45 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas Women Over 60 Are Getting in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Blonde Balayage on a Stacked Bob

Consider a stacked bob if you have finer and straight hair and want more body. A balayage highlight will add depth to your fresh cut, especially at the bottom nape area. This will give you some darker peeks for extra dimension. Coloring your hair to match your cut can enhance your style.

#2: Dimensional Icy Silver Gray

You may opt for an icy silver gray if you’re looking for a hair color that will flatter your skin tone. This graceful hair color blends silver and cool gray tones with subtle highlights. This creates a multi-dimensional effect that adds depth and texture to your hair. This color is best suited for women aged 60 and over. And this hair color looks stunning on those with fair to medium skin tones. To complement your new hair color, ask for a simple haircut that shows your natural beauty.

#3: Light Cool Brown Inverted Bob

If you are over sixty and want a new style, try an inverted bob with a light cool brown tone. This color flatters most skin tones. The straight haircut is flattering for fuller faces. If your face is more oblong, adding waves to the bob can add width. A quick wash-and-go style like this is adored by older women, as it minimizes their hair maintenance time.

#4: Reddish Brown Textured Pixie

The reddish brown color of this textured pixie adds richness and shine. The textured layers will give you versatility and remove bulk to keep this look chic!

#5: Choppy Layers and Mahogany Ombre Highlights

Consider a choppy layered mahogany ombré with highlights for a stylish hair look. If you’re seeking a youthful style that enhances your natural color and exposes sunkissed highlights, consider asking your stylist for a coloring technique called ombré. The maintenance of this style is simple regularly touching up root color and an optional gloss for tone and shine will keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

Light Cinnamon Hair Color for Mature Women Passed 60 with Curled Bob and Bangs
Instagram @koaffyr.se

#6: Light Cinnamon on Curled Bob

Ask for a light, cinnamon-colored curled bob. For women in their 60s seeking a youthful color, it’s important to choose one that complements their skin tone and doesn’t wash them out. If your skin has a warm tone, consider a light cinnamon brown color with subtle highlights, known as babylights.

Mushroom Brown on Women Over 60 with Short Hair
Instagram @koikonomakou

#7: Mushroom Brown on Short Hair

Give your short hair a new look with a touch of mushroom brown. The light-reflective tones in mushroom brown can add depth to your look. If you want a lighter color, I suggest not going darker than a level 6. Although it’s a dark blonde, most women see it as brown in the color book. This could be the subtle change you’ve been looking for.

Short to Medium Layers with White Streaks for Older Ladies Over 60
Instagram @mariams.hair.design

#8: Short to Medium Layers with White Streaks

Go for a layered short-medium cut with white streaks for a trendy look. Adding platinum-blonde highlights is a great option if your hair color is turning grey. Lighter highlights create less visible boundaries. For a salt-and-pepper hair tone, consider adding some lowlights too.

Dark Brown Short Angled Bob for Older Women Aged Sixty
Instagram @babybeanhair

#9: Dark Brown Angled Bob

The dark brown color and angled bob cut are great choices for women over 60. Combining deep colors with a short cut often gives aging hair a healthier, more youthful look.

#10: Chestnut Brown on Graduated Curly Bob

Aging hair looks stunning in a chestnut brown color and graduated curly bob. This short, fun, flirty look adds body and movement to the hair, making it perfect for women over 60.

Honey Blonde on Short Graduated Bob for Women Over 60
Instagram @honeyhair_andi

#11: Honey Blonde Graduated Bob

Honey tones on a graduated bob will add light reflection and shine. Adding highlights can keep short hair from looking solid or heavy. Using a shine spray will help accentuate all of the honey and golden tones.

#12: Short Waves and Caramel Balayage

Try short waves with a caramel-colored balayage. Caramel tones are very warm and youthful. Adding waves or bending the hair creates a fun, beachy texture. Try using a dry texture spray for a rougher texture.

#13: Highlighted Brunette Hair with Wispy Layers

Consider highlighted brunette hair with wispy layers. Going lighter in your 60s doesn’t always mean going blonde. If you’re naturally brunette and want brightness, add soft balayage pieces to compliment your hair and skin tone. Warm tones are great for brunettes. They range from reds, coppers, and lighter browns to warm blondes. Highlighting your hair as you age will give you a natural bright, youthful appearance.

#14: Light Brown Hair with Textured Ends

Consider a light brown color with textured ends for your hair. For youthful hair color, brown-haired women can opt for an overall light brown gloss. Adding darker roots can add dimension to the brunette. This approach helps cover grey hair too. By applying gloss all over, it creates a gorgeous shine. It also seals the cuticle and softens the hair texture.

#15: Short Auburn Bob with Stacked Layers

An auburn-colored bob would be a great choice for the fall season! Keeping the back of your hair short maintains volume at the crown. The red color creates a youthful look. You can consult with your stylist to decide which shade(s) of red will complement your skin tone.

Neck-Length Salt and Pepper Short Hair with Face Frame for Seniors Over Sixty
Instagram @suzynalbandyan

#16: Salt and Pepper Short Hair with Face Frame

Embracing your natural hair color can be beautiful. This salt and pepper short hair is a great way to do it! The shorter length will keep your hair looking thicker if it’s getting thin with age.

Warm Blonde Wavy Lob with Bangs for Women Over 60
Instagram @studio568salon

#17: Warm Blonde Wavy Lob with Bangs

warm blonde wavy lob with bangs is a beautiful hairstyle and color! The golden tones give the look shine, while the added waves show off this color’s amazing hue! You can wear this hairstyle with natural curls, or you could also use an iron or wand to add waves. Be sure to use a good thermal protectant to protect your color.

#18: Medium Layers and Caramel Highlights

For a trendy color and haircut, caramel highlights with medium-length layers are perfect. The caramel tone gives a soft color and could also help blend any natural greys. With medium to longer layers, your daily styling will be easy. When styling this look at home, use a smoothing cream and a round brush.

Medium Brunette Bob with Natural Greys on Mature Ladies Over Sixty with Glasses
Instagram @steady.stylin

#19: Brunette Bob with Natural Greys

Embrace your natural greys with this brunette bob style. The shape of the cut will give you an edgy result to show off your natural color.

#20: Cute Bob Cut with Blonde Balayage Color

Are you looking for a timeless cut with a color that will help blend gray hair? If so, try a cute bob haircut with a blonde balayage. This style looks best when blown out with a round brush and a volumizing mousse. If you can, try a blow-dryer brush to make styling a little bit easier. When selecting a blow-dryer brush, look for one with multiple heat settings. Stay away from cheap brands with only 1 heat setting as they can get way too hot.

Shoulder-Length Dimensional Blonde-Brown Hair with Feathered Ends for Older Women Over Sixty
Instagram @hairbywendysue

#21: Dimensional Blonde-Brown Hair with Feathered Ends

Ask for a dimensional blonde-brown highlight with feathered ends. Bright money piece hair with chunky highlights will give you a bold blonding effect. It will contrast beautifully with brown in between. This creates an expensive dimensional look. It can blend in the grey with the brighter pieces in the crown and the darker ones underneath.

#22: Classic Icy White Blonde Bob

Try this classy icy white blonde bob. This look is fun and sophisticated.

Burgundy Red for 60-year-old Women's Short Sharp Choppy Haircut
Instagram @radhahair8

#23: Burgundy Red for Short Choppy Haircut

If you love having red hair, try this burgundy red for choppy short hair. Reds are typically a more high-maintenance color. So plan to schedule more salon visits for toners and or color refreshes.

Deep Side-Parted Short Hair with Warm Buttery Blonde Highlights on Older Ladies Over 60
Instagram @hairbyaae

#24: Deep Side-Parted Short Hair with Warm Buttery Blonde Highlights

This short hair with warm buttery blonde highlights is a great look for fine hair. Be sure to use a good volume mousse for styling.

Strawberry Blonde with Medium-Length Layers for Women Ages 60 and Up
Instagram @hairby.stacie

#25: Strawberry Blonde with Medium-Length Layers

A strawberry blonde with medium-length layers is a great option if you’re a natural blonde. You can easily have your stylist layer a strawberry gloss over your existing color to give you this vibe.

Short Crop with Bleached Pink Tone for Seniors Over 60
Instagram @saralocks.hair

#26: Short Crop with Bleached Pink Tone

Try this short crop with a pink tone if you have short hair. This look is so fun and chic. Keep in mind, pastel colors do fade quickly. So plan to book regular in-salon visits for toners to keep that pink sparkling.

#27: Dark Chocolate on Tapered Pixie

Try this dark chocolate color on a tapered pixie. This would be a great low-maintenance color if you naturally have dark hair. The warmth in the chocolate shade gives the hair tons of shine.

#28: Blended Grey and Brown for Asymmetrical Pixie

Try adding brown highlights to your hair if you are looking to add dimension to your grey hair. You can add a bit more edge by going asymmetrical with your cut.

Short Black Hair with Ash Highlights on Women Over 60 Wearing Specs
Instagram @laireoliveiraa

#29: Short Black Hair with Ash Highlights

Try adding highlights if you have short black hair. This will help give your dark hair the illusion of added texture.

Cool Ashy Highlights and Lowlights for 60-Year-Old Ladies with Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @frankys.girl.hair.etc

#30: Cool Ashy Highlights and Lowlights

When converting colored hair to your natural grey, you can start doing highlights and lowlights. Add tones that reflect your natural shade. A beautiful way to compliment your grow-out is by following the color patterns in your hair. All greys are not created equal. It’s key to know how much you have in the hair. Sometimes bold lowlights are necessary to blend in the pepper throughout the hair.

Short White Pixie with Pastel Highlights for Older Women Past 60 with Thin Hair and Eyeglasses
Instagram @brookeataura

#31: White Pixie with Pastel Highlights

Try this white pixie with pastel highlights. The pastel shade helps give fine hair the illusion of fullness. Talk with your stylist about maintenance for this look.

Light Copper with Short Choppy Pixie Cut and Layers for Women Over 60
Instagram @hair.by_kk

#32: Light Copper with Choppy Pixie Cut

Try this light copper on a choppy pixie for a new look! This look is best styled with a texture and shine spray.

#33: Light Blonde Bob with Face-Framing Layers

A mix of cool lowlights and light blonde highlights makes your hair look natural. It brightens your face and blends in grey that may be popping through. Lighter hair is a great option for women over 60 it softens the face and gives a youthful appearance. Face-framing layers that lift the cheekbones are a bonus.

#34: Pastel Cherry for Wispy Pixie

A pastel cherry for a wispy pixie is edgy and chic. For women over 60, cherry or pink may be intimidating when talking about color. In my years of experience, you regret what you don’t do more. Try a beautiful subtle pastel pink that will lighten your eyes with joy.

#35: Short Edgy Hair with Blue-Purple Tones

Ask for a short edgy haircut with blue-purple tones. For fun hair on women over 60, try a textured pixie with soft face-framing bits to show off your feminine side. Pair an edgy cut with an edgy color. For women with darker hair, purple and blue highlights are a great combo to pull this off. Try Pulp Riot Velvet and Nightful Blue They’re known for their high-end results and long-lasting semi-permanent shades.

#36: Dark Hair with Pink and Purple Streaks

Dark hair with pink and purple streaks is for edgy women in their sixties. This color says geode to me. Women in the later years looking to add some edge, try a fun panel of colors behind the ear for a little flair. Keeping everything natural and bleaching out a block of color will give you a subtle yet edgy style. Pick what shades suit you this month, and try different colors for fun.

Bright Blonde Highlights on Short Dark-Colored Hair for 60-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @detahair

#37: Bright Blonde Highlights on Dark-Colored Hair

Bright blonde highlights on dark-colored hair are a high-impact hair color. This stylish and trendy method of highlighting is ideal for creating a soft blend with your natural hair color. Pair these highlights with a flattering and edgy haircut. It’s the perfect approach for a new refreshing hairstyle.

Rich Chocolate Brown for Older Women Over Sixty's Short Curls
Instagram @themaneroom_

#38: Rich Chocolate Brown Curls

Rich chocolate brown curls are a stand-out way to enhance your natural texture. These gorgeous curls are defined and full. Adding in some simple baby highlights and rich tones can add depth to your natural curl pattern.

#39: Ash Blonde Chin Bob

Try this ash blonde bob. This popular look is soft and textured. It will make younger girls wish they had your hair!

Silver and Brown Color Block on Shoulder-Length Hair for Women Over 60
Instagram @xc.hairr

#40: Silver and Brown Color Block

This silver and brown color block is stunning! It’s a cool and unique look that will keep you effortlessly on-trend. This is also a great option if you have blonde or black hair.

#41: Rose Gold for Sleek Short Hair

Ask about a rose gold color for your sleek short hair. It’s the perfect strawberry rose gold for women in their 60s. Combining cool and warm tones creates a balanced color without too much brass. For those with fair skin, this color compliments well.

#42: Golden Blonde for Pixie Bowl Cut

Doing a golden blonde for a pixie bowl cut with a shattered texture is an edgy and funky way to wear your short style. This modern take on a traditional pixie haircut adds soft movement and texture to the crown. Try a feathered effect around your hairline to highlight your natural facial features.

#43: Very Short Hair with Ash Gray Tones

Very short hair with ash-gray tones is a great way to embrace your natural silver hair. This elegant hair color is perfect for women wanting to grow their natural grey hair. I recommend growing your roots in about 3 or 4 inches. Then do a big chop like this to help with the grow-out journey. You can also use purple or blue shampoo to keep your natural silver tones bright in appearance.

#44: Sandy Blonde Balayage with Voluminous Waves

A sandy blonde balayage with waves is an eye-catching way to be a soft dimensional blonde. This attention-getting color is ideal for women wanting a low-maintenance, high-impact color. I recommend doing brighter money pieces around the face-framing for longevity in color.

Platinum White Pixie Hair for Seniors Aged 60
Instagram @hair.by.malia

#45: Platinum White Pixie Hair

A platinum white pixie hair cut is a chic and classic style. This silver-white hair is beautiful and ideal for different types of skin tones. If you grow out your white or silver hair, you may want to consider a bog chop like this one. Silver or white is the perfect hair color for any low-maintenance lady.

As we age, our hair and skin change, and the hair colors that once suited us may no longer be the most flattering choice. Elaine Travis, a renowned color specialist, shares her expertise and experience in helping women over 60 find the perfect hair color to enhance their beauty. In this exclusive interview, Travis provides valuable advice on hair colors, maintenance, and consultations.

Meet The Expert

Elaine Travis
Elaine Travis
Elaine is an expert hair colorist with over 37 years of experience.
You can find Elaine at Expert Color Solutions in Lafayette Hill, PA

Choosing the Right Hair Color

According to Travis, one of the biggest challenges is when women cling to the cut and color they’ve had their whole lives. To find the ideal hair color for women over 60, she emphasizes the importance of considering their evolving skin tone. Travis explains, “As we age, our skin tone changes, and deep dark brown or bleach blonde hair may no longer be the most flattering choice.”

To create a custom hair color formulation, she takes into account the client’s eye color and skin tone. Determining whether the skin leans towards yellow or pink helps identify warm or cool undertones. The color of the eyes and flecks within them also influences the choice of blonde shades to avoid brassiness.

Maintaining Hair Colors

Travis stresses the significance of proper aftercare to maintain the vibrancy and shine of hair colors for women over 60. She shares her observation of clients investing in luxurious handbags but hesitating to purchase professional shampoos and conditioners to maintain their color, claiming it’s “too expensive.” Travis recommends using high-quality products specifically designed for color-treated hair to address this.

One of her favorites is Virtue, known for its ability to strengthen hair. Additionally, she highlights the importance of sticking to a color retouch schedule to prevent banding. Stretching out appointments might seem cost-effective initially, but it often leads to more expensive corrective color situations.

Effective Communication with Your Colorist/Stylist

Open communication between women over 60 and their colorist/stylist is crucial for a successful hair color transformation. Travis emphasizes the importance of thorough color consultations beyond showing a Pinterest photo to the stylist.

The focus should be discussing the maintenance requirements to achieve and sustain the desired look. For instance, Travis mentions that she refrains from performing global bleaching services unless the client agrees to regular retouches every three weeks. If this level of maintenance doesn’t align with their preferences, alternative approaches using intentional dimensions are explored.

Furthermore, Travis encourages women to discuss the cost of the service upfront, ensuring transparency and avoiding any surprises at the end. By providing two options according to the client’s budget, Travis helps alleviate the anxiety of unexpected expenses.

Pictures of the Best Hair Colors for Women Over 60