Featured Stylist: Andrea Claire

Andrea Claire has been a celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist for 22 years. She is a seasoned beauty expert with extensive print, runway and on-air experience that has worked in Toronto, Singapore, New York and many parts in between. From NY Fashion Week to ELLE to celebrity clients like Lady Antebellum and Alanis Morissette, Andreas’s creative work and expertise is in high demand. We were lucky enough to grab a little of Andrea’s time so she could share her thoughts on recent hair trends and what we have to look forward to this fall…

Looking back at Summer 2012, what was your favorite hair trend?


My favorite hair trend for summer was hair chalking with lavender and other unexpected hair colors. I was really surprised at how mainstream ‘My Little Pony’-inspired hair became! The trend was wearable for all, even if your job wouldn’t allow such self-expression, and we saw lots of temporary color use with Kevin Murphy Color Bug and Showpony’s Tape Hair Extensions. This trend too, if done right, can transcend age.

Which summer hair trend(s) (if any) do you think we will see carry into fall and what tips can you give on transitioning these trends into the new season?


Hair chalking will carry over to fall – try rich eggplants, navy blues or rusty reds for a fall palette. Looking even further to 2013, if Chanel’s Resort collection is any indication of hair chalking trends – models for the Resort collection wore wigs with color washes of pink and mint green.

Another trend that will continue is braids. With creative juices flowing, braids aren’t limited to a simple three strand brand, even fishtails have lost their wow factor. Make it more Pinteresting [wink]! Now it’s waterfalls, multiple braids shaped into a seashell chignon and if you can manage without tangling your hands into your hair, a basket-woven updo.

What summer hair accessory trends should we definitely be leaving behind?


The turban. Urgh. Sorry. I love them on such a small window of head and face shapes and little babies. I find the headband being worn across the forehead very distracting as well. Let’s just agree that this should stay behind.

In regards to end-of-summer hair care, what should we be doing to our locks right now to prep them to look their best in fall?


Restore moisture! I was recently in Bali and had a hair treatment with sesame oil which was so heavenly, hydrating and great for sun damaged hair. Another favorite is Aveda’s After Sun Hair Masque. It really replenishes sun-exposed thirsty hair.

Which celebrity is wearing your favorite transitional (from summer to fall) hairstyle right now and why is it your fav?


Social media is now a huge influencer in trending styles. This, coupled with the growing popularity of wigs and hair pieces, are now showing more than ever that current trends tend to be broader than say, even five years ago. Transitioning styles are now easy to achieve for anyone, however, my faves who utilize their celeb stylists for a little lock-morphing [and some trendsetting themselves] for the seasons are Drew Barrymore, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani.

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