24 Sweetest Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Strawberry blonde balayage looks feminine and natural, painted with lustrous golden red tones.

According to Miami-based hairstylist Erin Barry, this color isn’t low upkeep. Choose a realistic shade based on your lifestyle and maintenance goals.

“Reds tend to fade the fastest. To keep a strawberry blonde looking fresh, touch it up every 4 to 6 weeks,” says Barry.

Many sessions might be required for women with an opposite base to strawberry blonde. When the natural color grows, a high contrast between the natural growth and strawberry tone will emerge. Again, regular maintenance is essential.

Before visiting a salon, save inspirational photos to show to your stylist. Here are some of the most stunning strawberry blonde balayage hair ideas for you to consider!

Strawberry and Caramel Balayage
Instagram @salonbnl

#1: Strawberry and Caramel Balayage

Strawberry and caramel balayage is super shiny and has so much warmth. A shade of strawberry hair color adds the perfect amount of shimmering brightness to any style. With the addition of soft waves, this balayage on strawberry blonde hair becomes even more luxurious.

Platinum Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair with Medium Layers
Instagram @bellesstudios

#2: Platinum Strawberry Blonde Hair

If your hair is blonde platinum, consider adding a strawberry hue. Maintain the health of your medium-length or longer hair by using moisturizing products like Moroccanoil. To ensure your blonde hair doesn’t dry out and to let your strawberry hue shine, it’s important to keep it properly hydrated.

Long wavy hair with strawberry blonde balayage highlights

#3 Sunkissed Strawberry Blonde Waves

This luscious strawberry blonde balayage combines honeyed highlights with a rich, creamy base, ideal for enhancing the depth of long, wavy hair. It’s a beautiful choice for women with a heart-shaped face and medium to thick hair density, adding dimension and movement. Although this style is youthful and perfect for those wanting a sun-kissed, vibrant look without a complete color overhaul, it requires dedication to color-safe hair care routines to prevent the lighter tones from fading or brassiness.

Long layered strawberry blonde to rose cream balayage

#4 Rose Cream Elegance in Waves

This luxurious long layered style showcases a delicate graduation from a rich strawberry blonde to a creamy rose, perfect for those with oval face shapes and a desire for a sophisticated yet low-maintenance look. The strategic layering adds body and bounce to fine or medium hair. While the gradient is subtle and refined, ensuring the lighter ends stay healthy is crucial; a bond-building treatment alongside a color-preserving conditioner is recommended to maintain the soft transition and prevent the ends from becoming brittle.

Long wavy hair with honeyed hazelnut and strawberry blonde balayage

#5 Honeyed Hazelnut Swirls on Waves

This radiant hairstyle features long, voluminous waves that carry a blend of honeyed hazelnut and subtle strawberry blonde balayage, a divine choice for anyone with a round face looking to elongate their features. The generous layering accentuates thick hair types, giving each wave its moment to shine. While the color is breathtaking, it’s not without upkeep; protection from heat styling and color-fade is key. Balayage like this will need a toning regimen to maintain the depth and richness of the hues.

Strawberry blonde hair with golden tawny balayage waves

#6 Golden Tawny Ribbons in Waves

This hairstyle is a symphony of golden tawny highlights, woven through a base of deep strawberry blonde. The luxurious waves add volume, making it a flattering choice for those with oval or long face shapes. This look is perfect for medium-density hair, providing body without overwhelming the features. While the balayage technique offers a low-maintenance grow-out, the colors do require care; a color-enhancing shampoo and occasional deep conditioning will maintain the lustrous sheen and health of the hair.

Medium-length wavy hair with peach balayage on strawberry blonde

#7 Peach Whisper Waves

These soft waves dance with peach whispers through a strawberry blonde base, offering a refreshing and airy feel. The layers are cut to perfection, enhancing the natural volume for a playful yet elegant look. This balayage is suitable for women with medium to thick hair seeking a balance between boldness and subtlety. To keep this peachy tone pristine, a color-safe haircare regimen is essential. While balayage allows for more time between salon visits, remember to nourish those ends with a deep conditioner to prevent dryness.

Medium-length strawberry blonde hair with warm caramel waves

#8 Warm Caramel Waves on Strawberry Blonde

This hairstyle flaunts a gorgeous medium-length cut, perfect for adding movement and volume to fine hair. The soft, warm caramel waves gracefully complement an oval face shape, creating a fresh and modern twist on the classic strawberry blonde. Ideal for those in their 30s looking for a vibrant yet manageable change, the color transition is seamless, making regrowth less noticeable. Though stunning, the color may require regular salon visits to maintain its multidimensional tones. Best styled with a heat protectant to preserve the integrity of the color and a light hold mousse to keep the waves bouncy.

#9: Soft Copper Red Hair

If you have fair or medium olive skin, try soft copper-red hair. The contrast between olive tones and soft coppers creates a lovely warmth that many hair colors often miss.

#10: Dark Strawberry Blonde with Subtle Balayage Highlights

Dark strawberry blonde with subtle balayage highlights will give you a fun, trendy color while keeping it easy to maintain. Dark strawberry blonde balayage is ideal for women with naturally warm hair.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage Highlights
Instagram @hairrbymaeg

#11: Strawberry Blonde Balayage Highlights for Brunette Hair

Strawberry blonde highlights are a very youthful color for girls. Strawberry blonde balayage on dark hair gives the perfect dimension it was missing.

Muted Strawberry Ginger Blonde Balayage
Instagram @mandiestyles

#12: Muted Strawberry Ginger Blonde

Muted strawberry ginger blonde is achievable using the color melting technique, which gives a natural soft grow-out. Strawberry blonde hair color compliments women with freckles and fair skin.

#13: Rose Gold Blonde Hair

Rose gold blonde hair is lighter and brighter yet warm. Balayage with strawberry blonde is the perfect hand-painted look when you want soft growth.

Copper Strawberry Blonde Balayage
Instagram @emmaczarhair

#14: Copper Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Copper strawberry blonde balayage is a great combination of copper and pink tones. Strawberry blondes need help to make them stand out and look beautiful. It’s a soft look whether you wear it straight or curled.

Natural Strawberry Blonde with Sun-Kissed Highlights
Instagram @hairbygitanti

#15: Natural Strawberry Blonde with Sun-Kissed Highlights

Natural strawberry blonde hair with sun-kissed highlights adds depth and dimension to beautiful long blonde tresses. Free-form painting gives the illusion of ribbons; keeping the highlights warm is a great option for strawberry blond hair.

Auburn to Strawberry Blonde Ombre Balayage
Instagram @yaad_doyeon

#16: Auburn to Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Auburn to strawberry blonde ombre is so fun and funky. These vivid colors need women with fiery personality to match. Strawberry blonde balayage hairstyles hair must be toned often to keep it fresh.

Pastel Strawberry Pink Balayage Hair
Instagram @alina.calin

#17: Pastel Strawberry Pink Balayage Hair

Pastel strawberry pink hair is such a beautiful, soft color when you want a change from your regular platinum blond hair. Pink hair is trendy, and a bright-tone pink is a great option for a little change while keeping subtle.

Copper and Light Strawberry Blonde Balayage
Instagram @colorbycasey

#18: Copper and Light Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Copper and light strawberry blonde balayage are a great option. Foil highlights help add dimension and brightness to natural blonde hair color.

Strawberry Champagne Hair Color Balayage
Instagram @riverajess23

#19: Strawberry Champagne Hair Color

Strawberry champagne hair color is ideal for women with fair skin tones because it adds warmth to their features. Strawberry balayage is glossy, adding shine to the overall look.

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Strawberry Blonde Balayage on Light Brown Hair
Instagram @yahnaleebeauty

#20: Strawberry Blonde on Light Brown Hair

Strawberry blonde on light brown hair gives the perfect pop of color while keeping it flawless and natural. Brown hair with strawberry blonde balayage is lower maintenance, so use viral toner shampoo to keep your strawberry balayage looking bright and refreshed.

Strawberry Beige Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair
Instagram @isabishair

#21: Strawberry Beige Blonde on Dark Hair

Strawberry beige blonde on dark hair complement each other so well. Brown to strawberry blonde balayage is perfect for women wanting a soft, low-maintenance grow-out.

#22: Strawberry Brown Balayage Hair

Strawberry brown balayage hair is so dimension and full of life. The warmth of the strawberry hues adds so much brightness to the overall color. Strawberry blonde balayage on brown hair is an ideal color to get done.

#23: Golden Honey Blonde with Dark Roots

Golden honey blonde with dark roots is a great first color for younger girls wanting a new, fun style. Hair painting is a great option for women with darker hair who want soft dimensions.

#24: Soft Balayage on Strawberry Ash Blonde Hair

Soft balayage on strawberry ash blonde hair combines warm and cool tones. Dusty pink is a pastel color that compliments most skin tones and is very versatile and trendy.

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