An Interview With Hairstylist Debra Weite

We were super excited to catch up with esteemed hairdresser and makeup artist Debra Weite this month! As a brand manager for Kevin.Murphy at Maka Beauty Systems, Debra has her finger on the pulse of all things beauty. Check out what she had to say when we asked…

The fun part about hair trends is that they are always changing and sometimes old trends even make a comeback! Is there a hair trend that you are seeing now that might have once been a ‘don’t’ that is now a total ‘do’? What do you love about it? Any tips on wearing it?

Debra: I see so many different styles and trends! Ombre’, undershaving and hair shadows are fun, but my favorite would be all the braiding going on. It’s been on the runways for the past few seasons but it really exploded, it seems, when The Hunger Games came out. When I wear braids and plaits I like to give them a little texture buy using Kevin.Murphy Powder.Puff. I love the matte texture and slept-in feel it gives.

What is the number one hair styling or hair care mistake you are seeing right now and what tips to you have to correct it?

Debra: As a stylist, I think the biggest hairstyling mistake I see is clients who have the same style for decades and never are open to change. It’s part of our job to bring them inspiration and keep them feeling beautiful and I think education is the key to that. The big hair care mistake I see is damage. Chemicals, environmental, your own body changes and mechanical damage are rampant. Irons that go to 450 degrees are readily available – you cook pizza at 425! The answer to that is Kevin.Murphy Young.Again. It’s a weightless leave-in treatment that oil infused to counteract the oxidation and aging process.

Sometimes we just fall into a hair ‘funk’. What advice/steps would you give our readers to get them up and out a hair funk STAT?

Debra: I get my hair out of a funk by using Maxi.Wash from Kevin.Murphy. It’s a detoxifying shampoo, but it’s healing as well. It removes mineral deposits, product residue and is basically a ‘reset’ button for my hair. And for those days when I’m in a super funk and don’t want to deal with it – a ponytail!

Going into the winter months, what kind of hair care regimen adjustments should we be making?

Debra: Dry climates and cold wether really zap moisture out of even the healthiest strands Kevin.Murphy Born.Again Masque is a great solution as it provides strength, shine and repair.

Your favorite hair trend RIGHT now. Who is wearing it and why are you loving it?

Debra: I LOVE all the lady-like red carpet hair I saw all awards season. Beautiful shine and healthy texture is always on-trend. Josh Brolin, Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis and Karlie Kloss are all favorites of mine.

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