24 Reasons to Color Your Hair Violet Purple

The best violet hair colors

A violet hair color is a mixture of red and blue tones balanced into a vivid hue. For fun gals who are not afraid to express themselves, one way to show off your vibrant personality (or live your mermaid dreams!) is by wearing a pretty violet shade.

Insta-famous hair colorist Chrissy Rasmussen describes violet hair as the color of the season, and I couldn’t agree more!

To keep this color regal, you’ll have to be level up your at-home hair maintenance since we all know that vivids need more TLC when it comes to upkeep. Ask your trusted colorist for recommendations of the best color-safe products.

Before your next hair color appointment, check out these photos of gorgeous violet hair color ideas!

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Ash Blonde Violet

Ash Blonde Violet hair color
Instagram @lanateam.hair

Take your long locks to the salon and ask for this ash blonde violet hair color. You’ll never go back to having one-colored hair again.

Chocolate and Violet Highlights

Chocolate and violet highlights
Instagram @mzmelly__mel286

Chocolate and violet highlights are well-suited for women who want to start exploring their hair color options. This color combination is perfect for cool skin tones. A rich chocolate color around level 3 or 4 with some violet highlights gives a beautiful contrast. A color like this will be more noticeable outside or under brighter lights. A perfect fit for a fun pop without it being too drastic.

Rose Violet Color

Rose violet color
Instagram @luminesalonkc

A rose violet color is a gorgeous spin to your blonde highlights over brunette hair. Add a rosy violet color over highlights to enhance your brunette locks. This hue is when rose gold meets violet warm brown. A nice change-up from the average blonde highlight and compliments warm and pink skin tones.

Metallic Violet

Metallic violet hair color
Instagram @Kywieczsysian

Metallic violet color is an intriguing color based primarily on its shade. It complements a natural 7 base with some extra highlights to grab the metallic tones. A color like this will fade in about a month and will continue to produce interesting tones along the way.

Auburn with Violet Tones

Auburn with violet tones
Instagram @hairby_ansku

This auburn with violet tones can bring your hair color to life! These subtle but vibrant hues of color will make you stand out from the others. Styling the color with waves will showcase the seamless blend.

Maroon Violet

Maroon violet hair color
Instagram @hairbycydney

The maroon violet is a beautiful color choice for those who want a darker hair color. Try using purple shampoos which contain assets that protect the hair color while cleaning the hair off of dirt.

Cherry Violet Hair

Cherry violet hair
Instagram @hairbygino

Cherry violet hair smoothly blended with dark hair looks stunning on cooler-toned skin. Add in brighter tips for a more bold and fun pop of colors.

Pink Violet Pastel

Pink Violet Pastel
Instagram @cucafeliz.hair

Pinkish hues outshine your normal violet pastel. Who knew one color can make all that multi-tones work, huh? Wear this pastel violet hair colour on long hair and kill that ‘cool girl’ vibe!

Dark Violet

Dark Violet
Instagram @chelseacomptonhair

A deep dark violet hair dye says sexy and mysterious. Hair colors like this go well for a moody dress-up, if you know what I mean.

Dark Red Violet

Dark Red Violet
Instagram @pinkrosestyle

Balayage pretty much worked well with brown and plum hues to create this gorgeous dark red-violet hue. The long, straight hair also did the trick of creating this blanket of red hair color.

Violet and Blue Balayage

Violet and Blue Balayage
Instagram @sokiestylist

One thing that this one got right is that you could never go wrong with violet and blue. Any shade, any hue, any technique. The tones in this cool blue violet hair really go well together.

Violet Brown

Violet Brown
Instagram @maddhairdesigns

This medium-length layered hair of violet-brown creates a multi-dimensional look for this one. It’s amazing what two tones and a perfect cut could do, right? In case you’re afraid to commit to this brown violet color, you’re always welcome to use a semi-permanent hair dye instead.

Violet Hair Highlights

Violet Hair Highlights
Instagram @sarah.alana.rivers

With this one, the violet hair color highlights on black hair might be underappreciated, but it really is the star of the show. Dark hair will never be boring again because of this color idea.

Violet Purple

Violet Purple hair color
Instagram @thegoldglamgirl

Who could have known you could hold the tones of the galaxy on your hair? With the magic of purple violet hair dye and a very willing professional, you could do it!

Platinum Violet

Platinum Violet hair color
Instagram @liannecapsized

Unicorn’s hair may be another proper name for your platinum violet hairstyle. And that’s one of the biggest compliments ever.

Velvet Violet Blonde

This color melt has a soft transition from violet to icy blonde. It was created by hairstylist Kailee Savorgino of Hampshire, IL.

“My favorite thing about this look is the blend,” says Savorgino. “There are no harsh lines, and it effortlessly melts into the blonde. One thing I truly love about this look is that it’s not permanent. Once the violet fades, she would be able to change the colors up and keep it fun.”

Savorgino reminds us that it’s high-maintenance, “so you have to be willing to make an investment in your hair. Fashion colors fade and only last about a couple of weeks. Also, blonde is high-maintenance because you have to keep it toned to the right blonde,” she notes.

Light Violet

This short angled bob with lighter violet tones was handcrafted by stylist and colorist Katerina Polinkova of Belarus.

“A light violet shade works well on medium-length hair. The ombre technique looks great, too. To achieve this cut and color, it took 6 hours,” she explains.

Polinkova says it’s not difficult to care for this light violet hair color and cut at home. “First, only use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. You can use also purple shampoo or no yellow.”

Black Violet Hair Color Idea

This black violet balayage was created by Level 1 stylist Aili Hillstrom of Tacoma, WA.

“It’s a perfect lower-maintenance look for women who want fashion color without needing a retouch every 4-6 weeks,” says Hillstrom. “The best part about a vivid balayage is that you can easily change up the color at each appointment while continuing to let your natural root grow out.”

“These soft waves on violet black hair were achieved with a styling wand and some of my favorite Goldwell products,” she explains.

When considering your next hair color, it’s important to think about hair care, too. Despite the balayage being a lower-maintenance trend, vivid colors require a lot of care.

Burgundy Violet Hair Dye

Burgundy Violet Hair Dye
Instagram @chloekimstyle

The colors that are ash violet (level 4) on top and pink-violet at the bottom create a stunning burgundy hair color. They were created by hairstylist Chloe of Los Angeles, CA.

“She has Asian black hair and a round face. Her hair was bleached, so the top part was damaged already,” she explains. “That’s why I recommended an ombre look! She wanted pink for the bottom part. Asian hair needs 2-3 times bleaching, but we couldn’t go lighter to avoid damage. We made the color ash violet that goes well with pink.”

Dark to Light Violet Ombre

Dark to Light Violet Ombre
Instagram @jewells423

This is a violet to lavender balayage created by stylist Julia Jewell of Seattle, WA.

For this violet gradient hair, Jewell says you’ll definitely need to do a lot of upkeep since purple pastel colors fade tremendously fast. “When summer comes and you’re thinking of going swimming, keep in mind that water, chlorine, or staying in the sun will fade the color, too,” she notes.

To protect your hair from the sun, Jewell recommends buying an SPF hair spray at your local beauty store. “To the woman considering this shade of violet hair, I would say go for it. Just consider you may need to change hues depending on the color of your natural hair and what colors could flush you out. Talk to your stylist to decide which alterations would best fit you,” she adds.

Silver Violet

This silver violet hair is a melted grape pop. It was created by stylist Marysol Vargas of Las Vegas, NV.

When wanting violet hue fashion colors, Vargus always makes her clients aware of how reducing hair washes and washing with cooler water will prevent the hair from fading as much and will make their color last longer. “Also, I love to recommend a good color care shampoo – pretty much anything with low to no sulfates. This will prevent the hair from drying out as well – this and a weekly mask,” she adds.

Dusty Violet-Colored Hair

This dusty violet hair color idea is a smokey lilac shadowed root that was created by hairstylist Cherish Baser of Ann Arbor, MI. “The depth of the root and the splash of vivid blue complements the lived-in party braid,” she notes.

Baser recommends a salon visit every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the color fresh. “This will prevent a line of demarcation in the new growth and keep the smokey silver from fading. Pastels and silvers are a bit higher-maintenance because they tend to fade after about 30 washes,” she explains.

Baser adds, “the braid is a great look that anyone who French braids can do at home. Just section out the mohawk and braid it back. Secure it with a couple of bobby pins and loosen the braid for a lived-in feel. This look can be worn straight or curly!”

Violet Grey

“I would describe this violet grey color as stormy violet waves,” says hairstylist Gabby Gomez of Fresno, CA. “The color is stormy like the grey clouds that come along with a storm, violet from the violet cast in the tone of the color, and wave style that reminisce the sea.”

Gomez encourages you to be realistic about the process, “how long it will take to get there, the number of sessions it will require, and the cost of all the services to achieve the look.” She continues, “if you have naturally dark coarse hair or have the previous color, don’t expect these results in the first session.”

Deep Violet and Purple Hair

Deep Violet and Purple Hair
Instagram @hairbykarab

This deep violet hair color with purple highlights is vibrant and sassy. It was created by hairstylist and colorist Kara Brown of Central Valley, CA.

Brown’s favorite thing about this color is that it’s a great way to add color to your hair without a huge commitment. “I say that because to achieve this color I did a combination of balayage and highlights, leaving some of her natural hair color in between. Doing it that way makes it easier to touch up, and it will fade out a lot nicer versus an all-over solid vibrant color,” she explains.

Brown encourages you to opt for a blunt shoulder-length cut with some textured layers, too. “The texture in the layers will give it movement while keeping the ends blunt will make her hair appear thicker and fuller,” she adds.

This color looks great on all skin tones, and there are so many tones and shades to choose from. If you have a deeper skin tone, the warmer shades of violet look best. Think more on the magenta side, a deep violet, a red/violet, or a red-brown hair color. For fairer skin tones, a blue-based violet or lighter purple hair color will compliment you best. If you tend to have redness in your face, go for a cooler-toned purple.