25 Women With Grey Hair Who Got a Stunning Silver Hair Color Transformation

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Ear-Length Silver Tousled Bob with Dark Roots for Senior Women
Instagram @delong_hair

#1: Silver Tousled Bob with Dark Roots

A great strategy to improve your naturally grey hair is by adding silver streaks as highlights. The silver pops of highlights will bring some brightness to your face while maintaining depth in the roots and sides. By strategically placing these highlights around your face, you will achieve the pop you need. Toning your hair with the correct colors will remove any yellow tones and enhance the silver hues. This process ensures an easy hair growth period.

#2: Light-Toned Smokey Grey Pixie

An elegant pixie haircut with added texture for styling. The hair color is beautifully toned with a smoky grey.

Salt-and-Pepper Micro Bob for Older Women with Grey Hair
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#3: Salt-and-Pepper Micro Bob

If you’re advanced in age and want a stylish haircut, consider the salt-and-pepper micro bob. A one-length cut can give your hair a thicker appearance and simplify styling. Style this cut sleek and straight, or add waves for added bounce and texture. Regardless of how you style it, you’ll love this timeless look. Kevin Murphy Cool Angel color-enhancing shine treatment is my favorite product to use for clients who have salt-and-pepper hair. This product not only provides plenty of shine but also enhances your natural gray color.

#4: Gray Bob with Light Blonde Money Piece

Don’t believe that gray hairs can’t be fun? Add a vibrant money piece to your hairstyle if you’re looking for a fresh way to brighten up your favorite look and cut. I suggest a thick panel of added silvery blonde to your overall look. This lighter shade can complement your existing gray hair. Achieve this by adding a similar color tone and slightly increasing the brightness.

Smokey Silver Pixie Bob with Subtle Purple Tones for Older Women with Grey Hair
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#5: Smokey Silver Pixie Bob with Subtle Purple Tones

A smokey silver is an ideal color for a woman with natural salt-and-pepper hair. To achieve this hue, your stylist can use either toner or purple shampoo. The effect of purple shampoo will only last a few washes, while a toner could last close to 4-6 weeks. If you want the purple tint to last longer, you can discuss it with your colorist.

Dark Silver for Neck-Length Angled Bob for Older Ladies with Grey Tresses
Instagram @hair_by_rae.m

#6: Dark Silver Angled Bob

For older women looking to enhance their natural grey with a beautiful cut, I suggest an angled bob with a slight graduation. A bob with a longer angle fits well on round or long face shapes. This cut can also complement those who wear glasses by syncing with their face shape. Add a bang to enhance the eyes. A wispy full bang or a side bang can blend nicely into an angled bob.

#7: Light Silver on Tousled Pixie

Opt for a tousled pixie cut to embrace your natural light silver color and achieve an edgy style. You can glam up this hairstyle for older women even more if you finish it off with a shine spray.

Light Blonde with Grey Tones on Medium Wavy Hair for Mature Women
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#8: Light Blonde with Grey Tones on Wavy Hair

The beautiful transformation from yellow ends and grown-out grey roots to a blended light blonde finish.

Metallic Grey-Silver Tapered Pixie on Ladies Over 50 with Glasses
Instagram @vera_stile.kg

#9: Metallic Grey Tapered Pixie

Turning your hair color silver is a great way to blend with any naturally grey hair strands you have easily. Consider using Guy Tang Metallics over your grey hue for the desired stylish tint. To add a bit of diversity, if your hair is not fully white-grey, you should dye it first blonde. Once your hair is light enough, apply silver and metallic dyes to get the final desired tone. This is a nice variation of a grey balayage.

Platinum Silver Crop for Old Ladies with Grey Hair
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#10: Platinum Silver Crop

If you have stunning natural silver locks, don’t cover them. Instead, be bold and embrace them. A modern chic short cut like a tapered pixie won’t make you look old. Opt for a textured and straight style. Avoid big volume blow dries to keep your style from looking dated.

#11: Silver Blonde Hair with Feathered Layers

Keep warm, brassy hues at bay by using a toner to enhance your silver blonde hair. Soft layers can remove weight from thick hair. However, avoid cutting it too short to prevent a rounded shape.

Neck-Length Layered Bob with Beige Silver Highlights for Mature Women with Grey Hair
Instagram @axxesshd

#12: Layered Bob with Beige Silver Highlights

A layered full bob suits mature ladies well. I recommend adding soft, lighter highlights to provide a simple, blended look. This method prevents the need to frequently dye all the hair and also avoids the issue of noticeable regrowth.

Grey and Silver Highlights on Older Women with Medium Black Hair
Instagram @bellade_ari

#13: Grey and Silver Highlights on Black Hair

Hair doesn’t turn grey all at once with aging. It can appear softer on complexion. If you don’t desire to cover it, try using natural colored highlights woven into your darker hair shade. The regrowth of hair will have a softer look. If you want to grow out your dark hair, this method is a subtle way. You can apply it gradually over time.

Neck-Length Dimensional Silvery Grey Bob with Lowlights for Older Women
Instagram @rainerothhair

#14: Dimensional Grey Bob with Lowlights

Transitional grey coloring is a great solution for going into your natural grey tones. It’s important to pre-lighten the hair. This will allow silver and grey lowlights to blend with your natural grey hair. For optimal blending, tone your hair and add lowlights every 8-10 weeks. This will help maintain your color with low maintenance.

Natural Grey to Brown Ombre Shoulder-Length Hair on Older Ladies with Grey Stands
Instagram @gray_cious_me

#15: Natural Grey to Brown Ombre

If you want to go naturally grey, you must grow out the dark hair. It can be hard. However, the longer the roots, the easier it becomes. If your hair is long, I suggest cutting off a lot to reach your goal faster. In addition, you can add natural highlights to the dark hair. This will break the steady color line and help blend the regrowing hair.

Layered Pixie with Light Silver Strands for Mature Women
Instagram @teddysantosjr

#16: Layered Pixie with Light Silver Strands

The hairstyle, a layered pixie with light silver strands, is a great choice. If your hair is going grey or you want grey hair, you can achieve this color by undergoing a global blonding treatment in one or more sessions for sufficient lift. Afterward, your colorist will remove any yellow tints. They will then add silver tones to create the perfect silvery hue. The advantage of already having grey hair is that any regrowth will be less noticeable.

Short Icy Silver Bob with Choppy Bangs for Seniors Over Sixty with Glasses and Grey Hair
Instagram @hair_by_rae.m

#17: Icy Silver Bob with Choppy Bangs

Sliver tones in natural grey hair can prevent it from turning yellow over time. For a modern look, opt for an easy-to-manage bob and soft, feathery bangs for coverage. Avoid giving your hair too much height and volume to prevent it from looking outdated.

#18: Light Gray Graduated Bob

A classic graduated bob cut, textured with layers, pairs well with light grey or salt-and-pepper hair color. This haircut adds dimension and blends any natural greys you have. Blue-pigmented shampoos are excellent for neutralizing brassy tones. However, always consult with your hair professional before using these products.

#19: Ashy Silver Faux Hawk

A short faux hawk is a great choice for all age groups, given you have the confidence to flaunt it. For a striking contrast, keep the hair short and tight around the ears and nape. This will make the longer top section appear even more pronounced. When it comes to color, embrace your natural tones.

Short Silver A-Line Bob with Natural Gray Strands on Older Women
Instagram @sashamoonsalon

#20: Short A-Line Bob with Natural Gray Strands

A short bob can give you a lovely profile shape. Ask for beveled layers to add width and create a rounded shape. For the color, maintain a soft look. If you’re going grey, consider incorporating natural grey strands into your hair. This is a better option if you dislike regrowth.

Two-Toned Gray Pixie for Grandmas with Silver-Grey Hair
Instagram @skorbdoeshair

#21: Two-Toned Gray Pixie

A two-toned gray pixie uses highlights from your natural silver hair. It enhances the appealing features of your face and cheekbones. If you want a shorter cut but wish to keep a modern and stylish look, try maintaining some length and loose curls around your face. Keeping your hair longer around the face makes the haircut appear soft yet still short.

Medium-to-Long Layered Silvery White Hair with Grey Tips for Mature Women
Instagram @flygrannybk

#22: Layered White Hair with Grey Tips

If your grey hair is slowly turning white and you prefer a snowy look, reducing warm tones is crucial. White hair tends to start getting a warm yellow tinge over time. Ask your salon for an ashy toner to address this.

Edgy Pixie with Platinum Silver-Gray Blonde for Older Women
Instagram @nata_zhowner

#23: Edgy Pixie with Platinum Gray Blonde

An edgy pixie hairstyle in platinum gray blonde is a popular option for women of older age. Keep up-to-date with a modern, edgy haircut. To style a short, textured cut, use Kevin Murphy Free Hold, a styling paste.

#24: Silver Grey for Short Hair

You can create a stunning silver-grey color by adding lighter blonde to your hair and using a toner to remove brassiness. I highly recommend that you consult a professional for this job. They can skillfully achieve your desired results. Choose a suitable haircut that complements your new hair color and suits your hair type.

Soft Silver Pixie with Crown Layers on Mature Ladies with Gray Hair
Instagram @nata_zhowner

#25: Soft Silver Pixie with Crown Layers

I’ve noticed that soft pixies often have longer layers around the perimeter. These layers cascade with fullness and blend into a gentle side-swooping bang. If you want to dye your hair silver, consider a blonde shade at the roots and platinum violet at the ends. The silver shade blends well if you have darker roots and a majority blonde towards the ends.

As you age, so does your hair. This normal change often leaves many older women searching for the right silver hair color idea. Farah Hurdle, an expert in this field, offers useful advice on this topic.

Meet The Expert

Farah Hurdle
Farah Hurdle
Farah is a hairstylist & salon owner with over 25 years of experience.
You can find Farah at Lagom Suite in San Diego, CA

Matching Silver Hair and Skin Tone

Farah discusses matching hair color and skin tones. She points out that everyone’s gray pattern is unique, just as our animal print is unique too. She believes natural tones add a nice touch to your features. In some cases, she thinks a bright lip color could give a modern look to your style.

She recommends you discuss your makeup routine with a trusted makeup artist. It would be great to have your colors read. Seeing what colors best match your skin and eyes can help you choose better.

Maintaining Your Silver Hair

At this point, Farah explains how to keep silver hair looking fresh and lively. She encourages regular hair gloss treatment, which leaves the hair soft and shiny. Sometimes, a toner might be needed to keep the silver tones cool.

She suggests Maria Nila’s purple shampoo and conditioner to maintain the silver. The product line she trusts her clients with is ILES FORMULA signature set. It’s a three-in-one set: shampoo, conditioner, and serum. The serum protects the hair from heat, sunlight, and free-radicals. It also adds strength and shine to the hair.

Choosing Your Silver Hair Color

Farah advises you to consider everything when going for natural color. This includes looking at all options for letting your color grow, and considering your lifestyle and budget. She insists the condition of your hair is crucial too.

Farah’s favorite method is grey blending. She thinks it’s a beautiful way to blend the natural gray pattern with highlights and lowlights. It softens the growth and the natural color. The best part? You only need to maintain it every 10-20 weeks. In her words, “It’s the most low-maintenance look for a long-lasting beautiful hairstyle. My clients have never been happier.”

Pictures of Stylish Silver Hair Color Ideas for Older Women with Grey Hair