Tips For Going Back To Your Natural Hair Color

going back to natural hair colorWe are seeing more and more ladies and gents (celebrities included) choosing to go back to their natural hair hues.  For those of us that have been coloring our hair for years, we may not even remember what our natural color is!  If you are thinking about reverting back to your naturally colored locks, here are four key tips to keep your hair healthy and on track to get you back to the color you desire.

#1 Do NOT Try This At Home – As temping as it may be to go buy a box of something from the local drugstore, consult with your stylist or color professional and let them know exactly what you want.  They can then formulate a plan to keep your hair healthy and get it back to its natural ways.

#2 Be Patient – Changing colors, especially if it is a drastic change, is a process.  Remember Katy Perry’s recent change from dark tresses back to her natural blonde?  That’s right, she had to hang in the middle with red hair for a while in order to keep her mane healthy.

#3 Take Extra Care – Take extra good care of your hair during the color changing process.  Limit your heat styling and hair handling in general. Maintain healthy and shiny hair with deep conditioning or clear glazing treatments every 10-12 weeks either at the salon or at home.

#4 Boost What You Have – Use gentle color enhancing shampoos to boost your natural hues as they come back out to play.  Aveda has a great line of color enhancing products made from all natural ingredients.

Are you thinking of going back to your natural color?