26 Coolest Wolf Cuts for Curly Hair Girls with Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A wolf cut for curly hair is the newest variation of a shag with lots of textured layers. It’s a fun and modern way of showing off your natural texture, giving it a nice shape and volume.

Siobhan Benson, a pro stylist from Brooklyn, NY says if you’re interested in a wolf cut, curly hair is the best texture. This layered cut works great for thicker tresses, too. The layers take a lot of weight and bulkiness from the hair, making it feel lightweight and thinner.

Not every lady might be ready for a wolf cut, though. “It’s essential to ask yourself whether you like a more extreme look or a softer shag,” says Benson. Always consider your style and your comfort zone, too.

Check out these photos of the most popular wolf cuts for curly hair!

Curly Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs
Instagram @stebunovhair

#1: Micro Bangs

Work with your natural texture and choose micro bangs! While the wolf cut for naturally curly hair is a go-to for many women, adding micro bangs will make the look more unique to you. Added Bonus: Micro bangs are a great fringe choice for curly textures as they are easier to maintain and blend well with face-framing coils.

#2: Shaggy Wolf Mullet

Live on the edge with the trendy shaggy wolf mullet. If you want to rock a wolf mullet, you’ll need short lengths around the face. I suggest a light disconnection between the short sides and the longer back. That will give you a stronger shape. Remember, you’ll need lots of layering throughout a curly wolfcut, so it will not be the easiest style to grow out of. However, the shape is cool, and hair grows, so go for it.

#3: Curls and Choppy Bangs

Add some color to your haircut with curls and choppy bangs! Highlights are a great way to bring out the many layers of this wolf cut with curly hair. Women with darker hues should aim for red, copper, or caramel-toned highlights for the most flattery.

Shoulder-Length Wolf Haircut with Short Bangs
Instagram @cutloosebk

#4: Shoulder-Length with Short Bangs

A shoulder-length wolf cut with short bangs features stacks of layers to give a perfectly round shape. The cut works well, as your stylist will have a good amount to work with and will fully be able to carve out a customized cut just for you.

Wolf Shag Haircut for Voluminous Curls
Instagram @lauren_g.hair

#5: Wolf Shag Haircut for Voluminous Curls

Get a body boost with a wolf shag haircut for voluminous curls! Multi-textured cuts like the wolf shag are essential to defining curls and creating volume. Ask your stylist for face-framing bangs to draw attention to your eyes for maximum impact.

Mid-Length Curly Wolf Style for Fine Hair
Instagram @arielmainardi

#6: Mid-Length Curly Wolf Style for Fine Hair

Hair looks fuller with a mid-length curly wolf style for fine hair. If your strands are feeling sad, opt for this wolfy shag. The layering and fringe featured in a curly wolf hairstyle will make the hair appear fuller, bouncier, and more voluminous.

#7: Curly with Bangs for Women Over 40

Women over 40 should try a curly wolf cut with bangs. This much-loved cut in curly hair gives a healthy, youthful appearance to the hair and is very flattering around the face. A short curly cut is a must-try for every woman.

#8: Wolf Razor Cut for Women Over 50

A youthful style choice is a wolf razor cut for women over 50. Curly hairstyles like this wolf shag will de-age the face and bring life to the eyes.

Mid-Length Curly Shag with a Mini Fringe
Instagram @_new.wolves

#9: Mid-Length Curly Shag with a Mini Fringe

Women looking for a shorter crop should try a mid-length curly shag with a mini fringe. “Baby bangs,” often called, are a great style choice for women with natural hair textures, as they are much easier to control and maintain. To keep your wolf style crisp, get bang trims often!

Curled Wolf Cut with a Tousled Texture
Instagram @alchemyxhair

#10: Curled with a Tousled Texture

A curled cut with a tousled texture is an easy-to-style crop for any woman. This cut for thick hair looks their best when paired with natural, purposely messy textures. This makes morning styling much quicker, easier, and more fun.

#11: Wolf Hair with Loose Waves and Layers

Women who desire a less extreme shag should try wolf hair with loose waves and layers. While any hair type works with this cut, a wavy finish looks best. Pro Tip: When styling this wavy cut at home, reach for a big barrel curling iron like the Hot Tools “Pro Signature Gold 1.5″ Curling Iron.”

Wolf Cut with Curly Bangs on Permed Hair
Instagram @medinahair204

#12: Curly Bangs on Permed Hair

These curly bangs looks beautiful on permed hair! Women who like changing their texture will find that a short wolf cut for curly hair is an uber-flattering crop option. A wolf hair cut meshes well with all curls, permed or natural.

Wolf Haircut with Wispy Ends for Natural Curls
Instagram @jordanaveryz

#13: Wispy Ends for Natural Curls

Thicken-up natural curls with this cut that has wispy ends. Adding voluminous bangs will add texture and bounce around the forehead, masking areas where curls appear thin.

Curly Mullet Shag with Short Bangs
Instagram @florence.hair

#14: Curly Mullet Shag with Short Bangs

Throw a party in the front and back with a curly mullet shag with short bangs! If you’re looking for a trendy crossover cut, try a mullet for curly hair. This cut is especially flattering on hair with natural texture but also looks incredible when styled.

Wolf Shag Cut on Textured, Blonde Hair
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#15: Wolf Shag Cut on Textured, Blonde Hair

A wolf shag cut on textured, blonde hair serves major “rock n’ roll” vibes. If Debbie Harry or Nancy Spungen is your style inspiration, try this one!

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#16: Curly Wolf Shag with Face-Framing Layers

A curly wolf shag with face-framing layers is a transformative style change every woman should try. Shorter layers make this shaggy wolf cut for curly hair extra voluminous. If the volume is your goal, then this crop is your answer!

Wolf Shag with Bangs for Curly Brown Hair
Instagram @because_hair

#17: Wolf Shag with Bangs for Curly Brown Hair

Brunettes with natural texture should try a wolf shag with bangs for curly brown hair. A wolf shag is a great compliment for kinky, naturally curly hair, as the variations in length will create major volume, allowing curls to reach new heights.

Layered Wolf Cut for Collarbone-Length Curly Hair
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#18: Layered Cut for Collarbone-Length Curly Hair

Purposely messy locks look great with a layered cut for collarbone-length curly hair. Many haircut techniques boast a big body and major movement, but a wolf cut for medium-length curly hair can’t be beaten. Add a volume mousse like Amika’s “Plus Size Volume & Body Mousse to keep your curls voluminous.”

Curled Wolf Cut with a Fringe on Long Red Hair
Instagram @twohorses_mtl

#19: Curled with a Fringe on Long Red Hair

Try a curled wolf cut with fringe on long red hair for a crop that keeps them howling. Curly hair is a great way to keep your long hair while still chopping it up around the face and crown. This technique will provide a lot of volumes and draw even more attention to the eyes.

#20: Big Curls and Highlights

For a more defined texture, go for big curls and highlights on your cut! A wolf hairstyle for curly hair looks stunning with expertly placed highlights and perfectly formed coils. You often see a this cut for long curly styled hair on more tousled textures, but this crop looks even better with more definition and shine.

Shaggy Wolf Haircut with Bangs and Beach Curls
Instagram @ciaocait

#21: Shaggy Cut with Bangs and Beach Curls

Get relaxed with a shaggy cut with bangs and beach curls. Women who prefer a more tousled, natural look will love this wolf cut for short curly hair. Dive in and make the chop!

#22: Choppy Layers and Curly Bangs for Thick Hair

All the thick-haired women should try a wolf cut with choppy layers and curly bangs. It’s a trendy style that can remove excess bulk in your thick curly hair. If the bangs and layers are trimmed often, this cut may be kept looking fresh and on style for a long time.

#23: Curly Wolf Lob with Shaggy Layers

When highlighting your natural texture, a curly wolf lob with shaggy layers may be your answer. With a long bob, you’ll hit that sweet spot of not too long and short while adding volume and style to your hair.

#24: Medium-Length Razored Cut

The hottest trend for medium-length curly girls is the razored wolf cut. It’s a fabulous mixture of a shag and a mullet haircut. Asking your stylist to use a razor makes the result lighter and airier, giving you maximum volume and maximum style.

Shaggy Wolf Cut for Long Curls
Instagram @galfridayhair

#25: Shaggy Cut for Long Curls

It may be time to try a wavy perm if you have straight, thick hair. The added texture in a wolf cut for long hair creates volume and movement and instantly updates your style.

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Curly Wolf Cut with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @v.yankel

#26: Wispy Bangs

There is no denying the popularity and chicness of wispy bangs. This hairstyle will accentuate your waves and keep you looking fresh.