23 Incredible Teal Hair Color Ideas You Have to See

Best teal hair color ideas

A teal hair color is a mixture of blue and green colors, often referred to as mermaid hair. There is no other perfect time to experiment with your hair color and follow Kylie Jenner’s footsteps than today. All you need is the confidence to show your personality and channel your creativity!

Going with this anime-girl hairstyle will make you a stand-out whether with just a hint or ribbons of this color or with a solid teal shade on your mane. Whatever style you do to your hair – long, short, straight, or wavy – it will always be selfie-ready with this magical hue!

Natural shades of make-up are preferred to match with blue-green hair, so you wouldn’t look over the top. When it comes to clothes and accessories, mermaid hair looks pretty much gorgeous with any neutral and cool-toned colors.

Believe me when I say that products will be your best friend once you own this shade. Unless you’re already blonde, bleaching is required to make the teal pop up, and this can cause damage. Fashion colors like this one are also known to fade fast.

Although, if you look at how magnificent Kehlani, Sharaya, and Rita Ora’s hairs turned out after joining the teal movement then you’ll know that it’s super worth the work!

Browse through this updated list and hop onto the trend of teal hair now!

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Teal Hair Color with Dip Dye

Dip Dye Teal
Instagram @kristinadoesmuah

Bring out your vibrant skin tones (and undertones) with this toned-down color.

Teal Blue

Teal Blue Hair Color
Instagram @1tall_henderson

Maybe you get to explore land like you would on the first day out of the teal ocean. But for now, rest easy being that new queen representing the underwater kingdom.

Shoulder-Length Balayage

Shoulder-Length Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @masterpiecehair

That’s what’s exciting about these teal hair colors. You can basically get the same style but get very different results like this balayage job here.

Dark Teal

Dark Teal Hair Color
Instagram @rubydoo4247

Radical and raved about! That’s what street fashion is. School them pretty hard on this kind of teal hue.

Black and Teal Ombre

Black and Teal
Instagram @slayingorangejuice

Ah, this black to teal ombre brings in nights at the beach where the waves hit the sand just right for it to be fused lightly.

Long Mermaid Hair

Long Mermaid Hair Color
Instagram @katkolors

Shades of teal green, purple, and blue come together to create this luscious piece.

Pastel Teal

Pastel Hair Color
Instagram @therealmelissab

Deep conditioner and your favorite stylist will be your best friends while maintaining teal blue hair.

Purple and Teal Blue

Purple and Teal Color
Instagram @hair_by_jessiem

Using an analog teal color combination like these two having blue tones has a really put together look that does not bore.

Serene Hair Color

Blue and Teal Color
Instagram @ginger.rooots

Steal the show and make heads turn with this serene teal shade.

Greenish Blue Hair

Green Hair Color
Instagram @headsupsalongreenhills

Go the extra mile and try this one of a kind shade of teal.

Short Teal Hair

Short Teal Hair Color
Instagram @salon.93

Get yourself looking like you came all the way from the lost city of Atlantis! This teal shade is a hidden gem.

Bright Teal

Bright Teal Color
Instagram @al_chabot

If the ice gods don’t take you in as one of their royalties then I don’t know where to put all that glory you radiate. Give this stunning bright teal hair dye a shot.

Highlights on Dark Hair

Teal Hair Highlights on Dark Hair
Instagram @pmmpsalon

Retain your black hair while strutting with some cerulean streaks. This teal tone will blend perfectly.

Teal Ombre Hair

Teal Ombre Hair Color
Instagram @mackpaintedthat

Opal-emerald teal hair is such an aristocratic look. Say playful and cultured with just your hair.

Teal Highlights on Brown Hair

Teal Highlights on Brown Hair
Instagram @shearblisspdx

Spice up your teal tresses with some choco streaks. Or go the other way by having teal streaks on your natural brunette crown.

Light Teal

Q&A with style creator, Yesenia Davis
Hairstylist @ Paloma and Friends Salon in Whittier, CA

How would you describe this look?

This light teal is whimsical, and the color is really vibrant but soft at the same time. It’s a bold color to have, but you can’t help but smile when looking at it.

My favorite thing about this look is it genuinely complements everything surrounding the color, from my client’s skin tone to her lipstick! I love the uniqueness of the color and how the curls give the style dimension.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Buy the best products to prevent fading – color protectant shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate-free, maybe a shine spray or glosser to always keep it vibrant. Also, shampoo the hair with cool water. Vivid colors can be high maintenance.

I would let them know that it’s a process to achieve this look, so be prepared if you are not blonde. Overall, it’s a really fun color to have and experience, and I would advise them to try every color in the rainbow if their work/lifestyle allows it. There’s nothing like feeling beautiful and bold at the same time!

Blonde and Teal

Q&A with style creator, Sara Penfold
Licensed Cosmetologist @ To Dye For East Wing Suites in Modesto, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a mermaid blonde. I love the long layered haircut to make styling easier and to add movement to the hair. This same ribbon placement can be done with other colors as well to have the look be blonde with a pop of color.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The placement of the teal is a great way for someone who is used to being blonde to try a pop of color. Sulfate-free products must be used to maintain the teal color. As it fades, it becomes pastel in about 3-4 weeks then back to blonde in about 6-8 weeks.

Faded Teal

Q&A with style creator, Marley Jackson
Salon Owner / Hairstylist @ Marleys Hair Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada

How would you describe this look?

This color, cut, and style was so fun to create. To first have clients who totally trust your judgment and are flexible to accommodate your creative process, that I feel is the key to having the ability to create bold looks like this one. But my favorite aspect of this look is the teal hair color.

It reminds me of how an iceberg looks when sunlight illuminates it from behind from the baby blues and teal to the slight icy white hues, as the steel grey shadow root gives it depth and contrast allowing the lighter colors to pop, looking almost as if they were glowing.

The cut and style I kept quite simple, allowing the color to speak for itself.

Any advice for someone considering it?

As for deciding when this type of color will be a good fit for a client’s look and lifestyle, I think a thorough consult is important. To set them up with accurate expectations of a high fashion color and make sure they fully understand the proper care and products necessary to ensure the longevity of their color.

Tips to helping the vibrancy last would include, minimal shampooing with cool water and when washing to make sure you’re using a professional color safe shampoo and conditioner. My personal favorite is L’Oréal Professional enforcer because it contains biotin, is color safe, and is formulated to keep the hair strong and soft.

Using a heat protectant is also a big deal, as extreme heat without a protective layer can instantly affect both the color and the integrity of the hair.

As for who can rock a look like this, I feel all you really need is confidence. It can look great on fair, medium toned, or dark skin. If you wanted to take it a step further, makeup can really enhance your features allowing you to have fun adding more colors to your look or even keeping it on the soft side so your hair takes center stage. I love how with fashion now, really anything goes, but at the end of the day, the important thing is that wearing such a style makes you feel good!