Stunning Hair And Eye Color Combinations

While the two primary factors in determining what hair color best suits you are your skin tone and your natural hair color, eye color also plays a role.  Just like eye makeup can enhance your eye color, your hair hue can do the same.  Check out these stunning hair/eye color combinations for ideas on what you can do with your hair to make your eyes pop!

Gorgeous green eyes and inky black tresses are a stunning color combo.
black green hair and eye color combination

Golden hair with brown eyes create the perfect combination of sweet and sexy.
blonde brown hair and eye color

Any shade of dark hair with blue eyes really stands out in a crowd.
dark blue hair and eye color combos

Gorgeous green eyes and red hair make quite the ravishing and unique pair.
red/green hair and eye color combinations

Honey brown hair and hazel eyes are a rare and intriguing color combination.
brown hazel combo

Gray blue eyes and dark locks are another catching color combo.
gray blue brown combo

Which hair/eye color combination do you find most stunning?