29 Hottest Red Hair with Blonde Highlights for 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Whether you’re a natural redhead or looking to color your freshly painted red hair with blonde highlights, you’ll find some awesome inspiration below! When it comes to red, all sorts of shades are available, depending on your natural base color. Dark reds and platinum blonde highlights are just the contrasting look some seek. But you may want to go more subtle with a medium red hue with dark caramel blonde. The options are almost endless, aren’t they? As you browse these photos of the best red hair with blonde highlights, note that the darker reds and brighter blondes will take more time (and potentially money) to achieve. You’ll also want to talk with your colorist about using traditional foils or balayage to fit your budget and lifestyle needs.

Deep Crimson Red Hair with Blonde Highlighted Face Frame
Instagram @kacysilvahair

#1: Deep Crimson Red Hair with Blonde Face Frame

This hairstyle is a prime example of how red hair dye can be customized. It features a deep crimson red color, a fiery autumn hue, and a warm platinum accent in front. It’s tailored to your life and style. You should know that red tones can range from cool mahogany to warm orange or gold. Consulting a red hair specialist will ascertain that your chosen color matches your needs and interests.

#2: Beautiful Long Red Hair with a Blonde Money Piece

Ask for beautiful long red hair with a soft blonde money piece with a middle part. Your hairstylist may suggest adding balayage to add dimension and a soft grow-out. I’d recommend you ask them to use the free-hand painting technique. Then, they can place the highlights to achieve a natural sun-kissed look. Be mindful of not over-highlighting. This could lead to over-processing and fading quickly.

Cherry Red Hair with a Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @lyndadidit

#3: Cherry Red Hair with a Blonde Money Piece

When thinking about a bright hair highlight, have you ever considered trying a front hair highlight, also known as a money piece? This cherry red hair color mixed with a blonde front highlight shows how a few light pieces can be more striking than a full blonde highlight.

#4: Natural Ginger with Highlights

If you want a glowing and bright hair color, natural ginger with highlights can be a fantastic option. Ask for a blend of warm red hues and light blonde accents to create an eye-catching contrast. The ginger-red base brings depth and richness to your hair, and the blonde highlights add brightness and dimension. The ginger-blonde combination will complement fair to medium skin tones. Consult a professional colorist to achieve this look. They can expertly mix both shades for a seamless finish.

#5: Copper Red to Blonde Ombre Hair

If you want a warmer hair color, consider a copper red to blonde ombre. The warm copper hue meshes well with the golden blonde tips. Use a color-preserving shampoo to keep this hair color vibrant.

Shoulder-Length Ginger Hair With Blonde Highlights
Instagram @sfoxhair

#6: Ginger Hair With Blonde Highlights

Ginger hair and copper hues look fabulous with the addition of blonde highlights! These highlights add depth to your natural hair shade and completely change its look.

Mid-Long Ruby Red Hair with Blonde Accents
Instagram @_arosec.beauty

#7: Ruby Red Hair with Blonde Accents

If you love a bright and trendy look, try ruby red hair with blonde accents! This style draws from the well-liked blonde and red color mix of the late 90s. It adds a new feel with the increased use of magenta tones.

Long Copper Red Hair with Face-Framing Blonde Highlights
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#8: Copper Red with Face-Framing Blonde Highlights

Bring out your bold side like the iconic Jessica Rabbit by coloring your hair copper red and adding blonde highlights around your face. The striking red color will catch everyone’s attention, and the contrasting blonde highlights will draw more focus to your eyes.

Curly Red Hair with Highlights
Instagram @empalmm

#9: Curly Red Hair with Highlights

Curly red hair with highlights gives a beautiful fiery twist. Highlights add dimension while making red hair pop. Red hair and blonde highlights may be high-maintenance, but regular salon visits could be recommended.

Crimson Red Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @sarahapew

#10: Crimson Red Hair with Blonde Balayage Highlights

This look can be described as a deep red blended into a coppery red and blonde balayage with a long layered cut. The loose waves give a casual yet elegant feel and can be worn for either setting.

Ash Blonde Highlights
Instagram @jamieilyss

#11: Ash Blonde Highlights

This unique color blend of shoulder-length choppy cut features platinum streaks and a vibrant rose base. It’s dimensional and edgy and would require lots of TLC to last long.

#12: Cherry Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you’re ready for something new and fun, this shoulder-length layered lob with a deep auburn shade is what you’re looking for! Add just a pop of blonde at the front and tips for spice!

Bright Red Hair with Caramel Blonde Highlights
Instagram @studiot_salon

#13: Bright Red with Caramel Blonde Highlights

This is a hue easily worn by anyone, regardless of skin tone. It’s a fun way of lightening your hair and giving definition to your lovely locks.

Natural Red Hair with Bright Blonde Highlights
Instagram @andreathygesen

#14: Natural Red Hair with Bright Blonde Highlights

When done right, vibrant colors like this gorgeous redhead shine beautifully when accentuated with warm blond streaks, it brightens the whole look and provides it with magnificent contrast.

Burgundy Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbyjaina

#15: Burgundy Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you have deep, rich brown-red hair and would love to have effortless, warm tones, this might just be your look. It’s a subtle combination of soft and bold, brightening and adding texture to the whole look.

Brownish Red Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @kameron_jane

#16: Brownish Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Partner a soft brunette hue with warm blond streaks for a beautiful and feminine appearance. This shoulder-length cut styled with a side part proudly shows off the charming blend these colors create, especially under natural light.

Cinnamon Red Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @el.bruja

#17: Cinnamon Red Hair with Highlights

The sweet ginger hair is coupled with subtle warm highlights to create gorgeous contrast and depth. They’ve been meticulously placed throughout to create a natural and brightening look.

Light Red Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights
Instagram @taydally

#18: Light Red Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights

A few soft and light streaks and loose waves complete this lived-in neck-length cut. This combination beautifully brings out the pink in warm skin tones.

Dimensional Fall Bob
Instagram @hair_by_kace

#19: Dimensional Fall Bob

The loveliest part about it would be the different tones you see throughout the hair, even with it straight. Dimensional colors are absolutely beautiful and are some of my favorites to create!

#20: Layered Bob with Light Blonde Highlights

I love the touch of brightness these blonde highlights add to her beautiful red hair color. This client has naturally curly hair, so we must be careful about preventing damage. That’s why I only put a touch of blonde highlights throughout. When I retouch the highlights, I’m careful not to touch any previous blonde ends.

#21: Caramel Blonde Highlights

This fun, playful color reminds me of the beautiful fall leaves here in Northern Michigan. I love this color because it is vibrant but still soft and subtle. The balance of contrast between the blonde and red blends nicely without being over the top.

#22: Platinum Blonde Highlights

The loveliest thing about this look is that it is unique! You see red and blonde but not many red and blonde highlights/lowlights! Mainly because it is hard to prevent the red from bleeding into the blonde or turning the blonde pink! I foil it all, rinse with cold water, and wash with color-safe shampoo, and I have no issues with it bleeding!

#23: Mahogany Hair with Blonde Highlights

This look is a mixture of several different reds. I used copper mixed with mahogany red and toned her blonde highlights with a strawberry blonde. It reminds me of a raspberry swirl!

Short Red Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @_tatianahair

#24: Short Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you prefer more vibrant shades of color but still want to keep your natural hair, this style strikes a nice balance of vibrancy that stands out. It can be easier to maintain if you keep it in a short wavy hairstyle like this. This look is a shaggy, playful, asymmetrical bob filled with texture and movement, channeling a variety of creative looks. It stands out in the crowd and is never boring. Playing it up is the best part!

#25: Deep Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

This is a Red Sangria with copper and blonde highlights. I love the dimension that the fine highlights give. You would also see a lot of texture when she wears it in an updo. We decided on a long layered haircut for simplicity and to show off the red intertwined with the copper and blonde highlights. I used Matrix Airy Builder Dry Texture foam for her blowout, then curled with a 1 1/4 inch wand and finished with Matrix Oil Wonders. Use professional products at home to help extend the red tones and to help keep the highlights from getting brassy. Keep in mind that red fades fast, so this look will need to be maintained every 4-6 weeks.

#26: Fire Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

This beautiful fiery red is one of my favorites! I love the way the blonde highlights add even more brightness. When I color, I love adding different levels of light and dark to keep it dimensional.

#27: Copper Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

The color is a medium natural copper with light golden coppery strawberry blonde highlights. It’s a natural sunkissed look and provides super low maintenance for the client.

Dark Red Hair with Bleach Blonde Highlights
Instagram @desiree_styles

#28: Dark Red Hair with Bleach Blonde Highlights

The deep red base that melted into a golden balayage reminds me so much of the gemstone. Her long hair is complemented by medium-length layers and a face frame, allowing for a lot of movement and versatility when styling. The loveliest thing about this is the blend I’ve achieved with the red and blonde highlights. Even with the big contrast between the dark base and light ends, the transition is seamless. The key to a great balayage is the blend.

Dark Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @sylviasstyle

#29: Dark Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights

This dark auburn hair with blonde highlights is one of my favorites. My client has natural level 7 strawberry blonde hair, so I did a lowlight with two reds – one a red copper and the other a red violet. Auburn red with blonde highlights can be a commitment. A beautiful, stubborn commitment. Red fades fairly sooner than other more “natural” shades but stays better the more you color it like that. You’ll get a better life out of the 3rd time your hair is colored red than you would the 1st or 2nd. Washing in cold water helps the red color lifespan.