19 Greatest Red-Violet Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Red-violet hair is a daring hair color shade that has hints of red and violet infused together. Women with all kinds of natural hair color, both lovely brunettes and blondes, try on this impressive hue for a vivid and brighter appearance.

Red-violets come in different hair color shades, and having the right balance of warm red and cool violet tones together is the key to complement your skin tone best. Dark skin tones and eye colors are the easiest to pair with this color. For light-skinned gals, take note that too much purple can bring out the yellow undertones in your skin.

This ultra-sophisticated look gives off a strong and mature feminine vibe that will surely catch everyone’s attention, so be prepared to stand out!

If you want to take this hair dye to the next level, consider adding in blonde highlights to really make it pop. Especially if you have short hair.

For a more subtle look, consider an ombre, which works great on long and medium length hair.

Take the color plunge and find your own bold shade and style in this collection of popular photos of red-violet hair on different hair textures and lengths!

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Wild Cherry Red and Rich Violet Tones Haircolor
Instagram @cutnj

#1: Wild Cherry Red and Rich Violet Tones

This look is a foilayage since I used a combination of foils and the balayage (hand-painted) technique. I love how well the raspberry highlights complement the base color. I always love to finish off my color services with curls, as it definitely makes everything pop! Happy clients make me love what I do!

You will have to come into the salon more often. Since red tones typically fade faster, a red color molecule is larger than other color molecules. It doesn’t penetrate the cortex of the hair as deeply as other color molecules. It’s more high maintenance in that sense, but as for the foilayage that I did, it will grow out beautifully.

#2: Red-Violet Copper

A red-violet copper color will add vibrancy and intensity to your hair. Red hair colors are hard to upkeep, but with the help of a color-depositing shampoo and/or conditioner, you can give everyone the illusion that you just had your color refreshed at the hair salon. Avoid shampooing your hair every day, using hot water, and the swimming pool as doing any of these things will fade your hair color at an extremely fast rate.

#3: Vibrant Red-Violet Hair

This red-violet hair color features an electric magenta hue that is an edgier take on the pink hair trend for this year. Show off this head-turning color with a simple half-up loose braid with your long mane!

Purple Magenta hair color
Instagram @alexlarsalon

#4: Purple Magenta

Purple magenta is extremely on-trend and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Colors like magenta are versatile with any skin tone because they can be adjusted to be warmer or cooler to complement different skin undertones. Remember that vivid fashion colors do require more maintenance to keep them looking fresh.

Dark Violet to Rose Gold Ombre
Instagram @kennedyandco

#5: Dark Violet to Rose Gold Ombre

This one’s an unusual yet totally dreamy hair color that can only be achieved with lots of patience and by the right expertise. The heavy to light transition is so beautifully done and gives the mane a gorgeous body.

Magenta-Violet Hues
Instagram @soho.salon

#6: Magenta-Violet Hues

This red velvet root cake hair is absolutely making us crave for purple hair! Pair with an short side-swept bob and an edgy angled cut and you’re good to go!

#7: Red-Violet with Highlights

It’s always the season for rich beautiful auburn shades with hints of blondes. This hairstyle done by Stylist Kristen is so smooth, bright, and perfect for an everyday look.

Red Violet on Medium Length Hair
Instagram @beautybybritr

#8: Red-Violet on Medium Length Hair

A funky and sexy color with a sophisticated vibe – this almost purple hue complements warm undertones from fair to tan skin.

Deep Red Violet
Instagram @dylanmenczywor

#9: Deep Red-Violet

A dashing way to try a brand new color without the commitment of having it all and needing to give too much work in maintaining it. A shoulder-length cut with subtle waves like this is a great canvas to try this style on.

#10: Dark Red-Violet

This deep version of burgundy is a marvelous option for ladies with long wavy hair, who love the shade but don’t wanna go too bright. Just keep in mind that reds are high maintenance but definitely worth the work!

Red Violet on Long Hair
Instagram @beyond_vivids

#11: Red-Violet on Long Hair

The dreamiest hairstyle you’ll see today – these totally eye-catching straight lengthy strands allow you to get creative with styling. Knots, twists, and braids – these are just some of the styles you can try on with this magical hair.

#12: Bright Red-Violet

A stand-out fiery bright red layered hair like this might need high upkeep but it’s definitely worth it once you see everyone turning their heads for you. Style with waves and dark roots for a more dimensional and shiny finish.

Burgundy and Violet Balayage
Instagram @devatpuresalon

#13: Burgundy and Violet Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Devlyn McCormick
Hairstylist @ Pure Salon in Columbus, GA

How would you describe this look?

I love the dimension in this hair. I balayaged her to a Carmel tone and covered the balayage with Pulp Riot Jam which gave her that vibrant plum color! I trimmed and point cut her ends to give her a textured look and I curled her with my steam iron and straighten the ends for that trendy look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This hairstyle and color would fit with anyone who is daring enough. Keep in mind you will need to use vibrant friendly shampoo and conditioner and wait two days after the process to wash. This style would be cute for any length of hair.

#14: Aubergine Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Liv Dulcie
Hairstylist / Colourist @ North Laine Hair Company in Brighton, UK

How would you describe this look?

This is the “berry balayage”. The loveliest thing about this look is the multi-tonal violets. Styling it with waves helps to show off the different colors.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The balayage technique itself is low maintenance but the vibrant color is not. This isn’t always as negative as the fact that it’s quite temporary because it means you can play around with having different tones. You should try and shampoo less and use color-protecting products. I would recommend Pureology by L’Oréal, as all of its ranges includes color protecting technology.

It should be suitable for most hair types and all face shapes, however, you can tailor the balayage to suit your face shape depending on how low or high you want to start the blend.

#15: Intense Red-Violet Hues

Q&A with style creator, Hayley Ann Retzko
Hairstylist @ Blank Canvas Salon in Ogden, UT

How would you describe this look?

This look is a “raspberry plum”. I did a loose curl to add some volume and show the red-violets in the color a little more to make them pop.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Reds can be a tricky color that fades quickly but some tricks to keep it lasting longer is washing it in cold water and using professional products to keep it protected and locked in. Viral shampoo is an awesome pigmented shampoo and conditioner that freshes the color in between services to keep it looking bright.

Light Red Violet
Instagram @psychicshears

#16: Light Red-Violet

Q&A with style creator, Haley Renee
Stylist @ Brazen Salon in Vienna, VA

How would you describe this look?

I love how this fun and intense color is paired with a very simple and laid back shape. I personally have always been a fan of very lived-in looks. Keeping that in mind I decided to keep my client’s roots dark and natural, feathering my custom pink (which my client and I ended up titling ‘Dragonfruit’) up for a soft line. For this particular haircut, I focused on having a really soft face frame and super texturized ends, giving it a very organic feel.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This kind of look is definitely a commitment. As a client, you have to be prepared for a pretty lengthy first appointment and prebook a color refresher appointment. Also be ready to purchase and use color-safe shampoos/conditioners with any reconstructing masks that your stylist suggests.

Definitely have your wardrobe exist within cooler tones as well, as warm tones (like certain yellows, oranges, browns, etc.) are going to clash against this type of red-violet hair. However, the biggest piece of advice I can give anyone considering this type of color is, if you want it, do it! Don’t feel like you won’t be able to ‘pull it off’, wearing any color with confidence guarantees that you can!

#17: Red-Violet on Short Hair

This red-violet hair color is very wearable with a bit of an edge.

The greatest thing about this color is that although it is completely unnatural, it is still so flattering against her skin tone and really evens out her skin tone as well. Choosing a cool red tone over a warm red tone will cancel out red in the skin.

To keep this color rich and vibrant, I would suggest washing your hair as little as possible. Invest in a color shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair as well as investing in a direct dye such as Manic Panic or Pulp Riot, mix it into a mask or conditioner, apply it to the hair once a week, and let it sit on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it out.

If you have any white linens to invest in a dark pillowcase and a dark towel to dry your hair with. Colors that are that vibrant can sometimes transfer on to lighter colored linens.

#18: Red to Violet Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Paige Swier
Balayage & Vivids Specialist @ The Beehive Salon in Ocala, FL

How would you describe this look?

Well, I got my inspiration for this look from a flower called a “Fuchsia”. It has that beautiful melt from bright red to purple. The greatest part about it is how unconventional it is. You don’t typically see the lighter/brighter color at the top of the ombré into a darker color especially with reds, but it just works beautifully together. I was in love with it, and the slight V cut I gave my client just gave the overall look a nice flowy look!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Just do it! Life’s way too short for boring hair, so live it up. Just make sure to take care of it! People way too often leave the salon with a head full of vivids but no products then are confused why the longevity wasn’t the best. Half the work of upkeep is at home. You need good shampoo and conditioner 100%. I also recommend good heat protectants as well, even if you don’t use heat on your hair. I think of it as a sunblock for your hair. Protection is key!

Instagram @hairguruxoxo

#19: Red-Violet on Brown Hair

Q&A with style creator, Erica Edminster
Hairstylist @ Element on Water in Syracuse, NY

How would you describe this look?

This look was achieved by pre-lighting a few foilaged pieces, shadowed roots in a deep but intense red-violet, color melted with Wella’s new Color Fresh Creates shade in Next Red. The key to a beautiful red is creating multi-dimensional tones that play off of light reflection. I used Wella color for all.

The cut is a complete razor cut to add texture and movement to her beautiful color. Also, adding a few beach waves with iron to show off that dimension!

Overall, this look is a head-turning stunner but wearable color and style for someone who doesn’t mind standing out on their own.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Sun exposure will fade reds quickly, so use products with UV protection and wear hats. It’s not a good color for someone spending a lot of time at the beach or pool. Always using color safe products and washing with cool water will help maintain this look.

Having a fun and outgoing personality for this look is all you need!

It’s good for light to medium skin tones, and medium to dark natural color is best. Color placement and cut should work with each other to create this stunning redhead!

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