Top 10 Winter Hair Colors for Women In Their 60s (2024 Season)

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Winter hair colors for women over 60 freshen up the tresses with luscious, cool-toned hues. These include any shades that both complement and contrast the cold-weather ambiance.

What tops off your cozy, stylish look best other than a brand new hair color? You can go as vivid as blonde and red or as rich as black and brunette.

Neutral tones are also in and practical, so pick any color between super light and dark hues.

Modern women desire dimensional and low-maintenance colors, which makes balayage quite an option.

Balayage allows the added color to blend in your natural mane, creating dimension and contrast. You wouldn’t see a distinctive, harsh line as your hair grows out. Opt for a permanent color to conceal grey strands if you have a few.

This is the season for one stunning glow-up! Check out these images of the trendiest ways to wear winter hair colors for ladies in their 60s!


#1: Rich Chestnut

Try a deep winter color that is rich like chestnut. Perfect for women over 60, chestnut adds depth to facial features and may require regular salon visits for new growth.

Dark Brown with Warm Highlights and a Money Piece

#2 Dark Brown with Warm Highlights and a Money Piece

Looking for that perfect blend of elegance and trendiness? Try this chestnut delight with warm, sun-kissed highlights. Ideal for women over 60, this style brings a soft, youthful radiance to your face, while the layers add volume and movement, keeping the look fresh and vibrant. It’s low-maintenance but may need a touch-up now and then to keep the grays at bay. It’s a great match for those with a dynamic spirit and a taste for subtlety!

#3: Subtle Black and Eggplant Blend

A great option for women over 60, subtle black with an eggplant blend is a beautiful winter color. Deep and striking, an eggplant blend is perfect for those looking to add boldness to their look.

#4: Copper

Choose a copper color to add a naturally beautiful warmth to hair. A great option for women over 60, coppers are youthful and trendy for winter. Color safe shampoo could be important for at home maintenance.

Black Cherry
Instagram @hairbynickieb

#5: Black Cherry

Black with a hue of cherry is a gorgeous option for winter hair. Perfect for women over 60, cherry colors add shine and depth to mature hair.

#6: Bright White Blonde

Choose a white blonde that is beautifully bright. A great option for women over 60, white blonde brings brightness to the face for a stunning winter hair color.

#7: Muted Eggplant Highlights

Muted eggplant highlights create a flattering, fresh tint that blends well with natural dark tresses. The dimension looks subtle yet striking, making this color trend suitable even for older ladies!

#8: Dimensional Golden Honey Highlights

Dimensional golden honey highlights offer a warm and luscious tone that actually fits the cozy weather. The color looks classic and a perfect choice for 60-year-old beauties with a fair skin tone. You’ll love it on a short haircut like a bob or pixie!

Mushroom Brown with Blocked Blonde Highlights
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#9: Mushroom Brown with Blocked Blonde Highlights

A shade of mushroom brown with blocked blonde highlights will strip years off women’s age! The combination and placement of hues are an upgrade to classic brown locks. This color includes face-framing highlights that are much visible if paired with a mid-length chop.

#10: Cinnamon Red

A rich cinnamon red is sure to add spice to the colors of the winter season. It looks bold and fun to wear! This hair inspiration is low-maintenance if you’re a natural redhead.