25 Charming Chin-Length Curly Hairstyles For a Sweet Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Chin-length curly hair creates shorter, bolder styles that boost women’s natural texture. Losing the length and adding layers gives your curls more room to bounce.

Hairstylist Mari Reed of Philadelphia, PA, points out the power of layers.

“Curls thrive with layers! These create the volume and rounded shape. A layered cut also removes weight that holds the curls down,” she states.

Any textured hair shrinks when dry. Make sure to consult your stylist about your preferred cut’s length.

Curly-haired girls willing to put a little time and effort into styling would enjoy this look! Even the “ready-to-wear” curls need a little love to refresh them for the day. A quick mist of water with some scrunching and light curl cream goes a long way.

Reed explains, “Movement and friction on the sheets and pillows make your hair frizzy. Dampening and scrunching with a little product will allow the natural texture to curl back up.”

Curl creams aren’t one size fits all. Ask your stylist which brand works best, considering your hair type. Finding the perfect product may take some trial and error. But once you figure it out, your locks will look better when hydrated and defined.

There’s no better way to flaunt your kinks than getting your hair chopped. Here you’ll find images of inspiring styles for chin-length curly hair!

Chin-Length Tousled Curls
Instagram @hershesons

#1: Chin-Length Tousled Curls

These chin-length curls are a modern take on the curly bob. Keeping your curly hair short will give it more definition. Don’t forget to tease things up when styling this look at home! These curls’ slightly teased, tousled look makes this crop so angelic.

Chin-Length Icy Blonde Short Curly Hair for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @jennie.coiffure

#2: Icy Blonde Short Curly Hair

Relish the comfort of short, icy, blonde curly hair. The hairstyle enhances oval or long face shapes. The curls frame your cheeks and balance your features beautifully. The overall look is impressive, and you can air dry the chin-length layered curly hair with a curl product. To get this haircut, ask your stylist for medium layers. Also, keep the hair on the crown longer to add width to the sides of your face. If you lack natural waves, you can get a perm to achieve this appealing style.

Golden Blonde Curls with Chin-Length Cut
Instagram @tatumshanehair

#3: Golden Blonde Curls with Chin-Length Cut

Try the style of golden blonde curls with a chin-length cut. Curls surrounding your cheeks can help your face appear slimmer if you have a round face. Choose a style that angles from your nose to achieve this slimming effect. Chin-length hairstyles for thick curly hair can make your hair more manageable by reducing the volume you have to deal with. Medium-length layers are suggested to enhance the shape and increase the volume of your style.

Chin-Length Copper Bob with Curls and Waves
Instagram @tatumshanehair

#4: Copper Bob with Curls and Waves

A copper bob with curls and waves is a dreamy hairstyle. If your face is long or narrow, consider a wavy bob. It adds width to your features. The style has longer layers. They work great for fine hair by enhancing its volume. Scrunch dry your hair. Let’s see if it gives a natural messy texture. If scrunch drying doesn’t work, consider a perm. It can help create this style.

Chin-Grazing Undone Curly Bob with Fringe
Instagram @arrels.perruqueria

#5: Undone Curly Bob with Fringe

An undone curly bob with a fringe has a modern shape and is high in style. A slightly inverted back can create a perfect profile. Adding layers throughout gives volume and a rounded shape. If you have tightly coiled ringlets, we can add texture cutting. This makes a more desirable wave pattern and creates space between the strands. Use a curl product and diffuse your hair for a bouncy and messy finish.

Side-Swept Curly Chin-Length Bob
Instagram @nubiarezo

#6: Side-Swept Curly Chin Bob

A side-swept curly chin bob is a charming style that you’ll love. The side-swept fringe falls nicely over the face and should be slightly tilted downward from the nose to create a less heavy look. Add long layers to your cut to enhance curls and volume. These layers also allow your hair to dry naturally or with a diffuser easily. If you love the look but don’t have natural curl – consider a perm as an excellent alternative.

#7: Natural Grey Curls on Short Hair

Your natural grey curls on short hair can be trendy and hip. The right cut can make all the difference when trying for a modern appearance. Give your short bob a stacked back for great lines. Leave long tendrils around your face. This will make a dramatic shape. Adding layers around the head will enhance your ringlets and create a messy style. Don’t forget to add a style fringe for a standout look. Diffuse or air dry your cut with a curl definer for great results.

#8: Short-Length Curly Wedge Cut

A short-length curly wedge cut is perfect for uplifting your appearance. If your hair is making you look dull, adapting a graduated wedge cut will redefine the angles of your hair, giving it a lift and a dynamic look. This haircut suits people with slim faces, as it adds volume to the sides and back. Ensure the hair on top of your head is kept longer to highlight the wedge cut. Diffuse or air dry, and love your new hairdo.

Curly Razor Cut Bob for Chin-Length Thin Hair
Instagram @thenotorious.b.r.e

#9: Curly Razor Cut Bob for Thin Hair

A curly razor cut bob gives maximum texture to thin hair. Not all hair works well when cut with a razor. However, chin-length curly hair with bangs opens your face and frames it at the same time. A jaw-length curly bob is a great option, too, highlighting the eyes, cheekbones, and jawlines. If you have fine hair talk with your stylist to see if your hair is right for a razor cut.

#10: Side Part Curly Bob

A chin-length haircut suits longer face shapes because the shortness will even out the length of your face. A side-parted, curly bob is extremely lightweight. Therefore, allowing your curls to bounce up and be extremely voluminous! Short haircuts for curly hair that have many layers will help create more volume.

#11: Short Bob with Loose Curls and Textured Bangs

A short bob with loose curls and bangs lightens thick hair and creates additional movement. This curly hairdo is easily styled with your favorite curl crème or texture spray and a quick blow-dry to the bangs. If blow-drying the fringe is too much, ask your stylist to cut your bangs in a dry, natural state. This way, you can air dry and have a predictable result. Remember to book a 6-week maintenance appointment for such curly short haircuts.

Chin-Length Bob Cut with Bangs and Tight Curls
Instagram @thecurlystudio

#12: Bob Cut with Bangs and Tight Curls

A bob cut with bangs paired with tight curls adds lift and shape. Chin-length curly hairstyles keep your hair from being weighed down. This short cut allows for natural volume. Adding bangs to your short haircut allows proper hair distribution and compliments the ratio of volume throughout the top.

Soft Chin-Length Curly Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @graphichair

#13: Soft Curly Bob with Curtain Bangs

A curly bob paired with curtain bangs is the perfect curly haircut for girls like you. This crop can be styled in many ways, so you’re never stuck in a styling rut! Comb it out, polish it down, and pull some of it back; the options for these curly short hairstyles are surprisingly endless!

#14: Short Fluffy Haircut with Bangs for Coils

A short fluffy haircut with bangs, when paired with coils, is one of the most flattering haircuts for afro-textured hair. Go for the Afro! Wearing your curls shorter and combed out a bit is a beautiful way to let your natural texture shine.

#15: Chin-Length French Bob with Soft Curls

A chin-length French bob with soft curls is the romantic “it girl” haircut of the moment. This classically cute style looks extra gorgeous on curly girls as the shape of the cut allows your curls to bend, bounce and move every which way.

Asymmetrical Bob with Chin-Length Messy Curls for Oval Faces
Instagram @linkwoodstudio

#16: Asymmetrical Bob with Messy Curls for Oval Faces

If you have an oval face, try an asymmetrical bob with messy curls! This chin-length hairstyle is great for balancing out oval faces as it draws attention away from both your forehead and your chin.

Round-Shaped Chin-Length Bob for Naturally Curly Hair
Instagram @beautyxsyd

#17: Round-Shaped Bob for Naturally Curly Hair

A round-shaped bob for curly hair is perfect for women wanting to maximize the amount of hair they have. Curls can be deceiving on how much hair someone has. Chin-length naturally curly hair is also better for oval face shapes, as the volume on the sides balances the length an oval face provides.

Vintage Chin-Length Curly Bob with Short Bangs
Instagram @madison.n.williams

#18: Vintage Curly Bob with Short Bangs

Women looking for curly hairstyles for chin-length hair should try a vintage curly bob with short bangs. This romantic hairstyle is incredibly flattering and brings a bit of “uniqueness” to your style.

Chin-Length Curly Bob with Bangs for Square Faces
Instagram @yelahhardin

#19: Curly Bob with Bangs for Square Faces

A curly bob with bangs creates balance and softens the corners of the jaw. A square face shape can be complemented with full square ends and balanced with the roundness of a curly hairstyle. Short curly hairstyles for women are always great to show off your sharp jawline of a square face shape. If you want a little bit shorter, a jaw-length curly messy bob is a chic choice, too!

Chin-Length Hair with Loose Waves
Instagram @graphichair

#20: Chin-Length Hair with Loose Waves

Chin-length hair, when paired with loose waves, is all the rage for curly and wavy hair. Take this curly cut inspo to the salon if you want something on-trend yet timeless. But keep in mind! Avoid letting this crop grow too long, or it will lose its fashion-forward edge.

Middle Part Chin-Length Bob with Defined Curls
Instagram @moon.azad

#21: Middle Part Bob with Defined Curls

If you want to create more volume with your hairstyle, ask your stylist for a bob styled with defined curls and a middle part. A chin-length style is easy to maintain and great for the summer, as it keeps your hair off your neck and allows maximum volume!

Chin-Length Shaggy French Bob for Curly Thick Hair
Instagram @torrie.hart.hair

#22: Shaggy French Bob for Thick Hair

A shaggy French bob for thick hair compliments naturally voluminous hair. If you’re a fan of shape and volume, try this haircut. If you feel like your face is long, building weight through the sides with a shaggy chin-length hairstyle with thick curly hair creates balance. These short curly haircuts for women require a 6 to 8-week appointment to maintain the length.

Chin-Length Layered Cut for Tight Ringlets
Instagram @beautyxsyd

#23: Chin-Length Layered Cut for Tight Ringlets

A chin-length layered cut for tight ringlets is a great way to flatter tightly coiled manes. This gorgeous hair cut for curly hair looks extra fabulous with the addition of blonde highlights. Highlights or Pintura highlights will bring out the best and most dimension amongst your curls.

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Short Chin-Length Choppy Hair with Frizzy Curls and Micro Bangs
Instagram @hairjesus_

#24: Short Choppy Hair with Frizzy Curls and Micro Bangs

Short choppy hair with frizzy curls and micro bangs is the perfect hairstyle to pair with a unique and fun personality. If having every hair in a perfect place is something you need, do not try this hairstyle. But, if you want a ride on the wild side, go for this chin-length curly bob with bangs.

Chin-Length Cut on Kinky Hair
Instagram @ally.renee1

#25: Chin-Length Cut on Kinky Hair

A chin-length cut on kinky hair is perfect if you have more delicate facial features and bone structure. These round curly hairstyles for short hair complement the shape from the chin to the cheeks. This is best for women who are comfortable exposing their shoulders, neck, and jaw.