27 Gorgeous Rose Gold Balayage Ideas for Major Hair Envy

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Rose gold balayage is a popular hair color with a pinkish-red hue and hints of golden undertones. It’s ultra-fashionable, sultry, and very modern.

I had the privilege of discussing this hair shade with senior stylist Shane Markham of San Francisco, CA. He gave some of his top tips for achieving the look, so you’re in luck if you’re thinking of trying it out.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Maintaining hair health is essential for vivid and long-lasting color.
  • It’s high-maintenance, so be prepared for regular toning at home or at the salon.
  • Experts recommend using protein or bond-builder rich hair products like Olaplex or K18, along with Evo’s Fab Pro at-home toning conditioner.
  • See your colorist for consultation before the session.
  • Ask what hair tone, either cool or warm, suits your skin complexion.

If you’re looking for an exciting hair color, look no further than these stunning pictures of rose gold balayage!


#1: Caramel Highlights on Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold with caramel highlights shows off brown hair beautifully. The dusty shades work well together. They create a darker rose gold look. Ask your stylist for lighter dusty rosy tones around your face. And, ask for caramel and honey tones all around.

#2: Blush-Inspired Rose Gold

A blush-inspired rose gold hair color would be perfect for festival hairstyles or summer vacations. This color works best on natural blondes and requires frequent salon visits for color refreshes. The added waves help show off all of the pink tones this color offers.

Light Brown with Glossy Rose Balayage Color
Instagram @glamvie

#3: Light Brown with Glossy Rose Color

Light brown with glossy rose color, talk about a current-day bombshell! A very easy way to add copper and pink to a light, brunette head of hair, is to ask for rose gold highlights. If you do not mind high-maintenance hair, then this is the look for you.

#4: Very Long Balayage

Enhancing a long-haired balayage with a unique rose gold tone is a perfect pair. To help maintain the tone, I suggest washing with cold water and using a toning conditioner. It will ensure the health of hair and keep hair fresh. Style with curls to show off the beautiful dimensions.

Rosy Gold Balayage with a Shadow Root
Instagram @asmahkhalifa

#5: Rosy Gold Balayage with a Shadow Root

A rosy gold balayage must be bleached before adding pink tones. If you have natural darker tones, a rose gold balayage on dark brown hair might be a great option for you. You can work with the warmth that will be exposed when it’s lifted. Ask your stylist to create a shadow root when rocking a rose gold look. It will create dimension and depth.

Dark-Rooted Long Hair with Faded Rose Gold Balayage Hue
Instagram @sihairdesign

#6: Dark-Rooted Long Hair with Faded Rose Gold Hue

Dark-rooted long hair with a faded rose gold hue will be sure to warm your style up. Keeping a dark root is a great idea if you have darker hair and want less maintenance. By keeping a dark root you will have a more graceful grow-out. All while still being able to enjoy a lighter pink hue at your ends.

Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots
Instagram @jadesthlm

#7: Strawberry Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

Try a strawberry blonde balayage with dark roots to be trendy. Scanning over this look, my option would be to do free-form painting highlights. This will create brightness. Finish by toning with a shadow root to create depth. Rose gold color is quickly becoming the color of the season, and it’s a fun way to change up your blonde color.

Rose Golden Blush Pink Balayage
Instagram @lexicaseyhair

#8: Golden Blush Pink Balayage

Try this golden blush pink balayage for a subtle, fun pop of color. If you want to go for a more dusty pink it would be a little lighter. Or if you’re looking for a strawberry blonde, add more warm tones throughout.

#9: Black Hair with Rose Gold Highlights

Black hair with rose gold highlights or a rose gold balayage on dark hair is a great way to play off your natural color. Choosing to keep your natural color at the base will help you avoid a fade. And it will lengthen the time between appointments.

#10: Dusty Rose Balayage on Mid-Length Hair

A dusty rose gold is a salon favorite when getting a balayage on mid-length hair. A combo of foil highlights and hand painting create this rose gold balayage on black hair.

#11: Partial Rose Gold Highlights on Short Hair

Partial rose gold highlights look great on short hair. The combo of a partial highlight with cherry tones allows the layers and lengths of your crop to pop. And, you’ll stand out.

#12: Burgundy Rose Gold Wavy Hair

Burgundy rose gold on wavy hair is the perfect combination. The warm tones in burgundy look great on women with warm complexions. Burgundy rose gold can be the perfect transition shade if you’re looking to work your way to a deeper red color.

Dark Rose Gold Balayage on Long Layered Hair
Instagram @rachel.does.hair

#13: Dark Rose Gold on Long Layered Hair

If your hair is dark brown and has long layers, consider a dark rose gold hue on your luscious locks. Dark rose gold balayage can look natural or crazy vivid. depending on your stylist. Let your stylist know which route you would like to take. Let them exercise their expertise to give you a fresh, new ‘do.

#14: Light Golden Cherry Hue on a Lob

A light golden cherry hue on a lob is a striking way to color your crop. Rosy, cherry, and golden tones have been trending alongside sharp, shorter-length cuts.

Long Bright Rose Gold Balayage Hair
Instagram @hair.by.mandy.jones

#15: Long Bright Rose Gold Hair

Bright rose gold can add depth and shine to your long blonde hair. Try a rose gold balayage for a melted look. You can start off bright and vibrant and this gorgeous hue will fade to a lovely champagne tone.

#16: Light Rose Gold on Brunette Hair

A light rose gold can be achieved by doing a lightening service first. A great option is a foilayage or balayage. This is the perfect example of doing a full lightening service while keeping a natural base. A rose gold balayage on brown hair is versatile. And, it’s easy for darker brunette hair types.

Pastel Rose Gold Balayage Hair
Instagram @cross_natasha

#17: Pastel Rose Gold Balayage Hair

Pastel rose gold balayage hair color is a fun way to change up your look. Especially if you have blonde hair and want to try something different. One of the best ways to do that is by going with a rose gold hair color. This is the color trend of the season and is a fun way to add color that is a low commitment as it fades.

#18: Champagne Rose Balayage

A soft trend that you should be trying is a blush tone. It’s complementary in so many colors! With rose gold balayage on light brown hair, try playing with a lighter tone of rose to give a bright pop of color. Maintain this look with a toning conditioner to keep your rose tone shining.

#19: Copper Tones on Golden Blonde Hair

Copper tones on golden blonde hair are a soft and fun way to add a shiny shade to your blonde locks. Using a demi or semi-permanent color can make this soft copper an easy one to remove later. Keep in mind your skin tone and your undertones. This will determine if it’s best to use cooler or warmer coppers.

#20: Low-Maintenance Rose Balayage on Dark Hair

A rose balayage is a fun but subtle hair color trend. I love this type of balayage on clients who have a deep base and don’t lift as well. It’s a great way to add a rose gold hue without having to compromise the integrity of your hair.

#21: Dimensional Balayage with Red and Gold Tones

A dimensional balayage with red and gold tones is also known as a rose gold balayage hair. If you’re afraid of red, but love the idea of warming things up, go for a brighter take on rose gold. Ask your stylist for a rose-copper hue. Try to stay away from violets or blues which can shift the overall color.

Rosy Gold Blonde Soft Ombre Balayage
Instagram @tayhilights

#22: Rosy Blonde Soft Ombre

A rosy blonde ombre is a great hue to consider when you don’t want to transition out of a bright blonde highlight. Ask your stylist to use a semi-permanent gloss, which is rich in color and high in shine. This rose gold shade is subtle. Using a color wash shampoo can help keep your color longer.

Rose Gold and Auburn Balayage Hair with Bangs
Instagram @beautybykails

#23: Rose Gold and Auburn Balayage Hair with Bangs

Spice your style up with rose gold and auburn balayage hair with bangs. Be aware, that rose gold and auburn pair well with warmer skin tones. While most face shapes can have bangs, ask your stylist if there is a fringe style that is better for your face shape.

#24: Vivid Rose Gold and Pink Balayage Highlights

Vivid rose gold and pink balayage highlights are all the rage. This bright and shiny hue should be your go-to when wanting to change up your look.

Rosy Gold Balayage on Medium Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @sara.paints.hair

#25: Rosy Balayage on Medium Dark Brown Hair

If you have medium dark brown hair, you would love a rosy balayage. Rose gold brunette balayage brings brown hair to life. The best low-commitment change will have you feeling fun and fresh. Ask your stylist for a hair painting treatment. Ask for the best take-home color-depositing shampoo. It will help keep up your color.

Soft Rose Gold Shade on Balayage Hair
Instagram @venusgbeauty

#26: Soft Rose Gold Shade on Balayage Hair

If your color is faded, try a soft rose gold shade. This pink and spicy shade is the perfect complement for cooler months.

Golden Blonde with Subtle Rose Gold Balayage Highlights
Instagram @cos.by.mars

#27: Golden Blonde with Subtle Rose Highlights

Jazz up golden blonde hair with subtle rose highlights. Pastel rose colors work best on light blonde hair. Beware that pastel colors can fade faster than deeper shades. So, you may need to visit the salon more often to keep it looking fresh.