Top 10 Winter Hair Colors for Women Over 50 in 2023

winter hair colors for women over 50
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Winter hair colors for ladies in their 50s are about flattering shades that match the frosty weather. Cool-toned blondes and browns are the ones very popular during this cozy season.

For stunning women in their 50s, grey strands may start to appear. You may see a bunch in the roots or just a few pieces that blend in your natural tresses. Either embrace them or choose vibrant babylights for a change.

Fine highlights conceal greys while adding a natural-looking dimension to hair. These are even better if done with balayage, resulting in a lower-maintenance color. Blonde is an excellent option as the hue fuses with grey hair well.

If you have natural dark tresses and want soft highlights, brown shades are your go-to. There are chocolate, chestnut, caramel, copper, and a lot more other hues. If feeling adventurous, try fashion colors such as blue and strawberry and go as subtle as you wish.

For whatever shade you pick, make sure it flatters your skin tone and enhances your eye color. Get tips from a professional stylist, if need be.

Here are images of 2023 trendy winter hair colors for women over 50 here.

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#1: Mmm Merlot

A merlot is a color full of shine, and beauty. To achieve this look, ask your stylist for a dimensional red brown color. These warm red tones are ideal for the winter and holiday season.

#2: Hickory Brown

Hickory brown is the perfect winter color. It’s rich, warm and super shiny which is the ideal color for mid-aged women. The brown base complements women with warm complexions. This low-maintenance color will definitely get you tons of compliments.

#3: Gingerbread Hue

Consider a gingerbread hue during the colder months. Warm tones are the absolute best opinion especially around the holiday season. To get this tone, ask your colorist for a chocolate red and to leave the roots a shade darker.

#4: Umber Brown

Umber brown is a beautiful tone of matt chocolate brown. Great color for older women with warmer complexions. This color will definitely make your eyes shine.

Dark espresso hair color
Instagram @justkoz333

#5: Dark Espresso

Consider dark espresso if you’re wanting to add some richness into your hair. It’s the perfect color during the winter – full of depth and shine.

#6: Red Highlights on Dark Hair

Consider red highlights on dark hair if you’re looking for an edgy style. The contrast between the tones will make the red highlights pop, giving the overall style movement and dimension.

#7: Wheat Color Melt on a Brown Base

Wheat color melt on a brown base is a flawless way to add brightness without going blonde. The money piece adds tons of brightness around the face, while still having contrast between the shades. Style with soft curls, to show off the beauty and dimension of this color.

#8: Subtle Dark Burgundy Highlights on Dark Hair

Consider dark burgundy highlights on dark hair if you’re looking for a subtle change. To get this look, ask your colorist for a tone-on-tone foliage with a heavy money piece for brightness around the face.

Vibrant burgundy hair color
Instagram @mavo_hair

#9: Vibrant Burgundy

Vibrant burgundy tones will definitely get you complements. The vibrancy keeps this look very funky and stylish. Perfect for middle-aged women that aren’t willing to give up their youthfulness. Style this look is a soft curtain bang and beautiful voluminous curls.

Cool Brown with Subtle Money Piece Highlights
Instagram @poderiomadrid

#10: Cool Brown with Subtle Money Piece Highlights

Cool brown hair with a subtle money piece and highlights are the perfect combination for low-maintenance. This color is full of dimension, a dark shadow root for a soft grow out, and a money piece to keep the overall color looking bright. This color is very trendy, especially for mature women wanting to stay stylish.

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