25 Incredible Teal Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

A teal hair color combines blue and green colors, often called mermaid hair. There is no other perfect time to experiment with your hair color and follow in Kylie Jenner’s footsteps than today. You only need the confidence to show your personality and channel your creativity with teal hair!

Going with this anime-girl hairstyle will make you stand out, whether with just a hint or ribbons of this color or a solid teal shade on your mane. Whatever style you do to your hair – long, short, straight, or wavy – it will always be selfie-ready with this magical hue!

Natural shades of make-up are preferred with blue-green hair to avoid looking over the top. When it comes to clothes and accessories, mermaid hair looks gorgeous in neutral and cool-toned colors.

Believe me when I say products will be your best friend once you own teal hair. Unless you’re already blonde, bleaching is required to make the teal pop up, and this can cause damage. Fashion colors like this one are also known to fade fast.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular photos of tantalizing teal hair color ideas.


#1: Teal and Royal Blue

Steal the show and make heads turn with this serene teal shade. Rocking this dimensional teal hair color is a fun way to upgrade your natural color.

#2: Black to Teal Color Melt

When switching up your color, there’s nothing like a bold transformation. If you want to add some intrigue to your long wavy locks, a black-to-teal color melt is the way to go. Allow your colorist to start with a deep black base melting into shades of turquoise and blue-green. This mesmerizing color melt is perfect for those looking to make a statement. The best part? It works well for those with cool skin undertones, adding a pop of color to your complexion. Plus, with the right maintenance routine, this color will keep heads turning for weeks.

Teal Balayage on long wavy hair
Instagram @ongiga4__

#3: Teal Balayage

A teal balayage is an excellent choice if you want to turn your hair color into something vibrant and unique. This stunning color blends shades of blue and green. It gives your hair a bold and eye-catching appearance. Give your hair a lightening treatment before applying the teal balayage for the best results. This will help the color pop and ensure a more even and vibrant result. Teal balayage can be customized to suit your style and preference.

#4: Black Hair with Green Teal Dip Dye

Bring out your vibrant skin tones (and undertones) with this toned-down teal green hair color on black hair. This ombre teal hair color looks edgy, perfect for ladies with strong personalities.

#5: Brown and Teal Ombre

A brown and teal ombre is a low-maintenance color that is vivid and stands out against a brown hair color base. Ask your stylist to use a teasy light technique, fully saturating all the ends for maximum lift. Then apply a vivid teal toner over the pre-lightened hair to achieve this gorgeous lived-in color.

#6: Gorgeous Electric Teal Blue

Try electric teal blue for a brilliant pop of color. Perfect for women who want a high-maintenance but head-turning look, your stylist may have to lighten your hair to achieve vibrant teal. Teal hair extensions are a fantastic option if your natural hair needs body and thickness.

Blue and teal rainbow hair
Instagram @joshuamartell

#7: Blue and Teal Rainbow Hair

Blue and teal rainbow hair colors are bold, bright, and stunning. Fresh blue and teal hair tones are super fun and eye-catching when combined. By alternating between different shades of light and dark blue tones, it creates a gorgeous rainbow effect in the hair.

Pastel Teal hair color
Instagram @colorbyloreee_

#8: Pastel Teal

Pastel teal hair is a loud, vibrant shade between green and blue. It shows a cooler tone that matches fair and pale skin complexions. Whether wavy or straight, on long or short haircuts—this shade of teal-blue hair exhibits an exciting and unique masterpiece.

If you want to try it without completely committing to it, use Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye in Sea Witch Real Teal shade.

#9: Metallic Teal

A metallic teal hair makes for an interesting hue. This will require a total bleach out to get this color right. Try the color brand “crazy color LTD.” For the roots, use a mixture of the shades of jade blue with emerald green to give a beautiful shadow root. On the mid-ends, use jade blue, peacock blue, and peppermint with a lime twist.

Peach and teal
Instagram @taylorrae_hair

#10: Peach and Teal

Peach and teal hair make for a beautiful and unique color melt for women wanting more fun with their color. To get this teal hair hue, ask your colorist to lighten you completely solid with a peach and teal ombre.

#11: Rooted Teal Blue

This rooted teal blue hair could be one of the things that a brunette would ask for. The dark roots not only allow the steel blue-teal hair dye to pop, but they’re also a low-maintenance color trend. Those roots also add a subtle depth, creating a rich teal ocean dimension.

#12: Black and Teal Balayage

What’s exciting about these teal balayage hair colors? You can get the same style but get different results like this black and teal hair. It will allow your natural roots to grow out seamlessly, too.

dimensional dark teal hair
Instagram @xcellent_kevin

#13: Dimensional Dark Teal Hair

This dark teal hair color defines what street fashion is. School them pretty hard on this kind of deep teal hue.

You can use a Twisted Teal shade of a demi-permanent hair dye when doing a DIY color.

#14: Dark to Light Teal Color Melt

A dark to light teal color melt is a fun and vivid color for ladies wanting to play up their look.

Stylist Stephany Van Stone of California used a permanent medium brown base color with babylights to lighten the hair first. Then went with adding the vivid blue melted into a green ombre effect.

“These colors are a lot of maintenance,” Stone warns. “Washing too often, hot water, and poor quality of products can cause these colors to fade quicker.”

#15: Teal Mermaid Hair

This real-life beachy teal mermaid hair was created by color specialist Samantha of Royal Oak, MI.

“The hair is curled in a boho style that will last for days, and the color, of course, is to die for,” she notes. “When it comes to fashion colors, try Arctic Fox Hair Color. They’re cruelty-free, vegan, and donate to help homeless animals.”

This combo of blue and teal colors is amazing, but it takes a bit of a lifestyle change. Try Pureology because they have a built-in anti-fade complex that works perfectly. Use a heat protectant, and go longer between washes to help the color last longer. Also, stay away from white sheets and pillowcases. The color can potentially spread when it’s fresh!

#16: Peacock Hair Color with Shades of Pink, Purple, and Teal

Using an analog teal color combination like these pink, purple, and teal green tones has a put-together look that does not bore. This cute peacock with teal hair color looks amazing with waves, showing off a unique combination of chic and vibrant colors.

Greenish Teal Blue
Instagram @__gabby_11

#17: Greenish Teal Blue

“The different ocean tones throughout the layers create depth in this greenish teal blue color,” says hairstylist Victoria Burnham of Billings, MT.

To maintain this vibrant medium teal hair shade, Burnham says many products go along with it even after the salon.

“Creative colors wash out quicker than natural colors and lose vibrancy. Use cool water on your hair during showers. Use non-sulfate shampoos or color-depositing shampoos like Viral. They tend to keep these tones longer between salon visits,” she explains.

#18: Short Teal Hair

Teal hair is for girls who are looking for a real dramatic transformation! The jaw-length chop’s boldness and the teal hue’s radiance complement each other.

It’s a trend that looks oh-so better with voluminous waves. Choose a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair to make the vibrancy last longer.

Bright Teal on Wavy Hairstyle
Instagram @al_chabot

#19: Bright Teal on Wavy Hairstyle

If the ice gods don’t take you in as one of their royalties, then I don’t know where to put all that glory you radiate with this bright teal color. The lighter the shade is, the more it creates a turquoise hair color. Give this stunning teal hair dye a shot with a soft wavy hairstyle on casual days.

Teal Highlights on Dark Hair
Instagram @justjane1x

#20: Teal Highlights on Dark Hair

These teal highlights on dark hair are vibrant highlights for naturally dark hair. The dimensional teal tone complements either a sleek or wavy hairstyle. This style and color were created by salon owner and lead stylist Jane Ziemer-Hernandez of Brooklyn, NY.

“Refresh your highlights first,” explains Ziemer-Hernandez. “Then apply a pre-toner to cancel out warmth and finally apply Pulp Riot – Absinthe and Aquatic. If your base color is already dark, apply the color all over while maintaining the dimension of dark and light.”

This color looks great on naturally dark bases. When you decide this will be your permanent or semi-permanent teal hair color, know it’s fairly low-maintenance. Refresh your tone every 2 months and highlight twice a year.

Ziemer-Hernandez recommends you use Redken Color Extend Magnetics to keep the color vibrant and only shampoo once a week. “Also, deep conditions with the Redken All Soft deep conditioning mask,” she adds.

#21: Hints of Emerald Green on Teal Ombre Hair

Opal-emerald green hair with teal tones is such an aristocratic look. Stay playful and cultured with your teal ombre hair.

Teal Highlights on Brown Hair
Instagram @salonshearenvy

#22: Teal Highlights on Brown Hair

Peekaboo teal highlights on brown hair create a fantastic combination of tones that can start a trend! Its dimension is a true masterpiece, which works so great on thick hair. These teal highlights are perfect for adding life to dark tresses. Natural brunettes will love it, no doubt!

#23: Light Teal Hair Color

“This light teal hair hue is whimsical, and the color is vibrant but soft at the same time. It’s a bold color, but you can’t help but smile when looking at it,” states hairstylist Yesenia Davis of Whittier, CA.

Light teals complement everything surrounding the color, from skin tone to lipstick! The teal color hair is unique, and the curls give the style dimension.

Davis encourages you to buy the best products to prevent fading. “Color protectant shampoo and sulfate-free conditioner, maybe a shine spray or glosser to keep it vibrant. Also, shampoo the hair with cool water. Vivid colors can be high-maintenance,” she explains.

It’s a process to achieve this teal color, so be prepared if you are not blonde. Overall, it’s a really fun color to have and experience.

#24: Blonde and Teal

“This blonde hair with teal highlights is a mermaid blonde,” says stylist Sara Penfold of Modesto, CA. “This same ribbon placement can be done with other colors as well to have a shade of blonde with a pop of color.”

The placement of the teal hair highlights is a great way for women who are used to being blonde to try a pop of color. As it fades, it becomes pastel in about 3-4 weeks, then back to blonde in about 6-8 weeks.

#25: Faded Aqua Teal with Steel Grey Shadow Root

This teal color is a faded teal created by salon owner and hairstylist Marley Jackson of Canada.

“From the baby blues and teal to the slight icy white hues, the steel grey shadow root gives it depth and contrast. This allows the lighter colors to pop, looking almost like they were glowing,” she notes.

As for deciding when this type of aqua teal hair color will be a good fit for your look and lifestyle, Jackson says a thorough consultation is important.

Jackson’s tips to helping the vibrancy last include “minimal shampooing with cool water and when washing to ensure you’re using a professional color-safe shampoo and conditioner such as L’Oréal Professional Enforcer. This product contains biotin, formulated to keep the hair strong and soft,” she explains.

Using a heat protectant is also a big deal, as extreme heat without a protective layer can instantly affect the hair’s color and integrity, from the crown to the teal tips. Blue-tinted hair can look great on fair, medium-toned, or dark skin.