Silver Ombre Hair: The 18 Hottest Examples of 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Silver ombre hair is a hair color that’s darker at the roots and gradually transforms into a silver or greyish hue as it goes down the tips. This technique on silver locks can also be paired amazingly well with other fashion colors, such as pastels and blondes.

This is a trend that’s equally mystique and edgy and is incredibly versatile, matching any skin tone there is! Silver could be a challenging color to wear on its own because of its lightness, but going with the ombre style makes the journey much easier and laid-back.

Expert colorists recommend using hair-strengthening and moisturizing products to keep your strands healthy and prevent damage from dyeing your hair with an unnatural hue.

Ciara, Nafessa Williams, Kelly Osbourne, and Cardi B demonstrated with their recent fashion statements how achievable this beautiful hair color is. On top of that, color correction specialist Lidia Prass brought to life the magic created from silver ombre plus beach waves, giving everyone the chills!

You’re one step away from your stylish dream! Choose your favorite photo of silver ombre hair from the updated gallery below and capture the look immediately!

Dark to Light Silver
Instagram @lind_uhhh

#1: Dark to Light Silver Grey

The wispy ends with a lighter shade suits this whole dark, mysterious look. A flawless dark to silver ombre that you must try!

#2: Silver and Purple

It doesn’t get any better than some silver and purple reverse ombre. Careful balayage of these colors created the most ethereal look.

#3: Silver and Rose Gold

An ombre has taken to the next level. This silver and rose gold ombre combination, technique, and hair cut add up to an impeccable look.

Red to silver ombre hair color
Instagram @courtgannhair

#4: Red to Silver

Sparkling ruby is the hair color you never thought would be possible! A patient time on the chair would result in this gorgeous mix of red to silver ombre hues.

Silver white ombre hair color
Instagram @hollybellerae

#5: Silver and White

Leave your roots dark and alternate silver and white ombre tones onto your hair. Sassy and fierce, such a cold-blooded look!

#6: Silver and Lilac

Does this silver and lilac ombre hair dye remind you of a fairy? Brandish that pixie-colored hair; great for thick-haired girls to get themselves all chipped up.

#7: Silver Lavender

Just when you thought having silver hair seals the deal, lavender with silver is the next big ombre you can get! The silky texture with the cut lets those shimmery colors come to life!

Silver blue ombre hair color
Instagram @hairtalkbymigo

#8: Silver and Blue

Yes, you can wear two colors in one without the boldness of an ombre! Look at this wonderful silver to blue ombre hue.

#9: Brown to Silver

The softest choco color with vanilla ends. This brown-to-silver ombre is the ultimate sweet dream!

#10: Silver Ombre on Dark Brown Hair

From dark roots to ashy ends, these transitions look stunning. Upgrade those silvery colors with soft waves and an ombre!

Silver and Purple
Instagram @maidencolor

#11: Silver and Purple

This silver to purple ombre was inspired by a flower on a foggy day. It’s a beautiful metallic with a bit of creative fun to it. I love the contrast between the colors but also how they blend.

This is a great haircut and color for all face shapes because of the layers that frame the face. As far as at-home care, I  recommend a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to maintain the color. Try Olaplex shampoo and conditioner. Use cold water to wash your hair to avoid fading and bleeding.

#12: Silver and Pink

I love the silver and pink ombré look. The color scheme goes well together, and that little pink gives it a nice pop. It’s styled with layers and uses 1.25 in the curling iron to give her soft waves, finishing the look. To achieve any silver look is to have patience, and taking care of your hair using Olaplex is always my recommendation. To keep the pink, she also bought the Schwarzkopf BlondMe Instamatic Blonde Strawberry. To keep her silver, she uses the No Yellow Fanola purple shampoo.

Black and Silver on Short Hair
Instagram @hairby_brenna

#13: Black and Silver on Short Hair

This look is a textured angled bob with a high-contrast black and silver hair ombre. I love the drama of all the contrast! Short to long and dark to light! Silvers, pastels, and ash tones will always be the highest maintenance hair colors, especially when you naturally have dark hair. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that it rarely is achievable in one session! Baby steps and lots of Olaplex treatments will always pay off. Also, regular toning appointments and purple shampoo and conditioner will be your best friend. My favorite is Pravana’s Perfect Blonde shampoo and toning mask.

#14: Metallic Silver

The drip in this one is oh-so-good! Serving you caramel blonde, brunette, and silver ombre hairstyle goodness!

Silver and Platinum Blonde
Instagram @sohea_hyun

#15: Silver and Platinum Blonde

It’s a silver blonde ombre with dimensional and shadow root. What I like about this color is the transition from the root to the ends of the hair color. I assume her natural hair level is between (levels 5-6) lightest brown-dark blonde, and her hair goal is between ice blonde to silver blonde, light blonde, and extra light blonde (levels 10-12). The most important and difficult part is a natural transition from natural hair color to silver blonde when the client wants a light color, including silver blonde, ice blonde, or platinum.

You need time to process hair to be blonde from natural dark brown or light brown. Generally, it depends on how much red pigment the hair has. Asian hair has more red and brown pigment. It takes a long time for Asian hair, which has dark brown hair, to get this silver-blonde color. It may need two or more sessions. It takes 5 to 7 hours to go lighter and toned during the first visit. The most difficult part is doing bleach on the hair to get lighter as much as you can in one session.

Ash Blonde and Silver
Instagram @hairbyemjones

#16: Ash Blonde and Silver

This look is a bright ash-blonde balayage. The cut used a razor to achieve more feathery ends rather than blunt. The style is loose brushed-out or beachy curls using a 1.5-inch curling iron.

With this look, you can achieve the bright white look of bleach without the harsh root grow out and retouch appointments every 4 weeks. It’s best suited for someone with naturally ashy hair, as the silvery blonde ombre can quite contrast with naturally warmer-toned hair. With balayage blonde hair, I always suggest having a purple shampoo ready when toners begin to fade. I recommend milkshake purple shampoo to tone out any unwanted hues. If your hair is drier, I suggest Evo hair purple conditioner.

Blonde to Silver
Instagram @ksmithhair

#17: Blonde to Silver Long Hair

I loved creating this metallic silver ombre shade! I also gave her some subtle layers to enhance the movement in her thick hair. I love the soft blend into the silver and how soft, shiny, and healthy it is from her using proper home care and pH bonder in her lightener when she’s in.

There are a few things to keep in mind when going for silver. It is a process, first of all! Your hair must be white blonde before you can be silver, and that can take multiple appointments. It is also crucial to use the proper at-home care when committing to a process like this, or the integrity of the hair is sure to be compromised. Silver is also a very high-maintenance color. I usually recommend my clients to come back to get it freshly glossed every 4-6 weeks depending on the client.

Brown and Silver
Instagram @kittyempireftw

#18: Brown and Silver

This brown and silver ombre is described as an icy pearl balayage. It’s an intriguing color because of the high contrast of the blonde to the darker base color. I love dimension and contrast in hair color because it keeps it from being blah or too simple.

This color is hard to achieve for most people because it is so light. Previous color history and darkness of a client’s natural color play into achieving this color. Clients with virgin hair and naturally lighter hair color can get this look fairly easily. This look is ideal if you are alright with having a more high-maintenance color. Proper salon products, minimal washing, and heat styling are necessary for maintaining this look.