20 Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Highlights for a Sweet Hue

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Rich Strawberry Blonde Balayage

A strawberry blonde balayage is a beautiful dimensional color that any woman will love. Show your strawberry hair color ideas to your hairstylist so they can make your hair goals come true. Warm tones are seriously trending!

Subtle Strawberry Pink Highlights on Rose Gold Hair
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#2: Subtle Strawberry Pink Highlights on Rose Gold Hair

Subtle strawberry pink highlights on rose gold hair is a color that will showcase its beauty when finished with bouncy curls. Its dimension and ribbons of pink strawberry blonde hair are an elegant style you don’t see often.

#3: Strawberry Peach Blonde with Dark Roots

Go for lots of dimension and shine with a strawberry peach blonde with dark roots. Bring light and reflection to your hair for a sun-kissed look. Darker roots help keep maintenance low for a more natural grow-out. Give your stylist your favorite strawberry blonde hair color ideas, and together, pick what best suits you.

#4: Dimensional Strawberry Blonde Hair

Make your hair shine with dimensional strawberry blonde hair. Having different tones of blonde and red gives a multi-tonal effect for more depth in your hair. Girls with long strawberry blonde hair stand out in a crowd and always shine bright. Keep warm tones bright by toning every 4-6 weeks.

#5: Copper Red Highlights and Lowlights

Strawberry blonde hair with lowlights will show off the natural red and copper tones you will love. Finishing your hair off with waves will always make that dimension pop!

Caramel Strawberry Highlights
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#6: Caramel Strawberry Highlights

Brighten up your locks with caramel strawberry highlights. Lightening up long hair with beautiful ribbons of golden strawberry blonde bits that bring dimension and shine. Warm, rich shades bring vibrancy and luster to your hair. Add loose waves to show off the warm shades.

Natural Strawberry Blonde with Highlights for Fair Skin
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#7: Natural Strawberry Blonde with Highlights for Fair Skin

Try natural strawberry hair with highlights if you want a natural-looking style to match your fair skin. You will love the warm tone and the variety of hairstyles with strawberry blonde highlights you can have.

#8: Strawberry Red Hair Color

Sparkle and shine with a strawberry red hair color. Add many dimensions with warm blonde and red tones complimenting each other. Light-reflecting warm tones make locks look more luxurious and glossy—style with a curling iron to show off the vibrant ribbons of color.

Golden Peach Strawberry Blonde Highlights Shade
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#9: Golden Peach Blonde Shade

Sparkle in the sun with a golden peach blonde shade. Subtle and soft strawberry blonde hair with highlights gives the utmost dimension to a sun-kissed blonde. Soft waves show off the multi-dimensional rich colors that will warm up your skin tone.

Strawberry Balayage Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair
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#10: Strawberry Balayage on Dirty Blonde Hair

Strawberry balayage on dirty blonde hair will give you a new lush finish to your natural color. For women, consider this style to add a pop of color. It offers a soft, subtle grow-out. Dirty strawberry blonde hair is created by adding babylights to your natural base, then style with waves to see the flawless dimension.

#11: Golden Strawberry Highlights on Brown Hair

Golden strawberry highlights are perfect for brunette women with warmer skin complexions. Strawberry blonde highlights on brown hair will add gorgeous warmth and dimension. Add some waves to show off your locks!

Strawberry Beach Blonde Highlighted Hair Dye
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#12: Strawberry Beach Blonde Hair Dye

Consider trying a strawberry ombre when you’re naturally blonde. The strawberry color will spruce things up while keeping it natural and low-maintenance. Trying new trends like this hair dye looks best when you style it daily with beautiful curls and show off your golden blonde and strawberry swirls.

#13: Dark Strawberry Copper Balayage

Warm up your hair and skin tone with a dark strawberry copper balayage. A warm tone balayage is easily achieved on most hair colors and is shiny and reflective. Dark strawberry blonde hair is easier to maintain than platinum blonde and has more depth and dimension.

Strawberry Blonde with Peek-a-Boo Highlights
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#14: Strawberry Blonde with Peek-a-Boo Highlights

Get the best of both worlds with strawberry blonde shades and peek-a-boo highlights. Show off multi-dimensional colors that will make the dullest of hair shine. The rich, warm tones will make the pop for a brighter appearance. Get a glaze done every 4-6 weeks to make your mane glisten and glow.

#15: Light Strawberry Blonde Balayage Ombre

Get a warm sun-kissed glow with light strawberry blonde balayage ombré. The balayage technique is low-maintenance, with a very soft grow-out for a longer time between salon visits. Strawberry blonde ombré hair will look great when curled with a curling iron to show off the ribbons of warm dimensional color.

#16: Brunette Hair with Subtle Strawberry Highlights and Lowlights

Go for something sweet and subtle with strawberry highlights and lowlights on brunette hair. Subtle highlights give multi-dimensional hues and bring depth to your hair. This low-maintenance warm-tone color combo is easily achieved on most hair types and looks super natural for a stunning look.

#17: Warm Strawberry Blonde

Brighten up dull locks with a warm strawberry blonde color. Hair looks ultra lush with warmer toners for a bright, shiny appearance. Strawberry blonde hair color is great for almost all skin tones and is easily achieved on most hair types. To keep the color looking fresh, get a toner done every 4-6 weeks.

#18: Strawberry and Platinum Blonde Babylights

Strawberry and platinum blonde babylights will give you the perfect swirl blend. Strawberry hues are super trendy, as their softness doesn’t overpower the blonde look. If you want a cooler tone of hair and something that compliments fair skin tones, strawberry blonde with platinum highlights must be your go-to.

Ginger Copper Red Hair Highlights
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#19: Ginger Copper Red Hair

Red hair combined with warm blonde highlights is the perfect blend for women with fair skin tones and light eyes. This copper hair with strawberry blonde highlights will bring out the color in your eyes and add a slight warmth to your skin. Finish your copper bob with a blowout and flatiron for a sleek, classy style.

#20: Full Strawberry Blonde Highlights with Money Pieces

Strawberry blonde highlights with money pieces will give you that pop of color you want! There is nothing brassy about styles with strawberry blonde streaks. Brown hair with warm strawberry highlights and cool money pieces make the perfect color combination!

Strawberry blonde highlights create a luscious dimension from combined copper and golden tones. The shade varies from light and pastel to deep and dark blonde, so it flatters most skin complexions.

Aside from your skin tone, it’s also essential to consider your eye color. As per hair colorist Wendy Ho of Huntington Beach, CA, “Strawberry blonde looks best on women with lighter skin and blue or green eyes.” If you have brown eyes, go for a honey or copper tone and keep a bit of your natural hair color. Keep in mind that this may take several sessions on darker tresses.

Dark-skinned ladies, on the other hand, can also rock this hair color. Pick a strawberry blonde hue that’s more on the neutral side.

“The best thing to do is to work with your natural undertones, instead of fighting them, to complement your skin,” Ho adds.

Strawberry blonde is mostly easy to maintain but uses salon-grade hair products. Sulfate-free, color-treated shampoo, and conditioner are a great choice to prolong the tones. Ho also suggests, “If you often work with hot tools, use a heat protectant and try not to wash your hair daily.”

This color trend lets you show your chic style and captivating beauty. Here are some inspiring images of the trendiest ways to wear strawberry blonde highlights.