covers of leading magazines and has been spotted on the runways of New York Fashion Week. Kristan travels extensively and tends to a growing list of “A List” Celebrity, Royalty and many more, so we were beyond excited to grab a few minutes of her time to get her take on Fall 2012’s hottest hair trends…

When you think of the epitome of fall hair perfection this year, who is your muse and why?


My muse is any woman with the self-confidence to embrace regular change to their basic style.  By regular change I mean subtle innovation and not drastic metamorphosis.  Trends come and go, but a woman’s confidence to embrace regular change begins with confidence in her basic elements.  A woman’s hairstyle, makeup, and even her clothes should not be dictated by trend, but influenced by trend.  What I preach to all my clients is a woman’s hair is her most important accessory…and the ONLY accessory she wears every day. Therefore, no one look is perfect for this fall season, so consider implementing new elements of trending styles throughout the season.

What is the top requested hair trend you are seeing amongst your clients right now?


Prominent and inspiring hair icons of the 1970’s like Goldie Hawn, Farah Fawcett and Cher are creeping onto the red carpets and award shows by lending a retro-feel to modern hairstyles. The fringe is worn heavy with little very texture. These trending haircuts do little to frame the cheekbones, but instead the layers lay below the chin, opening up the face. Often the natural byproduct of longer layers is the hair lays flat on the crown of the head.

It seems like we amp up our hair care routine during the hot summer months, then tend to slack off a bit for fall. What hair care practices and products should we be using for fall-perfect hair?


I agree, women seem to go into hibernation-mode. Just as we are eager to change our wardrobes for each season, so should our hair care products change. During the summer months we need to apply protective hair care products to prevent damage to the cuticle by prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays. As we move into the fall season, we want to transition by applying moisturizing hair care products. Air, and as a result your hair, holds varying amounts of water. Warmer air holds more water and the drier air in the fall and winter holds less.  A bigger problem is indoor heating systems that suck every last ounce of moisture from your hair. This leaves our hair dry and brittle resulting in broken or split ends, frizzy hair and even worse, thinning and weakened hair.  Keeping hair well moisturized will help to minimize dryness and static.

What trend (or who is wearing) is the biggest fall hair NO-NO for you and why?


The biggest fall NO-NO isn’t as much a hairstyle as it is hair avoidance; frizzy, dry ends. I appreciate the longing for hair that has been kissed by the sun, but with sweaters, scarves and coats upon us it is time to embrace hairstyles that reflect the season. Begin the process by cutting away the dead ends of summer and shifting the warm tones of summer towards the cool tones of winter.  Acquiesce to the new season by letting go of the summer hair care routine and favor of a new routine that includes added moisture and avoid frizz.

What is one surprise summer trend that has carried over to fall and how should we rock or tweak it for the cool season?’


Great question!  I enjoyed the height in some of this summer’s most fun hairstyles.  Although, as much as I love to see added volume to the crown, some of the extreme bouffant-styles can throw off your equilibrium and are best left for the pages of  magazines or runways. Now that is not to say trying a version of it won’t be fun for a night out on the town, but keep the tease modest and only a few inches from the scalp.  It still falls under the bouffant category, but just a little more practical for everyday wear.  Most important this fall is to challenge yourself to accessorize your hairstyle to your daily wardrobe…you’ll be shocked at your options and the result!

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