30 Best Ways to Get a Sandy Blonde Hair Color for Natural Depth

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Stunning Medium-Length Sandy Blonde Waves
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#1: Stunning Medium-Length Waves

Do you want to up your long bob game? Try some stunning medium-length waves. The best way to jazz up your lob would be to add some layers and texture, then style it with some waves. Try to keep heat away from the ends of your hair. This will keep your hair healthy and the waves more modern and beachy. Ask your stylist for tips on curling and what products will work well for your hair texture.

Sandy Blonde Balayage for Long Hair
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#2: Sandy Blonde Balayage for Long Hair

Sandy blonde balayage is ideal for long hair. This soft, muted blonde color blends with her natural hue, resulting in an easy, smooth grow-out process. To keep your long hair shiny and healthy, using a quality hydrating shampoo and conditioner is necessary.

#3: Soft Pastel Sandy Blonde

Soft blonde color is perfect because it still falls under the “natural” hair color range but has soft hues of pink to give you a little bit of fun with your hair color. Remember to book an appointment to get your hair toned every 4-6 weeks to maintain this pastel color, or ask your stylist if they recommend a certain color-depositing shampoo to maintain your color at home. Avoid shampooing your hair often, swimming, and using hot water when you do shampooing your hair. Ask your stylist what shampoo and conditioner they recommend because the products you use will make a difference in maintaining your hair color.

#4: Very Light Sandy Blonde Tone

A very light sandy blonde tone is beautiful on long, natural-looking hair. Ask your stylist if a sandy tone is a good option. Blonde hair can be high maintenance, so try a more rooted blonde if you want easier maintenance. Toning should be scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks to keep that nice sandy blonde tone.

#5: Sandy Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair

A sandy blonde balayage on dark hair creates a dreamy and velvety look. This balayage and sandy blonde ombre also feature a shadow root that allows your natural tresses to grow effortlessly. Add loose and thin waves if you want a wet finish to style your long mane.

Black to Neutral Sandy Blonde
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#6: Black to Neutral Sandy Blonde

Black hair with a neutral sandy blonde balayage is a stunning transformation you need. The handpainted ribbons of dimension, shown with luscious bouncy curls, will make it hard for others not to stare. Neutral sandy blonde combines beige and gold tones blended to give you the perfect blonde hue.

Sandy blonde lowlights
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#7: Sandy Blonde Lowlights

Sandy blonde lowlights give the perfect amount of dimension, making this blonde look more natural. This sandy hair color would be great for women who feel too blonde or washed out from their blonde.

#8: Light Sandy Blonde Hair

Light sandy blonde hair is always in style! Adding beachy waves to long blonde hair shows off the dimension and makes the lightest blonde pieces pop. You’ll need a purple shampoo to keep the blonde bright while combating brass. Try accessorizing your sandy hair with upswept or braided hair to accentuate the highlights.

Sandy blonde hair with sun-kissed highlights
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#9: Sandy Blonde Hair with Sun-Kissed Highlights

Sandy blonde hair with sun-kissed highlights is one of the newest trends women ask their stylists for. It has a mix of ashy and warm tones, making this shade suitable for women with varying complexions. Add loose waves for an effortless beach look.

Sandy Strawberry Blonde for Black Women
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#10: Sandy Strawberry Blonde for Black Women

A sandy strawberry blonde hair color is a darker version of a shoulder-grazing blonde hair color for black women! Thick tresses with voluminous curls where the hair ends complete the whole dark sandy blonde hairstyle.

Short Sandy Bright Blonde Hair
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#11: Short Sandy Bright Blonde Hair

A short sandy bright blonde hair color offers an effortless grow-out process for your wavy locks. Ask your colorist for a fusion of foilayage and dark roots. The ashy tone provides warmth to this style, complementing a fair skin tone.

#12: Sandy White Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Sandy white-blonde highlights on brown hair feature a root touch-up by balayage and toner. These sandy blonde highlights will ginger up your lengthy and wavy locks, giving them dimension.

Dark Sandy Blonde Hair
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#13: Dark Sandy Blonde Hair

Try wearing a dark sandy blonde hair color to enhance your natural beauty. Soft waves and highlights work together well, giving your long mane the dimension it needs.

Sandy Silver Blonde
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#14: Sandy Silver Blonde

Amp up your boring hair with a sandy silver blonde shade for a modernistic edge. If you have thin tresses, waves will make it look fuller than usual.

#15: Sandy Auburn Blonde Hair Color

A sandy auburn blonde gives a flattering color combination of copper and gold. This has a warm sandy blonde hue and is packed with chunky highlights for a more defined effect. Finishing it off with beach waves will bring out more dimension.

#16: Sandy Icy Blonde Hair

Stand out from the crowd with this dark-rooted sandy icy blonde hair. Its cool sandy blonde tone is sure to freshen up your cut. Style your collarbone-length mane with beach waves to show off the subtle layers.

#17: Sandy Ash Blonde Balayage

Your long hairstyle deserves nothing but a superb sandy blonde shade to boost its elegance! Here’s a sandy ash blonde balayage that fits the bill. It has a smokey-looking finish that’s trending while keeping your natural brown base color. Add texture to your wavy tresses for extra movement.

Sandy Creamy Blonde
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#18: Creamy Sandy Blonde Highlights

Achieving this creamy sandy blonde balayage takes a full head of soft highlights. The ashy, sandy blonde hues balance out the entire color. The result is astonishing, especially if you add waves to your mid-length tresses.

Sandy Buttery Blonde
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#19: Sandy Buttery Blonde

A buttery sandy blonde shade has richness and dimension.

Sandy Copper Blonde
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#20: Sandy Copper Blonde

This sandy copper blonde will satisfy your need for a new hair transformation. You’ll look like a natural redhead with this color on straight, long locks.

#21: Sandy Dirty Blonde

Beach waves on your collarbone-grazing hair will accentuate the dimension of this balayage. This gorgeous sandy dirty blonde features a shadow root with a money piece and brighter ends.

#22: Sandy Brown to Cool Blonde Ombre

A foilayage blend of sandy blonde hair colors is guaranteed to turn out smooth! Take it from this gorgeous sandy brown to cool blonde ombre hair. Its gentle finish will come out nicely on your long, wavy locks.

#23: Sandy Golden Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Sandy golden blonde highlights on dark brown hair result in a very chic finish. Its warm tint looks refreshing on long, thin locks.

Sandy Beige Blonde
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#24: Sandy Beige Blonde

Choose a sandy beige blonde to brighten your face and flatter your fair skin. Aside from creating a flow, beach waves show how the shadow root and a relaxed tone blend well. The layered mid-length haircut, meanwhile, seals the whole style together.

#25: Warm Sandy Blonde

Warm sandy blonde shades let your long, wavy tresses show off a brighter tone and shadow root. Just look at the picture above! The payoff is breathtaking!

#26: Sandy Platinum Blonde

A sandy platinum blonde hue allows you to have a hairstyle with dimension. This doesn’t only work for straight or wavy locks; this shade makes the perfect sandy blonde curly hair.

Light Sandy Blonde Color
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#27: Light Sandy Blonde

Go for a light sandy blonde color for a bright and rooted outcome! The shadow root in this mid-length chop makes this blonde balayage come together.

#28: Naturally Rich Sandy Blonde

Opt for a naturally rich sandy blonde with a smudge root, making it low-maintenance. Babylights create a soft, glossy effect to jazz up your long and wavy tresses.

This natural sandy blonde tone is best described as a lived-in natural blonde.

This hair coloring idea is ideal for women who want to go longer between appointments without compromising the beauty of their color. The natural shadow root gives this look a seamless grow-out. Many women go anywhere from 12-24 weeks between appointments.

Sandy Honey Blonde Balayage
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#29: Sandy Honey Blonde Balayage

Use balayage to jazz up your long hair, just like the model in the image above. Despite not getting the lightest one, a sandy honey blonde will make your hair glow. Pops of warmer and radiant sandy blonde tones certainly add subtle dimension and flair.

Ask for a dimensional beach blonde. It was achieved after 2-3 sessions of hand-painted balayage. I love how many shades of sandy blonde you can achieve by slowly building up the lightness over time.

This sand blonde hair color is not a look that is achieved in one session. We can all be impatient, but splitting up the chemical process over several appointments allows your hair to be as healthy and strong as possible while achieving an ideal blonde.

It’s also important to use good salon-grade products to nourish your hair in the meantime. Try the entire Kevin Murphy repair.me line to strengthen and moisturize in-between appointments.

short blunt cut with sandy blonde hair coloring
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#30: Short Blunt Cut with Sandy Blonde Hair Coloring

A short blunt cut with sandy blonde hair coloring is the ultimate girl-on-the-go cut for fine hair. The short, chin-grazing length amps the volume, while the lived-in sandy blonde balayage offers a great low-maintenance color choice. Towel dry and apply IGK Coconut Oil Air-Dry Styler for a laid-back look, or add a few loose waves for a night out.

A sandy blonde hair color is a rich beige-toned shade of blonde blended between warm and cool tones. Sparkling like champagne, it’s known to give tresses amazing natural depth! This subtle hue looks best on fair to medium skin complexions and light-colored eyes.

Hairstylist Whitney Boyer from Texas says it’s important to consult your hair colorist thoroughly. She notes, “Ask how many sessions it might take. Not everyone has hair that’s easy to lift! You’ll also need to know how often you should be back in the salon.”

More than the budget, you’ll need patience! The goal is to get the lift you need while keeping the integrity of the hair. For this, Boyer recommends her favorite product, Olaplex, because going lighter requires extra care for the hair, and Olaplex is great for this.

Boyer also says to be careful of overusing purple shampoo. She explains, “I can tell when someone has overused because their blonde will be dull. The color will shift to a cooler shade without the gold, which is what purple shampoo eliminates.”

So, before your next hair color appointment, check out these inspirational photos of the most popular sandy blonde hair color ideas!