Y2k Hair Color Ideas You Can Totally Pull Off In 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Valentine’s Day Hair Colors

Looking for some Valentine’s Day hair colors? This vibrant pink balayage is the ultimate way to show off your love for the season.

#2: Light Pink Chunky Highlights and Bangs

Y2k hairstyles gain a fun twist with the addition of light pink chunky highlights and bangs. The natural blonde base color contrasts boldly with the soft pink hue of the chunky highlights. The overall hairstyle gets a playful touch as the bubblegum pink compliments the original hair tones nicely. The addition of bangs further frames the face, giving the hairstyle a youthful and trendy edge.

Playful short Y2K pink bob with high pigtails on a young woman

#3 Playful Pink Bob with High Pigtails

This playful pink bob features high pigtails, giving a fun and youthful vibe perfect for the summer. The short Y2K hair is cut into a choppy bob, adding texture and movement, while the pigtails add a touch of whimsy. Ideal for medium to thick hair, this style works well with round and heart-shaped faces. The vibrant pink color is achieved with a semi-permanent dye, offering a bold look without long-term commitment. Consider this style if you want a low-maintenance yet eye-catching look.

Retro Dark Ginger Hair with Blonde Front Pieces
Instagram @skyewebbxx

#4: Retro Dark Ginger Hair with Blonde Front Pieces

Here’s a retro style: dark ginger hair with blonde front pieces. Summon your favorite Spice Girl vibes with the Ginger Spice color, perfect for fall. Try adding a blonde highlight to your fiery red hair. This bright accent suits those wanting to elongate their face shape and draw attention to their eyes.

Y2K Short Black Bob with Red Accents
Instagram @saakaai

#5: Black Bob with Red Accents

The black bob with red accents is a striking fusion of classic and bold. The deep black base is elevated by the vibrant red accents, adding a pop of color and edginess to the sleek bob hairstyle, making a strong and captivating visual statement. To get this hair color, color blocking is vital for a bold look. Apply the red hue over the black base to achieve the best contrast.

Y2K Two-Toned Brown and Orange Color for Long Hair
Instagram @joshua_lukes

#6: Two-Toned Brown and Orange Hair Color

Consider a two-toned brown and orange hair color. Do you want to appear as a sophisticated professional from 9 to 5 but show an edgy chic side after hours? Use the ombré technique. Start by lightening the mid-lengths to the ends. Then do a color melt of copper and gold.

#7: Chunky Blonde Highlights on Brunette Hair

Try incorporating chunky blonde highlights on brunette hair for contrast and dimension. Sometimes lightening treatments can result in overly diffused blonde hair. Adding in bold chunky highlights can not only create a striking contrast but also brighten the diffused blonde color. Be sure to add the chunky highlights to areas easily seen, like the hairline or part line.

#8: Bright Pink Hair with Long Bangs

Consider a bright pink hair color complemented with long bangs. Pink hair is fun and trendy for the edgy girl. Try using two contrasting pink tones in a color-blocking style to follow the Y2K chunky trend. Pair this bright pink color with curtain bangs to shape the face, and you’ll have the perfect style. Use a strong, sulfate-free cleanser to keep the color vibrant.

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Long Wavy Y2k Light Ash Blonde Highlights with Dark Base
Instagram @colormemarissa

#9: Light Ash Blonde Highlights with Dark Base

This style features a light ash-blonde highlight with a dark base. The light ash blonde hair color lets you maintain a warm summer vibe. Enhance your blonde hair’s depth and pay homage to the y2k hair color trend. The style uses chunky highlights in a modern way, paired with a color melt to seamlessly blend into the roots.

Vivid y2k Orange Ombre for Medium Hair
Instagram @chris0712

#10: Vivid Orange Ombre

A vivid orange ombre is a playful way to incorporate lightness into your ginger hair color. This method adds depth to your copper hair without making it entirely lighter. Be sure to keep warm tones and hues at the ends of your hair. I love using a peachy tone for the highlights of the coppers and oranges.

Long Shiny Brown Hair with Soft Waves
Instagram @localb_mtl

#11: Shiny Brown Hair with Soft Waves

Hair that is shiny, brown, and has soft waves signifies timeless elegance and natural beauty. Its lustrous brown hue and gentle waves create a soft and sophisticated look. This look enhances various occasions and styles. For lasting shine, use a gloss treatment on your hair every 10 weeks.

Y2K Neon Hair with Pink, Yellow, and Green Strands
Instagram @gallipottsalon

#12: Neon Hair with Pink, Yellow, and Green Strands

Go for a hair color that mixes neon pink, yellow, and green strands. This neon color suits those who love raves or black-light environments. Try this technique on blonde hair for a vibrant color fusion. The crucial part of this technique is knowing how different colors blend to complement each other.

2000s Long Fire Red Hair
Instagram @himanukiss

#13: Long Fire Red Hair

Consider a trendy look with long, fire-red hair. When the Y2K punk color trend is hot, show your edgy side and choose red. Certainly, you’ll need to pre-lighten your hair or use a high-lift color product to achieve this radiant red. The process changes based on your hair’s level and desired result. Darker hair requires bleach and tone, while lighter hair (level 6 and above) can adapt to high-lift red colors without much processing.

Y2K Twisted Spiked Buns with Red Highlights and Charms
Instagram @nanami__hair

#14: Twisted Spiked Buns with Red Highlights

Red highlights look great on a bun hairstyle with twisted spikes. Red highlights offer a striking contrast on dark hair without lightening it to a pale yellow. A blonde-orange hue is the best base for red highlights. To flaunt the red highlights, style your hair into small twists and secure them into a bun. Use a flat iron and strong hairspray to let the ends spike out.

Y2k-Inspired Half Silver, Half Red Money Pieces on Long Dark Hair
Instagram @v.okay

#15: Half Silver, Half Red Money Pieces on Dark Hair

The ultimate Y2k-inspired hair color is achieved with hair colored half silver and half red, particularly the pieces that frame the face. This hair color combines the trend of bold, noticeable hairpieces from the early 2000s with the red and black color trend popular at the time.

Brown and Platinum Mid-Long Vintage Y2k Striped Hair
Instagram @cheekybleach

#16: Brown and Platinum Striped Hair

Chunky highlights have become trendy since the year 2000. The combination of brown and platinum represents color blocking at its finest. Your stylist may use clips to section hair and foils to separate sections. This is done to add depth to the blonde and prevent colors from mixing. Mesh papers work great with this color technique as well. Try combining a mushroom brown hue with platinum blonde for a vivid contrast and a sleek style that accentuates the skunk stripes.

#17: Pink and White Highlights with Tousled Waves

This style features pink and white highlights paired with tousled waves. To achieve a playful mix of white and pink, you should try teasylights spread evenly across your hair. This approach enhances brightness and softly diffuses color at the roots. Once the highlights are in, your stylist will then use various tones. These tones build the pink and brighter blondes. Your stylist can also add lowlights to boost depth. You can show off all of these gorgeous colors with your tousled waves.

Medium Ginger Spice Hair Color with Y2K Bleached Bangs
Instagram @cheekybleach

#18: Ginger Spice Hair Color with Bleached Bangs

Consider a ginger spice hair color with bleached bangs. Brighten up your complexion with some ginger red and blonde colors. This style suits people with fair skin and blue eyes well and brings back the trendy Y2K style. With this color, you’ll need regular salon visits every 4-6 weeks for a root touch-up and gloss to keep it fresh. The color-blocking technique is bold, but it reveals hair re-growth quickly.

Y2K Neon Pink Shoulder-Length Curly Hair with Black Underneath
Instagram @mysticalooks

#19: Neon Pink Curly Hair with Black Underneath

Incorporating &ldquomillennium vibes&rdquo into your look can be achieved with neon pink curly hair with black underneath. This style is a head-turner. The underlayer color trend of two tones was popular in the early 2000s. Giving it a twist with neon pink and black provides a bright, modern edge.

Y2k Colored Red and Peach Thick Highlights on Medium Straight Hair
Instagram @mysticalooks

#20: Red and Peach Thick Highlights

The main focus is on the stripes! Using red and peach thick highlights in a striped pattern is a stunning way to stay trendy. Instead of the typical red and blonde mix, this style uses a softer peach to contrast with the red.

#21: Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Money Piece

Here’s a dark brown hair color accentuated with a money piece. This striking money piece provides a ribbon of color that traces your hairline and flows through the length of your hair. In particular, a dark brown base color pairs beautifully with a warm blonde. Choose a beige or honey blonde to complement your dark hair and skin tone.

Y2K Vivid Pink Face-Framing Highlights
Instagram @_shear_sarah_

#22: Vivid Pink Face-Framing Highlights

This hairstyle features a vivid pink color and some face-framing highlights. Add some dimension to your hair with a high-constraint pink over dark hair. For a more striking look, ask your stylist for high-impact blonding with teasy lights. Also, request a money piece to enhance your color and brighten up your face. In the final stage of the process, your stylist will bleach your hair before adding a pink toner. This refreshed look and color will last for about 8 weeks.

Copper and Blonde Highlights with Y2K Flipped Ends for Medium Hair
Instagram @mysticalooks

#23: Copper and Blonde Highlights with Flipped Ends

Go for a copper and blonde highlight with flipped ends. The chunky highlight style, popular in the Y2K era, is back in fashion. You can try a combination of warm blonde and copper red to accentuate warm skin tones. Chunky highlights look best when applied evenly from the top of the head to the ends of the hair for consistent color.

#24: Messy Half-Up Space Buns with Bangs

A messy half-up space buns with bangs. Hey, all my Gwen Stefani chicks who loved her space bun style, they are back on trend. With modern ideas of space, buns are a companion of the effortless hair movement. Lots of natural wavy texture, curtain bangs, and space buns.

Hot Pink Y2K Chunky Highlights with Mid-Length Vintage Feathery Layers
Instagram @mysticalooks

#25: Hot Pink Chunky Highlights

The style delivers a bold, vibrant effect. This high-contrast pink shade, compared to the base color, gives a playful, eye-catching look. Ideal for girls who want to reflect their adventurous character in their hairstyle. Combine the hot pink chunky highlights with any neon shade for a dramatic look.

2000-Inspired Dark Blonde Balayage Hair with Long Layers
Instagram @makeupbyhasya

#26: Dark Blonde Balayage Hair with Long Layers

The hairstyle has dark blonde balayage hair with long layers. Try a modern version of the thick year-2000 hair color style with a bold blonde highlight. Applying root shadow will modernize the hairstyle and require less upkeep as the roots blend. For those with square or long face shapes, darker root shadows and lighter blonde work well, creating a shadow effect.

Y2K Blonde Peek-a-Boo and Money Piece for Long Dark Tresses
Instagram @chris0712

#27: Blonde Peek-a-Boo and Money Piece

For those desiring to make a bold fashion statement, choosing a blonde peek-a-boo and a money piece style can be a perfect option. This hair color is a fun, playful homage to popular styles from the early 2000s. The strong contrast between the dark hair and the icy blonde pieces makes this style a fun choice for anyone seeking to stand out.

Embark on a vibrant journey exploring Y2K hair color ideas that can transform your look with a pop of color and flair. Discover how to select, maintain, and talk about your dream color with insights from expert colorist Madison Michael Cunningham. Color has never been so much fun!

Meet The Expert

Madison Michael Cunningham
Madison Michael Cunningham
Madison is a hairstylist with over 10 years of experience.
You can find Madison at ROC Salon Studios in Mason, OH.

Matching Hair Color with Skin Tone

First things first, Madison lays out the golden rule of choosing the right hair color option. She proclaims, “Check your skin tone and pick a shade that complements it.” According to our color guru, this is best done by looking at your veins.

Green veins indicate a warm skin tone, purple implies cool, and a mix of colors suggests a neutral skin tone. Matching warm colors with warm tones, cool with cool, and so on ensures a striking result every time.

Maintaining Y2K Hair Colors

Now comes the fun part, maintaining the vibrant colors. Madison advises, “Use Kevin Murphy Everlasting Color Wash and Rinse, as well as Everlasting Leave-In.” These products add a layer of protection and help lock in your color.

An important tip? Wash in lukewarm to cool water to avoid color bleeding. Madison emphasizes that with Y2K colors, “monthly or bimonthly appointments” are a must to keep your color fresh.

Chatting with Your Stylist

In the end, open discussions with your stylist are crucial. Madison highlights three key questions: understanding the cost, knowing how long the color will last, and deciding how the color will look. It’s not just about showing a picture to your stylist and asking them to recreate it.

Madison states, “These questions should be asked during every visit.” This way, you’re in the loop, and you and your stylist can decide if the Y2K color you’ve chosen is indeed a good fit.

Pictures of the Most Radiant Y2K Hair Color Ideas