An Interview With Stylist Brig Van Osten

brig van ostenThis busy month we were extra excited to catch up with California-based super stylist and salon owner Brig Van Osten to talk HAIR with us! Brig’s work has graced the glossy pages of magazines like Allure, Redbook, Modern Salon and more. She has also made stellar appearances on TLC’s What Not To Wear, E!’s Style Star and Bravo TV’s Shear Genius 3. You’ll love to hear what Brig has to say about a new YOU for 2013, tips on winter hair care and even a fabulous sneak peek into what spring has in store for hair trends. Enjoy!

Hello 2013! Tell us, what does the new year hold for hair trends?

Brig: 2013 is going to be a very confused year for hairstyles. Hair is getting a lot flatter to the top of the head while continuing to be disheveled from the chin down. We are going to see ponytail and bun placement at the base of the neck instead of on top of the head like in 2012.  Color is going to continue to be a southern focal point and even more juxtaposition with the never ending ombre trend. Oh and BANGS! Thick, triangle section, forehead hiding bedroom bangs. Yes, “Bedroom Bangs”! They only reveal the eyes, so the eyebrow can take a vacation for 2013.

Winter is in full swing, what are your recommendations for keeping our tresses in tip top shape during this chilly season?

Brig: Stop your complaining about dry hair this winter. Of course your hair is dry, you are torturing it with your heater! Use a deep treatment masque once every two weeks. I use Bumble & bumble’s Quenching Masque.

Turning freshly over into the new year, a lot of folks are looking for a new hair look to kick the year off with a bang. What advice can you lend on choosing the right color/cut/style for a ‘new you in 2013’?

Brig: Be courageous! Make a change. Try something new. Let your stylist know ahead of your appointment that you would love their suggestions on ways to update your hair for 2013. If they don’t have any, it might be time to change stylists.

Taking a look at your work, you obviously do an amazing job at taking the everyday woman to beyond extraordinary after just a brief time in your chair. What inspires you and your work?

Brig: My clients inspire me. They look up to me to keep them sexy and modern. You can also find me leaving the newsstand once a month with a armful of international magazines! I LOVE the glossies! The smell, the images and the way the pages feel…I know, magazine freak! At p!ay hair lounge, our clients appreciate our other worldly selection as well.

Ok looking WAY ahead (we just can’t help it!), what do you think Spring 2013 will bring to the hair trend scene?

markspring2013Brig: Fashion is getting tougher. I’m excited for Spring 2013. Usually I am not because of the sea of pastel colors and the softness of the clothes, but this 2013 is rad. Lots of hard edges and crazy geometric prints. Marc Jacobs was one of the lines that caught my eye immediately and hair is sure to go along for the ride. Sleek buns with sharp tail feathers and geometric bobs will be all the rage. On the flip side, those of us that were loving the glamourous waves of 2012 can just style our hair the night before and sleep on it. It’s really that simple!

~~ The End! ~~

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