25 Coolest Reverse Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

A reverse ombre is a hair coloring technique with a lighter tone on top, gradually transforming into a darker one toward the ends.  With the endless combinations of hues you can choose from, it’s a marvelous and exciting way to kick things up a notch for your new hair color!

Because of its versatility, you can customize the shades according to your skin tone, so it’s key to consult with your hair colorist about which colors can complement your complexion. Another thing to be thankful for is that reverse ombres work well on all hair types – straight, thin, wavy, or curly.

Hair artist Kay L. Townsend shows off how soft and transitional a reverse ombre is with her amazing hair creations using beautiful color palettes! These are the major reasons it’s unique and on top of the must-have hairstyles since its conception.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring and popular photos of reverse ombre this year!

Blonde to Purple Reverse Ombre
Instagram @prism_and_iris

#1: Blonde to Purple Ombre

This blonde to purple ombre is super trendy right now.

The process for this look was very simple. I used my 100 foil technique, lol! (Because it took 100 foils) to lighten her. It was back-to-back fine slices of foiling. Then I fiberplexed (it’s a fiber treatment to maintain the integrity of the hair after lightening).

Highlights are added to give an extra dimension to the hair. Then I blowdried the hair, sectioned the hair starting from the back, then, using my ombre technique, applied the purple color. I don’t recommend this ombre if you’re an everyday washer. Only because you won’t get the longevity of this hair color. Also, remember that these colors stain (not permanently) showers, pillowcases, etc.

Short pixie cut with red to brown ombre transition

#2 Hair

Check out this fierce pixie with its sassy red to brown ombre! Textured layers are swept to the side for a playful yet edgy look, perfect for showing off that dynamic color transition. This style’s a breeze to manage and oh-so-cool, making it ideal if you’re craving a fresh chop that’s high on style but low on fuss. The brown ombre settles beautifully into a natural brunette at the nape, making regrowth a non-issue. It’s a fiery little number that’s tailor-made for someone who loves bold color but needs an easy-care routine!

Ash Blonde to Gray Balayage

#3 Ash Blonde Roots to Gray Balayage

Looking to make a statement? This ash blonde to rich gray balayage does just that. It’s a gorgeous blend of cool tones, perfect for bringing out the best in long, layered locks. The darkened tips add depth, making it a dream for girls craving dimension without the constant root touch-ups. Curling the ends brings the look together – stylish yet practical. It’s a bold choice that needs maintenance; use a color-safe shampoo to keep it vibrant. Best for those with a bit of sass and the patience for proper care. Not for the faint-hearted or high-heat styling addicts, though – this color thrives on tender love and care.

#4: Blonde to Red Ombre

Bold meets classic with this stunning reverse blonde to red ombre. The roots flaunt your natural blonde, flowing into an eye-catching, saturated red that turns heads and sparks conversations. It’s snipped into a blunt cut for that sleek, on-trend edge. Ideal for those looking to make a statement while keeping things simple, this ombre requires some upkeep for the red to stay vivid. Perfect for medium to thick hair, this style holds its shape with grace, making you the spotlight wherever you go.

Medium asymmetrical lob with reverse ombre from dark red to copper

#5 Dark Red to Copper Ombre

Spice up your style with this bold reverse ombre, transforming from a rich dark red to a playful copper hue. This asymmetrical lob is cut to perfection, framing your face with waves that scream sophistication with a twist. The color blend is seamless, ideal for medium-thick hair ready to show off a natural wave with some serious character. This look is all about confidence, and while the darker roots forgive a bit of grow-out, that copper will need some TLC to stay bright. So, grab your color-safe shampoo, and let’s turn some heads!

Reverse ombre bob blonde to brown

#6 White-Platinum Blonde to Brown Bob

Picture this on you: a medium-length bob with playful curls that bounce with every step. The color? A stunning reverse ombre, melting from a bright blonde crown into a deep chestnut that speaks elegance. It’s the epitome of a fresh, modern look with a twist. While the blonde uplifts your features, the brunette kiss at the ends brings warmth. Great for those with fine to medium hair looking to add oomph. Requires a bit of upkeep though – color-safe products are a must to maintain this blend’s beauty, and embrace less frequent washes to keep the depth in your brunette ends. Ideal for the gal on the go who loves a little flair without constant salon visits!

Orange reverse ombre for curls

#7 Orange Reverse Ombre for Curls

Orange reverse ombre for curls is the perfect in-between appointment. If you want to give your hair a break from the routine, try out this ombre instead. Adding a darker color to roots seamlessly blends in the new growth to the brighter ends. This is an easy way to switch things up while still being gentle on the hair.

Warm-toned reverse ombre from burgundy to caramel on medium-length hair

#8 Burgundy to Caramel Ombre Hair

Dive into the depth of autumn with this luscious burgundy to caramel ombre hair. The colors melt like the season’s finest hues, from a deep, mysterious burgundy that captures the eye to a warm, inviting caramel that frames your face with a soft glow. The layered cut makes it a breeze to style, adding bounce and movement that brings the ombre to life. This medium-length masterpiece is perfect for those looking to refresh their look with some seasonal spice. It’s low-maintenance yet high-impact, ideal for anyone wanting to add warmth to their style without daily hassle.

Red to Purple Choppy Cut
Instagram @bricia.g_artistry

#9: Red to Purple Choppy Cut

One of the best ways to create the illusion of volume is with a reverse ombre, like this red to purple choppy cut. Not only is the cut helpful in creating the illusion of fullness, but the color also adds a boost at the root, making your hair appear thicker and fuller.

#10: Light to Dark Blonde

A reverse ombré can be one of the hardest colors because sometimes it can be hard to envision darkening the ends of blonde hair.

The color selection is the most important part of this color. Not only the technique you use but the tones you choose is what will make this look seamless. Opt for the blonde to be complemented by the dark colors, not taken over. So choose a softer warm naked blonde in Mydentity color to melt into the milk chocolate ends.

When considering this look, remember those ends will most likely never be blonde again, so be prepared to cut them off when you’re tired of this look.

White to Black Reverse Ombre
Instagram @bescene

#11: White to Black Reverse Ombre

Go for an unconventional style with white to black reverse ombre. Having a lighter blonde color at your roots will require frequent touch-ups. Using a bold builder in your bleach is better to prevent damage when lifting your roots. I suggest toning the blonde every 4-6 weeks, along with a trim and conditioning treatment. This will help you keep your locks healthy.

#12: Smokey Blonde to Dark Brunette Ombre

The smokey blonde to dark brunette ombré is an edgy and fashionable hair trend. To achieve this color, your hair needs to be scalp bleached. Also, your roots will be left the lightest; the lengths are colored dark and melted into the darkest. Remember, when your hair starts to grow out, you will have another color band next to the blonde. I suggest getting regular 6-week appointments to cover regrowth.

reverse sombre hair color
Instagram @hairbylindal

#13: Reverse Sombre

A reverse sombre is a great way to add some brunette tones to your blonde hair but still have that blonde brightness. Reverse ombres are a color technique that goes light into the dark rather than the traditional ombre of the dark into light. Upkeep for this color is very minimum since the color mostly lives on the hair ends. Take-home care would be a color-protect shampoo and conditioner to make sure the tone stays true and long-lasting.

#14: Blonde to Auburn Ombre

Consider a head-turning shade such as blonde to auburn ombre, where the bottom half transitions into a deep red hair color. Perfect for special events like Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Even as the color starts to fade, this hue will still look flattering and seamless.

#15: Pastel Lavender Reverse Ombre

A pastel lavender reverse ombre is great for women who want to experiment with fun colors and look trendy. To maintain this color, use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner such as Davines Minu to minimize hair damage and preserve hair color.

Cool Platinum Blonde to Silver Reverse Ombre
Instagram @lively_looks

#16: Cool Platinum Blonde to Silver Reverse Ombre

Go with a lighter hue and a nice bleaching job to achieve this gorgeous cool platinum blonde to silver ombre hair. As damaging as it may be, this reverse ombre will help with the healthy grow out.

#17: Caramel Blonde to Chocolate Brown Reverse Ombre

The caramel blonde and chocolate brown hair tones make such a wicked color pair! This ombre coloring job is wild!

#18: Blonde to Dark Brunette Ombre for Long Hair

What could make a lengthy cut more extravagant than this blonde and brown reverse ombre effect? Nothing, I suppose!

Brown to Black Ombre Hair
Instagram @hairby_meggray

#19: Brown to Black Ombre Hair

Back to jet black? The right ombre for your long hair may be an unusual color, but with the proper balayage, it will turn out as smoking as this.

Red to black reverse ombre
Instagram @marmbrister7

#20: Red to Black Reverse Ombre

Post up with dark hair like this phoenix red ombre blend on ebony tresses.

#21: Light Brown to Dark Brown Ombre

A light brown to dark reverse ombre will create an unusual twist on a very natural color!

Grey to Black Reverse Ombre Hair
Instagram @_dyealready

#22: Grey to Black Ombre

This reverse ombre hair trend was created by hairstylist Alaina Walker of Denton, TX.

If you are considering this look, Walker says to look into a purple shampoo to keep the hair nice and silvery! “Barcelona by Pulp Riot is one of my favorite purple shampoos,” she notes.

“I would also recommend using cold water for shampooing and rinsing for two reasons. The black is a semi-permanent color over pre-lifted blonde, so this would fade after each shampoo. Coldwater will help minimize any color running into the rest of the hair,” she adds.

Blue to Brunette Ombre
Instagram @rycnyc_hair

#23: Blue to Brunette Ombre

If you’re down for sporting a more androgynous look, opt for short blue to brunette ombre hair. Stylist Russell Cordeiro of NYC is behind this cut and color.

He says, “Make sure you have the personality or are willing to get outside your box. A very thorough consultation is a must. How will you style it? How much time are you willing to put into this daily? If you go from long to this short, do you want all that attention?”

Pink Reverse Ombre
Instagram @hairdesignsbymarco

#24: Pink Reverse Ombre

This pink multi-shade reverse ombre was created by stylist Mariah Degraffenried of St. Louis, MO. Her client wanted a color that would show off the highlight and brightness of an anime character.

“We went for a lighter pink at the roots to showcase the light hitting her base and then melting it into a darker but neon bright pink,” she explains.

Degraffenried wants you to understand that some colors take time to achieve. “The process can be long, but it’s worth it to save the integrity of their hair. To maintain the color, buy color-safe and sulfate-free shampoos. It’s better to use higher-end products to achieve longevity with the color. Of course, use customized color conditioners!”

Shade of Strawberry Blonde to Red Reverse Ombre
Instagram @te_beautys

#25: Shade of Strawberry Blonde to Red

This shade is a strawberry blonde to fire red reverse ombré.  Women with lighter hair naturally will not have to lighten the hair first; you can deposit the red. Women who are darker naturally or have a darker color previously on the hair would have to lighten first and then deposit the red.