25 Watermelon Hair Ideas That Will Make You Want to Dye Your Hair ASAP

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Embracing pink and green hair is like treating yourself to a slice of summer all year round. Imagine the vibrant hues of a watermelon—luscious pink with that fresh touch of green—transforming your look into a stunning statement of boldness and creativity. Choosing this color combination is not just about standing out; it’s about expressing a playful, artistic side that thrives on dynamic contrast.

Whether you opt for a daring all-over color or a subtler blend of hues through techniques like balayage or ombré, pink and green hair brings a fresh vibe that’s as eye-catching as it is delightful. Ready to rock a look that’s as fun as it is fearless? Let these colors inspire your next bold move in hairstyling!

A woman's back view showing her long, wavy hair with a vibrant mix of green and pink tints, achieving a dynamic and colorful watermelon-inspired look.

#1 Luminous Watermelon Hair Tints

This hairstyle is an exquisite blend of vibrant greens and pinks, creating a luminous and playful look. The strategic placement of colors not only accentuates the layered waves but also adds a multi-dimensional effect that enhances the overall volume and movement of the hair. This style is particularly effective on medium to thick hair, allowing each tint to stand out without blending too seamlessly, thus maintaining the impact of each color. While the look is visually stunning and full of personality, it requires regular maintenance to keep the colors vibrant and the hair healthy. This hairstyle is perfect for someone looking for a unique, eye-catching style that reflects a bold and artistic personality.

A young woman with a medium-length wavy bob, featuring a color transition from deep pink at the roots through brighter pink to green at the tips, framing her face with a bold watermelon palette.

#2 Bold Watermelon Hair Frame

This style is a cheerful and expressive way to frame the face with vibrant colors. The roots begin in a lush, deep pink, flowing into a playful wave of bright pink, and finally transition into a vivid green at the ends, adding a surprising twist to the classic bob. The waves add texture and volume, enhancing the color transition and making it perfect for those with naturally straight or slightly wavy hair. This hairstyle is fantastic for adding a pop of color while keeping styling relatively simple. However, maintaining such vibrant colors requires regular touch-ups to keep the hair looking fresh and vibrant. This look is ideal for those who want to stand out and are ready to embrace the maintenance needed for such dynamic hues.

A young woman with long, straight hair featuring pink to green gradient hair extensions, creating a radiant watermelon effect.

#3 Radiant Watermelon Hair Extensions

This look showcases radiant watermelon hair extensions, blending a bright pink top into a lively green bottom. It’s a fantastic way to experiment with color without committing to permanent dye, ideal for anyone with straight to slightly wavy hair. The seamless integration of these extensions offers a natural yet bold appearance. The advantage here is the flexibility to change your look without the need for frequent color maintenance. However, it’s important to match the extension quality with your natural hair for a believable blend. Perfect for those who desire a pop of color for special occasions or seasonal fun.

A woman with long, wavy blonde hair featuring subtle peekaboo highlights in soft pastel pink and green, adding a playful touch to her look.

#4 Flirty Watermelon Peekaboo Highlights

This delightful hairstyle showcases flirty watermelon peekaboo highlights that offer a subtle yet playful pop of color. The soft pastel pink and green highlights are carefully hidden underneath the natural blonde waves, creating a lovely surprise of color that shows through with movement. This technique is great for those with light to medium blonde hair, allowing them to experiment with color without overwhelming their natural hue. The peekaboo highlights are low-maintenance compared to a full-color change and provide a unique twist to your style without the commitment of vibrant all-over color. Perfect for adding a bit of whimsy to your everyday look!

A woman with naturally curly hair featuring vibrant pink and green highlights, creating a playful and colorful look that enhances the lively texture of her curls.

#5 Lively Watermelon Curl Accents

The lively watermelon curl accents hairstyle is a stunning display of creativity and color, showcasing a vibrant mix of pink and green hues that dance through naturally curly hair. This look enhances the playful curls with rich watermelon-inspired tones, adding an element of whimsy and brightness. The varied shades are strategically placed to highlight the natural volume and bounce of the curls, creating a dynamic and eye-catching effect. This style is ideal for those with naturally curly hair, as it embraces and enhances the texture, offering a colorful way to showcase individuality. While undeniably charming and full of life, this hairstyle requires careful maintenance to keep the curls defined and the colors vivid. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a spirited, bold look and is committed to the upkeep needed for such a vibrant style.

A woman's long, straight hair displaying a dramatic color transition from lime green at the roots through yellow to flamingo pink and red at the tips, embodying a fiery watermelon-inspired look.

#6 Blushing Watermelon Smooth Transition

The hairstyle captivates with its vibrant and smooth gradient from a brilliant lime green at the roots to a flamingo pink and fiery red at the ends. This daring color palette is expertly blended to ensure a seamless flow of hues, highlighting the sleek, straight texture of the hair. The vivid contrast not only enhances the overall style but also provides an exciting, lively look ideal for thick, straight hair, as it showcases the transition without any disruption. While this hairstyle is striking and full of personality, maintaining such intense colors requires regular salon visits to keep the hues bright and fresh. It’s a perfect choice for those who embrace bold fashion statements and are committed to the upkeep of their vibrant locks.

A woman with long wavy hair featuring a vibrant transition from deep magenta to bright lime green, embodying a bold and dramatic watermelon-inspired color scheme.

#7 Deep Watermelon Hair Hue Transition

This stunning hairstyle shows a rich, vibrant progression from deep magenta at the roots to a bright lime green at the tips. The color choice is bold and intense, making it perfect for someone who wants their hair to stand out in a crowd. The long layers and soft waves amplify the visual impact of the color transition, providing a fluid movement that beautifully showcases the hue variation. This style is particularly suited for thick hair, as it allows the colors to blend seamlessly while maintaining the health and structure of the hair. However, such a dramatic color change does require significant maintenance to ensure the colors remain vivid and the hair remains healthy. Ideal for the daring, ready to commit to the upkeep necessary to preserve this dynamic look.

A woman over 40 with a stylish bob haircut featuring a gradient from bright pink to green, portraying an elegant yet bold look.

#8 Elegant Watermelon Hairstyle for Women over 40

This elegant bob cut with watermelon colors provides a fresh, modern twist on classic style for women over 40. The vibrant pink at the roots, merging seamlessly into a rich green at the ends, makes a bold statement while the sharp, clean lines of the bob keep it sophisticated and manageable. This style works exceptionally well for fine to medium hair textures, offering an illusion of thicker, fuller hair due to the depth created by the dual-tone color. Although striking, the look requires upkeep to maintain the clarity of the hues and the crispness of the cut. It’s perfect for those who want to embrace a daring yet polished look, balancing bold colors with an age-appropriate cut.

A young woman with long, layered hair beautifully transitioning from pink at the roots to green at the tips, embodying a vibrant watermelon-inspired look.

#9 Watermelon Splash Layered Cut

This cut offers an eye-catching gradient from vibrant pink roots to lush green ends, perfectly layered to enhance the hair’s natural volume and movement. The long, flowing style is ideal for those with medium to thick hair textures, as it provides a fantastic canvas to display the dramatic shift in colors while maintaining a smooth, healthy look. The strategic layering helps lighten the weight of the hair, making it more manageable and stylish. While the colors are bold and beautiful, they require a commitment to upkeep to prevent fading and maintain the integrity of the hues. This hairstyle is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement and willing to invest in the necessary care.

An older woman with long wavy hair colored in a gradient from bright pink to seafoam green, exemplifying a bold and stylish choice for aging gracefully.

#10 Watermelon Hair for Older Women

This vibrant watermelon hair color showcases a lively transition from bright pink at the roots to a rich seafoam green at the tips, demonstrating that style knows no age. The soft waves complement the natural texture of graying hair, blending the colors smoothly for a youthful yet sophisticated look. This style is perfect for older women who want to maintain a sense of fun and vibrancy in their appearance. While absolutely charming, this color choice does require maintenance to keep the colors vibrant and the hair healthy. It’s a fabulous option for those who aren’t shy about making bold statements and are committed to regular salon visits.

A smiling young woman with tightly curled hair, showcasing a bright transition from pink at the roots to green at the tips.

#11 Captivating Watermelon Curls

These captivating watermelon curls are a perfect choice for anyone looking to embrace a fun and vibrant aesthetic. The tight curls emphasize the stunning contrast between the hot pink and vivid green, making this style a real eye-catcher. This look is great for naturally curly or permed hair, which holds the dye well and showcases the depth of the two-tone color magnificently. While absolutely striking, this style does come with the need for routine upkeep to keep the curls well-defined and the colors bright. It’s a fantastic selection for the bold, but be ready for the maintenance that such a vivid and textured hairstyle demands.

A woman with a sleek bob haircut, featuring a gradient from pink at the roots to green at the tips, styled straight.

#12 Sleek Watermelon Bob

This sleek bob is a playful take on modern hair color trends, featuring a soft gradient from a lush watermelon pink at the roots to a vibrant green at the tips. This cut’s neat, blunt lines enhance the dramatic color transition, making it a standout choice for anyone with straight, fine hair looking for a low-maintenance yet bold look. While this style is edgy and eye-catching, the need for regular salon visits to maintain the crisp color and precise edges can be a downside. This hairstyle could be a fabulous option if you’re looking to inject some fun into your look while keeping styling time to a minimum.

A woman with long, voluminous hair styled in waves, colored in a gradient from vibrant pink at the roots to seafoam green at the ends.

#13 Mystical Watermelon Mermaid Locks

This enchanting hairstyle showcases mystical watermelon mermaid locks, perfect for the bold at heart. The top of the head starts with a vibrant pink that naturally transitions into a mesmerizing seafoam green towards the ends, beautifully accentuating each curl. The colors are ideally suited for someone with naturally thick or artificially volumized hair to support the weight and flow of the waves. While this style is sure to capture attention and compliment a dynamic personality, it does require a commitment to color upkeep to prevent the hues from washing out. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re ready to dive into a full-on fantasy look and are keen on frequent salon visits to maintain the vibrancy.

Long, wavy hair with a subtle watermelon balayage, transitioning from vivid pink at the top to lively green at the tips.

#14 Subtle Watermelon Balayage

This photo captures a beautifully crafted watermelon balayage, where vivid pink melts into a lively green, creating a stunning effect on wavy, long locks. This color technique is ideal for adding depth and dimension to thick hair. The waves enhance the visual transition between the colors, making it a dynamic yet harmonious blend. The balayage method allows for more natural regrowth, which can be a significant advantage for those concerned about maintenance. However, the brightness of these colors might require more frequent color refresh sessions to keep the look vibrant and prevent the hues from turning dull. It’s a perfect choice if you’re seeking something unique with a playful twist, but ready for the upkeep.

An older woman sports a vibrant short pixie cut with bright pink and green colors, demonstrating a bold and youthful hair choice for women over 70.

#15 Charming Watermelon Look for Women over 70

This charming watermelon look for women over 70 showcases a playful and spirited style. The vibrant pink and green colors are styled into a tousled, voluminous short cut that adds a youthful flair to the classic pixie. This hairstyle is perfect for fine hair, as the layers and colors add depth and the illusion of thickness. While the look is energetic and refreshing, maintaining such bright colors can require more frequent visits to the salon to keep the hues lively and prevent fading. This bold color combination is ideal for the vivacious older woman who enjoys expressing her personality and zest for life through her hairstyle.

A young woman sporting an edgy shag haircut with vibrant pink on top transitioning into bright green at the ends, styled in messy layers.

#16 Edgy Watermelon Shag Cut

This edgy watermelon shag cut combines striking hot pink and vivid green hues for a bold, youthful look that’s sure to turn heads. The layered shag cut adds volume and movement, making it a fantastic choice for those with medium density hair wanting a playful, yet manageable style. While the colors provide a vibrant contrast that can enhance facial features, they do require upkeep to maintain their brilliance and prevent the green from fading into a less vibrant hue. This style is perfect for anyone looking to stand out and express a vibrant personality, but consider the commitment to color maintenance.

A woman with long, wavy hair colored in a gradient from deep watermelon pink at the roots to pastel green at the ends.

#17 Watermelon Hair with Pastel Touch

This look is a stunning example of how to blend vivid and pastel tones to create a dynamic yet soft hairstyle. The mix of deep watermelon pink at the roots with lighter pastel green curls towards the ends offers a refreshing twist on the classic wavy long cut. It’s especially flattering for medium to high-density hair that allows the hues to unfold beautifully. However, be aware that achieving and maintaining such a nuanced color blend can involve considerable effort. It’s perfect for those who don’t mind the extra salon visits to keep the colors vibrant and the hair healthy.

A mature woman with a sleek bob hairstyle that gracefully transitions from soft pink at the roots to pastel green at the tips, embodying sophistication with a touch of fun.

#18 Sophisticated Watermelon Style for Women over 60

This sophisticated bob with watermelon coloring is a wonderful example of how contemporary styles can be gracefully adapted for women over 60. The delicate transition from a soft pink at the roots to a pastel green at the tips gives this classic cut a fresh, modern update. The light colors blend beautifully with natural grey hair, making it an ideal choice for those wanting to experiment with color in a subtle, flattering way. While the style is low-maintenance in terms of daily styling, the pastel colors will require regular salon visits to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. This hairstyle is perfect for the mature woman looking to add a playful yet elegant twist to her look.

A woman with long wavy hair in a bold tri-color style, transitioning from vibrant pink at the roots to seafoam green at the tips.

#19 Lush Watermelon Waves

This hairstyle showcases an adventurous tri-color blend of vibrant watermelon pink transitioning into delicate seafoam green at the tips. Ideal for those looking to make a bold statement, this long, wavy style works beautifully on thick hair, ensuring the colors meld seamlessly without losing their individual impact. Note that while visually striking, maintaining such vivid colors can require frequent touch-ups to keep the saturation fresh and avoid fading. This look is perfect for someone wanting to express creativity, but consider the upkeep and potential for damage with regular color treatments.

A stylish pixie cut colored in a watermelon theme with pastel green roots and vibrant pink to coral tones over the crown, creating a playful and low-maintenance hairstyle.

#20 Chic Watermelon Pixie Cut

This playful, chic watermelon pixie cut is as refreshing as it sounds! The style features a bright, pastel green at the roots with a bold transition to pink and coral tones sweeping over the crown. The pixie cut enhances the vibrant colors, allowing for easy maintenance while still making a striking fashion statement. This cut is great for those who prefer a low-maintenance routine but still want to show off their bold personality. It’s a wonderful option for someone looking to update their look with something a little daring and totally adorable. Just remember, while shorter cuts can be easier to manage, the vibrant colors will require regular touch-ups to stay fresh and lively.

Wavy medium-length hair featuring a vibrant watermelon ombre, with green roots blending into pink ends, styled to showcase the bold color transition.

#21 Vibrant Watermelon Ombre

This gorgeous vibrant watermelon ombre style really catches the eye with its brilliant green roots transitioning into a fiery pink towards the tips, all set in lush, wavy locks. It’s a perfect choice for those who love a dramatic, yet playful look. The wavy styling enhances the transition between colors, creating a dynamic visual flow that’s both flirty and fun. This hairstyle is not just about color but also texture, with each wave amplifying the vivid contrast. Keep in mind, the maintenance on a look like this can be high; it requires regular salon visits to keep the colors bright and the hair healthy. It’s an ideal choice for someone who enjoys the spotlight and isn’t afraid of a bit of upkeep!

Short bob hairstyle featuring neon watermelon highlights with sharp contrast between neon green, vivid pink, and a deep black base, styled to showcase the dynamic color play.

#22 Neon Watermelon Highlights

This bold bob showcases striking neon watermelon highlights, an electrifying combination of neon green and vivid pink against a deep black base. The short, structured cut is an excellent canvas for such intense colors, making the highlights pop even more prominently. This hairstyle is perfect for someone looking to blend edgy with playful, but keep in mind, neon colors like these can fade quickly and require maintenance to keep them looking fresh. It’s a fantastic choice for those who love to stand out and are okay with the commitment to upkeep. A bold statement, indeed, for anyone ready to rock this eye-catching look!

Medium-length wavy hair showcasing a unique color transition from green roots to pink lengths, offering a vibrant, playful look.

#23 Pink Hair with Refreshing Green Roots

Here’s a fresh twist on colorful hair: combining soft, romantic pink lengths with a dash of refreshing green at the roots! This medium-length, wavy hairstyle shows off a playful yet seamless transition from bold green roots to a lush pink. The look is fabulous for someone eager to express their fun and youthful side. Plus, the wave adds a lovely dimension, making each color stand out. On the flip side, managing regrowth can be tricky, as you’ll need to balance between maintaining the vibrant root color and the health of your hair. It’s a statement look that’s perfect for those not shy about salon visits to keep those colors looking fresh!

A woman with long, wavy hair exhibits a striking color transition from green to yellow to watermelon pink, creating a vivid and dynamic watermelon sunrise effect.

#24 Watermelon Sunrise Hair Blend

The watermelon sunrise hair blend is a breathtaking display of color mastery, featuring an exquisite blend from vibrant green at the roots through a sunny yellow and into a rich watermelon pink at the ends. This style shines best on long, voluminous waves, which allow for a full showcase of the seamless gradient transition, adding an element of depth and intrigue to the hair. The color palette is energetic and perfect for those looking to express their vibrant personality. While this look is undoubtedly stunning, it requires consistent care and color upkeep to preserve the intensity and prevent the shades from blending into each other undesirably. This hairstyle is ideal for someone who enjoys standing out and is committed to maintaining their bold choice.

Medium-length wavy hair dyed in vibrant green and pink streaks, inspired by watermelon colors, styled to highlight bold color contrasts.

#25 Watermelon Pink Streaks

Oh, this is a fun one! What we’re looking at here is a vibrant watermelon-inspired dye job, blending bright green and vivid pink streaks into medium-length hair. This style is particularly striking due to its bold color contrast and the soft, wavy texture that really makes the colors pop. Ideal for those looking to make a bold statement, this look is best maintained with color-safe hair care products to preserve the intensity of the shades. However, keep in mind that such vibrant colors may require frequent touch-ups to manage fading, which can be a bit of a commitment. For folks ready to stand out, this look is a playful and expressive choice that certainly turns heads!