You’ve Seen The “Split-Dye” Hair Trend, Right? If Not – Here Are 26 Stunning Examples

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Split Dyed Long Cotton Candy Hair with Neon Pink and Purple Hues
Instagram @lalalindzie

#1: Cotton Candy Hair with Neon Pink and Purple Hues

Go for hair styled like cotton candy, complete with neon pink and purple hues. Cotton candy hair means placing vibrant candy-like colors on your hair, which seem almost too good to be true. If you can’t pick just one color, combine the pink and purple hues for a unique two-tone placement. Overall, to achieve vivid colors, first, you need to have global blonding. Then, maintain this look with color-safe cleansers, such as those from Afterworld Organics Glow.

Medium Brown and Platinum Blonde Split Hair Color
Instagram @hairbyraay

#2: Medium Brown and Platinum Blonde Hair

The hairstyle is a medium brown and platinum blonde split dye. Hair is an artistic medium that lets you play with different color variations. A split dye allows you to have two different hair colors at once, eliminating the need to choose between two colors. You must choose two colors that are complementary to each other for the best result. Also, the colors should suit your complexion. Other than that, let your dreams soar.

Gemini Inspired Short Asymmetric Bob with Yellow and Green Split Dye

#3 Dual-Toned Bob Cut

Embrace your inner Gemini with this dual-toned bob, a playful nod to the zodiac’s twin essence. The sunny yellow and deep emerald green embody the Gemini’s vibrant duality. Its layered bob cut complements an oval face, adding a modern twist that’s fresh and chic. Ideal for those in their 30s, the style works well with straight hair and medium density. When considering this look, remember that while the colors make a powerful statement, they’ll need regular salon upkeep to stay sharp, and the use of specialized color-retaining products is a must to sustain their luminosity.

Long Dark Auburn Red with Sandy Light Blonde Split Dye Hair
Instagram @afterglow.ash

#4: Dark Auburn Red with Sandy Light Blonde

The split dye trend is perfect if you find one color boring. Choose strong colors that greatly differ for high impact. Teaming reds and blondes look great due to the strong contrast. It’s crucial to hire a professional to do the work. This prevents the colors from blending into each other.

Pink-Purple and Teal Split Dye for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @jesdoeshair_

#5: Pink-Purple and Teal Hair

Try this mermaid-inspired palette of pink-purple and teal hair color! Achieving this hair color requires a full bleach-out to get intense vibrancy. The strong contrast of the purple and teal highlights the expertise of the split-dye method. The flawless transition between the two colors is what makes this dye job perfectly executed.

Halloween-Inspired Split Hair Dye with Orange and Brown Hues
Instagram @l0ttie

#6: Halloween-Inspired Split Hair Dye

Turn heads with Halloween-inspired split hair dye. Show your true Halloween spirit by coloring your hair half orange and half dark!

Split Dyed Half Dark Orange, Dark Pink Hues for Long Bob
Instagram @lalalindzie

#7: Half Dark Orange, Dark Pink Hair

High-fashion colors, such as orange and pink, are edgy and fun. For the best results, your hair needs to be very healthy. You might need to trim the ends to achieve a strong, true color.

#8: Light Green and Dark Blue Two-Toned Hair

Beautiful shades of sea green create a distinct mermaid look, contrasting yet harmonizing wonderfully. Maintain your hair health with regular trims and hydrating masks for optimum color vibrancy.

Long Hair with Fiery Red and Deep Mahogany Split Dye
Instagram @champagne._.beauty_

#9: Fiery Red and Deep Mahogany Split Dye

Split dye hairstyles are trending now. These are styles where the hair color depth varies. But what they all share are the same underlying tones. Reds, for instance, pair well as their underlying tones blend yet have a strong visual impact. Tell your hairdresser about how you usually part your hair. This way, the split dye application will look neat.

Christmas Red and Green Split Hair Color
Instagram @lalalindzie

#10: Christmas Red and Green Split Hair Color

Are you considering Christmas-themed hair? You might want to consider a red and green split look. Ask your stylist about how to keep up this look since green tends to fade quickly. If you want this hair just for the holidays, it could be a good fit. However, plan what your next hairstyle could be and how to switch. Always keep your hair well-conditioned with the recommended treatment.

#11: Yellow and Silver Blonde Middle-Parted Hair

Bored of your light blonde hair? Try a vibrant new color for a refreshing change. Since your hair is already light, the fashion color can be applied immediately. This is because lighter hair is the base for such colors. Part your hair correctly to ensure perfect color application.

#12: Green-Orange Split Dye

The current hair trend features beautiful clashes of colors embraced in a split-dye style, perfect for giving off fall vibes. This hair trend is ideal for an edgy makeover. I highly recommend discussing with your stylist how to maintain your chosen color at home to keep your hair fresh and vibrant.

Yellow-Orange-Pink Sunset Split Dye Hair Color with Waves
Instagram @jennuinhairdesign2.0

#13: Yellow-Orange-Pink Sunset Hair Color

Consider a sunset hair color with shades of yellow, orange, and pink. Capture the beauty of your favorite sunset with this split-dye hairstyle. The colors include three distinct hues that blend seamlessly together. Request your stylist for a globally preferred blonde color and seek out the best long-lasting vibrant colors. My favorite product comes from the Alfaparf vivid color line.

Vivid Magenta and Pastel Lavender Split Dye for Longer Locks
Instagram @jesdoeshair_

#14: Vivid Magenta and Pastel Lavender

Try applying a pastel lavender and a vivid magenta color next to it! Mixing pastel and bright tones gives more color contrast that highlights the split dye. Finish the style with a shine spray for added color reflection.

Double Sunset Split Dye with Blue, Red, Purple and Orange Tones
Instagram @krystaalyse

#15: Double Sunset Hair Tones

You can enhance your hair by opting for two contrasting hues, similar to a sunset. Arrange the different hues so that each one stands out against its neighboring colors, showcasing the unique style.

#16: Fire Orange with Mermaid Blue Color

If you love vibrant hair colors, mixing fire orange with mermaid blue might be ideal for you! This mix of contrasting tones offers a dramatic and edgy look! I suggest talking with your stylist about the color application process and its maintenance. Ensure you’re ready for the commitment this hair look requires.

Mid-Length Half Neon Orange and Half Rainbow Split Dye Hair
Instagram @lalalindzie

#17: Half Neon Orange and Half Rainbow Hair

Get ready for a half neon orange, half rainbow hair color trend. To get started, you’ll need a global bleaching session to take your hair blonde. Once your hair reaches a level 9-10 pale yellow, you can apply a bold orange color on one side. The other half of your hair will be a creative blend of pastel and neon hues created by your color specialist- the result is an eye-catching, vivid look.

Dark and Light Purple Split Dye with Long Waves
Instagram @lalalindzie

#18: Dark and Light Purple Split Dye

Dark and light purple combinations are a stunning way to do a two-tone split. For the light purple side, the hair starts as a global blonde. For the dark purple side, blonding may not be needed. This depends on your initial hair color and the products you use for purple. Your stylist should always use a protective hair product like K18 or Olaplex.

#19: Light Pink and Bright Red Split Hair Color

Split dye is a rising trend for lovers of both vivid and neutral colors. Your hair can be dyed in vibrant pink with a pastel contrast or beige blonde with brown. The options and variations are endless. To achieve vivid tones, you will need to lighten the hair to a blonde shade, specifically a pale level 9 or 10 blonde. Once the lighter base is achieved, you can apply the desired vibrant pink tones to your hair color.

Black and White Split Hair Dye for Shoulder-Length hair
Instagram @viragzsofihair

#20: Black and White Split Hair Dye

Whether you’re inspired by 101 Dalmatians or want a creative edge, you will love this color. To achieve this platinum blonde, you need a pale blonde treatment of levels 9-10. You can easily reach it from level 7 or above in one treatment. If your hair is darker, you’ll need 2-3 treatments to achieve a uniform shade and lighten it.

Split Dye Hot Pink and Blue Raccoon Tail Hair with Long Cut and Bangs
Instagram @georgeeblancoo

#21: Hot Pink and Blue Raccoon Tail Hair

The split dye, consisting of two colors – pink and blue, is applied over a base color obtained from global blonding. Consulting a blonde and vivid specialist is vital when opting for such colors. When choosing these colors, you will want to lift your hair to a level of 9-10. Levels 7 and higher are the easiest to do in one session. Based on their initial condition, hair levels from 1 to 6 might require 1-3 lifting sessions. The raccoon tail stripes can be added alongside the vivid colors or applied subsequent to the initial vivid coloring.

Chocolate Brown and Bright Blonde Split Dye for Longer Locks
Instagram @csalons

#22: Chocolate Brown and Bright Blonde Split Dye

This is a chocolate brown and bright blonde split dye. Spice up your warm complexion with eye-catching golden blonde and golden brown split dye. This color choice is beautiful for a neutral edge lover, especially noticeable with long hair lengths. The color requires frequent maintenance, with updates and refreshes needed every 6-8 weeks as the hair grows out.

Light Ash Blonde and Soft Pink Split Dye on Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @lalalindzie

#23: Light Ash Blonde and Soft Pink

The trend of split two-tone color ideas, like light ash blonde and soft pink, is becoming popular at the moment, and I’m all for it. Try a split with a pink tone on one side and a cool-toned pink on the other. Both cool and warm complexions work well with this style. How well the color suits you depends on your personal style.

Bright Orange and Mushroom Silver Split Dye on Shoulder-Length Hair
Instagram @shadesof.kayy

#24: Bright Orange and Mushroom Silver Hair

The hair is bright orange and mushroom silver. Pairing a mushroom silver hue with vibrant colors is all the rage with this hair trend. The main focus is on combining neutral tones with vibrant colors. Combining these tones creates a stunning contrast, adding edge and sophistication to the look.

Split Dyed Half Green and Half Purple Long Hair
Instagram @hairry_stylez

#25: Half Green and Half Purple

Imagine a color that is half green and half purple. Creating two distinct color tones without them mingling can be challenging. Clean sections are key to keeping these color tones from mixing with each other. To prevent the colors from merging, try washing one side at a time. Stunning, vibrant colors are created on a clean, lightened base.

#26: Neon Green and Red Watermelon Hair

Split hair, a current trend, provides a striking watermelon look with its bold, clashing colors. Speak with your stylist about proper hair-parting, ensuring it’s clean to prevent color merging.

Ever thought of adding a bold twist to your style with split-dye hair? Expert stylist Krysta Alyse unveils the secrets of getting it right.

Meet The Expert

Krysta Alyse
Krysta Alyse
Krysta is a hairstylist with over 8 years of experience.
You can find Krysta at her own studio in Mesa. AZ.

Color Choices

Krysta starts off, “Split-dyed hair offers a blend of two hues. The key is to select colors that go with your skin’s undertone.” She suggests that if your skin has warm undertones, think about a mix of red, orange, or yellow. For cool undertones, green, blue, or purple might be a good fit. If you’re lucky to have neutral skin tones, any two colors could work for you, she tells us.

Keeping it Bold

She says keeping the vibrant split-dye look is a “bold step that needs much care.” She notes that as your roots grow, the contrast will fade, so she advises that you return to your stylist every 4 to 8 weeks.

To avoid heat harm, she recommends a heat shield like Amika Heat Defense. She adds in between salon visits, a hair health tonic such as K18 could help keep your hair healthy. She ends this section by endorsing professional-grade hair cleansers and nourishers and advises us to try out Amika products. She reminds us, “Split-dyed hair is about more than style. It’s also about keeping your hair vibrant and healthy.”

Chat With Your Stylist

On what to chat about with your stylist, Krysta shares, “The cost of split-dye service relies on many things. This includes the colors you pick and the current state of your hair. The upkeep could run from a simple root touch-up to a complex bleach and tone process.” She warns us that the cost would cover the time it takes, the items used, and the effort involved.

Before diving in, she advises us to have a clear idea of our hair’s past – what treatments it has gone through and how we care for it at home. These factors can greatly affect what the stylist can do in one sitting. She reminds us that even the kind of water we use – hard or soft – can alter the color and health of our hair.

She strongly suggests having a strand test. This allows both you and the stylist to get a feel for what’s doable and what’s not. She concludes, “Coloring hair is a team effort between you and your stylist to get the look you want while keeping your hair healthy.”

Photos of the Most Striking Split Dye Hair Color Ideas