29 Trendy Ways to Pair Red Hair with Highlights (Photos)

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Fire Engine Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

This fire engine red hair with blonde highlights brings out a dimension at its finest. Style your medium-length tresses with waves to boost the blazing effect it gives.

#2: Brownish Red Long Hair

Consider brownish-red long hair if you are craving those warm, autumn-colored tones. Your best choice might be a hair color with an auburn base suitable for your complexion. It can be mixed with a vibrant red-copper shade, strategically balayaged for depth and contrast. With the help of a seasoned professional, you can adjust this color technique to fit with different color tones as per your liking and lifestyle.

Platinum White Peekaboo Highlights for Red Hair and ladies with long wavy hair
Instagram @whitstodyefor

#3: Platinum White Peekaboo Highlights

Opt for these peekaboo highlights in platinum white! The best way to maintain this color would be to use a color-safe shampoo at home.

#4: Lived-In Red and Blonde Hairstyle

Consider getting lived-in coppery blonde highlights on red hair to spice up your everyday look! You can allow your hairstylist to help you choose a tone for the highlight that will compliment your skin tone. Keep it dimensional for edgy vibrance and a gorgeous combo of hues.

Dark Red Hair with a Bright Orange Money Piece Highlights
Instagram @hairbykysa

#5: Dark Red Hair with a Bright Orange Money Piece

One of my favorite looks is adding a bright orange money piece to a dark red base color. This look is perfect for experimenting with color without being too drastic. Have your stylist do copper hair with highlights that blend naturally into the base color. Dyeing your hair with vibrant colors and red shades does require consistent upkeep. In-between appointments, aim to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. This keeps colored hair looking healthy for longer periods.

Ginger Red Hair With Pink Highlights
Instagram @scissor.d

#6: Ginger Red Hair with Pink Highlights

Ginger red hair with pink highlights rocks! The accentuating colors create a chic and sassy outcome that’s truly out of this world. Do it on your mid-length, wavy locks for a striking hair transformation.

#7: Red Hair with Lowlights and Highlights

Red hair with lowlights and highlights is for women who want dimensional red tones on their tresses. Ask your colorist for a dimensional balayage with red tones to get this color.

#8: Vibrant Red-Blonde Hair with Highlights

Red-blonde hair with highlights is a bold color choice and works best for women who are okay with getting their hair done every 4-5 weeks. Red tones, along with blonde highlights, both fade very fast. It is extremely important to have the proper products readily available at home. Color-treated hair shampoo and conditioner is an absolute must and a heat protectant, as heat also strips the color out of the hair.

Black hair with chunky red highlights
Instagram @studiovforhair

#9: Black Hair with Chunky Red Highlights

Black hair with red highlights is great for women who want to get red but can’t fully commit to a full redhead. To get this color, ask your colorist to give you some chunky red hair highlights so you can see more pops of red.

Bold Red hair with red lowlights
Instagram @rae_cutz

#10: Bold Red Hair with Red Lowlights

Consider red hair with red lowlights if you want to spice things up! Dare to be different with this fiery red and copper combination. Your stylist will have fun creating this look for you. And if you want more dimension, hear me out, ginger hair with blonde highlights!

Red and dark brown hair with highlights
Instagram @brysglam

#11: Red and Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Red and dark brown hair with highlights is always a go-to color if you have warmer skin tones. The stunning red and copper color tones will fit any season. Your hair will look fabulous straight or with curls. You will not be disappointed!

#12: Alluring Bright Red Hair with Purple Highlights

Glam up your hairstyle by pulling off this bright red hair with purple highlights! The vibrant hues will add a sense of finesse to your typical mid-length, straight locks. Allow the roots to appear darker to give this red hair color with highlights a bit less upkeep.

Short Striking Red Bob Hair With Caramel Highlights
Instagram @katia_baker

#13: Short Red Bob Hair with Caramel Highlights

What’s not to love in this red bob on short hair with caramel highlights? The balayage highlights finish is straight-up classy, looking smooth on a wavy neck-length cut.

#14: Shoulder-Length Red Auburn Hair with Highlights

If you’re sweet and brave, nothing’s better than this hairstyle. Time to revamp your look with this shoulder-length red auburn hair color with highlights. The combination of gradual and different shades and loose waves form a calming aura.

#15: Brownish-Red Curly Hair with Highlights

Imagine having a stunning hairstyle like this; you’ll always get a vibrant feeling. This brownish-red curly hair with highlights appears so bouncy and youthful, and the movement is a thousand times attractive. The bright copper hair streaks work on dark hair.

#16: Wine-Inspired Pixie with Highlights

A wine-inspired pixie with highlights is a short-length cut with hints of red. It benefits women looking for a big change or a lower-maintenance style. I used Paul Mitchell’s The Color XG 3VR with 20 volume and Brazilian bond builder on the roots. Then, a 4VR with 30 volume and Brazilian bond builder was used on the ends. I did the scissor-over comb technique for the chop, then added graduation.

#17: Trendsetting Blonde with Red Highlights

Blonde with red highlights combines hair color with a unique dimension. This trend is perfect for two kinds of ladies—those who want to try red for the first time and those who have natural red hair but want to go blonde. The technique I used is called the progressive half-head highlights. As for the upkeep, ladies must commit to salon appointments every 6-8 weeks.

Layered Copper Red Hair Color With Rose Gold Highlights
Instagram @megan.e.grimm

#18: Layered Copper Red Hair Color with Rose Gold Highlights

Consider a combination of rose gold and ginger hues on a medium-length cut with layers. These layered highlights also encourage the eye to frame the face and draw the eye upward towards the eyes and brows balancing out the shorter length at her front. You may achieve the same flaming effect with a new cut and color on auburn hair with copper highlights.

Stunning Dark Red Hair with Peekaboo Highlights
Instagram @k_ham_hair

#19: Stunning Dark Red Hair with Peekaboo Highlights

Mid-length dark red hair with peekaboo highlights will grant you effortless elegance. Considering its length, you can do much with it, like a half updo or a sweet, simple, wavy look.

#20: Rich Red Hair with Subtle Highlights

Brunette color can certainly uplift some dimension to your shoulder-length bob. Aim for this rich red hair with subtle highlights as you style it with texture and waves. That’s how you outperform other ladies’ hairstyles.

Beautiful Burgundy Red Hair With Blonde Highlights
Instagram @jlucywoods

#21: Beautiful Burgundy Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Add accentuating colors to your shadow roots to achieve this stylish mid-length hairstyle. A burgundy red hair with blonde highlights like this is a true masterpiece. Packed with depth and dimension, this is the look that you must finish off with waves.

#22: Natural Red Hair with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

A warm tone of red hair color for your new look! Wear medium-length natural red hair with blonde highlights and lowlights now. You’ll look unbeatable once you pull it off with voluminous curls. The best and most unique depth comes from having this red hair with highlights and lowlights.

Ombre Style Red Hair With Highlights
Instagram @desiree_styles

#23: Ombre Style Red-Brown Hair with Highlights

A lovely ombre style red-brown hair with highlights like this will state your great sense of fashion. Express how stylish you are with this red ombre that will make your usual wavy and balayage locks stand out.

Long Dark Cherry Red Hair With Black Highlights
Instagram @coresalonnj

#24: Long Dark Cherry Red Hair with Black Lowlights

This hue is a dimensional, rich cherry-cola color. It’s a great way to be a redhead with a little pop without being light and bright. Professional hair care products are a must for such dark hair with red highlights! A red-pigmented shampoo and conditioner will help to maintain this awesome black cherry-cola color until you’re ready to refresh.

#25: Strawberry Red Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

A dark shadow of colors cascades into the light strawberry blonde, creating a soft dimension. This helps to highlight the haircut’s A-line angles, similar to the effect of a waterfall.

When considering a short, vibrant haircut and color, it’s best to consider the amount of upkeep and maintenance this type of color will need. Red tones tend to fade out quickly, so it will require touching up a minimum every 6 weeks.

Red Violet Hair With Blonde Highlights
Instagram @colorubold

#26: Red-Violet Hair with Blonde Highlights

Red-violet hair with blonde chunky highlights is a bold choice. I did light blonde pieces and a graduated bob that is shorter in the back that’s slightly getting longer on the sides. I love to do these tones. They pop with the light platinum blonde pieces! I love that it’s so vibrant and different but normal also – not so out there so she can feel fun without it being too much.

Deep Red Hair With Red Highlights
Instagram @morgan.dziomba

#27: Deep Red Hair with Red Highlights

Pair a shattered bob with deep red highlights for the perfect fall color. If you want to add some waves to the bob, have some kind of texture added to the short red hair to hold the curl. It could be a texture spray (like a sea salt spray) or a light-hold hair spray.

#28: Light Red Hair with Balayage Highlights

Long hair with a mixture of contrasting colors creates a noticeable dimension. Ask your colorist for a bold high and low mix with blondes and deep red. Then, make sure they add that money piece to your face! If wanting this pretty look, you need to consider your hair’s texture, length, and thickness. It will look best on someone with thicker hair so that you can create those bold lines.

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Medium Length Orange Red Hair with silver highlights
Instagram @hairbybri907

#29: Medium-Length Orange Red Hair with Silver Highlights

If you want a hair color with a unique dimensional finish, give this a go! Opt for medium-length orange-red hair with silver highlights and get that sassy vibe. Good news—the chicness it provides will reduce your time and effort when styling.

Red hair with highlights is any color in the spectrum of red paired with light or dark highlights. Many see it as a bold color to wear.

Wearing red hair is the ideal choice if you are aiming for an eye-catching appearance. If you want to spice things up, try accessorizing your red hair with some highlights. They add flattering dimensions to the crispiness of your ruby-red hair.

Maintaining your red hair with the added highlights requires high care. Xanthi Diamond, a stylist and a color specialist from Tennessee, says, “I educate them on the effects on the integrity of their hair.”

A hair care product that Diamond recommends is a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo. These shampoos prevent hair color from fading too fast and lock moisture in. Leaving you with healthy hair and a vibrant and glossier one.

Diamond doesn’t recommend deep red hair with light highlights for choosing a color combination. “I’m not a big fan of the dramatic red and blonde,” she says. Choosing a subtle color for your highlights blends the hues without contrast.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these trendy photos of red hair with highlights!