23 Hottest Red Purple Hair Colors (Balayage, Ombres and Highlights)

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Blue and Red-Purple Hairstyle
Instagram @ka.hairgram

#1: Blue and Red-Purple

This look is a galaxy hair. My favorite thing about it is the color choices and how they all go together. Curling the hair finished the look by exposing all the color combinations, including the ones underneath.

Use a good color-safe shampoo that is free of all sulfates! Although this look is unique, a lot of maintenance goes with it to protect and extend the longevity of the color. You should wash your hair with cold water and use a heat protectant when using any styling tool. Heat can strip the color out of your hair.

#2: Red Blonde and Purple

Red-blonde and purple hair colors blended are a great way to add more vibrancy to your natural blonde. Multiple plum hues peeking through the classic blonde is a new take on your normal red-violet hair. Coloring is done on streaks per layer that, produces this delightful result.

Magenta and Purple Blend hair color
Instagram @heididoeshair

#3: Magenta and Purple Blend

A beautifully blended, purple-to-magenta ombre is sure to turn heads. This vibrant red and purple hair color paired with romantic, mermaid-esque waves is the perfect combo for Valentine’s Day, Spring, or Summer. You’ll need to visit the salon for color refreshes monthly to keep the color vibrant.

Black red purple hair color
Instagram @shear.gemini

#4: Black and Red-Purple

The ultimate burgundy hair combo. Try mixing it up with some loose French braids and see how the colors look playful.

red dark purple ombre
Instagram @abxco.iriswong

#5: Red to Dark Purple Ombre

Looking at the hair alone brings a whole journey to mind. Multi-toned hair tells a whole lot of stories that everyone needs to hear.

#6: Deep Red-Purple

The luxury of purple hair all in a rich red-violet hue. Soft, loose curls take this vivid color to the next level.

Red Hair with Purple Highlights
Instagram @desiree_styles

#7: Red Hair with Purple Highlights

Having multi-color hair with similar shades appears to complement each other well, just like this purple and red hair. Not only is it a way to switch up boring hair, but it also gives a tasteful sight to everyone.

bright red purple hair color
Instagram @shell.vega

#8: Bright Red and Purple

When you have the option of wearing out the sunset in your hair, make sure to do it like this one. The multi-toned bright red and purple colors make this exciting every time you look at it.

Dark Red violet hair color with highlights
Instagram @embbeautyxx

#9: Dark Red-Violet with Highlights

Mauve ladies are coming your way! And what more to spice it up than having these violet-red hair highlights? Truly a majestic combination.

Red-Purple Highlights on Brown Hair
Instagram @tifflovescolor

#10: Red-Purple Highlights on Brown Hair

Aged wine is for a woman, as is this fine plum dye job. Look more mature but still refreshingly youthful with this style of coloring.

#11: Reddish Purple and Brown

This might be the one for you if you want an inconspicuous hair change. All the faint brown-purple colors make the look so elegant.

Red Velvet Balayage
Instagram @dianarebman

#12: Red Velvet Balayage

As sweet as it sounds, this dye job is one to bring you candied compliments! Medium-length hair spiced up can bring serious flare to your appearance.

#13: Dark to Light Red-Purple Ombre

The glossier, the better! Silky purple is the undisputed color of the royals you can wear!

#14: Red-Plum Balayage

Aged like fine wine, luscious plum locks like these are the ultimate hair goals.

#15: Black and Red-Purple

This is a rooty purple balayage look. Hand-painted pieces to achieve a darker root with purple/red on her ends. We do a piecey lob style for her cut!

Maintenance is very important when considering any color with red hues in them. Reds tend to fade easily, so you want to use professional products. Also, washing with cool water will help maintain the color longer. You will need to be refreshed more frequently than more natural color. Also, remember to use a heat protectant, as high heat will fade your color quicker!

#16: Brown and Red-Purple

The best thing about this look is that you can wear it as a classy woman or a rebel schoolgirl because colored layers are in between, and when you unleash the hair, it covers the colorful part. If you are fascinated by all these beautiful colored hairs but are unsure if that’s something for you, it is always good to start with the bottom layer. After some time of wearing it, you’ll know how cool it is to try some crazy coloring!

My favorite look for this kind of coloring style is a ponytail or a bit sassy upper bun with waves. Red color looks perfect on every skin tone except reddish because, in this case, it could be too much, bringing more out the reddish part of the skin. Although, mixing it with brown color and cold purple tones can be different!

#17: Burgundy and Violet Ombre

This burgundy purple hair has a long, textured cut that is shorter in the front. My favorite thing about this look is the color which is dark violet at the roots, blending softly into a bright berry tone.

To style this look, you have to blow-dry your hair completely. You can use a curling iron or create curls with a straightener for the waves. You can finish the look with some texturing spray for a fresher, more playful look, or only fix the curls with hairspray to hold them in place. This look is for everyone, regardless of whether your hair is thin, thick, straight, or curly. The most important thing is absolutely haircare!

Red Orange and Purple
Instagram @kathydoeshair

#18: Red Orange and Purple

My favorite thing about this look is that it matches my client’s personality. She’s very expressive, vibrant, and fun. I love the cascading color and cut combination, as the hair shows the different colors fading into each other – the cool purple complementing the fiery red and orange.

I recommend this hair color to anyone who loves expressing themselves through their appearance. The style would look great on anyone, as there are cool and warm tones, and it’s so vivid and fun. You could do this color on a shorter cut as well. However, care for this look is very important, as vibrant colors can fade faster if not properly cared for. It would be best to have a color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and a moisture/protein combination of leave-in products.

#19: Pink and Red-Purple

We utilized her existing balayage and gave her a brighter look for spring using several different custom blends of Pulp Riot semi-permanent colors. I love the way the darker purples blend into, the brighter pinks!

Trust your stylist to help you pick colors based on how light your hair is. Aftercare is the biggest commitment when you want bright, vivid colors! Once a week (in ice-cold water), wash with sulfate-free shampoo to keep the color as long as possible!

#20: Red-Purple with Blonde Highlights

It’s a violet mahogany base with blonde highlights. I love how it gives a bold dimensional look, whether worn straight or with curls. The pale blonde highlights against the violet mahogany base give an eye-popping and head-turning look.

This slight A-line haircut works on most hair types, and the color is great for someone wanting a little pop and vibrancy to their color without going completely to a “fashion color.” To maintain the vibrancy of this color, I always recommend a color-safe shampoo and rinse with cooler water for the longevity of the red/violet tones.

#21: Dark Red-Purple

This color is vibrant but with depth! I love the color and shine it holds! You have to go light first before going to a vibrant color! Upkeep is important because these colors fade quickly, but buying a color-depositing shampoo can help. A red or pink shampoo would help with this color.

Red, Purple and Pink
Instagram @hotkisshair

#22: Red, Purple and Pink

This is a very unique and creative hairstyle that would stand out in a crowd. The color is a beautiful and vibrant red, with accent pieces of pink and purple framing her face. The cut allows multiple layers to be seen in the hair but also gives the color a lot of dimensions. My favorite aspect of the cut is that two strands on either side (four total) are a very playful purple and pink color to stand out from the red base.

If you are unwilling to put the commitment and time into your hair, then this isn’t the style for you, as root retouches are mandatory, as well as using a red shampoo/condition to maintain the vibrant color. The cut on this hairstyle is extremely layered. If you have hair that is very fine/thin, I wouldn’t recommend getting this cut, as it can create the illusion that you’re losing hair. This specific cut may be better suited for women with thick hair because it allows the hair more movement and makes it feel less heavy.

#23: Burgundy Red-Purple

This look is a multidimensional red-violet if we’re speaking in professional stylist terms. A client may call it a burgundy, wine color, or mulberry. If a client wants to go for a deeper red or add some depth to their current red color, this is a great way to go about it. Adding some lowlights created something eye-catching and more movement in the hair.

The cut and style was a simple, layered cut with a face frame and a quick 1-inch iron loose curl that I combed out. The cut took some weight out of her thick hair without making it too choppy. I did a Sam Villa method of taking triangular sections and over-directing them towards the face from the back and the opposite side of the head from the sides and doing some deep point cutting. Many skin tones can wear this color, but someone fair with blue eyes is the perfect combo. The red makes blue eyes pop and sparkle, and the red violets are better than copper tones on fair skin, in my experience.

A red purple hair is a rich, vivid hair color that’s a mixture of red and purple tones, leaning more on the red side. Chances are this hue already made a scene on your Instagram or Pinterest dashboards and got you dreaming about it!

It’s out-of-this-world and unique, but with Georgia May Jagger, Demi Lovato, and Bella Thorne’s envy-inducing takes on this color, it’s gaining its place on the top must-have hair colors for the season.

When selecting this bright shade, there is no need to worry about your skin tone. As it blends red and blue base colors, it could create a balance for your undertones and brighten you up.

Vivids, in general, need serious care and commitment to keep the color full of life. Less heat and more color-safe products are some key points to remember.

Take a step further with this sweet and brave color melt. Here is the most updated list of red-purple hair photos to give you major hair inspo!