28 Skunk Stripe Hair Ideas to Try This Trend Yourself

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Black and Sandy Blonde Stripes

Go for black and sandy blonde stripes. Black and blonde stripes will show the most if put boldly through the crown. This pattern of alternating two colors through foils creates big stripes and high contrast. If you’re looking into the early 2000s style, this pattern is a blast from the past.

Vivid Peach Skunk Striped Color on Collarbone-Length Brunette Hair with Fringe
Instagram @valeriaegusquizahair

#2: Vivid Peach Skunk Color on Brunette Hair

Try a vivid peach skunk color that is used on brunette hair. Coloring hair with various shades can provide endless combinations. Flaunt bold shades by subtly including vivid peach and brown tones in your hair. Younger generations who love changing their hair colors typically prefer these bold options.

Bright Red Reverse Skunk Stripe Hair with Long Bob Cut
Instagram @littlefaktory

#3: Bright Red Reverse Skunk Stripe Hair

Go for a bright red reverse skunk stripe as a hair color effect. In a reverse skunk stripe effect, the lighter stripes are at the front and sides and not in the middle. If you have a warm complexion, try a mix of red and dark hues for a fun, high-contrast look.

Purple and Black Skunk Stripes with Fringe on Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @may__noh

#4: Purple and Black Stripes with Fringe

The fringe features a purple and black striped pattern which can attractively brighten the face. Adding a block of color or a fashionable skunk stripe to the hair can be a bold and fun styling choice. To achieve this, bleach is needed to create a perfect palette for vivid purples. After this, use a high-quality cleansing cream like Hairstory to maintain a vivid hair tone.

Pink Skunk Highlights on Mid-Long Wavy Black Hair
Instagram @colouredbycat

#5: Pink Skunk Highlights on Black Hair

Embrace the y2k trend with pink and black hair highlights! This hair color reminds us of popular teens from the 2000s.

Chunky Blue Skunk Stripes on Mid-Length Black Straight Hair
Instagram @creations.by.chelsey

#6: Chunky Blue Accents on Black Straight Hair

Chunky blue accents look vibrant on straight black hair! Selecting a close color for skunk stripe hair, like black and blue, can create a soft yet bright effect.

Red Skunk Stripe on Mid-Length White Blonde Hair
Instagram @bzrittany.hair

#7: Red Stripe on White Blonde Hair

If you’re looking to experiment with a new look, red is very trendy now. Adding a level 7-8 copper violet skunk stripe to your extra blonde hair will increase the edginess. Keeping a blonde panel in the front for extra brightness around the face and placing your stripe just behind will highlight the color. Remember to use additional color-safe cleansers, as red hues fade quickly.

Medium Hair with Dark Base and Warm Blonde Skunk Stripes
Instagram @mystylistpaula

#8: Dark Base with Warm Blonde Stripes

If you want a bold style, mix warm blondes into your dark chocolate hair base. The warm tones will stand out and add an edgy vibe. Enhance this with back-to-back foils of each color for a high-impact stripe. The size and shape of your head decide how thick your hair panels should be.

#9: Chunky Dark Brown and Dark Blonde Hues

Dark brown and dark blonde tones are mixed together to create a textural look. Placing darker tones on lighter ones helps create a bold and sharp style. You can also apply this method of mixing contrasting colors for varied looks.

Black and Blonde Mid-Length Skunk Stripe Hair
Instagram @tuckwellandco

#10: Black and Blonde Mid-Length Hair

Go for high contrast with black and blonde chunks on mid-length hair. The high contrast method works best on naturally dark to light blonde hair to achieve the brightest blonde and healthiest result. For naturally darker bases, the blonde may not be as light a result, but will still provide a contrast with the black. I advise washing your hair in cold water to prevent the black color from discoloring the light blonde highlights. Consult your stylist about the thickness of your chunks. If they are too thin, your hair might look like one shade of grey.

#11: Tri-Color Hair Stripes

Opt for tri-color hair stripes if you like pairing light, medium, and dark hues. The darker shade underneath will create a high contrast with the platinum and medium hues. Instruct your stylist to create a bold streak at your front hairline and another midway to the back. Specify how bold you want these streaks to be. Wash hair in cold water with sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo to ensure that none of the darker colors start to discolor the blonde.

Mid-Long Two Tone Copper and Blonde Skunk Hair
Instagram @cherub.sydney

#12: Two Tone Copper and Blonde Skunk Hair

The hair is a two-tone blend of copper and blonde skunk strands. A bold and edgy contrast provides a trendy skunk-striped color effect. Pairing copper with blonde creates a great color combination to enhance the copper when the blonde is warmer. This high-maintenance color technique requires fresh touch-ups every 6 weeks due to the broad sections of color.

#13: Bronde Classic Skunk Stripe Hair

Consider a bronde, classic skunk-stripe hair color. If you’re a fan of the ’90s, try adding a bold, ‘bad boy’ stripe into your blonde hair. This technique is a fun way to join the skunk-stripe trend. Pair a warm-colored blonde with a brown stripe to give neutral tones an edgy vibe.

Medium-Length Light Blonde Skunk Stripe Hair with Black Strands
Instagram @luxecojax.kaily

#14: Light Blonde Hair with Black Strands

Here’s a light blonde hair color mixed with several black strands. Boost your blonde color with high-contrast black paneling inspired by early 2000s trends. This skunk-stripe pattern of colors suits bold, adventurous women. For a striking contrast, mix cool-toned blonde with black. Regular touch-ups every 6 weeks will maintain the vibrant color.

Warm Blonde Chunky Skunk Striped Highlights on Medium Dark Hair
Instagram @mpaulapop

#15: Warm Blonde Chunky Highlights on Dark Hair

Achieve warm, chunky blonde highlights on dark hair. To blend your highlights, use a toner. It will match the tone of your highlights with your base color. Applying a level 7 beige blonde toner on dark hair will create depth and a well-mixed color.

Mid-length Cool Blonde and Brown Hair Skunk Stripes
Instagram @hairbylauren.ss

#16: Cool Blonde and Brown Hair Stripes

The hair features cool blonde stripes mixed with brown. A cool blonde with a light beige-brown offers a subtle yet edgy pop of color. These shades belong to the family of neutral tones, adding softness to the overall look. This design is achieved by separating sections of hair with foil and processing them until the desired color is obtained. An overall gloss and tone will unite the blonde and brown stripes.

#17: Brown-Blonde-Copper-Red Stripe Hair with Bangs

A brown, blonde, copper, and red striped hair color is a cool combo for women with warm complexions. It comes with fancy bangs. Red, blonde, copper and brown shades blend well. These colors show up boldly when placed in thick panels. Colors in the red family fade quickly. You need a good color-safe cleanser. Also, regular touch-up appointments every 6 weeks are crucial.

Red Skunk Stripes on Shoulder-Length Jet Black Hair
Instagram @weronikaciemna

#18: Red Stripes on Jet Black Hair

A red and black ultra edgy skunk-stripe color technique. The bold color placement uses at least 5 foils per color section before changing the color. This high-maintenance color procedure will produce bold lines visible after about 4-6 weeks. As a result, you’ll need to visit the salon at least every 6 weeks for upkeep.

Black and White Skunk Stripes for Shoulder-Length Skunk Hair
Instagram @stmhair

#19: Black and White Stripes

Black and white striped hair is edgy and unique. Black and white hues will give your hair the ultimate contrast. One way to frame the face is using color as a contouring effect. Use bold blonde around the face for highlighting.

#20: Copper Brown with Bright Blonde Money Piece

If you want a unique look, try a copper blonde mixed with a bright blonde. Add a thick highlight for extra flair. The blend of copper blonde and light golden blonde is perfect. It strikes a beautiful balance. To keep the color rich, use paraben-free and sulfate-free products. Have your stylist dye some of your blonde hair a bright shade for fun.

#21: Black and Yellow Stripes on Pixie

A black and yellow striped color on a pixie is eye-catching. A new generation’s highlights of stripes are a comeback of the early 2000s. Black and yellow stripes complement with high contrast and look super cute and edgy on a pixie. Chunky highlights are creative and cool for younger 20-year-olds.

Skunk Striped Black and Red Color for Short Bob
Instagram @rougehairwitch

#22: Black and Red Short Bob

A black and red color combination is edgy and fun for color blocking. If you’re unfamiliar, you will want to have the red blocks pre-lightened before adding red, especially if you’re looking for a fire engine red. And the black should be a straightforward deposit application.

Platinum Blonde and Brown Medium Skunk Hair with Bangs
Instagram @nevermonday.hairdresser

#23: Platinum Blonde and Brown Hair with Bangs

A platinum blonde and brown hair color with bangs is a trendy color mix. Skunk stripes are trending on TikTok with high-contrast color blocks. The brown and platinum colors are an edgy color with a little softness. It looks great on long hair that will showcase the long striped look. This combo looks great on fair skin tones.

#24: Orange and Copper Ribbons

Here’s an orange and copper ribboned color. A trending and modern color mix of orange and copper in a skunk-striped block sets the stage. Try out vivid tones for a semi-permanent option if you’re on the fence about permanent colors.

#25: White and Brown Skunk Hair Color

Chunky white and brown skunk hair color is back and popular among people who love to stand out. This bold style takes us back to the early 2000s with blocky symmetry on straight hair. This type of color can take long sessions and frequent touch-ups, but worth it all if you love this trend.

#26: Black and Pink Chunky Highlights

Rock playful black and pink chunky highlights if you want an edgy yet soft hair style. This color can be pretty high maintenance for touch-ups, but it’s fun to try it out once.

#27: Brown Base with Chunky Icy Highlights

Having a brown base with chunky icy highlights blends the colors well. Color blocking gives a striking look, but using a darker base can lessen the drastic appearance of new hair growth.

Thinking about shaking up your style with a skunk stripe hair look? You’re not alone! This daring trend is taking the fashion world by storm. Here’s hair guru Robin Owens to guide you on this hair-raising journey.

Meet The Expert

Robin Owens
Robin Owens
Robin is a hairstylist & salon owner with over 16 years of experience.
You can find her at Serpent Studio in Greenville, SC.

Color for Every Skin Tone

According to Owens, “Skunk stripe hair color can be a daring choice, and it can work with all major skin tones.” The trick is picking a shade that suits your skin tone. Fair or light skin tones pair well with cool-toned shades like platinum or ash blonde. Medium skin tones truly pop with warmer shades like caramel or honey. Finally, darker skin tones can look bold and powerful with deep shades like deep brown or black.

We can’t forget about the current color trend, though. Owens notes, “Most of my guests are semi-permanent creative color guests. They let me create all around the color wheel.” Taking the season and current color trends into account can also shape the choice of hair color.

Caring for This Hair Color

Once the right shade is chosen, you need a proper care routine. Owens advises, “Keeping the color vibrant requires proper aftercare and regular touch-ups.” She recommends professional sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Also, hair masks or treatments help nourish the hair. To keep fading at bay, try a color bomb. Owens notes, “I recommend a deep conditioning mask, then add in about 20% of the custom color semi you chose.”

Your Consultation with a Colorist

Before taking the leap, talk to a colorist or stylist. Owens stresses that you need to “consider various factors such as current base color, desired end result, lifestyle, and cost.”

Bearing in mind your current base color will help your stylist gauge the time needed to get your ideal skunk stripe look. Lifestyle also plays a role in choosing a color, as vibrant shades may need more maintenance. Discussing the cost, both for the initial color application and touch-ups, will allow for informed money decisions.

Photos of the Coolest Skunk Stripe Hair Colors