45 Examples That Prove White Blonde Hair Is In for 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

White-blonde hair is the coolest shade of blonde defined by its icy tones. Did you know that white is the last shade you can choose on the blonde color spectrum?

This icy shade is a rising hair color trend and celebrities like Taylor Swift, Elle Fanning, and of course, the Kardashians have been rocking this hue lately.

If you’re a brunette considering getting this delicate hue, but be aware of the meticulous process that involves bleaching, strengthening, and moisturizing needed to reach your blonde goals. Obviously, it takes a lot of time and patience to achieve this color, and taking care of it is also a big commitment. However, the captivating result that you would get when donning snow blonde locks is certainly worth the try!

Before your next hair color appointment, check out these popular and inspiring pictures of white-blonde hair colors!

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Gorgeous White Blonde Highlights on Blonde Hair
Instagram @meg.boikehair

#1: Gorgeous White Blonde Highlights on Blonde Hair

Brighten up your brassy blonde hair with white blonde highlights, and look stunning every day! Emphasize the white highlights even better by styling your locks with loose beach waves.

#2: Long Waved White Blonde Hair

This stunning long, waved white blonde hair is a showstopper! If your hair is naturally light, this would be a very wary color. Try to avoid this if you want a low-maintenance color.

White Bright Blonde Blunt Cut with Waves
Instagram @denizsatir.hairstylist

#3: Bright Blonde Blunt Cut with Waves

A bright blonde blunt cut with waves is chic and trendy. Typically when lightening hair, there’s a bit of stress it leaves on the hair. I suggest doing a medium blunt cut to help alleviate any damage that may have occurred. Plus, it will create the illusion of thickness. Ask for a blunt one-length haircut with an airy texture to create movement. I also recommend using a larger barrel curling iron to create loose waves. My favorite is the T3 Singlepass Curl 1.25″.

#4: Icy White Blonde with Face-Framing Pink Bangs

Icy white blonde with face-framing pink bangs is a bold take on color blocking. It’s also a creative way to add vivid to your blonde hair. If your hair is bleached and you enjoy fashion colors, a color-blocking method can be a fun way to change your style. Opt for soft tones like pink or purple for an easy transition back to blonde.

#5: Jaw-Dropping White Blonde Long Hair

Jaw-dropping white blonde long hair is a gorgeous color for those who want to stand out. In most cases, using a lightener is the way to go in order to get light enough. Ask your stylist what it will take to achieve a white-blonde color. Having light blonde hair myself, I know that it’s high-maintenance but totally worth it.

#6: Icy Choppy Layered Bob Cut

If you’re looking for a drastic spin on your textured cut, ask for your stylist to make you a platinum blonde. This is a high maintenance blonde investment. But if you are willing to commit, your hair will obtain its health and keep your tone flawless. Don’t forget to inform your stylist about any color or chemical history you’ve had done in the past 2-3 years. You’re stylist might want to do a strand test to see how your hair will lighten and to check it’s integrity.

#7: Adorable White Champagne Blonde Bob

If you are looking for a classic statement, try an adorable white champagne blonde bob. Instead of asking for a platinum white tone, talk to your stylist about this softer option. Having a bit of warmth in the blonde is more youthful and light reflective.

Bright White Blonde Medium-Length Layers
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#8: Bright White Blonde Medium-Length Layers

White blonde hair looks amazing. If you want to be as blonde as possible, ask for back-to-back highlights or an all-over pre-lightener. Your stylist will be able to advise the best path. The only drawback if you decide to go full-on blonde is the regrowth. You must be prepared to see your stylist at the recommended time frame given. It’s the best way to keep your color looking fresh.

#9: Chic Ice White Blonde Bob

If you have virgin hair and want to be blonde, all you need is a bleach out. I suggest getting a strand test done prior to booking an appointment. That way, your stylist has more insight into what your hair will need to achieve your hair goal. When getting a bleach out, remember you will have to keep your appointments every 4-5 weeks. This way, you do not end up with discolored banding. You will want to go without washing your hair for a minimum of 2 days before the day of your appointment.

Stunning Mid-Length Icy White Blonde Straight Hair
Instagram @jordanz123

#10: Stunning Mid-Length Icy White Straight Hair

Try mid-length, straight hair if you don’t mind a little more maintenance. Keeping your hair a beautiful icy white can mean more frequent salon visits and a more extensive at-home care routine, but is so worth it.

Gorgeous White Blonde Hair with Pink Tips
Instagram @lanhhair

#11: Gorgeous White Blonde Hair with Pink Tips

A perfect addition to a creamy white blonde is a playful pink hue. Be sure to ask for a softer pink if you aren’t looking for a long haul tone. This will wash out and reveal your perfect blonde tone underneath.

#12: Short Fluffy White Creamy Blonde Hair

Consider doing a short fluffy white creamy blonde to brighten your face. If you’re wanting to try this color it’s best for naturally lighter hair. I wouldn’t recommend this color if you have really dark hair, it could cause too much damage going this light. In order to maintain this white creamy blonde, I suggest having your stylist do a toner every 4-6 weeks.

#13: Long Flowing White Blonde Curls

Long flowing white blonde curls are the perfect style for any occasion. When you finish curling your hair, try combing through the curls with a wide tooth comb. This will help you to achieve soft and classy waves. Be sure that you have let the curls fully cool off before doing this, or you may end up combing them out completely.

#14: Long White Blonde Waves

If you are looking for long white blonde waves, the best practice is to have a really great hair routine. To keep your hair long, strong, and healthy, make sure you do hair treatments often. While between maintenance appointments, purple shampoo can keep your hair bright and cool-toned. This will help to avoid the yellow undertone of bleached hair.

Tousled White Blonde Bob with a Side Part
Instagram @romeufelipe

#15: Tousled White Blonde Bob with a Side Part

Try a tousled white-blonde bob with side parting if you want to turn heads. Light blonde like this is hard to achieve so make sure you’re seeing an experienced colorist and using the right products to maintain it.

#16: Sexy White and Silver Blonde

White and silver-blonde can be so tricky and oh so beautiful, all at the same time! In order to achieve such colors, you have to make sure to lighten your natural hair all the way down to the palest blonde that exists. You must also do this in such a way that you maintain the healthiest version of the hair possible. If you are starting to see a little more gray in your new growth of hair, don’t freak out! Silver/white blonde is the perfect way to keep up with the trends. For any woman, but especially ladies with naturally darker hair, this is a very high-maintenance look. It does require frequent visits to your stylist for touchups on new growth, and also new toners to get rid of any unwanted tones.

#17: Beautiful Ash White Blonde Shade

Lighten up your look with a cool ash white hair shade on your long wavy hair for enchanting ice queen vibes! A white blonde shade flatters a fair or light skin tone the best.

#18: White as Snow on Shoulder-Length Tresses

White blond hair is the Lamborghini of blondes. It’s the most sought-after blonde of all time. I call it “Mother of Pearl,” because of its luxurious tone. This color is not cheap! If you think you’re going to go this light and use cheap aftercare products or go to a non-professional colorist who is not experienced in blondes, be ready to shave your hair off and/or spend hundreds of dollars on products trying to fix it.

Do your research beforehand and don’t be afraid to interview your colorist about their past experience and about your hair type, texture, pigment, and if it’s even possible to achieve this color.

Dimensional white blonde hair with ashy tones
Instagram @maggiemh

#19: Dimensional White Blonde Hair With Ashy Tones

Combine summer and winter with an eye-catchy melt of beach and platinum blonds! Such a shade of ashy blonde looks beautiful on neutral to tan skin.

White Ice on Choppy Haircut
Instagram @lana___x3

#20: White Ice on a Choppy Haircut

Live your life best as a blonde with a super edgy version of platinum! Textured ends and wavy layers add glam to your style!

Glimmering White Hair
Instagram @blondetheory_

#21: Glimmering White Hair

Icy white blonde shades, plus the soft waves add texture and movement to your hair, making it so lovely.

#22: Edgy Icy White Bob

Get ready for winter with a divine snow blonde neck-length angled bob cut that suits any complexion. As long as you’re up for the maintenance, you’ll totally be glammed by a white-blonde bob!

Easy Dark to White Blonde Ombre
Instagram @beautybyjodii

#23: Easy Dark to White Blonde Ombre

Don’t wanna go full-on any shades of platinum blonde with your natural brunette hair? Wearing a white blonde ombre is the perfect way to get a feel of this super edgy and mouth-watering shade that makes your hair appear like it was dipped in the snow!

#24: Amazing White Platinum Blonde

A mesmerizing way to show off your marvelous white platinum blonde color is to go silky straight. This creamy blonde on long tresses creates a hairstyle that can make oval and round faces appear narrower.

#25: Flattering Metallic White

An icy-blonde color plus the soft waves add texture and movement to your hair.

#26: Bright Layered Bleach Blonde

Go for an icy white blonde hair that’s the hue that every blonde dreams of! Maintaining an icy look requires regular visits to the salon about every 2-4 weeks for a root touch-up and toner. So if you’re constantly on the go and have a very busy lifestyle, this may not be realistically the best look for you. Also keep in mind that depending on your natural hair color this may not happen in one visit, and that’s okay. You also want to make sure to regularly do a conditioning mask to keep your blonde shiny and healthy. Blonde is beautiful but it does take maintenance.

#27: Streaked White Blonde on Brown Color

Try a very dimensional highlight/lowlight, when you want to create a dirty blonde hue. Use neutral chocolate tones and more icy blonde tones in very fine sections to create a strong contrast, while also blending nicely and not looking “stripey.” This color looks great straight, wavy or curly, but these curls that were made by a 1-inch curling iron really show off all your ribbons of color. Highlights or lowlights, or even both, will add the dimension that solid colors lack. Also by adding light and dark tones, your outgrowth is less harsh which is a win if you want to go a while in between appointments!

#28: Natural-Looking Baby White Blonde on Straight Hair

The naturally-looking baby white blonde hair trend is a wearable lived-in look. Go for a rooty dimensional white blonde that complements your skin tone and haircut. Getting to this level of blonde isn’t always achievable in one session, and upkeep at-home styling products such as oil, heat protectant, and purple shampoo are crucial.

This hair idea is a stunning look but it isn’t for everyone. Consider how much you’re wanting to spend and the time you put in at home to make sure your hair is as good at home even after leaving the salon. Having a good consultation with your stylist is key when trying to achieve this color.

Trendy Short Hair with a White Blonde Hue
Instagram @@k_one_artist_

#29: Trendy Short Hair with a White Blonde Hue

A white-blonde hair color looks great with lixies. The color does the speaking, so super relaxed styling is essential for this. Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo to keep clean from air pollution, which can build on your hair and is visible on blondes, and gives you brassy yellow tones! Follow that with a toning treatment, which will nourish your hair with hydration but also has the violet tones to give it that extra clean blonde feel. Try Christophe Robin “baby blonde.”

The ideal woman for this would have to be a girl with a natural base of a dark ash blonde. For the lightening process to be gentle on your hair, however, mix a Plex product in with your color.

#30: Modern Dark Roots with White Blonde

It’s a low-maintenance approach to platinum white hair with dark roots. By having a dark or shadow at your root, you’re able to effortlessly grow out your hair without any harsh lines.

Go through a lengthy consultation to determine what style would be best for you. If you can make it into the salon every 6-8 weeks and want to be super blonde, you can go for highlights or on-scalp bleach. If you can only come in every 3-6 months, try a shadow root or even a foilayage method, something with a more blended root area.

White Blonde Before and After Makeover
Instagram @brittany.glam

#31: White Blonde Before and After Makeover

Check out this incredible wheat blonde to white blonde hair makeover done by colorist Brittany. She used Schwarzkopf Professional hair dye to achieve a bright white hue.

Mature Silver White Blonde
Instagram @erinm_hair

#32: Mature Silver White Blonde

Try a silver blonde hair color because its cool, ashy tones can really brighten up your face. The color is sure to bring out your best facial feature. Just make sure to opt for a professional service to avoid having fried, damaged hair.

Rooted White Chocolate Blonde
Instagram @studioillume

#33: Rooted White Chocolate Blonde

Lets amp up your natural color with a white chocolate hue! The roots are kept dark, so brunette ladies can wear blonde that would require less maintenance.

Trendsetting White grey blonde hair color
Instagram @skyxhair

#34: Trendsetting White Grey Blonde

White grey blonde hair color is such a hair goal! If you’re a natural blonde, this shade is ideal to give your locks a subtle dimension.

Trendy Brown and white blonde balayage
Instagram @hairbyraay

#35: TrendyBrown and White Blonde Balayage

A brown and white blonde balayage creates a cute and trendy color melt effect, and can be enhanced with beach waves. It’s a low-maintenance blonde hue if you have natural brown hair.

#36: Yummy White Buttery Blonde

A white blonde hair color that’s as buttery as this one makes your tresses look healthier and fuller. It’s a bonus that this shade gives you that Barbie-like white blonde color, too!

Sweet white blonde bob for older women
Instagram @salonsstyles

#37: Sweet White Blonde Bob for Older Women

If you’re an older woman, a white blonde bob is great way to embrace your hair and stand out! White blonde is the perfect way to start letting your natural gray grow out. Fine to medium texture gives a bob so much bounce and body.

pale white bob
Instagram @hairbyglory_

#38: Pale White Bob

A pale white bob is as classic as it gets. Keep in mind, when going for a pale white blonde color that maintenance is very high. Appointments every 5 weeks are essential to keep up with a bob structure and to keep your blonde looking fresh and not overly grown out.

#39: White Long Pixie for Women Over 60

If you’re over the age of 60 and have fine hair, a white long pixie is the perfect wash-and-go style. This is the cut for you if you’re in need of a quick styling routine and want to look stylish. Try a texture spray or cream to enhance your layers and add shine.

sleek white a-line bob
Instagram @mo_raven

#40: Sleek White A-Line Bob

A sleek white a-line bob is the perfect look if you want a polished but edgy look. Sleek white hair is very high maintenance and requires more upkeep and maintenance appointments, so this is a color better suited for you if you enjoy the salon and like to dedicate time to your hair. An a-line bob is a classic, timeless cut that can be dressed up for a polished and professional style or dressed down and disheveled for a more relaxed and natural look. To keep your white hair looking bright and to prevent yellowing of your hair, try Nook The Service Color purple shampoo to add longevity to your color.

Romantic platinum blonde blunt cut
Instagram @yukistylist

#41: Romantic Platinum Blonde Blunt Cut

Platinum blondes can appear thicker and fuller with a short, blunt cut. Shorter crops and full fringe allow this trendy tone to appear less translucent and fuller. Keep your look by utilizing bang trims from your stylist and a toning shampoo in the shower.

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cute bob with a large swoop bang
Instagram @john.n1115

#42: Cute Bob with a Large Swoop Bang

For a fresh, striking, new style try a cute bob paired with a large swoop bang on your platinum blonde hair. Large swooping bangs create height and movement around your face, which builds interest and can be customized. A cute bob haircut can be tailored to individual face shapes and can lend itself to minimizing or emphasizing features that you like or dislike. If you have a long slender neck or face, a short bob can add the illusion of more length.

white blonde spiky pixie cut
Instagram @lambseativy

#43: White Blonde Spiky Pixie Cut

A white blonde spiky pixie cut is edgy, fresh, and exciting. Spiky pixie cuts are quite easy to style and can be customized to work with most facial shapes. A spiky pixie can help round face shapes look more angular, however, it can have the same effect on square face shapes and create harsh lines.

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short white hair for older women
Instagram @blnd.hair

#44: Short White Hair for Older Women

Liven up your white hair with a short haircut if you’re an older women. Side-swept bangs help balance out square face shapes. Style with a root lifting mousse and round brush your top layers and bangs for fullness.

#45: Medium-Length White Blonde with Feathered Layers

If you’re a woman with thick hair that gets too bulky, a medium-length white blonde with feathered layers will add much needed movement into your style. Shattering your cut with tons of feathered layers will help a ton with styling a voluminous blowout!

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