91 Best Ways to Pair Curly Hair with Bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

If you’re a curly girl who’s been told your whole life that bangs are bad, I hate to break it to you… but you’ve been lied to. Unlike women who pay for their curly hairstyles, you’ve been blessed! Celebrities like Zendaya, Rihanna, and Sandra Oh all have gorgeous, naturally curly hair with bangs every day.

No matter your natural curl type, from 2c to 4c, you can rock a curly fringe. It’s all about how you style and work with it and how a thorough consultation with your hairstylist is needed.

Bangs on curly hair need maintenance, but considering the superb volume and movement you’ll get, it will be worth the work.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the curly bangs trend!


#1: Amazing Curly Highlighted Hair

Your best bet to add flair and texture to your shape is with highlighted hair. It’s complete with a bouncy fringe and lots of volume on top. Make sure the curls frame your face to prevent the dreaded triangle effect. Layers should be added throughout your head. Ask your hairstylist for advice so they can tailor it perfectly to suit you. When styling this look at home, use products designed for curly or wavy hair. Try L’Oréal’s Curl Expression Leave-In Cream to keep your curls hydrated throughout the day.

Dark Brunette Chest-Length Curls with Bangs
Instagram @aoki_hair

#2: Dark Brunette Chest-Length Curls

Want to change your hairstyle but keep the length? Dark brunette chest-length curls are a great option. Add medium layers for bounce and less weight. This lets your curls flow. Use a diffuser to scrunch dry your hair and see if it boosts your curls. If this doesn’t work, consider a perm for more curls.

Sexy Curly Waterfall Bangs for women with long curly hair
Instagram @borisboriswho

#3: Curly Waterfall Bangs

If you want to make your long curly hair cut more interesting, try curly waterfall bangs. This cut is about embracing your natural curls and adding volume and movement. Keeping the length and weight towards the ends in the curly waterfall bangs cut lets your curls stand out. Starting with wet hair and applying a volumizing mousse can help separate and elongate your curls. Use an old t-shirt to gently scrunch your hair, removing excess moisture without creating frizz. Finish off by diffusing your hair to dry.

#4: Rezo-Inspired Curly Cut with Bangs

The Rezo technique is a versatile, stylish method for adding bangs to curly hair to enhance your curls. Designers create this cut to boost volume and movement by cleverly placing layers to reduce weight, and help curls spring up. The bangs add a playful and trendy touch, framing the face and drawing attention to the eyes. This cut suits people with naturally curly hair, works well with any hair length, and can be tailored to your liking.

#5: Cute Curls with Long Bangs

Would you consider getting long bangs? This style looks good on all types of curly hair. Bangs are a good choice if you prefer hairstyles that are less maintenance. They are also suitable if you like pulling your hair up often or don’t want to try short bangs.

Wet Looking Curly Hair with Fringe
Instagram @hirohair

#6: Wet Looking Hair with Fringe

For women with curly hair who want a chic, effortless look, wet hairstyles with fringe are a perfect choice. This hairstyle creates balance and flow, adding fullness without altering the natural curl texture. When the hair’s length and volume remain on the sides, it ensures a softer and more adaptable look. To achieve this style, start with wet hair and apply a volumizing mousse, gently working it into the hair for flexibility and separation. Use a microfiber towel to gently squeeze the hair and remove excess water without creating any frizz. Then, dry the hair using a diffuser, enhancing the natural curl shape.

Face-Framing Textured Thick Curls with Bangs
Instagram @john.n1115

#7: Face-Framing Textured Thick Curls

A short layered shag cut on thick curls adds body and dimension. It suits all face types. If you prefer voluminous hair, the short layered shag cut is ideal. For defined curls, style with a twist out and use foam or gel. After styling, gently scrunch your hair for more volume. Let it air dry, or use a diffuser.

#8: Rose Beige Curls and Bangs

Rose beige curls and bangs can add a subtle dimension to your ringlets. You can request a curl stylist to place a balayage style around your face. A bob trim with bangs would also brighten your features. These styles provide a bouncy and voluminous look. A subtle, dimensional color can give your hair a unique touch.

#9: Curly Golden Blonde Ringlets

Aren’t these curly golden blonde ringlets the cutest? If you have 2C to 4C type curls, ask for this style. It works well with any ringlet-type curl that is dense enough to support volume. An experienced stylist can cut your curls, both when wet and dry, to get the right fringe and length around your face. Use a curl foam and a diffuser to increase your hair volume at home.

Caramel Blonde Ringlets with Bouncy Bangs for women with darker skin tones
Instagram @wellahair

#10: Caramel Blonde Ringlets with Bouncy Bangs

Try caramel blonde ringlets with bouncy bangs if you need a pop of color and a great trim. Before you book an appointment, ask about your stylist’s experience in cutting both natural and curly hair types. Your stylist should know how to color curly hair safely and perform a combination cut, both dry and wet, to suit your unique curl pattern. At home, style with a Mizani coil mousse for big volume or a cream gel for a condensed, tight look.

#11: Curved Hair with Fringe

Pump up the volume in curved curly hair with a sweet fringe. Curved or rounded layers in a hairstyle add more width. This style suits narrow face shapes very well. If you’re worried about layering your curly hair, I recommend starting slow with just a bit of layering added. Starting slowly with just bits of layering will result in volume you’ll love. I also advise visiting a stylist who is a master and has experience cutting curly textures.

Cascading Ringlets with Fringe for curly girls with thick hair
Instagram @hairbyreema

#12: Cascading Ringlets with Fringe

Natural curly hair can sometimes be difficult to manage. But cascading ringlets with fringe can help to enhance its beauty. This look is perfect for women with thick hair who want to add a touch of elegance to their style. The fringe helps to frame the face while the layers add volume. I suggest starting with damp hair and applying a curl-defining cream evenly for styling. Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to dry your hair while scrunching it with your hands. This helps to encourage the curls. Finish off the look using a small amount of hair oil to add a healthy shine.

Thick Frizzy and Messy Curls with Fringe
Instagram @alearaujo.o

#13: Thick Frizzy and Messy Curls with Fringe

Thick, frizzy, and messy curls with fringe are a style you can pull off. No curl texture is created equal, so if yours is frizzy, it’s alright to utilize it. You’ll want medium layers for a round shape and a longer, piece-y fringe. Some women love frizz for the rough texture it creates. But remember, you will need products for moisture and control. Highlights will exaggerate the texture and might be a good choice if your hair is finer.

Messy and Frizzy Curly Cut with Fringe for women with shoulder-length hair
Instagram @hirohair

#14: Messy and Frizzy Curly Cut with Fringe

A messy and frizzy curly cut with a fringe is beautiful in its natural state. Curly hairstyles can be frizzy and still look fabulous and trendy. A great cut can make all the difference if you struggle with your curl. You’ll want to ask for a fair amount of layers for fullness and a face-framing fringe. When it comes to curly hair, adding products is essential for control. You’ll want to air dry or diffuse your style and refrain from touching it too much as it dries.

#15: Voluminous Jet Black Curly Hair

Dark hair is so trendy right now you can’t go wrong with voluminous jet-black curly hair. Have your stylist cut layers and a few curly hair bangs to achieve volume. Curly hair lacks moisture, so using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner is always a good idea. I recommend using Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash and Hydrate-Me.Rinse. After shampooing your hair, use a microfiber towel to absorb the water. Avoid using a cotton towel that can rough up your hair cuticle, creating frizz and split ends.

#16: Shoulder-Length Curls for Long Faces

Women with long faces should consider shoulder-length curls with lots of layers. Ask for 3 to 4-inch layers all around your head for a round and fluffy cut. It will compliment your face with its volume. If you want to wear your hair this way, try diffusing it with a curl-enhancing product. This will give you easy care and an attractive style.

#17: Reddish Brown Healthy-Looking Curls

Adding bangs to your curly hair can be one of the best things you can do for yourself! A style like curls with short bangs is a great way to enhance natural features. Use a heat protectant product such as Kevin Murphy’s Heated Defense before heat styling. Then use oil or curl creme on damp strands before diffusing. With the right products, you’ll have bouncy ringlets that will make everyone envious.

Beautiful Golden Curls and Bangs at shoulder-length with bangs using rezo cut technique
Instagram @nubiarezo

#18: Beautiful Golden Curls

Get beautiful golden curls and bangs at shoulder length. I recommend asking for the Rezo Cut technique. This cutting method creates a more natural-looking finish with delicate layers. The layers provide movement to your texture. The best part is it works on all hair types, from extra curly to relaxed waves. Everyone can benefit from this helpful cut. Finish with a lightweight shine serum like Aveda’s Brilliant Humectant Pomade. It helps lock in moisture while adding a powerful hold.

Curly Long Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair and Oval Face Shapes
Instagram @hairbyreema

#19: Curly Long Bob for Thick Hair

curly long bob for thick hair is a great choice to help create movement within your locks. For an added boost of volume, consider adding layers throughout. The key is to ensure someone with experience with curly hair textures cuts them. Use mousse or curl cream products to enhance definition and hold if you have thicker hair. These products won’t weigh down your strands. Avoid anything too heavy, like oils, which can cause build-up over time.

Grey Curly Hair with Bangs for Older Women
Instagram @alliecurls_

#20: Grey Hair with Bangs for Older Women

Grey hair with bangs for older women is a fun and easy style. If you want fullness on the top, layers must be added to achieve a rounded shape. Layering your curls will help them spring to life. And they will soften your features with ringlets. A perm would be a great solution if you do not have a natural wave. I suggest diffusing your style with warm air to increase the volume.

Curly Rezo Cut with Bangs for Thick Curls
Instagram @lolassworldxx

#21: Curly Rezo Cut for Thick Curls

The Rezo Cut is a great choice for pairing thick hair with bangs. It works best on 2b-4c hair types and flatters oval, rounded, or heart-shaped faces. The cut features short layers that help reduce bulk and weight. And all while maintaining fullness. Adding bangs can complement your face shape by having them sit right above your brow bone. But never wear them lower than that, or it may overwhelm your look. When you want definition and shine, try Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. It helps enhance curls while managing frizz at the same time.

Pink Rezo Cut Fringe
Instagram @nubiarezo

#22: Pink Rezo Cut Fringe

Bring life back into your mane with pink Rezo cut fringe. You will fall in love with your curls again with the perfect cut that’s just right for your curls. Adding layers and fringe is one of the best things you can do to bring your curls to life. Remember to cut your hair dry to preserve length for beautiful volume and shape.

#23: Gorgeous Loose Curls with Bangs

Go for a natural style in gorgeous loose curls with bangs. When it comes to natural waves, every curl pattern is different, so try to work with whatever you have. You’ll want to ask your stylist for long layers and bangs to frame your face. Please ensure the bangs are cut with shrinkage in mind so they aren’t too short. Using a diffuser to style your curls for the perfect volume and a curl amplifier would be best. Avoid touching your hair too much as it dries to avoid frizziness.

Thick and Bouncy Curls with a Fringe
Instagram @hairbyreema

#24: Thick and Bouncy Curls with a Fringe

Surround your face in thick and bouncy curls with a fringe. You’ll want your stylist to add square layers to create volume in your ringlets. The length hitting at the shoulder will also give you some bounce, lessening the drag of weight. Your curly hair fringe must be cut without tension so they don’t spring up too short. Thick and bouncy curls with a fringe will accent your face beautifully. And it’s a fresh change from straight hair.

#25: One-Length Curly Bob

One-length curly bobs are also known as 360 bobs since the curls cascade around the head. A voluminous, curly haircut such as this aims to please you no matter what. The versatility is never-ending, whether at a wedding, hiking in the mountains, or staying home with family. Ask your stylist for advice on this cut and if they think it suits your face shape and hair type.

Prettiest pixie cut with curly bangs
Instagram @katrisharose

#26: Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs

High fashion is right at your fingertips with a curly pixie cut with bangs. Grab some mousse and your favorite blower to get a gorgeous short hairstyle. If a pixie is too short, ask your stylist about a curly bob cut instead. Bobs look great on curly, natural hair!

Collarbone-Length Bronde Curls with Bangs
Instagram @love.your.hair.byelise

#27: Collarbone-Length Bronde Curls

Give your hair a great shape with collarbone-length bronde curls. To change your curls into a fuller style, you must add layers. This can be scary for curly-haired women. But it will give you a more modern shape. Ask your stylist for square layering. It will add volume to the sides while maintaining a flatter top. You’ll avoid roundness by doing this. If you are going for a bronde color, don’t forget to deep condition weekly. Curly hair needs all the moisture it can get.

Wild Long Curls with Fringe
Instagram @salsalhair

#28: Wild Long Curls with Fringe

If you want voluminous curls but have fine hair, styling your hair in smaller curl clumps will give you this result. Add a texturizing spray to your routine to achieve the wild, long curls with fringe.

#29: Kinky Textured Curls with Fringe

Love your natural locks with kinky textured curls with fringe. To keep your hair manageable, keeping the length short is always helpful. Too much length can be hard to control with many curly textures. The key to making the cut your own is adding a personal touch. Cutting a bang or face frame will customize your look for your hair needs.

#30: Soft Mid-Length Curls with Fringe

One of the best fringe-centric cuts for curly hair is a soft mid-length curly cut combined with a fringe. This shaggy hairdo compliments more spiraled curl patterns and allows you to embrace bangs if you didn’t realize a fringe was an option. Pro Tip: if you opt for this chop, don’t forget to focus on curl moisture. Healthy, happy curls make coiled bangs look best!

#31: Red Curls with Wispy Bangs

Red curls with wispy bangs will give you a great visual impact. If your hair is super curly, leave the layers a tad longer to weigh down your curl. You want volume, but to achieve ringlets, you want a bit of length. If the top is flat, avoid over-layering the crown. I recommend square layers to my clients with curly hair to get the perfect balance.

#32: Medium-Length Thick Hair with Fringe

If you have naturally curly hair, try rocking medium-length thick hair with fringe. Though curly-haired women are often afraid of fringe, they can take your curly look to a whole new level with the right shaping. Professional stylists recommend that you come into your appointment with your hair curly so they can build your shape based on how you usually wear it.

Naturally Curly Layers with Ringlet Bangs 
Instagram @manesbymell

#33: Naturally Curly Layers with Ringlet Bangs

No heavy styling is required for these shoulder-length, layered curly locks with ringlet bangs.

Afro-textured hair with bangs
Instagram @0shunn

#34: Afro-Textured Hair with Bangs

Afro-textured hair with bangs is a timeless look that will never go out of style. The frame that the cut gives your face is unmatched. Try bangs if you love your natural fullness and curled hair type.

Curly side fringe
Instagram @rodrigovizu

#35: Curly Side Fringe

If you have curly hair and want to try something new, a curly side fringe could be it. Framing your face with your soft curls is always a good idea. Ask your stylist what their favorite lightweight curling product is to get a frizz-free style.

Curly baby bangs
Instagram @steph.mero

#36: Curly Baby Bangs

Curly baby bangs let you show off your face! Rock your tight hair and keep it out of your eyes with a fun fringe. It is ideal for all hair types but especially great on thick hair. Coil the curls around your fingers with a good styling paste and shine serum for a healthy-looking finish.

#37: Spiral Bangs

Spiral bangs are a great way to elevate a super curly hairstyle. Notice how the fringe lays right at the brow line and blends into face-framing layers. Cutting layers into textured hair is vital for a fun, bouncy shape. From loose to tight curls, bangs are hip and set off your facial features in all the right places.

Curly bob with bangs
Instagram @curlfrann

#38: Curly Bob with Bangs

Curly bobs with bangs give the perfect amount of face-framing for women with naturally curly hair on a round face.

#39: Mid-Length Hair with Curly Curtain Bangs

Mid-length hair with curly curtain fringe bangs is a beautiful hairstyle for ladies with square face shapes. Curly curtain bangs are wispy and effortless. Perfectly synonymous with an extra layer of volume, definition, and texture for your tresses.

Choppy ringlets
Instagram @heydonae

#40: Choppy Ringlets

Choppy ringlets work well for girls with curly tresses. Talk with a curly hair specialist to give you the best outcome possible. There are many different textures and wave patterns for you to choose from. The right stylist will set those curls in a manner that would suit your features and personality best.

Curly bangs on shorter natural hair
Instagram @dncurls

#41: Bangs on Shorter Natural Hair

Bangs on shorter natural hair are stunning and suitable for many face shapes. The most versatile face shape for fringe is oval. A square-shaped face needs a fuller fringe.

Mid-length hair with curly wispy fringe
Instagram @erikast.pierre

#42: Mid-Length Wispy Fringe

The mid-length wispy fringe has layers that create a voluminous effect. For naturally curly hair, the layers give extra movement helping to make the overall look more relaxed and alluring.

Curly Ponytail with Bangs hairstyle
Instagram @_alyssa.ashley

#43: Curly Ponytail with Bangs

And adding bangs and wearing it on a high ponytail or bun is always in style and the perfect maintenance look when wanting to rock your natural curl pattern.

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#44: Hot Curly Weave with Long Bangs

No one knows you’ve got a fake hairstyle with how a curly weave is put on. Plus, you can enjoy curls without damaging much of your hair.

#45: Medium-Length Curls with Light Bangs

Curly-haired girls can wear bangs too! Especially with a medium-cut and natural hair texture.

#46: Long Curly Hair with Long Bangs

Cute curly hairstyles for long hair with long bangs frame the face and add back shape to the upper part of the hair. Long curly hair can feel dragged down and a little flatter on top. Adding curly long bangs brings back some interest to the face. Allowing the bangs to be curved a little longer around the edges adds a soft boho feel.

flattering bangs for curly hair
Instagram @curlycoach_kin

#47: Flattering Bangs for a Round Face

Only a few look good with a curly bangs haircut. Luckily, round faces have it easy as the textures help diffuse the broadness of their faces. Wear your natural locks and flaunt your beauty!

#48: Chic Curly Short Hair with Bangs

Rock cute, chic, curly, short hair with bangs to get volume into your curls and give your hair all the width. Curly short hair with bangs frames faces and stacks the curl to give a beautiful rounded appearance. The bangs allow a little extra volume through the top and front of the face for a subtle lift.

#49: Curly Shag with Side Swept Bangs

Curly shag with side-swept bangs is the perfect curly haircut. Bangs with extra layers allow movement, volume, and texture for a gorgeous hairstyle.

#50: Kinky Curly Side Bangs

Try kinky curly side bangs to take your curly hair to new voluminous heights. A fringe will lift the hair due to being shorter and will create volume around the upper face. Curly girls shouldn’t shy away from the style as it is so versatile, from falling over the face to being completely swept over and giving extra layers to the style.

Curly Full Bangs
Instagram @curly_tanisha

#51: Curly Full Bangs

Opt for curly full bangs for some face-framing shape and an easy style switch-up. Bangs on naturally curly hair are stunning, and girls with curly hair should embrace the beautiful shape this brings to their look. We tend to touch our bangs more than the rest of our hair but damp down and rehydrate the hair in-between washes for ultimate definition.

Long bangs with a curl
Instagram @nubiarezo

#52: Long Bangs with a Curl

Long bangs with a curl make a big, fluffy hairstyle, which a Rëzo Cut technique can achieve.

blonde curly hair with fringe
Instagram @randa.rivera

#53: Blonde Curly Hair

curly natural redhead with bangs
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#54: Curly Natural Redhead with Bangs

A cut for a curly natural redhead with bangs can help create a full, voluminous look to your curls while framing your face to highlight your best features. Ask your stylist to cut your bangs dry while your hair holds the texture you normally wear. You can always cut more, but you can only go back if you cut less.

#55: Face-Framing Curly Cut with Fringe

Try out a face-framing curly cut with fringe if you have a square or oblong face shape. The haircut’s rounded shape helps soften sharp lines and creates a more full, rounded look for the face. Curls will be more defined and voluminous because long layers are not weighing the hair down. A fringe can draw attention to and show off your eyes while disguising fine lines and wrinkles.

#56: Brown Hair with Bangs and Layers

Have your natural texture shine through with brown hair and layers. Cutting your hair with layers and bangs will make you look totally on trend. Dry-cutting your curls will ensure you cut the right length for no surprises. Find ways to style your curls with products that help moisturize and keep frizz at bay. This will make for easier styling days.

#57: Mid-Length Curly Bronde Hair with Purple Accents

Add a fun pop of color to your mid-length curly blonde hair with purple accents. Rock bangs and show off your hair’s beautiful texture. Bangs are great for any face shape if you customize them to fit your needs. Adding a pop of color brings your hairstyle to the next level.

Thick Copper Rezo Cut Curls with Bangs
Instagram @lolassworldxx

#58: Thick Copper Rezo Cut Curls

Make a change for the better with thick copper Rezo cut curls. The Rezo cut will preserve the length and volume of your curls for beautiful bouncy locks. I would choose products that help moisturize and de-frizz curls for easier styling. Your hair stylist can help you decide if a rezo cut would work for your curly mane.

#59: 3c Curly Hair

Be bold and beautiful with 3c curly hair. Dry cutting the layers, each curl at a time, will add volume and ensure your cutting is the proper length. Add a bang to frame your face if you can commit to the upkeep. Bangs are high maintenance, with trims required every 3-4 weeks.

Very Thick Curls with Fringe
Instagram @lolassworldxx

#60: Very Thick Curls with Fringe

Consider the perfect face-flattering cut with very thick curls with fringe. In my experience, when cutting bangs, they need to match your facial structure and features. When it comes to styling, use a moisturizing mousse to give messy volume and texture for a tousled eye-catching look.

#61: 80s-Inspired Natural Curls

Curly hair has endless possibilities. One of the most popular haircuts for natural, curly hair is an 80s-inspired look. Try to determine your face shape before asking for a round, voluminous, 80s cut. If you already have a round face, you will want a different cut to help elongate your face shape.

Long Curly Hair with Fringe
Instagram @lolassworldxx

#62: Long Curly Hair

If you have long curly hair, have you ever considered a fringe? It’s a soft and simple way to transition into a new style without over-committing to a new look. You may evolve from a full fringe to a side part, curtain bangs, to an overall face framing, all in one year of transitioning from long layered hair to a new and sassy style. Fringe can be blown out of worn natural for varying wear.

#63: Naturally Textured Curls

Did you know that naturally textured curls are sometimes hiding amongst tangled locks? It’s easy to find out! If you’ve had an inkling that your hair is a bit more bouncy than it seems, you can book a consultation with any curly hair specialist to dive into your true texture. If it’s out of your budget to head to the salon, avoid products that are too heavy (like coconut oil) or contain too much alcohol and see how your hair reacts.

Beautiful Blonde Curls with Fringe
Instagram @joemiguel_

#64: Beautiful Blonde Curls with Fringe

Adding blonde to your curly hair helps you achieve more dimension, which allows for a full, voluminous style. While blonde curls with fringe are beautiful, they will require extra maintenance. Depending on your hair type, you should do a deep conditioning treatment balanced with protein and moisture. This will help keep the integrity and elasticity, creating healthy curls.

Curly Layered Bob with Bangs
Instagram @thecurlystudio

#65: Curly Layered Bob with Bangs

A curly layered bob with bangs frames the face very well. This is great for women wanting to cover their foreheads and bring attention to their eyes, nose, and lips.

#66: Voluminous Curls with Bangs

Voluminous curls enhance a looser texture. Taking off weight in the crown gives maximum lift and movement. Diffuse your hair upside down and use a volumizing spray at the root.

Choppy Curls with Fringe
Instagram @salsalhair

#67: Choppy Curls with Fringe

Choppy curls with fringe are a fun-loving way to live in one’s naturally curly texture. Best fitted for coarse to medium density that love movement in the silhouette. Curtain fringe helps to frame the face and draw attention to the features. A full fringe is also a casual way to camouflage larger surface areas and maturing lines.

Mid-Length Copper Curls with Fringe
Instagram @jomcintyrehair

#68: Mid-Length Copper Curls with Fringe

Coppery medium-length curls and bangs are a color and style combo in high demand at the salon. Tonality can range from strawberry to crimson, with bonfire in between. Depending on complexion, any variation of this color family can suit a lady well.

#69: Dark Brown Curls with Fringe

Dark brown hair brings a youthful touch to most women—any variation of length. The fringe also has some room for variation as a full fringe, a side part, or even shaggy bangs.

messy curly shag style
Instagram @bjornhair

#70: Messy Curly Shag Style

Try permed hair on a mid-length cut to match the rest of the curl pattern, which was much curlier. Stylists at the salon cut the bangs dry to ensure they achieve the shape you want for your fringe. When styling wispy curls like this one, use a diffuser to enhance the style.

#71: Cute Bangs on Medium-Length Curls

Give these cute bangs on medium-length curls a go for a youthful-looking style! The haircut suits thick hair the most.

lovely shoulder-length curly hair
Instagram @hirohair

#72: Lovely Shoulder-Length Curly Hair

A brown curly shag with fringe is the focal point of the cut and eliminates the dreaded “triangle” shape that happens so often when curly hair lays heavy along the perimeter.

Curly Locks with Superb Bangs
Instagram @faithincurls

#73: Curly Locks with Superb Bangs

Looking for curly locks with superb bangs? This could be the one! By layering blunt bangs, you can wear them smoothly or embrace their natural curl pattern. Combine blonde highlights and black tresses for a stunning, natural-looking dimension.

#74: Cute Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs

This angled curly pixie cut with long bangs is super cute. What makes this style work is all the texture added to the hair. It’s a cute way to wear long bangs for a short pixie curly hair.

Afro-textured bangs
Instagram @dina.blr

#75: Afro-Textured Bangs

Afro-textured bangs look fabulous on either short or long curls. Adding the fringe allows for even more volume around your natural hair. This hairstyle never goes out of style.

Choppy ringlets
Instagram @dani_laluz

#76: Choppy Ringlets

Choppy ringlets are all about illusion and look stunning on many face shapes, given that they are styled correctly. Oval face shapes are extremely versatile, round faces should go for a side-swept bang, and square faces can go for a heavier, forward bang.

Half-up curly hair with a fringe
Instagram @thatacurly_

#77: Half-Up Curly Hair with a Fringe

Half-up hair with a fringe is the ultimate way to show off natural curls. A popular fringe technique is called a “cascade,” It looks better on ladies with thin curly hair as it creates extra volume and bounce.

Choppy bangs on curly hair
Instagram @sineadlonguk

#78: Choppy Bangs on Hair

Choppy bangs on hair are suited for those who want to soften their face with their hair. Ask your stylist to cut tendrils around your forehead. Remember, curly hair shrinks up; you might want to cut it longer. Minimal layers are the key to keeping your spirals smart-looking. Allow your curls to air dry with gel.

curly hair with curly long bangs
Instagram @_partytendrils

#79: Inspiring Curly Long Bangs

Curly long bangs are a stylish approach to curly hairstyles. The overall arrangement gives off nostalgic vibes for curly locks.

curly bob with spirals and bangs
Instagram @curls_byjoy

#80: Curly Bob with Spirals and Bangs

Bangs with curly hair look good on a long bob (lob). Complement your oval face with a gorgeously voluminous shoulder-length cut and the bangs of your dreams. There is no need to tame your coils when they’re as fabulous as these!

The Prettiest Curly Bob with Bangs
Instagram @nubiarezo

#81: The Prettiest Curly Bob

Curly hairstyles, like this lob are trending this year! These are the ultimate modern fro-ringlets. Its modern round shape of a curly bob with bangs is soft, and the heavy bang frames the face perfectly. The shape of this haircut is perfect for ladies who are wondering what to do with bangs, who love the volume, and who want to experience having them curled.

Short Curly Hair with Brow-Skimming Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#82: Short Curly Hair with Brow-Skimming Bangs

Short curly hair with brow-skimming bangs gives hair a bouncy finish and a livelier vibe. What a great hair idea! It makes a beautiful curly style for lovelies who want to show off their natural texture. This short hair has layers that keep the chop in the most flattering shape possible.

#83: A Fabulous Curly Ponytail with Long Bangs

If you have long hair, nothing is prettier than a striking textured ponytail made into a low bun updo complemented with flirty side bangs. Plus, the highlights add to the definition and brightness of your naturally curly, long hair.

#84: Perfectly Layered Curls

Perfectly layered curls on dark hair create a chic and younger-looking hairstyle. These loose curls with fringe make the hair look fun and bouncy. For a glossier finish, apply a shine spray all over the strands.

Long curly hair with fringe
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#85: Impressive Long Hair with Fringe

Long curly hair with bangs and layered waves is easy to style in the morning! Every girl has the right to feel pretty with bangs. Feel marvelous with this razor-cut shag and bring out the true you.

magnificent side bangs
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#86: Magnificent Side Bangs

Magnificent side bangs and a side part can upgrade a short, naturally curly hairstyle. Curly side bangs work together and create a rounded shape to flatter an oval or heart face. Ask your stylist how to cut bangs if you need a few trims to maintain the length.

Flattering Short Baby Bangs on Tight Curls
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#87: Flattering Short Baby Bangs on Tight Curls

These flattering short baby bangs work like magic when paired with a curly hairstyle. Choose a haircut that’s layered a bit to allow more movement. The micro straight bangs provide extra details and freshness to the chop. Keep the bounce intact by drying the hair with a diffuser instead of a blow dryer.

#88: Brunette Curly Bob with Bangs and Layers

A modern curly shag with bangs has lots of layers with tendril-y ends. It’s so satisfying that women become more open to shapes that allow their natural curls to move! Regular shampoos deplete your hair of its natural moisture, making it frizzy, fluffy, and dull.

blonde ombre curly hair with voluminous bangs
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#89: Blonde Ombre Hair with Voluminous Bangs

Blonde ombre curly hair with voluminous bangs draws attention to the eye area. The voluminous yet straight, wispy bangs create a soft frame that will help highlight your favorite facial feature. Curly hair with straight bangs is a guaranteed attention-getter.

Exceptional Curly Curtain Bangs
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#90: Exceptional Curly Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a cute way to wear bangs, as they are face-framing and flattering to a round face shape.  Achieve the wavy fringe by creating loose curls around the face. The style works perfectly on any woman wanting to balance out a larger forehead while keeping the face open enough to highlight other features, such as eyes and cheekbones.

#91: Short Curly Faux Hawk for Black Women

The short faux hawk has the top of the head with a greater volume of hair, while the sides and back are shorter. The sides can be shaved or not.