17 Hottest Hair Colors Trending for Summer 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Summer hair colors are any refreshing shade that complements the sunny, humid season.

Warm, sun-kissed tones are all the rage at this time of the year. These include the colors in the brown and red spectrum. The caramel, brunette, golden, and copper hues are a few of the classics that never go out of style.

While warm tones are definitely in style, summer can also look great with hints of vibrant and pastel hues. Streaks of vivid yellow, pink, green, blue, or purple will give dark tresses a stunning pop. Even the faded pink and dusky lavender tints are a hit!

Blonde hair color ideas are here to stay forever, too. You can choose from the darker hues, such as bronde, to the lightest ones, like the icy, platinum blonde.

Keep your cool and have a slice of summer tones. Here are the photos of the loveliest and most popular summer hair colors to try!

Bright Peach Tone for Summertime
Instagram @karin.wella

#1: Bright Peach Tone

There’s no better summer color than a bright peach tone! This gingery pink hue is reminiscent of a dreamy sunset along glistening sands. Make your hair match your vacay and go copper peach this season!

#2: Dark Copper-Yellow Tones

Summertime colors make us think of dark copper-yellow tones. This super sunny hue is like staring at a summer sky, just before the sun sets.

#3: Muted Rainbow Hair Color

Women looking to try out fantasy colors should try a muted rainbow hair color. This soft, pastel pop of color blends beautifully with blonde and lighter tones. Ask your stylist for a peekaboo of pastels to get your locks ready for summer. Be sure to ask your stylist about these colors in the pool, though! Pools can strip pastel colors quicker than other colors.

Summer Multi-Tonal Copper and Red Hair
Instagram @strandlockldn

#4: Multi-Tonal Copper and Red Hair

Multi-tonal copper and red hair is a beautiful and youthful choice for women over 60. Gray hair often lacks warmth. Adding a super warm hue on top will put life back into your locks, and brighten up aging skin.

Summertime Hot Pink Balayage on Dark Hair
Instagram @hannahbeckhair

#5: Hot Pink Balayage on Dark Hair

Heat up your color with a hot pink balayage on dark hair! This head-turning hue is a great way to pump some fun into your summer. Even better, the ombre-style roots will make maintenance a breeze, even in the hottest season.

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Warm Golden Balayage for Summer
Instagram @gdohair

#6: Warm Golden Balayage

Warm weather calls for a warm golden balayage! For women who want to keep their blonde on the sunnier side this summer, avoid over-toning with purple shampoos and treatments. This will keep your length a warm, golden blonde hair color without it getting too brassy.

Beach Blonde Balayage with Money Piece Highlights for Summer
Instagram @verasalonco

#7: Beach Blonde Balayage with Money Piece Highlights

A beach blonde balayage with money piece highlights is perfect for summer nights you never want to end. Adding a blonde money piece to your hairdo will keep all eyes on you, all night.

#8: Bright Orange Hair Color

Get sunny with bright orange hair color this summer! Warm, honey red hues are in for the season, so hit the salon with some inspo pics, and don’t look back!

#9: Sun-Kissed Honey Blonde

Sun-kissed honey blonde is the summer color of your dreams. Blonde babes will love this color as it deepens the dimension of your hue, whereby creating more “POP!” And impact with your highlights.

#10: Sandy Blonde Balayage

Sandy blonde balayage is perfect for refreshing faded hues. This soft hair color looks good on almost any woman and can be tailored and toned to your skin’s specificities.

#11: Blonde Tones and Dark Roots

Blonde tones and dark roots are an easy summer hue for any woman. Letting your roots grow out a bit will make this look even more achievable and easier to match. Opt for getting a little rooty between appointments so your stylist can perfectly match your natural tone.

Beige Blonde with Shadow Root for Summer
Instagram @hairbylexidawn

#12: Beige Blonde with Shadow Root

Beige blonde with a shadow root is a low-maintenance way to keep your summer hair color fresh. Opting for a shadow root will allow for more time between appointments while still giving you an extra boost of blonde.

Vivid Cocktail Red Hair Color for Summer
Instagram @zoliloveshair

#13: Vivid Cocktail Red Hair Color

Spice things up with a vivid cocktail red hair color. This color melt is as smooth as a summer spritzer and is sure to turn heads whether you’re at the beach or at home.

#14: Classic Copper Hair with Soft Highlights

Classic copper hair with soft highlights is a natural way to change up your color for the season. Not too orange and not too red, this summer color fits the bright skies of the season.

Summer Creamy Ash Bronde Balayage
Instagram @mane_ivy

#15: Creamy Ash Bronde Balayage

Creamy ash bronde balayage is the perfect hue for summer days. This cool yet beachy blonde looks particularly stunning with a soft wave. Invest in a curling wand or large barrel curling iron to recreate this look at home!

Summertime Caramel Blonde with Face-Framing Highlights
Instagram @mane_ivy

#16: Caramel Blonde with Face-Framing Highlights

Summertime is for relaxing, and this caramel blonde with face-framing highlights gives off major chill vibes. With a sun-kissed look that could have been created by a day at the beach, this low-key blonde hair color is a great choice for women who want something more natural and low maintenance.

#17: Buttery Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Another seamless summer hair color option is buttery blonde highlights and lowlights. This sandy, flaxen hue is fairly easy to achieve, as you don’t have to go too light to get it. Who doesn’t love an easy color change?