Red Lowlights: How To Use Rich And Dark Shades

Red lowlights are not used as often as other shades but are still popular for enriching other hair colors. First for those who do not understand what lowlights are and its effects are on hair color, click on the word to understand what lowlights are. For those that do, the spectrum of red does have many bright colors that are great for highlights but also has many dark red and rich red hair colors available for lowlights. Dark cherry, maroon, sangria, and burgundy are some of the shades of red that work well for lowlights.

For base hair colors, the best ones that work with red lowlights are shades of brown, black, and lighter or less rich reds. The red lowlights can enhance these base colors as well as add extra dimensional to the hair color. For blondes, red lowlights can work with darker shades but will not bring much in terms of appeal to lighter shades unless the goal is creative hair color. Red lowlights can also be combined with highlights with these base colors to produce other hair color combinations.

Using Red Lowlights

Framing red lowlights

This is a great medium hairstyle with brunette hair color that is livened up with splashes of rich red lowlights. The lowlights add extra dimension to the base color and is more noticeable during movement. When using red lowlights in this way, choosing a rich color close to the base works really well and the lowlights can be added to face framing areas for better results.

Short red lowlights

This hairstyle uses a combination of red lowlights in small areas with a focus on the swept fringe. The lowlights are not overwhelming and compliment the darker base hair color with a richer shade in another color. Applying red lowlights with this technique brings attention to certain areas like right at the eyes. For longer hair, applying the lowlights to front layers will have the same effect.

red lowlights stripes red lowlights with bun updo

This red lowlight picture shows how it can be applied to a shade of red as well as a formal hairstyle. The hairstyle has a strong swept fringe and a messy bun in the back that really shows off the color. The red lowlights are applied to several sections including the face framing fringe and can be seen in strands in the back bun. The red lowlights accentuate the red base hair color and produces a finish that is has toned down the brightness. Click on hair color ideas for other enhancements.

More Pictures of Red Lowlights

rich red lowlightscherry red lowlights
brown and red lowlights